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Leap Frog 2017 Details
Today, we are excited to announce the return of one our most popular community events, Leap Frog, is returning for its third year. As with last year, we're switching up the requirements again to hopefully reduce the overall length of the contest by this time using a combination of the previous years' objectives -- a minimum number of achievements and ratio within a 24-hour scoring period -- to help determine our overall winner.

Leap Frog 2017

What is a Leap Frog?
The contest will begin at 09:00 UTC+0 on Tuesday, August 1st, and to register all you need to do is head over to the Leap Frog 2017 hub, and hit the "Register Now" button on the right-hand side of the page. Registration will close an hour before the contest starts.

Once registered, the goal of the contest is simple; you will have 24-hours to earn the specified number of achievements, each of which must be equal to or exceed the minimum ratio required. As with last year, the required ratio will start at 1.0 on the first day and will increase by 0.2 for each subsequent 24-hour scoring period. The change this year is that at the start of each week (every 8th scoring period) the number of achievements required will increase by one (1). Week one will require you to unlock one (1) achievement, week two will require two achievements that both exceed the daily ratio requirements, week three will require three achievements, and so on. An example of the how the requirements will change can be seen below:

Week One
Day 1 - Unlock at least 1 achievement with a ratio of 1.0 or greater
Day 2 - Unlock at least 1 achievement with a ratio of 1.2 or greater
Day 7 - Unlock at least 1 achievement with a ratio of 2.2 or greater

Week 2 (minimum number of achievements increases by 1)
Day 8 - Unlock at least 2 achievements with a ratio of 2.4 or greater
Day 9 - Unlock at least 2 achievements with a ratio of 2.6 or greater
Day 14 - Unlock at least 2 achievements with a ratio of 3.6 or greater

Week 3 (minimum number of achievements increases by 1)
Day 15 - Unlock at least 3 achievements with a ration of 3.8 or greater
Day 16 - Unlock at least 3 achievements with a ration of 4.0 or greater
Failure to earn the required number of achievements within the required ratio in the 24-hour time period will result in elimination from the competition, and we'll keep going until one gamer is crowned the Leap Frog 2017 winner.

The ratio of each achievement will be taken at the exact moment the unlock is scanned into TrueAchievements.

Which Achievements Count?
The achievements must be earned online and have a valid timestamp.
All game and app achievements and challenges will count.
N.B. If you have only earned 0 GamerScore achievements with no other achievements in-between, you will need to manually request a scan for them to be seen by the scanners.

Some games do not provide timestamps even when played online. The list of them can be found in the Leap Frog 2017 FAQs.

Is There a Prize?
First Place: A gold Leap Frog 2017 badge to show off on your profile, six-months of TA Pro for each week completed and a TrueAchievements t-shirt from our next merchandise run.
Second Place: A silver Leap Frog 2017 badge to show off on your profile and one-month of TA Pro for each week completed.
Third Place: A bronze Leap Frog 2017 badge to show off on your profile and one-month of TA Pro for each week completed.
Useful Links
Leap Frog 2017 Hub
Leap Frog 2017 FAQs
Leap Frog 2017 Forum

Good luck to everyone that enters!
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Site Update Log And Gaming Session Improvements
Site Update Log
It's not all fun and game streaming here at TGN towers -- we actually spend the vast majority of our time working on improvements to TA, TrueTrophies and TrueSteamAchievements.

We log everything we work on in a project management system called Asana, and we thought it would be very useful for the community to be able to see everything we put live with each site update, including new developments and bug fixes.

So we now have a new Site Updates page where you can see a list of devs and fixes, including additional information such as the thread it was requested or reported in.

New site updates pageNew site updates page

You can see the current version number of the site down in the footer, and this also links through the updates page.

You might be wondering why it says we are currently on version 5.0.1 of the site. I had to choose a starting point, and I think that we've probably had at least 5 huge site design changes over the last 9 or so years, so that's what I've gone with. Large updates will increment the second number, and smaller ones the last number.

And now, some devs you actually asked for......

Gaming Session Features

Clone Gaming Session

We've had a thread in the Site Wishlist Forum for a while about being able to clone an existing gaming session - that is, to take an existing session and copy all of the information from it (apart from the time and participants) into a brand new session.

If you go to any gaming session page (click through to any from the Gaming Sessions), you will see a new Clone session button:

Clone Gaming Session

This will take you through to the session creation page, and copy over the following information:
Game the session is for
Session type
Length of session
Gamers required

Additionally, if the session you are cloning is one you made yourself, the following data is also copied:
Session notes
Friends settings
Approval settings
PM settings

We think should be a particularly useful feature, and thanks to Phil the Bear for suggesting it.

Changes to Session Score Calculation
When we updated all of the site badges, we made a change to the feedback score badge that had been requested -- that is, to make it a percentage rather than just an aggregate of your feedback scores. The new calculation we used for that was effectively double counting negative feedback, so we have made a change to that calculation.

It is now worked out like this:

1. For every session you are in, you get a score from 0 to +1.

2. Each vote you get in each session is divided by the number of people that gave feedback.

Positive votes are worth 1 point, neutral 0.5 points, and negative are 0 points.

So, if it's a 3 person session and the other 2 give you +ve feedback you get a score of 1 for that session.
If one gives you +ve and one neutral you get a score of 0.75.
if both give you -ve you get a score of 0.
etc etc

3. We add up your scores for all the sessions that you have at least one bit of feedback from, and then divide the total sessions with feedback by that amount.
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