Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII Pre-Order Info

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
When you think of Mad Catz, do you think of gaming accessories from headsets, battery packs, and controllers, or a development studio? One could say that they are spreading their wings with their upcoming release of Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII. This high flying endeavour has netted media from the official trailer, to the very detailed collector's edition and the original announcement.

Recently, some pre-order details have come to light for International gamers looking to race through the crystal clear blue sky raining fire on enemy fighter jets, let's look at the details.

Order at GAME before 23:59 on Monday, August 27th and you’ll get exclusive DLC; the P-61 Black Widow. With this Pre-order, this exclusive plane allows gamers the use of rockets from the very first mission.


Pre-order Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII with Amazon.co.uk before 23:59 on Monday, August 27 and you'll receive the Amazon-exclusive P-80 Shooting Star Jet. This jet-powered fighter plane enables you to use rockets from the very start of the game, giving you a welcome advantage over the enemy.


Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII has a scheduled worldwide release on August 28th.