TrueAchievements news archive for May 2009

  • John Carmack at A-Kon 20

    As some of you know, I'm in attendance at A-Kon 20 in Dallas, TX. It's an Anime convention, so you wouldn't expect any real gaming news. However, given the size of A-Kon and the fact that id Software

    Posted 14 years ago 7

  • E3:09 - Just Cause 2 Trailer

    Whenever I hear the title of the game, I can't help but wonder just exactly what it means. "Just Cause" as in, 'You are doing this for a just and noble purpose' or "Just Cause" as in, 'I just jumped

    Posted 14 years ago 17

  • Champions Online 360 Release Revealed!

    Champions Online, a well-hyped game by the makers of City of Heroes, has been revealed to be released before the end of 2009! I am not sure what your day consists of, but here is my daily schedule: W

    Posted 14 years ago 10

  • E3:09 - Mass Effect 2 Trailer

    So no one really knows. Is he alive? Is he dead? Better yet, I guess we should start saying "she" too. If s/he pops up in the new game, will s/he be a male or a female, or do you have to answer reall

    Posted 14 years ago 83

  • E3:09 - Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Trailer

    I happen to be a huge Marvel nerd. I'm not so sad that I can tell you that Thor was turned into a frog by his half-brother Loki in Thor #363 for four issues, or maybe I am, but I haven't had time to

    Posted 14 years ago 43

  • More Rock Band DLC - 9th June

    Do Harmonix ever stop? The latest edition of the Rock Band Community Zine has revealed what we will see added to the Rock Band Store for Tuesday the 9th of June. That would be... The one and only Iro

    Posted 14 years ago 25

  • Rock Band DLC for 2nd June

    On Tuesday, the following tracks will be added to to the Rock Band store: Ben Harper and Relentless7 “Shimmer & Shine” Coheed and Cambria “A Favor House Atlantic” Coheed and Cambria “The Running Free

    Posted 14 years ago 9

  • Saints Row 2: New DLC released

    Want some good news? Microsoft today published new a new DLC game add-on for Saints Row 2, called Corporate Warfare. Want more good news? It can be yours for only 560MSP! The additional content featu

    Posted 14 years ago 10

  • Losing our Humanity in the Digital Age?

    I guess for many of us videogames serve a purpose of escaping from something in our reality, whether it be boredom, stress, unhappiness or whatever. We all have our reasons and we all look forward ex

    Posted 14 years ago 92

  • Bioshock 2 Dated

    2k Games have announced that Bioshock 2 will hit shelves October 30th internationally and November 3rd in North America. Short and sweet! We would also like to credit KamhiX96 for additional helpful

    Posted 14 years ago 51

  • GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony

    Rockstar Games have announced the next lot of DLC for GTA IV, as well as 'Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City', a collection of both DLC episodes on one disc. 'Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad o

    Posted 14 years ago 92

  • Big Surf Island DLC coming to Burnout Paradise

    Criterion Games announced yesterday that Burnout Paradise will be seeing yet another add-on this summer: 'If you know Paradise City, you'll be familiar with the huge, under-construction suspension br

    Posted 14 years ago 37

  • Deal of the Week: May 25, 2009

    Beginning yesterday [redface], May 25, 2009 Microsoft has reduced Bionic Commando: Rearmed to half price for all Gold members. That's 400MSP, down from 800. Not a bad deal. Here's the skinny: (from x

    Posted 14 years ago 17

  • Rock Band 2 Promotion From Pepsi and MTV

    Beginning 2 June, 2009 Pepsi and MTV will be joining forces with Microsoft to give away free Rock Band 2 bundles, downloadable tracks, vacation getaways, Xbox 360 consoles and more! Chances to win wi

    Posted 14 years ago 10

  • Rock Band DLC for 26th May

    On Tuesday, the Rock Band store will see the following new additions: Ministry “Cuz U R Next” Ministry “LiesLiesLies” Ministry “The Great Satan” The Zombies “She’s Not There” The Zombies “Tell Her No

    Posted 14 years ago 25

  • Even More Fallout 3 DLC on its way

    Bethesda have revealed that we are to see even more DLC for Fallout 3 in the coming months. A recent news release stated: There are two new DLCs planned for all three platforms: * Point Lookout – Exp

    Posted 14 years ago 64

  • Secret of Monkey Island coming to XBLA?

