TrueAchievements news archive for November 2008

  • Xbox live changes

    Strange things are afoot at the circle K - or Xbox Live to you and me. I've switched the scanners off temporarily while I try to see exactly what's going on. I can't even log in at the moment, I'm ge

    Posted 16 years ago 11

  • 5,000 registered gamers

    Well, today we passed the 5,000 gamers mark. A true achievement I'm sure you'll agree (pun intended). I've added a couple of things - you can now change your password, and you'll get notified of any

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • Small reworking of gamer page

    I was looking at a couple of gamer pages today and I realised that things were starting to get a little messy. With all the features that have been added over the months, there were buttons and flags

    Posted 16 years ago 3

  • Monumental outage!

    Well, this has been a fun 18 or so hours! So a router blew up this morning. It's never happened to me before, 3 or so years that line has been running without a single dropout. But this morning the r

    Posted 16 years ago 12

  • Xbox live a little flaky

    Morning TAers! Unfortunately the xbox live servers are down again, I expect this may happen quite a bit over the next few days as NXE rolls out. Please be patient, obviously we are 100% reliant on MS

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • Xbox Live back up

    Yay, my gamerscore has returned to it's vaguely embarrassing level! If those of you that have registered over the last 4 hours or so could please be patient, your profiles should update shortly. Than

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • Xbox live is down

    As you all probably know, xbox live (the website part anyway) is currently down. As this is where we get all of our information from, new registrations are not being scanned and any new achievements

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • Forum enhancements

    The forums are starting to get more and more popular, but to get you all to post a little more frequently, I've made a few changes and tweaks. Firstly, they look a bit different. I wanted to show mor

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • Add some personal touches

    Tonight I've added some features I've wanted to do for some time. You can now set up a biography which appears on your homepage, and a status which appears on all leaderboards and lists in which your

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • Countries and Extra Game Info

    We've just added some extra features to the site, including some things that people have been asking for for some time. If you set your country in your My Settings page, you will now get a little fla

    Posted 16 years ago 0

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