Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Confirmed

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
Electronic Arts confirmed today that a new installment will soon be coming to their co-op intensive Army of Two franchise. Dubbed Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel, the new game will serve as a reboot of the franchise and promises a "more intense, mature and grittier tone". In the title, you and a buddy or the AI will play as Alpha and Bravo, two operatives in the employ of Tactical Worldwide Operations (T.W.O.), as they get dropped into the middle of a drug war conflict.

One key difference between the new title and the previous entries is that the development team has changed. and its sequel,, were both developed by EA Montreal. Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel, on the other hand, will be developed by Visceral Games. Yes, the same Visceral Games that is responsible for the Dead Space franchise. Another change is the engine the game will be developed on, as the team has switched from Unreal 3 to Frostbite 2.

Julian Beak, Executive Producer at Visceral Games, had the following to say about the upcoming game:
We wanted to refresh the Army of TWO franchise for a new generation of action gamers, and at the same time, stay true to the core concept that really made the first two games fan favorites. With meaningful, seamless co-op gameplay at its core and explosive new tag-team features, gamers will have to work together tactically and strategically as they push through a city dominated by one of Mexico's deadliest drug cartels.
Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel will still feature online and split-screen co-op and will also bring a greater depth of customization options to Alpha and Bravo. It is currently slated for release in March 2013
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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