Indie Games Spotlight for July 29th, 2012

By mancide, 6 years ago
PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain brings a brutal platforming style to a mid-evil setting.

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Can you save the princess? Will you get to the end of Castle Pain (and brag about it with your scoreboard)? As an heavily armored knight you must succeed in various challenging platform goodness: Slalom between bird droppings, avoid giant fireballs, flee from the ghost, escape a giant octopus, brave blood thirsty bats and much more... Let the quest begin!

RELEASE DATE: 7/24/2010
DEVELOPER: Magiko Gaming
GENRE: Platformer

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Dolby Digital
Brutal. That one word does so much to describe the experience in PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain than any other word in the dictionary. If you loved Super Meat Boy, you will love Castle Pain just as much.

The game has relatively simple controls. Your A button performs all the actions of your knight, and your left stick controls your movement. The rest is a trial-and-error series of brutal platforming tasks to get you to the end, and save the princess. That is, if you don't give up to go cry in the corner like a little girl before then.

Luckily, for you that is, there are candlesticks scattered about your path that act as check-points. A death will only take you back to your last lit candlestick, so you do not have to attempt a perfect run through this brutal gauntlet of platforms.

For only 80 MSP you will get the full version of this game. I strongly encourage only those with great reflexes and strong wills to attempt this game, unless you like abusing yourself to the point of cowering in the corner of your gaming cave.

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Written by mancide
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