TrueAchievements news archive for November 2009

  • Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero DLC for December

    For December, Activision are offering a wide variety of DLC. And hey, look... They remembered the first week of the month this time! December 3rd -The Fall of Troy Track Pack - "Panic Attack" - The F

    Posted 15 years ago 40

  • Deal of the Week: November 30th, 2009

    This weeks deal is yet another XBLA game, with a 40% discount on Sonic The Hedgehog 2, down from an already low price of 400MSP to a mere 240MSP. gives the following description of the game:

    Posted 15 years ago 50

  • BBC’s iPlayer put on hold indefinitely

    The following story I find interesting for the implications of what has occurred rather than the indefinitely delayed iPlayer. The BBC offers a free application to the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3

    Posted 15 years ago 81

  • Not Sure What To Get That Special Gamer?

    Gaming website The Kartel has compiled a list of some top bargains for you to snap up this holiday season. Although this list isn't strictly Xbox specific, I'm sure, like me, some of you gamers play

    Posted 15 years ago 42

  • Dragon Ball: Raging Blast - Free Fortnightly DLC

    From now until April 2010, Namco will be releasing downloadable content of "customized versions of popular characters, each with different powered-up abilities" for the recent Dragon Ball: Raging Bla

    Posted 15 years ago 17

  • Rock Band DLC for 1st December

    On Tuesday, the following songs will be joining the Rock Band Store: Nirvana – 'Come As You Are (Live from MTV Unplugged)'* Nirvana – 'Lithium (Live at Reading)' Nirvana – 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' N

    Posted 15 years ago 42

  • XBLA Wednesday: November 25th, 2009

    Just one title hitting XBLA this Wednesday, hope it's a good one! Madden NFL Arcade - 1200 MSP Feel the excitement of the NFL with a fun, fast-paced, 5-on-5 football experience. Madden NFL Arcade for

    Posted 15 years ago 34

  • Deal of the Week: November 23rd, 2009

    A massive three deals this week, big discounts right across the board! The first DOTW is another half-price XBLA game, with 50% off Peggle, down from 800MSP to just 400MSP. gives the followi

    Posted 15 years ago 44

  • Amazon Offers Crazy Modern Warfare 2 Deal

    Future college dropout NightStalkar has just given me the following information: For a limited time, you'll get 12 months of Xbox LIVE gold for $29.99 when you purchase Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    Posted 15 years ago 67

  • Staff Restructure Complete

    The investigation team is now chosen and with it all staff positions are now filled. The whole process has taken 7 weeks and we’ve received nearly 350 applications all together. I would like to thank

    Posted 15 years ago 0

  • Are You Ready To Race With Your Friends?

    Come December 1st, Need For Speed: Shift will have a free update available for download, via Xbox LIVE. The update will bring a new Team Racing mode and five new vehicles. For those of you more inter

    Posted 15 years ago 18

  • British Intelligence Agency Recruiting on Xbox

    What better way to find modern day James Bonds than through a game console? Well, that's exactly what the GCHQ think. The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), a British intelligence agency,

    Posted 15 years ago 47

  • Ubisoft Announces Achievement Rewards

    Ever wish you could get a little more buzz from your fix? For most of us, that little ba-doop and the words "Achievement Unlocked" have sufficed to feed our insatiable addiction for gamerscore. But w

    Posted 15 years ago 60

  • Rock Band DLC for 24th November

    On Tuesday, the following tracks will be added to the Rock Band Store: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – “A Thing About You (live)” * Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – “American Girl (live)” Tom Petty &

    Posted 15 years ago 34

  • Resident Evil 5 DLC Announced [Updated 19/11/09]

    Recently, Capcom ran a poll on their website to determine the fate of the Alternative Edition of Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360), whether it's release should be on disc or as downloadable content. One mon

    Posted 15 years ago 67

  • Spike TV's VGA Contenders

    Spike TV has opened the polls for this years Video Game Awards (VGA) contenders. So, if you want to get your two cents in, head on over to and cast your votes. The

    Posted 15 years ago 48

  • Upcoming Free Xbox Live Weekends

    To coincide with yesterday's release of Facebook, Twitter, et al on the dashboard (and of course, Microsoft has announced that th

    Posted 15 years ago 68

  • Pandemic, We Hardly Knew You

    The just over 10-years-old developer, Pandemic, will be closing its doors today. As part of EA's 1,500 staff reduction, approximately 200 people who had a home at the smaller studio will be out of a

