Aliens: Colonial Marines Shows Off Dev Diary

By Jonathan Barnes,
They can handle anything, right? ...except for this.
~Randy Pitchford, CEO/President, Gearbox

The one resounding memory I have of the Alien franchise (aside from John Hurt writhing in agony and my general disappointment with Prometheus) is the sound of Bill Paxton's Private Hudson screaming (NSFW footage ahead), "Game Over, Man!" as he surveys the carnage that the xenomorphs have wrought.

Fortunately for gamers, Gearbox is giving the new team of Colonial Marines a fighting chance. Set 17 weeks after the events of James Cameron's Aliens, will be giving gamers a chance to hunt down the iconic xenomorphs. In this development diary, the team explains their approach to providing an authentic Aliens experience.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is set to mistake you for a man on February 12th, 2013.

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Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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