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Earn Rewards For Unlocking Achievements With The Von Coin
We’re all here because we share a love of achievements, so when we heard about a new initiative that rewards gamers for their achievement wins, we jumped at the chance to be involved! We've teamed up with Xbox App developer Von Bismark Labs to help them launch the Von Coin -- the first ever crypto-coin to reward Xbox users for their achievement unlocks.

Once you download the Von Coin app, coins are issued based on the TrueAchievement score of the Xbox One achievements you earn. These coins can then be used to bid on auctions for exclusive limited-edition products within the app.

A preview of the Von Coin Xbox One AppA preview of the Von Coin Xbox One App

The private beta is going to be exclusively for TrueAchievements members, and is scheduled to launch in November with the first auctions in December for US and Canada (the UK and other countries will follow in 2019). It'll be extremely limited, so it's first signed up first served. If you miss out, don’t worry, there'll be a limited public beta in the New Year for more users.

To register for the beta, and for more information, please visit or follow them on social media at @VonCoin. Von Bismark Labs are also looking to partner with streamers, artists and other influencers, so contact them for details by emailing
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Improvements To Gamer Blocking Controls
A site feature that has been requested several times is to have greater control as to what content you can see (or more importantly, don't see) from particular gamers.

We've just update the site to allow you to block a gamer and also hide their content in the following ways:
Prevent them from sending you private messages
Hide their forum posts
Hide their friend feed comments
Hide their comments on other parts of the site (blog posts, solutions, user reviews etc)

Blocking a gamer
Before you can hide forum posts or comments, you first need to block the gamer.

To do that, go to their gamer page and click on the gamer button and select Block gamer from the drop-down:

Blocking a gamer from their homepageBlocking a gamer from their homepage

This will initially stop them from sending you a Private Message or any invites.

Controlling the content you see
To control the content you see from a particular gamer once you have blocked them, you can now go to the Blocked Gamers page (this is also linked from a tab on the My Settings page).

Blocked gamer controlsBlocked gamer controls

From here you can choose exactly which content you wish to hide from each gamer you have blocked.

Please report any abuse to a moderator
While it's undoubtedly going to be very useful to have this level of control over who you interact with on the site, you should still report any abuse you receive to the moderation team to deal with.

You can report forum posts by using the Report post button on every post, and you can report any PMs you receive by using the Report Message option on the Message drop-down in the message itself. These reports go directly to the Moderation team. Or you can contact a Moderator directly if you prefer, there is a list of the moderators on the Staff list. Moderators listed in green are onsite currently.

We hope this feature allows you to better enjoy your time on TrueAchievements!
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