Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Cloud Update Details

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
So far for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, we've had the first cloud update, another cloud update, and a downloadable update for the title. Yesterday, Ubisoft released the third cloud update for Ghost Recon which continues to focus on some issues of the multiplayer side of the game.

Here are the details of the update which pack some changes to the weaponry of the game:

July 25th Update

• Increased XP Values for the Stockade Game Type;
• Decreased Stand Alone and Under Barrel HE Grenade Launcher Ammo Count to 1;
• Increased the Power of all Bolt Action Rifles (eg, MSR and KSVK);
• Increased the Magazine Capacity of the VSS to 20 Rounds;
• Decreased the Speed of the Data Hack while using the Field Computer;
• Fixed the UI’s Display of several alternate Spawn locations.

Please note that we will continue to monitor HE Grenade Launcher and Frag Grenade
usage and make adjustments as necessary.
I'm not one to actually use the Grenade Launcher myself during multiplayer matches but after sometimes narrowly escaping the first grenade, you can guarentee that the second one will send you diving into the fiery pits of respawning. What do you guys think to this adjustment?

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to catch the news at the time of the afromentioned second cloud update that was applied to the game. Here are the details regarding the update for those interested:

July 13th Cloud Update

• Increase the number of rounds in the Siege gametype (was best of 3)

- Best of 5 in Public Matchmaking and Private Matches.
- Best of 7 in Squad Matchmaking.

• Changed the placement of several Conflict objectives on Harbor to improve faction balance.

• Fixed several locations where players were able to get under the world on the following maps: Market, Sandstorm, Underground, and Mill.
As with all of the cloud updates applied to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, the changes are transparent and an actual download is not required. Ubisoft have noted that if you want to make sure the cloud update has been applied for you, check in the Extra Menus and look in the bottom right corner to see what the version is: the version should read "1.X.5.".

The cloud update will already be live now so continue as normal to enjoy your time on the battlefield!
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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