Gears of War 3 Updated Playlists

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
Most gamers who enjoy the multiplayer in Gears of War 3 would probably agree that there was never a lack of playlists. Some could argue that with so many different playlists it caused issues with map rotation, matchmaking, and somewhat longer wait times when searching for a match.

Recently, Epic Games Senior Gameplay Designer, Peter Knepley, and Multiplayer Designer, Quinn Del Hoyo addressed these issues by removing and consolidating some of the existing playlists:

Forces of Nature Playlists:

Old School
Execution- 4v4
King of the Hill-4v4
These two playlists will be Alpha and Zeta combined,
with no stopping power, active reloads, no Hammerburst,
Retro Lancer or Sawed-Off Shotgun, and custom weapon
skins will not be available in these playlists.

Capture the Leader-will remain 5v5 with standard rule settings
Wingman-will remain 2v2 with standard rule settings

Standard Playlists:

Team Deathmatch-TDM with no parties
King of the Hill-KOTH with no parties

Team Deathmatch
Guardian-has been moved to the standard playlist from The Forces of Nature playlist
King of the Hill
Team Deathmatch No DLC
Player’s Choice

What is your take on the new consolidated playlists? The new playlists are available now. For all of our Gears of War 3 news look no further then here.
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