TrueAchievements news archive for July 2008

  • Registration open again

    ...but there is a catch. We need to be already tracking you. If we are then you can sign up using the link on the registration page. Enjoy!

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • Site leaderboards live!

    We now have some additional leaderboards for the site as a whole. These cover Gamers, Games and Achievements, so check them out at the bottom of the [leaderboards homepage=leaderboards.aspx]. Sweet!

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • GamerTag Change

    So I thought I'd better get in there before anyone else did. My new GamerTag is TrueAchievement. Unfortunately they only allow 15 chars so I'm a bit singular. But you get the point. And of course, if

    Posted 16 years ago 6

  • One Million Achievements!

    No major announcements, I just noticed that we just tracked our 1 millionth achievement! That means that between the 1422 gamers that we are tracking as I type this we have over a million achievement

    Posted 16 years ago 1

  • RSS Feeds

    We have just added RSS feeds for your friends list and all leaderboards! Just click on the sexy RSS icon next to the leaderboard or friend feed in question - this can be added to any RSS Feed reader

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • New badges

    Hey people We've just added 2 new badges to your profiles. The first one is for your Site Rank which shows the position you hold across the entire site when everyone is ordered by their TrueAchieveme

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • Forums now live!

    After a great deal of hasty development, we now have our forums live. All games and leaderboards automatically have their own forum. You can see a list of forums that are relevant to you (ie the game

    Posted 16 years ago 1

  • Leaderboards

    We've just launched some funky leaderboard functionality to the site. You can create your own once you've logged in by visiting the [leaderboards homepage=leaderboards.aspx], set up a name and a desc

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • Customize your pages

    A rather tasty little feature has just been added to the site. You are now able to choose how many achievements you see in your Friend Feed on your Gamer page. You can also choose whether or not to m

    Posted 16 years ago 2

  • Live Achievement Feed

    If you like watching things appear before your very eyes, why not check out new Achievement Feed? It constantly updates with new achievements being earned by our tracked gamers

    Posted 16 years ago 3

  • FAQ page added

    We've recently been bombarded with a load of question about the site, how it works, and why the achievement scores are at the values they are. So we thought we'd produce an [FAQ=faq.aspx]. Hopefully

    Posted 16 years ago 1

  • TrueAchievement GamerCard

    Yes, it's true, we can hardly believe it ourselves, but we've managed to do it. You can now parade your TrueAchievement GamerCard around on any forum or website you like!

    Posted 16 years ago 8

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