Belated GFWL & XBLA DLC Roundup: July 26th, 2012

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Lately, Microsoft has taken to releasing new marketplace content, especially DLC, towards the end of the day. This often means that it misses my DLC roundups, so I usually carry it over into the next week. This week though, due to the addition of achievements, I'm running a belated DLC roundup. This week we have DLC for one XBLA game and one GFWL game.
• "Full House Poker: Texas Heat, Summer 2012 Season" - FREE
It's time for the Summer 2012 season of Texas Heat! Texas Heat is a regularly scheduled, fast-paced poker game that brings thousands of players together at the same time. You’ve got thirty minutes to bluff, bet, and raise your way to the top table in this unique, new poker game show!
The title update that came with the DLC has added three more achievements worth a total of 50G. However, these achievements are not linked directly to the prime time DLC and can be acquired in any of the game modes. Unfortunately, the achievements haven't yet been added to either. Those of you who unlock the achievements now will notice that they are not being added to your gamerscore or achievement total. I would advise holding off from playing the game until the achievements are added properly. Unfortunately, those of you who unlock the achievements beforehand will have to recover your gamertag and then earn the achievements again for them to be added to your gamerscore.
• "Carbon Cub DLX" - $14.99 / £9.99
Explore the exciting world of bush flying and get those hard-to-reach Aerocaches in the Carbon Cub! Cub Crafters' modern, high-performance aircraft reinvents the classic plane using carbon fiber, computer-aided design, and sporting a lightweight 180-hp engine for spectacular performance. Expand your world: This versatile, cargo-capable aircraft allows you to take off and land just about anywhere!
Free preview:

As well as the DLC, there was also a new demo released this week. isn't due to be released until this fall, but Konami has released the first demo for the game. Players can experience the new features in the game, such as PES FullControl, Pro-Active AI and the Player ID system. There are eight licensed teams included: Germany, England, Portugal and Italy make up the international teams, while Santos FC, SC International, Fluminense and Flamengo are available in the Copa Libertadores mode.

The demo can be downloaded from here, but is exclusive to Gold Xbox LIVE members until July 31st.
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