Sleeping Dogs Walkthrough Trailer Chu's Revenge

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago

We've just been informed that players that pick up who have a Just Cause 2 save file on their hard-drive will automatically get access to a Rico Rodriguez costume for the game's protagonist, Wei Shen.

Not only does the outfit make you look like a bad-ass, it also gives Shen a boost to his hijack ability and gives him the ability to "perform stunt-style takeovers of enemy vehicles from an even greater distance." The free bonus will be available from the game's launch date.

26/07/2012 - Just Cause 2 Bonus 2

26/07/2012 - Just Cause 2 Bonus 3

26/07/2012 - Just Cause 2 Bonus 1

Thanks to METAL MIN0TAUR for bringing this to our attention

Original Story:
The ambitious Hong Kong style cinema sandbox from United Front Games, Sleeping Dogs, is shaping up to be one brutal adventure.

Square Enix recently released a walkthrough for one of the missions within the game that shows off an ample amount of bloodshed, an epic highway chase and one bad lady out for revenge, Mrs. Chu.

You will be able to roam the open world of Hong Kong, in Sleeping Dogs, when it is released on August 14th.