TrueAchievements news archive for October 2008

  • A few enhancements

    Hello TA'ers! I've made a few enhancements to the site over the weekend. You can now review your games! There's a link on the home page of the game itself, please add some reviews, they'll be badges

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • Secret Achievements

    It's the one you've all been waiting for, and we think we are pretty close to having a proper solution to the missing Secret Achievement information. You should start to see the secret achievements y

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • Problems resolved - hopefully!

    We've reinstalled some of our servers to try to get things working properly again. And 2 hours in, we seem to be ok! No counting of chickens here though, so if you find anything error-ing or buggy, p

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • Some problems

    We are having some problems with our SQL Server installation. I've been trying to fix it all day but haven't really got anywhere. So apologies if you are experiencing anything weird or broken, we do

    Posted 16 years ago 1

  • Site milestones

    Tonight we smashed through 2 pretty big milestones for the site - 3000 registered users and 4 million (count 'em) achievements tracked. That's some mighty fine gaming people - excellent work! As usua

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • New feature - ToDo list

    Let's say you're planning a weekend of solid cheevo-popping - how do you sort out which games you want to load up in the 360? The answer, my friends, is you use your TrueAchievements ToDo list. Simpl

    Posted 16 years ago 0

  • Xbox .com down again

    Well, it looks like we spoke too soon - xbox is not working properly today, which means the scanners aren't picking up cheevos. Will try to find out some more info. Thanks

    Posted 16 years ago 0

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