Rocksmith DLC Brought Forward

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
If you have enjoyed wailing on your own guitar and have yearned to rock the bass in Ubisofts, Rocksmith, then you are in luck, because guitar gaming enthusiasts will be able to "Learn How to Play Bass Guitar" in the upcoming DLC.

Rocksmith August 2nd

To further explain what you can expect, and to address some questions you may have regarding how the new DLC will affect your current Rocksmith game and DLC, Ubisoft has incuded an FAQ regarding many of the fans questions.

I already own Rocksmith. How can I get the new bass content?
Bass content will be made available as DLC on August 14, 2012.

I don’t own Rocksmith yet… How do I get the new bass content?
You have options! If you buy a copy of the game now for your favorite console, you will be able to purchase the expansion for bass on August 14. There is also an updated retail version coming October 16 which will feature bass content on the disc, and for the first time ever, on PC!

Which songs will I be able to play using a bass?
You will be able to play bass for the 53 songs on the disc that feature Bass mode. Bass arrangements will also be added for all those supported previously released as DLC.

Will I need to repurchase past DLC to play them with bass?
No! The new bass content will add arrangements for all previously purchased DLC.

.I don’t have a bass… Can I still play the new bass content?
Yes! The bass content features a Bass Emulation mode, so you can play every bass part with your regular six-string guitar.

Do I have to pay more for future DLC to play with bass?
There is no extra charge for bass support on future DLC. Bass arrangements are included with guitar arrangements currently available.

Which features can I use with my bass?
Nearly everything playable with guitar can be played with bass! There are brand-new challenges, instructional videos, bass-specific equipment for playing in Amp mode, and even bass support for most Guitarcade games.

How are bass and guitar progression tracked?
Your bass progression will be tracked separately from your guitar progress. There will be separate levels, separate Rocksmith Points to be earned, and separate dynamic difficulty settings for the two instruments. Just like with guitar, Rocksmith allows you to play bass at your own pace.

Is it safe to play bass using the speakers on my TV?
Yes. Unlike playing bass normally, playing bass with Rocksmith allows you to use any audio output. Since the software models an amp, it takes care of all the problems that may occur when not using a dedicated bass amp.

Can I play guitar and bass at the same time in multiplayer?
Absolutely! With the new bass content, you can play with any combination of guitar and bass during multiplayer.

I have a five-string / fretless bass… Can I still play Rocksmith?
Yes! Even though Rocksmith will not support the additional utility or certain aspects of your bass, if it has a ¼" output jack and you’re able to play along with the in-game prompts, you’ll be able to enjoy the new bass content. However, we recommend the use of a four-string bass, as the content was designed with that in mind.

What tunings are there for bass?
We will have standard E tuning, drop D tuning, open G tuning, and E flat tuning for bass.

Will there be a bass bundle available?
No, unlike the guitar bundle featuring an Epiphone Les Paul Jr., there will be no Rocksmith bundle where a bass will be included. However, as of October 16, the existing guitar bundle will feature the new version of Rocksmith with added bass content on the disc.
You will be able to rock the bass like a big brown beaver when the "Learn to Play Bass Guitar" DLC is released for Rocksmith on August 14th. For all other related DLC and coverage strum your way here