Bethesda Details Skyrim Patch 1.7

By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
A bug-squasher's work is never done, especially when it comes to the massive worlds created by Bethesda. With the release of "Dawnguard", the developer has created a few more bugs to fix in their RPG epic, In a blog post published today, Bethesda released a list of fixes for patch 1.7.


•General memory and stability optimizations
•Fixed crash related to new water shaders
•Fixed rare crash related to dragon landings
•Fixed logic error with loading screens from add-ons
•Using vampiric grip and swimming no longer prevents swimming animation from playing afterwards
•Improved recognition with Kinect voice commands
•Kinect-enabled dragon language shouts for French, German, Italian and Spanish work properly
•Fixed issue with Dawnguard Kinect-enabled dragon shouts for French, German, Italian and Spanish
The patch is currently in Beta on Steam and will be available for the 360 shortly. As always, be sure to stay tuned to TA for when the new fix goes live.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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