TrueAchievements news archive for February 2009

  • Rock Band DLC for 3rd of March

    This week we will see the full album from Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble 'Texas Flood'. The tracks will be: Love Struck Baby Pride and Joy Texas Flood Tell Me Rude Mood Testify Mary Had a Litt

    Posted 14 years ago 7

  • A few mods

    I thought it would be good to have a visual representation of your progress in a game, so I've added a gauge which gives you an indication of your progress as a percentage of the Maximum TrueAchievem

    Posted 14 years ago 50

  • We're a little bit prettier

    Thanks to a couple of our members (Aerodynamo and Himself0890), we now have some funky new gradients on our panels, and also a very nice little quote box for your motto - check out your homepage to s

    Posted 14 years ago 35

  • Call of Duty: World at War Gets Free Map

    A new multiplayer map and free, what's the catch? Well, it's a daytime version of Makin, a night map already in the game. But you can't argue with free content.

    Posted 14 years ago 16

  • A Date for Ninja Blade

    From software's latest release will be... you know what after Onechanbara Bikini Samurai Squad, Afro Samurai, X-Blades, and I don't even remember what else, I'm fresh out of swordplay themed verbs to

    Posted 14 years ago 8

  • Sam & Max Coming to XBLA

    Remember three weeks or so ago when TellTale Games announced that Wallace and Gromit were coming to XBLA and we all talked about how cool it would be to see Sam and Max make the jump too since the in

    Posted 14 years ago 15

  • SEGA announces Planet 51

    SEGA and Pyro Studios (Commandos, Praetorians) announced today that they will be working together on a game based on the Sony Pictures movie of the same title. The movie is slated for release on Nove

    Posted 14 years ago 2

  • Call of Duty 4 Double XP Weekend

    Activision and Microsoft are offering another double experience points weekend from February 27th to March 1st (Friday-Sunday). Also this week (through March 2nd) the Variety Map Pack is available fo

    Posted 14 years ago 5

  • Worms Armaggedon Decades Coming To XBLA

    With more leaks than Thames Water, the Australian Classification Office has done it again and all but confirmed the release of Worms Armageddon Decade for Xbox Live Arcade. Worms Armageddon was origi

    Posted 14 years ago 24

  • Activision Picks up Bakugan

    Activision announced yesterday that they have purchased the rights to animated series and card game Bakugan. The card game won last year's Toy of the Year Award from The Toy Industry Association. Gam

    Posted 14 years ago 10

  • Virtual On coming to XBLA

    According to Japan’s weekly magazine Famitsu, SEGA have confirmed the re-release of the Dreamcast’s popular hardcore arcade mech fighting game Virtual On Oratorio Tangram. For those of you that have

    Posted 14 years ago 11

  • Big Left 4 Dead Fixes Here

    Left 4 Dead has finally had several issues fixed in a massive update. Those issues are: General: Fixed Survivors being able to climb surfaces marked for versus infected only Fixed a class of Survivor

    Posted 14 years ago 25

  • Prince of Persia DLC Pushed Back

    Just hours before its scheduled release date Ubisoft have announced in a very brief Twitter update that the 'Epilogue' DLC pack for Prince of Persia is being pushed back a week, making the new releas

    Posted 14 years ago 9

  • Stefen's first column

    Hello and welcome to the first edition of a new regular article - Stefens' Blog (original huh?) First off, I may as well introduce myself so I don't seem like a robot to you all

    Posted 14 years ago 19

  • New trailers released today

    Singularity is arriving in the fall of this year. Your character is a pilot who crash lands on a Russian island that was home to Philadelphia Experiment type research. So time bubbles cause the islan

    Posted 14 years ago 23

  • Flock gets a release date

    IGN's Greg Miller is reporting that Capcom will be releasing the downloadable sheep-herding game Flock on April 7 on XBLA. Okay, the plot is a little more detailed than that, but how many times have

    Posted 14 years ago 8

  • XBLA Deal of the Week returns

    Deal of the week is back and this week sees 2008's popular xbla title Braid down to 800 Microsoft Points, that’s a third off its original price of 1200 Microsoft Points. To receive this discounted pr

    Posted 14 years ago 25

  • Capcom's 'top secret' game is.....

