Xbox LIVE Security Proofs Video Tutorial

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
As many of you know, we previously revealed details regarding the new Xbox LIVE Security Measures that have been put in-place in order to maintain the integrity and security of each gamer associated with Xbox LIVE. To accompany these changes, Xbox LIVE and Major Nelson have released more information and a detailed video tutorial describing what are known as 'proofs'.

'Proofs' are security measures gamers attributed to their account when you first created it. They range from security questions, alternate email addresses, or your cell phone number, in which the latter two were used to send a code to that verified that you were the actual owner/user of the account. With the update to security measures gamers can now utilize a secure computer and eventually, your Xbox 360 console to verify that you are the rightful owner to the account. They have also taken measures to ensure that gamers who maybe don't have access to the email or cell number they originally associated with their account, can now manage and add the new relevant information. It must also be noted, that upon deleting or adding information to the account, that it will take 30-days in order for the request to process. Here is the video to help explain in more detail.

If you have any further questions or issues with applying changes to your account, head over to, and search for the contact information that best suits your needs.