The 'Come Up With A Contest' Contest

By Aerodynamo, 8 years ago
I am pleased to announce the first ever contest on that will have marketplace codes given away as prizes!

The details are simple: come up with a type of contest that you'd like to see us run here at, and if you are chosen by our team of not-yet-determined, non-Newshound judges, you could be the lucky winner of a new arcade game!

The contest will be running from time of posting until Friday, January 15th at 7:00 PM EST. Any entries sent after that time will be disqualified.

Please do not send more than one entry. Any entry after your first will also be disqualified. Make sure that first one is the best!

Also, to make it easier for me, please put "Create a Contest" in the subject line of the PM to me so I can easily sort through them. If you have already sent me one before I added this paragraph, don't fret. No need to resend or anything like that.

Here are the instructions specifically:

1 - Come up with an idea for a contest to be held on the site that can be easily judged, can be accomplished in a timely manner, and able to be completed by any number of people easily and without any sort of specific program or background of skills.
2 - Send me a PM with the contest title (if you have one) and description.
3 - Sit back and relax, and wait to read if you've won or not!

So... what are you waiting for?

UPDATE: Contest ends on Friday, January 15th at 7:00 PM EST.

UPDATE: Non-Newshound staff MAY participate in the contest. (I wanted to make this clear, otherwise Zenquen would be the winner.)

UPDATE: Contest has been closed, so any entries sent after 7:00 PM EST (about 4 hours ago) will not be eligible. Sorry, gang!