TrueAchievements news archive for August 2008

  • My achievements and more

    I've added a rather natty new page to the site which should make it easy for you to see which achievements you can earn that will boost your TrueAchievements or GamerScore. Once you've logged in, go

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • Feature frenzy!

    I've had a chance to add quite a lot of functionality over the last 2 days. Firstly, you can now quote and add smileys in your forum posts. Secondly, you can now see which scanner you are being scann

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • Registration fully open

    Well, I think I'm pretty happy that the scanners are going to work fine this weekend, so registration is officially open! I'm limiting it at 5000 gamers for now, although there's no chance we'll reac

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • New scanner and more..

    Firstly, sorry it's taken so long to post anything on here. I've been seriously busy at work, and then I went on holiday for a bit and then I had a stag weekend so there's not been a lot of time for

    Posted 16 years ago 0

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