TrueAchievements news archive for September 2008

  • Good news - we're back!

    Xbox live came back online today, and as far as I can see nothing much has changed in the gamer pages so I've switched the scanners back on. If you do notice anything strange, please drop me a PM and

    Posted 15 years ago 4

  • The Xbox Live website is down

    As expected, xbox is down today. This means you might see a few odd things on the site - my gamerscore has plummeted to zero for example ;o). Hopefully when it comes back it will all be work

    Posted 15 years ago 0

  • Rate your games!

    We've just added some neat functionality for you to rate your games. Simply go to the game page of a game you have and you'll see some stars. Simply click on the rating you'd like to give the game (1

    Posted 15 years ago 0

  • Xbox Live outage

    Hey all You probably know by now that xbox live is going to be down for 24 hours on Mnonday. This means the scanners are going to be twiddling their thumbs during that time, just waiting for it all t

    Posted 15 years ago 0

  • Additional forum funtionality

    We've added a new page to your menu for My Threads. This allows you to keep track of multiple threads you are interested in in a single place. You can move threads in and out of this list very easill

    Posted 15 years ago 0

  • Solutions pages and new badge

    You can now see all the solutions we have getting xbox 360 achievements on their [own page=solutions.aspx]. You can also see any recent guides added on someone's profile page and click the More butto

    Posted 15 years ago 0

  • My Trophy Case

    Some of our member wanted a way to show off the achievements they have won that they are most proud of (and why not?). So now they can - against any achievement you have won on the achievement page,

    Posted 15 years ago 0

  • We get (literally) bigger!

    As you may have noticed, I decided to give the site a little more girth tonight - it's now a full 1000 pixels across. Almost all browsers are using a minimum of 1024px these days, so why not make use

    Posted 15 years ago 0

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