    Several different sources have stated that the classic 'The Secret Of Monkey Island' is to make its way to XBLA in the future. The most notable source - German USK Rating Board - had the title 'The S

    Posted 14 years ago 90

  • XBLA Wednesday: May 20, 2009

    This week brings us two new intriguing arcade titles. Both will be available this Wednesday in the early morning as usual, 1 AM Pacific Time (08:00 GMT) for 800 MSP each. Blazing Birds "Compete in th

    Posted 14 years ago 8

  • Deal of the Week: May 18, 2009

    There was some slight controversy over this week's DOTW announcement. Major Nelson's blog initially reported that Bionic Commando Rearmed would be available at 400 MSP in light of the new game releas

    Posted 14 years ago 40

  • Major Nelson's "Odd" Numbers

    Strange but comical news story for you folks. Here goes: Major Nelson 's latest podcast, co-hosted with e, featured a minor mention of none other than -! The question was posed t

    Posted 14 years ago 45

  • Account Phishing - be careful

    Hey all TA members, We recently have had some instances of people trying to use our forum to phish for Live profiles. Are you really taking all necessary steps to maintain the security of your gamert

    Posted 14 years ago 105

  • Mass Effect 2 - New Dev Video

    Bioware has just released a new video for Mass Effect 2 detailing elements the developers have been focusing on and outlining the overall aim for the sequel. Mostly the video is just a build-up to th

    Posted 14 years ago 15

  • Rock Band DLC for 19th May

    On Tuesday, the Rock Band store will have the following new additions! An Alice Cooper 6 track pack, featuring: “Under My Wheels” (Live) “I’m Eighteen” (Live) “Billion Dollar Babies” (Live) “School’s

    Posted 14 years ago 18

  • Dragon Age: Origins Trailer

    UPDATE::: BIoware has just released another new trailer featuring the "Dogs of War." Link - ===========================================

    Posted 14 years ago 19

  • Brain Challenge - Deal of the Week

    This week on XBL, Microsoft is featuring Brain Challenge arcade game as the Deal of the Week. The game will be discounted from 800MSP to 400MSP for XBL Gold Members only - so get signed up already! C

    Posted 14 years ago 57

  • Onechanbara teams up with...Playboy?

    Please take note that, although censored, the pictures on the external link may not be work-safe! Seems the people over at the Playboy mansion really like playing Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad, a

    Posted 14 years ago 33

  • Thief 4 Officially Announced

    After almost a year with no news of Garrett's fate, Eidos Montreal has officially announced it is assembling the development team for Thief 4 and Garrett will be coming to the world of console gaming

    Posted 14 years ago 11

  • The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes

    For those of you that do not know me as intimately as some, I am a huge Star Wars nerd. I'm not one to go out and buy dolls and miniature figures and play the board games, but when it comes to the co

    Posted 14 years ago 50

  • 1 vs 100 Achievements Revealed!

    Take what I am about to tell you with a grain of salt (or several, if you like your rumors salty), because the website Go! Gaming Giant has revealed the 12 achievements that will be included in the u

    Posted 14 years ago 93

  • Dead Space 2 Exists

    STOP THE PRESSES! In what is probably the most shocking story you will read this century.... EA's Technical Director, Patik Patel may have inadvertently announced the development of Dead Space 2 acco

    Posted 14 years ago 82

  • GameFly Service News

    If you're like me, GameFly was the light cast down upon my woes, saving me from the frequent loss of money that went into a variety of games that I didn't much care for but still had to play. Also if

    Posted 14 years ago 90

  • Server move tonight

    My hosting company is moving the TA server to a new building tonight, and so the site will be down for up to 6 hours from 10pm GMT. Apparently the new building is state of the art, they've been build

    Posted 14 years ago 62

  • Prototype Cinematic Trailer Released

    Yep, you guessed it! Radical Entertainment has once again seen fit to tempt, tease and torment us with yet another Prototype trailer. Not that we don't dearly love being tempted, teased and tormented

    Posted 14 years ago 17

  • Microsoft Acquires BigPark, Inc.

    Microsoft has officially announced its intent to acquire BigPark, Inc. game studios. The development team at BigPark boasts over 80 years combined experience in the gaming industry and has blessed us

    Posted 14 years ago 24

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum Delay Official

    According to GameInformer, it seems that Eidos Interactive will be keeping Arkham Asylum under wraps for a while longer. Originally scheduled for a 23 June, 2009 release, Eidos has now confirmed that

    Posted 14 years ago 31

  • Rock Band DLC for 12th May

    On Tuesday the Rock Band store will see the latest new additions: Social Distortion - Bad Luck Social Distortion - Ring of Fire Social Distortion - Story of My Life Disturbed - Stricken Disturbed - S

