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The TrueAchievements Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge Is Back!
Our Xbox20 Community Challenge finishes today, but tomorrow is the 1st of December and that can mean only one thing....

Yes, you guessed it – the TrueAchievements Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge is back and the first challenge is less than 24 hours away!

12 Days of Christmas 2021

What is The Twelve Days of Christmas Community Challenge?
Each day starting from Wednesday, December 1st through to Sunday, December 12th, the TA Community and Events team are going to reveal a new challenge at 10:00am UTC. The mini challenges will involve unlocking certain types of achievements – for example unlocks from a certain genre, or achievements that have a certain flag or gamerscore value. Each consecutive challenge will require one more achievement to be unlocked than the last, just like the Christmas carol. You can keep track of each new daily challenge by checking the news story on the TA homepage, or by checking the event hub once the challenge is live.

To make things a little easier, you have until the end of December to complete the full set of 12 challenges – you don't have to complete them on the day they come out. You also don't need to worry about other unrelated achievements you unlock on the way to completing a certain challenge – you won't break your challenge streak by unlocking something that doesn't meet the requirements. However, you do have to complete each challenge in order to unlock the next one – achievements won't count towards the challenge for Day 8, for example, if you have only completed up to Day 4.

Once you've registered for the event you will find a panel on your homepage that will always display the current challenge you are working on. Underneath will be a link to all of the locked achievements in your Game Collection that could satisfy the current requirement.

How to Register for The Twelve Days of Christmas Community Challenge

Registration for the Twelve Days of Christmas Community Challenge is now open!

Just head over to the Twelve Days of Christmas hub and hit the "Register now" button on the right-hand side of the page to join in.

Players can continue registering throughout the event but all of the daily challenges must be completed by 01:00am UTC on January 1st for them to count.

Is There a Prize?
Everyone who manages to complete the entire list of challenges before January 1st at 01:00am UTC will get a Community Challenge badge on their profile (or a colour upgrade to the existing badge, for those that have participated in our challenges in the past).

Useful Links
Twelve Days of Christmas Community Challenge Hub
Twelve Days of Christmas Community Challenge Leaderboard
Twelve Days of Christmas Community Challenge Forum
Twelve Days of Christmas FAQ

We hope you enjoy this festive event from the Community and Events Team. Happy Holidays!
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Save 33% on a TrueAchievements Pro Account - Black Friday Deal!
It's Black Friday week, and to celebrate we are offering a huge discount on a TrueAchievements Pro account, which means an ad-free experience is cheaper than ever!

Non-pro users can currently get a third off a year of TA Pro - that brings the price down to just $19.99 in the US, £13.33 in the UK, and €16.66 in the EU by entering the code BF21 at the checkout when clicking on the link below.

Here's a list of some of the main benefits of a TrueAchievements Pro account:

No advertising on the TrueAchievements website
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More chances to win a free game every day
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Access to the TrueAchievements pro forum and discord server
Export your Game Collection and Achievement unlock data
No advertising on the TrueAchievements Xbox app

Remember, this offer is for people that currently do not have a TrueAchievements Pro account, and you need to put the code BF21 at the checkout to get the discount!

Note: Your subscription will renew at the regular price after the first year, but you can easily cancel at any time.
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Introducing the TrueAchievements Xbox20 Community Challenge
November marks 20 years since the first Xbox console was released, and we wanted to mark the occasion with a new community challenge!

How it works
Our Xbox20 community challenge is based entirely around unlocking achievements that are worth 20 Gamerscore (there are a staggering 34,979 achievements worth 20 GS that are currently available to unlock).

The challenge will run from 3pm UTC on Monday 1st November until 3pm UTC on Wednesday 1st December and there are 3 separate leaderboards to try to climb:

Most 20 Gamerscore achievements won
This one is nice and simple - the person with the most 20 Gamerscore achievements unlocked during the contest is the winner!