    Lost Planet 2. Last week we reported that Capcom were to release a trailer of a top secret new game they were working on. With screams of Megaman, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Dead Rising 2, Dark Void, Dino

    Posted 14 years ago 23

  • Faster Leaderboards and Threads

    I've added some extra caching code to the site leaderboards. I noticed that it was taking a looooong time to view the boards now there are so many gamers registered. These are all cached for 15 minut

    Posted 14 years ago 12

  • Gastronaut Studios Acquired and Announces New Game

    Gastronaut Studios, developer of XBLA hit Small Arms announced that they are working on a new game titled Gel: Set & Match. Gastronaut Studios is also working on adapting Peggle for XBLA and was a co

    Posted 14 years ago 1

  • Leisure Suit Larry picked up by CodeMasters

    Last week, we reported that and now we're adding to that list. Yesterday, CodeMasters announced that they would be publishing Leisure Suit

    Posted 14 years ago 18

  • New Demos on the Marketplace

    If you live in Canada, Mexico, the US, or Asia you'll find that the demo for MLB 2K9 is now available. It offers 3 full innings of the Philadelphia Phillies hosting the Tampa Bay Devil Rays at Citize

    Posted 14 years ago 2

  • Red Xbox 360 Officially announced

    Today Microsoft officially announced the red Resident Evil 5 Limited Edition console. While we knew of its existence for quite some time we didn't know all the details. Your $399 MSRP will get you: *

    Posted 14 years ago 35

  • New releases for week of 23rd Feb 2009

    Another busy week this week, so I’ll jump straight in with the XBLA releases Xbox Live Arcade Exit 2 – 800 Microsoft Points 24th Feb Mr. ESC, th

    Posted 14 years ago 9

  • Gamer Stats page now live

    I've been very busy recently and haven't had too much time to spend on the site - but I've just managed to get the first version of the Gamer Stats page up onto the site. You can look at your own sta

    Posted 14 years ago 74

  • Rock Band DLC for 24th Febuary

    This week we will be seeing a few new additions to the Rock Band store! There will be an 'Alt Country Pack', including: Drive By Truckers: 3 Dimes Down Lucinda Williams: Can't Let Go Neko Case: Peopl

    Posted 14 years ago 14

  • Mass Effect 2 teaser trailer

    We don't often post news of trailers here at, but when I saw this one yesterday I knew it had to go straight up. It is only a one minute teaser trailer but it already has me exci

    Posted 14 years ago 24

  • Samurai Showdown coming to Xbox

    Apparently in live arcade land, sequels come first and if it's successful enough, the developer will put together the original for download, too. IGN is reporting that the ESRB gave a rating for the

    Posted 14 years ago 3

  • Codemasters reveal 2009 release calendar

    Publisher Codemasters has revealed their 2009 lineup today following its "Gamers Day" event last night in San Francisco. No, I don't know why it's not called "Gamers Night" either, but here are the r

    Posted 14 years ago 26

  • Bethesda releases info on 2nd DLC for Fallout 3

    There are two things that news writers have to do that they find excruciating. 1: Wait for new games to come out even thought they look really cool and you want to play them right now. 2: Resist the

    Posted 14 years ago 29

  • Publisher Red Mile in financial trouble

    Multiple sources are reporting that following a split with Atari, Red Mile is facing dire financial circumstances. Transmission Games, developers of Heroes Over Europe are owed over $281,000 by Red M

    Posted 14 years ago 3

  • Wheelman to be joint published

    It's good news/bad news for Midway Games this week. First, the good news! As I reported last week in the article, rumors were flying that

    Posted 14 years ago 1

  • Matt Hazard Returns Again!

    In case you are not familiar with the back story of Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, let me explain a little before you read further. Matt Hazard is a formerly glorious video game character now s

    Posted 14 years ago 12

  • Capcom's New Game

    Sources all over are reporting that Capcom is planning to unveil a new Xbox 360 game. Footage of this mystery game will be available for download via the XBL Marketplace on the "night of February 23r

    Posted 14 years ago 44

  • Mirror's Edge DLC + Achievements

    After a few delays, Mirror's Edge has received it's downloadable content. This new content (180 MB) is available for purchase at 800 MSP for both Gold & Silver accounts. Description: "Mirror’s Edge g

    Posted 14 years ago 8

  • Afro Samurai demo on Live - US and CA only

    US and Canadian gamers will find the demo for Afro Samurai now available. According to the demo's page on Xbox, the demo is a "prelude to Afro Samurai" whether that means unique level or just a way t

    Posted 14 years ago 6

  • Exit 2 sneaking out on XBLA on Feb 18

    A late announcement for this week's XBLA releases, Exit 2 will be challenging you to solve puzzles and escape 240 levels in the fastest time possible. There will also be 30 downloadable levels at lau

    Posted 14 years ago 3

  • TA's Video Game Music Collection

    Recently I had the idea of creating a TrueAchievements top 10 music list. Well, I ended up following through with the idea only to come to the blunt realization that there are far too many video game

    Posted 14 years ago 38

  • New Releases for week of Feb 16, 2009

    There are a lot of releases this week and one of them is already in the Xbox Live store, so let's get started: Xbox Originals Grabbed by the Ghoulies - 1200 MS points OUT NOW

    Posted 14 years ago 19

  • Biker Avatar Clothing Now Available!

