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2017 Leaderboards - How Did You Do?
Hi TAers!

It's time for our look back at how everyone on the site performed during 2017.

Anyone that has listened to our End Of Year Review podcast (and if you haven't, you really should) will know that Rich had to put in some extra hours over the Christmas holiday to rewrite all of the annual leaderboard code to work with the new genre system. Unfortunately, that meant it's taken a little bit longer than usual to compile all the data.

You can find the base leaderboards here: Site Leaderboards for 2017.

We've included all the online achievements that everyone unlocked throughout the whole of 2017. Offline achievements could not be included as we couldn't be sure they were unlocked during the year.

Main Site Leaderboards
As with previous years, we've included leaderboards for TrueAchievements Score, Gamerscore, Achievements Won, Challenges Won and TA Difference. For the first time, we've also been able to include a Completed Games Leaderboard -- this includes all the games finished during the year, irrespective of when you started them. As usual, you can change the completion DLC type from the Leaderboard Settings dropdown.

Special Leaderboards
This year, we've also included special leaderboards for ID@Xbox games, Kinect Required games and Xbox Live Arcade games.

The main leaderboards linked from the 2017 Leaderboards page default to the TrueAchievements score leaderboard, but there are also leaderboards linked in the right-hand side panel for everything from Gamerscore to the number of completed games.

Filtering the 2017 Leaderboards
The leaderboard pages have all your usual TA filtering options, allowing you to filter by platform, genre, region and area! You can also easily find your position on the board by clicking the Find Me button. It will take you to the page and scroll down automatically to show your position in all of its glory. Click the Friends only option to show just you and your buddies.

Share Your Positions
If I came first in the 2017 European GamerScore Leaderboard for Xbox One American Football Games I'd certainly want to show it off to the world (#GoPackGo), and we've made that as simple as possible too. Once you've used the Find Me button, click the share icon next to your position to be shown the share panel:

From here you can share on Facebook, Twitter, other social sites and email. The shares look pretty cool and link through directly to the correct leaderboard and position:

We'll be sending you a PM over the next couple of days containing some of your most impressive leaderboard positions.

Let us know in the comments on which leaderboard you managed to achieve your highest position. Do you think you can do even better in 2018?
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Introducing Our New Weekly Site Help Stories
One of the many reasons that TrueAchievements has become the leading Xbox community website on the internet is the speed in which Rich and Jack have added new features to the site. If you've been around on the site for a while, you'll no doubt have been able to keep up with many of these new site additions. For the hundreds of people who register to join TA each and every day, many of whom will join just to make use of one or two site features, they'll never be aware of the many other benefits that signing up on TA can provide.

This year we're hoping to fix that issue with a new site help system and a weekly news story that showcases some of our site features. The first one that details how to create Gamer Goals, the various statistics that can be tracked, and how to follow your progress will be posted a little later today. If you would like to be notified when these stories are published, please head over to the Site Help news category page and click the "Subscribe to news" button on the right-hand side of the page.

If you have a suggestion for any site features that you'd like us to cover in our new weekly site help stories, please let us know by posting in the comments below.
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