NBA LIVE 07 - Online With 1,000 People

By Aerodynamo, 8 years ago
As many of you know by now, EA is shutting down the servers to many "old" games for financial reasons. Not surprisingly, one of the games to get the axe is NBA LIVE 07 .

In a final attempt to get the "Online With 1,000 Players" achievement, is advertising the second full attempt at nailing this achievement, once and for all before the servers shut down. Our own Elite Hero is running the advertising on TrueAchievements in conjunction with in the hopes to accrue even more players. The attempt will occur on Sunday, January 31st and times are listed below for those too lazy to convert timezones!

7PM: Central Europe (GMT +1)
1PM: US Eastern (GMT -5)
Noon: US Central (GMT -6)
11AM : US Mountain (GMT -7)
10AM : US Western (GMT -8)

So please, even if you have the game and already have the achievement, just help some folks out in their final attempt to win this achievement. Lets see how low we can make the TA Ratio on this baby drop!

Again, the event will take place on Sunday, January 31st. Don't forget! Sign up on the following leaderboard so we can more accurately track TA's contribution to the expected player count:

Boosting Gaming Session for NBA LIVE 07

For any questions, comments, or concerns about the event, please contact Elite Hero directly or post comments in this news post.

Lets do it this time, guys!

UPDATE: I've been hearing rumors of a shiney new badge that might be appearing on the site sometime soon, too...
Credit for this story goes to Elite Hero