    Posted 15 years ago 51

  • New LIVE Features Will Be “Turned On”

    Major Nelson provided a nice little nugget of information to the internet masses today, concerning the next dashboard update. With today being the big day for the unveiling of, Twitter, and F

    Posted 15 years ago 103

  • Achievements That Bring a Tear To Your Eye

    Gaming news website ScrewAttack has posted a list of what they consider to be the seven most difficult achievements to obtain. Taking a look at the list and their respective stats here on True Achiev

    Posted 15 years ago 183

  • XBLA Wednesday: November 18th, 2009

    Are you ready to Dash around a Diner and get Gyromantic? Gyromancer - 1200 MSP Gyromancer is a new puzzle-RPG developed in collaboration between Square Enix and PopCap. With a blend of puzzle element

    Posted 15 years ago 18

  • Deal of the Week: November 16th, 2009

    This weeks DOTW is 50% off 3 on 3 NHL Arcade, down from 800MSP to now just 400MSP. gives the following description of the content: EA SPORTS Freestyle™ welcomes you to the fast-paced world o

    Posted 15 years ago 27

  • Rock Band DLC for 17th November

    On Tuesday, the following tracks will be added to the Rock Band Store. AFI - Beautiful Thieves AFI - End Transmission AFI - Love Like Winter AFI - Medicate AFI - The Leaving Song, Pt II Them Crooked

    Posted 15 years ago 22

  • Super Street Fighter IV - New Modes Trailer

    Capcom has released a new trailer outlining four of the new modes available in the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV with one in particular bound to excite fans of the seminal and iconic Street Fighte

    Posted 15 years ago 12

  • The Beatles: Rock Band DLC for 17th November

    Often considered one of the greatest albums of all time, the entirety of The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band will be available for purchase exclusively for The Beatles: Rock Band next

    Posted 15 years ago 35

  • Just Cause 2: Trailer And More

    For those of you that enjoyed the stunts, destruction and general mayhem of Just Cause, let me steer you toward an exclusive look at Just Cause 2. The second installment of Rico's adventures in dicta

    Posted 15 years ago 9

  • Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Announced

    In a surprise, and surprising, announcement today Square Enix has announced an official release date for Final Fantasy XIII. Now normally, we gamers outside of Japan don't get too excited about this

    Posted 15 years ago 44

  • Modern Warfare 2 Dominates Sales Internationally

    It's starting to look like some records will be broken pretty soon. Modern Warfare 2 sold an amazing 2.4 MILLION COPIES within the first 24 hours, and a measly 1.23 million copies in the UK. In unrel

    Posted 15 years ago 52

  • Modern Warfare 2 - Community Event

    Let's face it. Modern Warfare 2 is a blast... so what could be better than playing it with some friends? Join us on Saturday, November 14th at 12:00 PM EST for a day of Modern Warfare 2 fun. With the

    Posted 15 years ago 42

  • Remember SEGA's Genesis Poll? Well...

    Back in August, SEGA ran a poll to see which Genesis/Mega Drive game we gamers want on the Xbox Live Arcade. You might remember that originally, Earthworm Jim was included in that poll and was winnin

    Posted 15 years ago 32

  • Upcoming Borderlands DLC Already

    Just as 2K games promised, the first DLC for Borderlands has been officially announced and slated for release on November 24th. This additional content will set you back 800 Microsoft Points. This in

    Posted 15 years ago 76

  • XBLA Wednesday: November 11th, 2009

    This week we get a variety of different titles to keep us all entertained. To an extent, anyway! These are: 0D Beat Drop - 800MSP The fusion of "rhythm" and "puzzle" creates a completely new kind of

    Posted 15 years ago 14

  • Get Groceries... And MW2!

    It looks like the UK is pretty pumped for the release of Modern Warfare 2. So pumped, that they are practically giving the game away. Grocery stores aren't typically known for great video game deals

    Posted 15 years ago 100

  • We've Hit the BIG TIME!!!!!!

    It seems that TrueAchievements is becoming a resource amongst gaming websites. In a recent article with, a number of statistics were pulled from our very own database. Admittedly, we can onl

    Posted 15 years ago 93

  • Deal of the Week: November 9th, 2009

    This weeks DOTW offer sees a 30% discount on the Ultor Exposed for Saints Row 2 DLC, available now for just 560MSP, down from 800MSP. gives the following description of the content: Disgrunt

    Posted 15 years ago 15

  • 1 vs. 100 Season 2 Coming Soon!

