TrueAchievements news archive for January 2009

  • We are back!

    Well that went quite smoothly in the end, we are now situated in a massive data warehouse in rural UK. Hopefully everything is working for you, if not please post in the bug reports forum. I'm not ar

    Posted 15 years ago 51

  • Trueachievements maintenance in approx 4 hours

    This is just a quick note to say we will be offline from approximately 4pm GMT today while we move servers and hosts. We hope to be back online at around the same time tomorrow, possibly a little soo

    Posted 15 years ago 11

  • We are moving home

    I thought I'd better give you a heads-up on the proposed site move that's taking place this weekend. I've bought a new server for the site, and am currently in the process of setting it up. If all go

    Posted 15 years ago 34

  • More advanced friends feeds

    Thanks to a great suggestion on the forums, I've added some tabs to the friends feeds. As well as the normal view, you can now see a summary of the achievements your friends have won (one line per ga

    Posted 15 years ago 25

  • DLC achievement changes

    After much discussion, I've made a change to the way the site calculates the TA scores for DLC (downloadable content). Instead of being based on the number of gamers that have the game, the TA Ratio

    Posted 15 years ago 160

  • DLC Page and bug fixes

    I've added a new page for viewing DLC (downloadable content) details for games where it exists. This will show you the number of gamers that have the DLC, the maximum GamerScore TrueAchievements, and

    Posted 15 years ago 37

  • Advanced Friends Lists

    I've completely re-written the friends list functionality to allow you to customize your friends in several ways. If you click on the Edit friends button under your friends list, you will be taken to

    Posted 15 years ago 19

  • Twitter integration and more

    Twitter is a pretty cool little website, so after some suggestions from the TA forums I've integrated posting to Twitter from TrueAchievements. If you have a Twitter account you can now auto-post ach

    Posted 15 years ago 28

  • New GamerCards and Comparisons

    I've had a load of new GamerCard designs sent in over the last 2 months and I've only just got round to loading them onto the site (they take a little bit of testing). Anyway, there's 5 new ones now

    Posted 15 years ago 15

  • Speedier home pages

    I've spent some time changing the indexes on some of the major tables today. Initially this looks to have speeded up the home pages and My Achievement pages quite dramatically (which is obviously pre

    Posted 15 years ago 5

  • All the...small things

    I've just made a couple of small changes in a few of places on the site. Firstly, your Completion Percentage ratio is now calculated on the number of achievements you've won divided by the total numb

    Posted 15 years ago 13

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