More News From the Realm of Controller-less Gaming

By Xsarthis, 8 years ago
I return with recent developments in the realm of sans-controller gaming. Considering how excited you all were by my most recent article, I just couldn't resist the urge to twist the knife once more.

Back during E3 2009, Microsoft initially claimed that the Project Natal hardware/software would come with its own processor as to not make demands on the 360 itself. Now, according to various sources reporting out of CES 2010, Natal will no long come with a processor, instead scattered reports state Natal will require 10-15% of the 360's processing power, however more recent comments have led the gaming community to learn that the number is closer to 33%. This raised the question of whether or not the peripheral could be used for higher end games that attempt to push the Xbox to it very limits. The original E3 2009 fact sheet provided to various reporters stated that Natal would require a dedicated processor. This has recently been omitted from the current fact sheet seen at CES 2010. No word as to the specifics on the processor's needs are being openly discussed by representative from Microsoft at this current time.

Most of today Microsoft has been busy assuring developers and journalists that Natal will work with all high end games, regardless of the demand Natal will make on the system itself. They have also provided information on how Natal works by analyzing 31 different body parts and will take less than a second to latch onto those cues whenever a new user steps in front of the device. The technology has gone through a great deal of change over the last year and it will be interesting to see what come of this move by Microsoft.

It was announced by Peter Molyneux back in October that Fable 3 would support Natal, so it's obvious studios are already looking forward to the release of this new form of gaming.

Also, though not Xbox news specifically, Razor, a leading developer of third party controllers and peripherals for the PC is showing a set of motion controllers for Valve's hit title Left 4 Dead 2 at CES 2010. The controllers are called Sixense and unlike Nintendo's Wii controllers that rely on infrared detection and an accelerometer, these advanced controllers use electromagnetic sensors to track precise movements quickly and efficiently. Rumor has it that Razor will not be confining their development to just the PC, but no word or presentation has confirmed these conjectures. Their website only hold information for the peripheral as PC only.

While many of you seem to hate the idea that this is the direction of gaming to come, it seems more and more improvements/innovations to motion controlled gaming are popping up, especially at CES this year. Still hate the idea? Going to give up video games and take up Chess? Or will you give it a try before screaming with outrage at them there coordination-demanding pseudo-seizure inducing new-fangled controllers?
Credit for this story goes to SebastianSB