    For the biker dudes: Rocker Jacket Pixie Boots Grunge Pants Metal Combats Top Hat Skull Ring Leather Biker Gloves Left Feather Earring Right Feather Earring For the biker babes: Punk Tee Black 60’s B

    Posted 14 years ago 7

  • Stormrise Screens

    SEGA has published several new screenshots for their upcoming game, Stormise, which is set to release March 24 (NA & EU). By the looks of it, Halo Wars may have some legitimate competition in no time

    Posted 14 years ago 3

  • Microsoft stores coming soon

    In a time when many retailers are going out of business and closing their doors, Microsoft have announced plans to open a chain of retail stores in a move to rival Sony & Apple. Details are currently

    Posted 14 years ago 17

  • The State Of TA Part 1

    As a treat/punishment it’s been decided that once a month the admin team should release a "The State of TA" a monthly round up of events and improvements to site interspersed with humor, stats and ge

    Posted 14 years ago 21

  • "Ares Fall" in development

    Over the past few months, Void Star Creations (known for their venture into XBLA territory with their cards-meets-tetris-attack debut game Poker Smash) have been unveiling details on their dev blog a

    Posted 14 years ago 10

  • "Exit" sequel to arrive soon

    Mr. ESC will be back in action in no time. The sequel to the fairly popular XBLA game, Exit, is set to release sometime in this quarter. More details on the game are still to come and it's exact rele

    Posted 14 years ago 3

  • Rumor: Wheelman switching from Midway to Ubisoft

    This story actually starts yesterday when Midway filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. At least one staff member here saw the news hit the wire and asked me to post about it but I said "If I post 'Midway

    Posted 14 years ago 2

  • Donators scanner

    Over the last few days of scanner problems related to the massive influx of new users, I've felt pretty bad about the people that have given their hard earned cash to support the site, with no real b

    Posted 14 years ago 226

  • Registration open again!

    Well, it took a little longer than planned, but we are now accepting registrations again. However, I have put in place some small restrictions on this: 1) A maximum of 50 people can register in an ho

    Posted 14 years ago 22

  • Rock Band DLC for 17th Febuary

    This Tuesday we'll see a couple of additions. The newbies into the Rock Band Store will be: Turbonegro - 'Wasted Again' And a couple from White Zombie. These being: 'More Human than Human' 'Black Sun

    Posted 14 years ago 12

  • GTA IV: Lost and the Damned DLC news galore

    Today Rockstar Games released a new trailer. You can find it at the link below or check it out on your xbox in the marketplace. IGN got to play some multiplayer and reported the new modes. "Witness P

    Posted 14 years ago 28

  • Activision: Three new IPs and COD:MW 2 for 2009

    In their recent fourth quarter financial conference call Activision announced what we all saw coming; Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will hit the shelves this year. No definite date has been set, but

    Posted 14 years ago 13

  • Left4Dead DLC Will be Free

    Last week, Valve announced the details of the eagerly awaited Left 4 Dead DLC. I think I can speak for most in saying that it was more than a wee bit disappointing since we will actually be seeing ve

    Posted 14 years ago 22

  • New Avatar Features Here

    Microsoft have launched a new - albeit slightly random - feature online which allows you make your own customised images starring none other than.. You! Or more accurately, your Avatar... The 'Free Y

    Posted 14 years ago 9

  • Godfather II gets delayed

    EA have revealed that The Godfather part deux has been delayed after previously announcing that the game was pushed forward from its original date of March 6th for all of 24 hours before being moved

    Posted 14 years ago 5

  • FIFA 09 'Ultimate Team Mode'

    Yesterday (10th Feb 2009) EA Sports announced a new game type for FIFA 09, 'Ultimate Team Mode' will allow gamers to piece together their dream teams and compete against one another online. FIFA 09 U

    Posted 14 years ago 4

  • Registration closed - for 24 hours

    Due to a couple of articles about TA appearing on some rather large gaming websites yesterday, we had over 3,000 new registrations in a little over 10 hours. Because all these lovely new people need

    Posted 14 years ago 127

  • Microsoft commitment to new IPs

    In the current economic climate many publishers/developers are turning their backs on original IPs (Intellectual Properties or new titles in layman's terms) to concentrate on sequels and expanding cu

    Posted 14 years ago 1

  • Unprecedented sign-ups, please be patient

    A post about the site on the joystiq xbox page has led to over 1000 registrations in just over an hour. As you can imagine, this has put an enormous load on the scannners to try to grab the new users

    Posted 14 years ago 101

  • CoD: WaW to get DLC

    Good news! Treyarch and Activision today announced plans to release the appropriately titled Call of Duty(R): World at War Map Pack 1 in March for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Better News! With a title lik

