Adventurer Screens Set Sail For Your Living Room

By Chewie, 6 years ago
Are you ready for an adventure? Have you packed your compass, pistol and both winter and summer clothes? Developer The Farm 51 hopes you have, as they bring us some location screens for their upcoming game, Adventurer. In our previous coverage for the game, we showed you a couple of culturally enthralling Arctic and Mayan temples, and today we can also bring you a pleasant Arctic vista, a soothing jungle plane crash and a revitalising shipwreck.

25/07/2012 - Screen 1

25/07/2012 - Screen 2

25/07/2012 - Screen 3

We are also introduced to one of the game's primary antagonists, The Sentinel, who will be trying his darndest to turn your excellent adventure into a bogus journey.

25/07/2012 - Screen 4

Simply known as The Sentinel or The Guardian to the Lost City, this creature’s real name is no longer remembered by mere mortals. Once a brutal, but just Mayan king, The Sentinel made a pact with his God that in exchange for his eternal servitude he would be granted unimaginable power and immortality.

Such power that his mortal body did not withstand the awesome might that was bestowed upon him. The Sentinel perished only to be reborn – stronger than before. Blinded by rage, he hunted and slaughtered every last resident of The Lost City and now stands as its eternal guardian – waiting at the entrance for anyone fool enough to enter.
I wonder if The Sentinel knows the way to the gift shop.

Adventurer is due in 2013.
Written by Chewie
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