TrueAchievements news archive for December 2008

  • 10 million Achievements!

    It feels fitting that we have just busted through the magical 10 million achievements tracked barrier on New Years Eve! I would like to thank all of you for your support and ideas for the site over t

    Posted 14 years ago by Rich Stone 13

  • Server problems

    Firstly, I would like to say a merry christmas to all the TAers out there! Secondly, I want to apologise that the site has been a little up and down in my absense (I'm on holiday in Switzerland at th

    Posted 14 years ago by Rich Stone 5

  • Wishlists and bug fixes

    I've added a way for you to add games you want to get in the future to a wishlist. This will appear on your homepage so you have a quick link to these games' pages. They will disappear from the list

    Posted 14 years ago by Rich Stone 21

  • Various modifications

    Hey TAers, I noticed that some of the new badges didn't take too kindly to the resizing process and looked a little messy. So I've recreated them all from scratch, they should look a lot sharper now.

    Posted 14 years ago by Rich Stone 0

  • Forum Search + Smaller Badges

    Due to the gamer pages having a load more stuff since we started, I've reduced the size of the badges somewhat. This means we can fit a lot more on the page now, especially for those that had a lot o

    Posted 14 years ago by Rich Stone 44

  • Forum stats + new leaderboard

    I've added another site leaderboard, this time for completed games. There's also now a stats panel on the forums showing the most active posters in the last 24 hours and of all time (just for you for

    Posted 14 years ago by Rich Stone 9

  • New forum code and leaderboard

    I've had several people ask for a couple of mods on the forums to allow a signature and for posts to be previewed. I've added both of these features now, and the signature will remain on the post as

    Posted 14 years ago by Rich Stone 12

  • Xbox live back

    Good morning I'm pleased to report that xbox live is back up and running and we are scanning again. I also want to let you know that I am trying to find a new home for the site. I'm buying a new serv

    Posted 14 years ago by Rich Stone 18