    Posted 14 years ago 29

  • GTA IV Multiplayer Free Feb 17-22

    Today Major Nelson has announced via his blog that in celebration of GTA IV's DLC release next week, Xbox silver members will be able to play both the original and the expansion for free online. This

    Posted 14 years ago 8

  • New releases for week of Feb 9, 2009

    On Tuesday several new games, one special edition, and a collection of SEGA classics will be hitting North American retail markets. On Wednesday, NHL 09 mingame reject, NHL 3on3 arcade will be arrivi

    Posted 14 years ago 12

  • Mass Effect to finally receive more DLC

    In January rumors began surfacing on gaming message boards that the Feb 2009 edition of Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) had hints about upcoming Mass Effect DLC. Blend Games is reporting that during an

    Posted 14 years ago 19

  • Dead Rising 2 confirmed

    In a move about as surprising as a new Barry Bonds steroids use allegation, Capcom has confirmed today that they are hard at work on a sequel to 2006's hit Dead Rising. The game takes place several y

    Posted 14 years ago 22

  • Pro Evolution 2009 transfer update.

    Konami have confirmed that Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is to get a free January Transfer update. This update will bring all clubs squads up to date as of the close of the January window. Transfers such

    Posted 14 years ago 4

  • The Warriors coming to XBLA

    MTV's Multiplayer Blog today announced that the 1979 classic gang movie 'The Warriors’ is to be released on Xbox Live Arcade to coincide with the movie's 30th anniversary. ‘The Warriors,’ an arcade g

    Posted 14 years ago 13

  • New homepage

    Our TA newshounds are now able to bring you the latest xbox 360 news from across the globe, and you'll find the latest stories on our new homepage. You'll also be able to see as soon as new games are

    Posted 14 years ago 57

  • Rock Band DLC for 10th Febuary

    Harmonix have announced that this Tuesday Scot rockers The Fratellis will be the next band to hop on the Rock Band bus. The three tracks - all taken from their 2006 album 'Costello Music' - are: Cree

    Posted 14 years ago 34

  • Customize your homepage

    I've added something cool I've been meaning to do for some time to allow you to customize the colours of the panels on the right hand side of your homepage. Simply go to Customize->Homepage colours a

    Posted 14 years ago 35

  • Left 4 DLC on the way

    IGN and other sources are now reporting that Left 4 Dead will be getting a DLC pack this spring. The Survival pack will add an appropriately-titled survival mode as well as two full versus campaigns.

    Posted 14 years ago 27

  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Announced

    Multiple sources are now reporting that Activision announced a sequel to Transformers: The Game, which I've linked to in case you haven't had the (dis)pleasure of playing it. Although no official wor

    Posted 14 years ago 10

  • Street Fighter IV DLC Announced

    After word leaked out earlier this week that DLC would be available adding more characters to the game shortly after launch, Capcom set the record straight today by posting a press release to their d

    Posted 14 years ago 5

  • Even More Fallout 3 DLC Coming

    It has been announced that Fallout 3 will have another two downloads head our way soon. Very soon in fact! In a recent interview lead producer Jeff Gardiner revealed that we will soon see 'The Pitt',

    Posted 14 years ago 6

  • Tomb Raider Underworld 'Beneath The Ashes'

    Eidos appear to be continuing their love affair with Tomb Raider DLC and have just announed that Tomb Raider Underworld will recieve it's first of two DLC Packs on February 10th exclusive to Xbox 360

    Posted 14 years ago 8

  • Sega announce Virtua Tennis 2009

    In a press junket released today, SEGA Europe Ltd. and SEGA of America, Inc. announced that Virtua Tennis 2009 is to be released in May 2009 for Xbox 360, PS3 and downloadable for PC, just as the ten

    Posted 14 years ago 0

  • Wallace & Gromit coming to XBox Arcade

    Episodic game-makers Telltale Games (Sam & Max, Strong Bad) have announced that Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures will also be coming to Xbox Live Arcade this spring as well as the PC. The press re

    Posted 14 years ago 5

  • Halo Wars Demo

    The Halo Wars demo has found it's way onto xbox live. It is available for download to both Gold & Silver accounts. The demo is approximately 1 GB in size. Universal link below to queue the download o

    Posted 14 years ago 1

  • The Maw to receive DLC

    According to, the game will be getting three new levels that were deleted scenes from the original game, likely to keep under the 150MB size limit. The levels will each come with a new ach

    Posted 14 years ago 6

  • The scanner family increases

    Thanks to the switch to proper hosting, I've been able to increase the number of scanners to 4. This has resulted in the average update for each registered user now taking place approximately every 2

    Posted 14 years ago 41

  • Halo Wars Achievements are now on the site
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