Highest TrueAchievement difference from 20 Gamerscore achievements
This leaderboard rewards those gamers that are unlocking the harder 20 Gamerscore achievements. Each achievement unlocked is only worth it's TrueAchievement Difference - that is, the difference between the TrueAchievement score and the Gamerscore.

For example, this achievement would only be worth 5 points, whereas this one would be worth 25. The leaderboard tracks the total TAD for all the 20 GS achievements you unlock during the contest.

Longest leapfrog from 20 Gamerscore achievements
This is a twist on our popular Leap Frog contest, where every achievement you unlock needs to have a higher TrueAchievement score than the previous one - this time only achievements worth 20 Gamerscore will count.

Because you may want to plan your unlocks in the leap frog contest (you wouldn't want to accidentally pop this achievement as your first), there will be a button to start this one when you are ready. The other 2 contests will automatically include your 20 GS unlocks throughout the contests once you are registered.

Entry rules
In order to enter the contests you will need to have been registered on TrueAchievements for at least one month, and have a Gamerscore of at least 10,000.

Community challenge badge
You'll be given a Community Challenge badge for unlocking at least 20 achievements worth 20 Gamerscore during the duration of the contest.

How to register
You can head over to the Xbox20 Community Challenge hub where registration is already open. But please remember the contest doesn't start until Monday at 3pm UTC!
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The Great TrueAchievements Score Challenge XI is coming soon
Howdy folks!

I'm here to let you all know that we're nearing the 11th run of the Great TrueAchievements Score Challenge.

GTASC XI starts on November 8th, 2021 and will run for 25 weeks.

GTASC XI: How it works
There are two separate but concurrent contests — the Individual Contest and the Team Contest. You can enter both contests if you want to, or just one.

Both contests run for 25 periods of one week, and at the end of each period, the lowest scoring teams in each contest are eliminated and the leaderboards are reset for the next period.

At the start of each period you will be shown how many bottom teams will be eliminated, and it's your (and your team's) job to stay out of the elimination zone and survive to the next period.

How do you score points?
Scoring this year is based on TrueAchievement Difference (aka TA Difference) — this is the difference between TrueAchievement Score and Gamerscore.

For example, this achievement in Descenders has a TrueAchievement Score of 61, and a Gamerscore of 25:

DescendersThe Rampage BeginsThe The Rampage Begins achievement in Descenders worth 61 pointsReach the canyon

So this achievement has a TA Difference of 36.

For the contest, every competing gamer has their Gamerscore and TrueAchievement score stored at the start of the period. Their TA Difference is the difference between these two numbers. As their Gamerscore and TrueAchievement score change throughout the period, their TA Difference is constantly recalculated automatically on the contest leaderboards, and the change in the TA Difference between the start and the end of the period is their score for that period. Believe me, it's simpler than it sounds!

It's also worth remembering that an achievement's TrueAchievement scores are fluid. They change over time as more people start a game or unlock a particular achievement. These changes are also factored into your GTASC scores. That means that it is actually possible to earn score without unlocking achievements just as its possible to earn negative score while unlocking achievements. For this contest, we don't track the actual achievements earned — it's literally just the gamer's TA Difference change from start to finish that we use to determine what they 'earned.'

What's new for GTASC XI?
The feedback from last year's shorter contest was good, as was the scoring system so nothing is changing on that front. However, teams this year are made up of three gamers rather than four.

Here's a quick overview of this year's event:
Starts November 8th
Scoring is based on TA Difference
The contest is 25 weeks long (if you make it all the way to the end)
The team contest is for teams of three
Both contests are open to Gamertags with 20,000 Gamerscore or more
Gamertags must have full tracking to enter
Bonuses (weekly challenges) and Badges (weekly extreme stat leaders) will return

Get chatting with friends about teams and we'll open registration shortly — GTASC Series XI is about to begin!

Community challenge badge
There is no Community challenge badge for this event. However, you will receive another grade on your Community Events participation badge for participating.

Useful links
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