TrueAchievements news archive for March 2010

  • Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero DLC for April

    A good five weeks ahead for Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero! Here's the DLC list for April: April 1st - Lynyrd Skynyrd Track Pack - 440MSP "Free Bird" "Simple Man "Gimme Three Steps" April 8th - Fall Out

    Posted 14 years ago 44

  • Bioware Bazaar Bonanza

    Yesterday, BioWare announced that it will run a week long series of auctions to reward the community for it's fifteen years of support. Starting April 6th at 9AM PDT the first of these auctions will

    Posted 14 years ago 45

  • Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Announced

    Activision and developer Beenox today revealed new information about their upcoming Spider-Man game, entitled Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. The game will let you play as ol' Spidey through four d

    Posted 14 years ago 27

  • Microsoft's April Inventory Blow-out!

    You may remember the great little bit of info that Major Nelson let slip about a week ago (originally posted in SALE: Between April 1

    Posted 14 years ago 117

  • XBLA Wednesday: March 31st, 2010

    This week, coming to XBLA Arcade: Mega Man 10 - 800 MSP Thanks to the support of all the fans, we at Capcom are proud to announce the release of Mega Man 10! Now fans of all ages can enjoy the newest

    Posted 14 years ago 46

  • Deal of the Week: March 29th, 2010

    Another price drop this week on an XBLA title, seeing a 33% reduction on Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram from 1200 to 800 MSP for this week only. As always, this offer is exclusive to Xbox

    Posted 14 years ago 24

  • No Penny Arcade Episode 3

    While speaking with Joystiq at PAX East, Penny Arcade’s Mike Krahulik was asked where Episode 3 of the 4-part series was. “There won’t be an Episode 3,” states Krahulik. It appears that is the offici

    Posted 14 years ago 49

  • Halo: Reach New MP Rules

    In Bungie's weekly newsletter they have announced an overhaul of the multiplayer system. describes rank in Halo: Reach as "a global, cross-gameplay-mode-encompassing representation of the

    Posted 14 years ago 96

  • Major Nelson's Xbox LIVE Account Breached

    Larry Hryb, better known by his monicker 'Major Nelson', is a popular resident spokesperson and podcaster for Microsoft, spending much of his time in the spotlight of the online community . Screensho

    Posted 14 years ago 96

  • Atomic Games Breached and Cleared for XBLA

    Atomic Games, developer of the controversial Iraqis war based Six Days in Fallujah that Konami backed away from, has confirmed the release of a new military first person shooter game, much in the sty

    Posted 14 years ago 19

  • Hydro Thunder Hurricane coming to the XBLA

    Years ago when the "next generation" was 32-bit, it seemed like all the major consoles had a water based racing title as a graphical showpiece for their system. I'm counting WipeOut for the Playstati

    Posted 14 years ago 33

  • Rock Band DLC for 30th March

    On Tuesday, coming exclusively to Rock Band, a full Jimi Hendrix Experience album! 'Axis: Bold As Love'. This includes: • “Up From the Skies” • “Spanish Castle Magic” * • “Wait Until Tomorrow” * • “A

    Posted 14 years ago 43

  • Hydrophobia Trailer and New Website Launched

    Like a perverse voyeur, I've been watching the countdown on Hydrophobia's website ( for the last couple of days now, anticipating the impending announcement. Today's

    Posted 14 years ago 25

  • Mafia II Release Date Announced

    2K's upcoming '40s-set crime caper Mafia II finally has a release date, set to storm North America on August 24th, internationally on August 27th. No really, no more delays (supposedly)! Through a co

    Posted 14 years ago 26

  • GameCrush brings PlayDates to Xbox LIVE!

    Give me a moment. Just one. This is the first news article for TA that has made me really stop and think "hard" about the state of the world. Every now and then a story will "pop up" that makes you q

    Posted 14 years ago 296

  • 360voice Child's Play Fundraiser

    I'm sure you guys know about 360voice, and I wanted to point out an awesome fundraiser that they are hosting on the site. If you don't already know about it, you can read below for the details. 360vo

    Posted 14 years ago 0

  • Standalone 250GB HDD Available for Purchase

    Available from today in the US, Microsoft have confirmed that the previously Special Edition bundle-exculsive 250GB hard drive is now available as a standalone product, purchasable for $129.99 USD, a

    Posted 14 years ago 184

  • Marketplace Schedule - March 23rd to April 5th

    As he does every other week, Major Nelson has today revealed Microsoft's upcoming Marketplace schedule for the next fortnight, inlcuding Deals of the Week, XBLA releases, Games on Demand and the Avat

    Posted 14 years ago 68

  • Fable III - An Episodic Story

    In a very recent interview with bit-tech published only today, Peter Molyneux revealed some further information relating to the delivery of the story in Fable III. Speaking about the sheer size of Fa

    Posted 14 years ago 81

  • EA's 'Extended Demos'? [UPDATE] EA's Clarification

    It's no secret that EA has financially underperformed for the past two years, with seasonal sales last year alone slipping 25%. The CEO of EA, John Riccitiello, has acknowledged that the performance

    Posted 14 years ago 133

  • XBLA Wednesday: March 24th, 2010

    This Wednesday the previously announced Game Room goes up for download. Remember pumping quarters into your favourite video games at the classic Arcade? Nothing would beat the colourfully-decorated c

    Posted 14 years ago 162

  • Deal of the Week: March 22nd, 2010

    A definite improvement over the last few weeks, this week's Deal of the Week sees a 50% price drop on each on of the five Fallout 3 DLCs, all reduced from 800 MSP to 400 MSP for the next seven days (

    Posted 14 years ago 79

  • F1 2010 Gameplay Footage Unveiled

    Codemasters have released a gamplay video as part of the latest development diary for the upcoming title F1 2010. Codemasters introduce the video by detailing that it covers, "key features including

    Posted 14 years ago 47

  • Lord of the Rings: War In the North Announced

    Armed with the license to the novels, and not the movies, WB Games and Snowblind Studios recently announced Lord of the Rings: War In The North for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2011. War in the North is a

    Posted 14 years ago 30

  • Chapters of Deceit DLC Now Available

    To the glee and enjoyment of Co-op gameplay fans all around, EA Montreal has released the DLC Chapters of Deceit earlier than anticipated.