    Trivia buffs, get brushing up on your general knowledge! The new season of 1 vs. 100 is coming back to Xbox Live in less than a fortnight, so you had better make sure that you've got your brain screw

    Posted 15 years ago 60

  • Hasbro Family Game Night Retail Disc Announced

    EA and Hasbro have announced that the previously XBLA-exclusive Hasbro Family Game Night titles will all be available on a disc come November 10th: "With the holidays coming up, there will be lots of

    Posted 15 years ago 68

  • Gears of War 2 Anniversary Events Detail

    Epic has detailed its plans for the Gears 2 anniversary weekend. The events begin today (Friday, November 6) to Monday (November 16). That is 10 days of gruesome chainsawing awesomeness. • All games

    Posted 15 years ago 71

  • Rock Band DLC for 10th November

    On Tuesday the following tracks will be added to the Rock Band Store: The Damned – "Smash It Up (Part II)" Kasabian – "Club Foot" And the long awaited White Stripes 3 track pack, consisting of: "Dead

    Posted 15 years ago 23

  • Dragon Age: Origins Free Stuff

    If you haven't already run to the nearest game store, knocking old ladies out of your path willy-nilly, to pick up your very own copy of Dragon Age: Origins then... DO IT NOW, and old ladies be damne

    Posted 15 years ago 40

  • Investigation Team Announcement

    The Investigations team, which is in charge of investigating user complaints into cheaters, is now looking for a new team. This team differs slightly from the others. Firstly, there is NO badge, the

    Posted 15 years ago 90

  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC

    Activision announced today the release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2’s first downloadable content package, as well as a free demo for the game, has hit XLBA. There are five new characters you can dow

    Posted 15 years ago 19

  • Epic Provides Free Access To Unreal Engine 3

    If you've played Batman: Arkham Asylum, Gears of War, Bioshock, Fairytale Fights, Hail to the Chimp, Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge, Star Trek DAC, Rainbow Six: Vegas, or X-Men Origins: Wol

    Posted 15 years ago 37

  • The Wrath Of The Microsoft Ban-Hammer

    Around the end of October, Microsoft started its latest round of banning modded consoles. This round as well as the last few have seen the ban-hammer aim not only at the consoles themselves, but at t

    Posted 15 years ago 208

  • XBLA Wednesday: November 4th, 2009

    Attention point & click fans! This week we get the next 3 episodes of Wallace & Gromit joining Xbox LIVE Arcade, continuing from Wallace & Gromit 1: Fright of the Bees. These are: Wallace & Gromit Ep

    Posted 15 years ago 17

  • Content Team Announced

    A couple of momentus things happened last night - NightStalkar finalized the Content Team, and we also smashed through the 50,000 registered gamers milestone on the site (congrats to Mr Freezed, our

    Posted 15 years ago 145

  • Microsoft Sends E-mails for Rewards Program

    Apparently, all of those sexual favors finally paid off and Microsoft has just sent me an e-mail saying that I got accepted into the new Rewards Program. And my parents said that my lifestyle would n

    Posted 15 years ago 79

  • Deal of the Week: November 2nd, 2009

    This weeks DOTW offer sees a 50% discount on the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Variety Map Pack. So, if you're a big enough Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare fan to still be playing it online, but have

    Posted 15 years ago 45

  • The Word of the Day is Controversy

    Well, I'm back with yet another tale of bad taste and worse ideas. Infinity Ward has just pulled down a "PSA" video promoting Modern Warfare 2 that preached against the evils of grenade spamming in a

    Posted 15 years ago 82

  • Developers Choosing to Stop the Parties

    Have you ever been in a team match in games like Halo or Call of Duty, and the last man alive on your team is being stalked by some 12 year old kid? Have you found yourself screaming so loud over you

    Posted 15 years ago 157

  • Left 4 Dead 2 Censorship Comparison Video

    For those of us fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to live in the "great" land down under, the upcoming release of Left 4 Dead 2 later this month will be bitter sweet. We all gasped and began waiting

    Posted 15 years ago 57

  • The State of TA Part 4

    During one of many long waits in the Call of Duty 3 lobby… Call of Duty 3 is such an unappreciated game, the multiplayer is so much better than COD 4 and in my opinion requires more skill, I might wr

    Posted 15 years ago 100

  • Forum re-structure

    Hi all for some time now it's been felt that we have waaaaay too many forums. This is because I originally thought it would be cool to have one per game, and they get automatically get generated ever

    Posted 15 years ago 115

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