    Posted 14 years ago 26

  • Red Dead Redemption Release News

    Rockstar games has leaked the first trailer for its upcoming release of Red Dead Redemption, to hit stores this fall for PS3 and Xbox360. Although Rockstar remains tight-lipped on gameplay details, t

    Posted 14 years ago 12

  • Guitar Hero: Van Halen - Confirmed

    Guitar Hero: Van Halen is no longer a rumour. Activision has confirmed today that the game will be a reality in the second half of this year. Unfortunately, Activision has not confirmed a tracklist a

    Posted 14 years ago 96

  • Guitar Hero "Live and on stage"

    Wanna be a real rock star, Guitar Hero style? Aerosmith, along with special guest ZZ Top, will be appearing across the U.S. and Canada this year - and you could be the opening act. How much would THA

    Posted 14 years ago 16

  • DiRT 2: Gameplay footage

    Today, Codemasters revealed gameplay footage of their upcoming rally game DiRT 2 (Due in September), in a behind the scenes video bought to you by Gavin Raeburn, Senior Executive Producer. I have to

    Posted 14 years ago 10

  • Ghostbusters Changes Hands...Again

    Ghostbusters is coming soon to a console near you! It may not, however, be a console that you own. "What's the deal?" you ask. Originally to be published by Vivendi, the publishing rights for Ghostbu

    Posted 14 years ago 34

  • Guitar Hero: Smash Hits

    GUITARZILLA! Okay, enough of that. Check the revealed setlist for Guitar Hero: Smash Hits. I'll stop talking so you can start reading! Guitar Hero Blue Oyster Cult - "Godzilla" Boston - "More Than A

    Posted 14 years ago 66

  • Fight Night Round 4 Roster

    With less than two months to go, we've only known about a few boxers that would be starring in EA's Fight Night Round 4, but due to a copy of the Official Playstation Magazine, gamers now know the fu

    Posted 14 years ago 4

  • Gears of War 2: All Fronts Collection

    It seems that EPIC has found the newest way to gouge gamers for their money! Rather than release their newest map pack, "Dark Corners", they decided to box it together with all of their other DLC and

    Posted 14 years ago 172

  • 'Splosion Man

    We all know and loved The Maw, and from the same developers (Twisted Pixel) comes a new and exciting game called 'Splosion Man. I won't ruin the details for you, check the following link for a traile

    Posted 14 years ago 12

  • Mass Effect II News

    Personally, I thought the following article on joystiq was written beautifully, so I'm not going to even try to recapture the moment in an original News story here. Just go check out the link if you

    Posted 14 years ago 23

  • Achievement Help Request

    A feature that many people have been wanting for a while now is the ability to register the fact you require help getting a certain achievement. It may be that there are no solutions currently availa

    Posted 14 years ago 89

  • Velvet Assassin Trailer

    Velvet Assassin is out this week, so why not get gamers excited with a little video displaying what they'd be able to do? Check out the "Kill Reel" trailer at the external link below... You won't reg

    Posted 14 years ago 15

  • This week on XBLA; May 4th

    This week's 'Deal of the Week' is The Xbox Original "Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex" at a 33% discount, which brings it down to 800 MSP from 1200 MSP. As well as this, we see three full Arcade

    Posted 14 years ago 25

  • Dawn of War II Patch 1.3

    An update coming in early May (essentially any day now, right?) will be adding a whole boatload of new features to Dawn of War II's already popular gameplay, including (but possibly not limited to?):

    Posted 14 years ago 17

  • 1 vs. 100 Beta Update

    May 8th brings some happy news for resident Canadians as they receive an open invitiation to play the Beta of "1 vs 100". Rumors hold that the Beta should spread to other regions, but Canada is start

    Posted 14 years ago 57

  • Overlord II Dated

    Codemasters have announced that Overlord 2 is set for a European release of June 26th, preceded by a demo which is yet to be dated. Not long now until you have you minions doing your evil bidding onc

    Posted 14 years ago 17

  • Ghost Recon 4 Announced

    There was a spew of announcements during Ubisoft’s annual financial report. The most notable of which was the currently titled, Ghost Recon 4. No other details are yet to emerge other than the fact t

    Posted 14 years ago 27

  • Brütal Legend Trailer

    Want to see Brütal Legend in action? Click below, comrades. To all those about to watch... We salute you.

    Posted 14 years ago 25

  • Rock Band DLC

    Get ready for some more Rock Band DLC on May 5th! The following tracks will be included: "Smooth Criminal" by Alien Ant Farm "Blue Sky" by the Allman Brothers "Midnight Rider" by the Allman Brothers

    Posted 14 years ago 24

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