SEGA's Project Needlemouse Character Countdown

By zigs00, 8 years ago
The Sonic Team have had a hard time with next-gen Sonic, with both 2006's Sonic The Hedgehog and 2008's Sonic Unleashed taking a critical slaughtering and their Wii games not faring much better. Can Sonic's 2010 outing do any better?

Well, there's a lot of signs pointing directly at "YES!" Late last year, SEGA announced the currently-codenamed Project Needlemouse, promising "an all new 2D adventure, built from the ground up." 2D? Finally, thanks for eventually listening SEGA!

To tease us, all this week on the SEGA blog (, the team are running a "character countdown," comprising of a list of potential characters featuring in the game and steadily removing those they have been rejected. To knock the characters off the prospective list, SEGA are asking a number of 16-bit-era trivia questions about Sonic each day, with the challenge set that a certain number of people must answer all of the questions correctly in order for them to reveal who's off the list. Already gone are Charmy Bee, Chip, Tikal and Vector, leaving only seven characters on the list, most of whom are far more recognisable. But by my maths, if they continue in this trend, there will only be one left come Friday, which - providing its the obvious choice of the titular Sonic - would be amazing. A brand new 2D Sonic platformer, with Sonic as the sole playable character? Count me in, for sure!

SEGA have also said that, in answering their trivia questions, "if you go above and beyond the expected results, the community will earn a bonus point for that day. Earn at least three bonus points and we’ll give you all something special this Friday!" So get yourself over to the SEGA blog, and see if you can't answer those trivia questions, and fingers crossed, come Friday SEGA will finally reveal something to get your hopes up for. We've damn sure been let down before by Sonic, so fingers crossed (and I mean it! Get the crossed, and hold them tight!) we won't get burned again.

Here's hoping that Project Needlemouse will be the Sonic 4 we've been asking for for years now, and reminds all us 16-bit gamers why we loved the blue bastard in the first place!

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