    Posted 14 years ago 66

  • Rock Band DLC for 23rd March

    Coming to the Rock Band Store next week: • X - “Blue Spark” * • X - “The Hungry Wolf” • X - “I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts” • X - “Los Angeles” • Ace Frehley - “Outer Space” • Carrie Underwood - “All

    Posted 14 years ago 34

  • Mass Effect 2 Free and Premium DLC Detailed

    The free, meaning it will cost you nothing if you have the Cerberus Network, Firewalker DLC will be released on March 23rd. The Cerberus Network will notify you of the new content and you can downloa

    Posted 14 years ago 56

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Screens Available

    SEGA. Sonic. Goes together like a horse and carriage doesn't it? As we all know Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode 1 is coming to Xbox LIVE via a series of episodic content this summer. Currently the dat

    Posted 14 years ago 40

  • USB Storage Device Support Coming to 360

    You've been eyeballing those fancy 250 GB HD bundles, with their pictures of Sam Fisher or stylistic colors, but don't jump at the new rig just because of the increased storage capacity! Why have a b

    Posted 14 years ago 142

  • Final Fight: Double Impact Release Date Announced

    Capcom's upcoming has finally been given both a release date and a price, hitting the Marketplace on April 14th and setting you back a very reasonable 800 MSP. The game is a duel release of classic s

    Posted 14 years ago 40

  • Splinter Cell: Conviction Demo Out on March 18th

    A video has appeared on Xbox Live for American users detailing the demo for the latest entry into the Splinter Cell series, Conviction. Be prepared for more stealthy operations, more brutal beat down

    Posted 14 years ago 76

  • Kane & Lynch: Dog Days Release Date Confirmed

    IO Interactive has revealed the release date for Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days in the last few minutes. Scheduled to arrive on August 24th (US) and August 27th (EU), the sequel to Kane and Lynch: Deadme

    Posted 14 years ago 22

  • Skate 3 Release Date Confirmed

    EA Black Box today confirmed the release date for Skate 3, now set to hit store shelves in North America on May 11th and Europe on May 14th. The game will expand of the previous Skate titles, continu

    Posted 14 years ago 32

  • Dead to Rights: Retribution Trailer

    Volatile Games and Namco have released a new trailer for their upcoming Dead to Rights: Retribution, the long-awaited sequel the 2002 shooter. The original game was praised for it's impressive story

    Posted 14 years ago 10

  • XBLA Wednesday: March 17th, 2010

    Finally, this week we get: Perfect Dark – 800MSP Agent Joanna Dark hit the ground running in Perfect Dark, an epic tale of galactic conspiracies in 2023 America. Now this classic shooter comes to Xbo

    Posted 14 years ago 116

  • Bioshock 2 DLC Already On Disc

    The recently released DLC for Bioshock 2 has upset users on the 2K Forums. Entitled Sinclair Solutions and costing $5, users noticed that the content is incredibly small: 24KB on the PC and 108KB on

    Posted 14 years ago 124

  • Gears of War 3 Rumored for 2011

    That's right folks, you heard correctly. While Epic quashed previous rumours of the game being in development and of a Christmas 2010 release, the rumour has yet to bleed out. With a quick 'roadie ru

    Posted 14 years ago 130

  • NCAA Football Will Receive Mostly Graphical Update

    EA Sports recently announced that NCAA Football '11 will be much like NCAA Football '10, but with the visual representations of the teams being more accurate. The company released the first screensho

    Posted 14 years ago 24

  • Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Now Available!

    The latest slice of Dragon Age: Origins DLC is finally here. Available right now for 3200 of your MSP. describes the DLC as follows: REQUIRES LATEST TITLE UPDATE FOR DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS (ins

    Posted 14 years ago 42

  • Majesco Brings Attack of the Movies 3D to the 360

    Already announced for the Wii, Majesco Entertainment announced earlier today that their 3D 4-person co-op shooter Attack of the Movies 3D will be arriving on the Xbox 360 this May as well. 3-D Shoote

    Posted 14 years ago 22

  • The Top Xbox 360 Games of 2010... so far

    It's pretty much known that I play almost every game that comes out. The good, the bad, and the really disgusting. I will update through-out the year on the best games of 2010. This will only be game

    Posted 14 years ago 194

  • Deal of the Week: March 15th, 2010

    This week's Deal of the Week sees a price reduction on three Xbox Original games, seeing Fable, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne all drop from 1200 MSP to 800 MSP.

    Posted 14 years ago 39

  • Crackdown 2 Release Date Announced

    Graeme Boyd better known amongst the Xbox LIVE community as AceyBongos (presumably in reference to his superior percussive skills) posted a tweet which was met with excitement earlier today. Listen u

    Posted 14 years ago 57

  • Patching Unobtainable Achievements

    It was announced by EA not too long ago that there were to be further server closures. This time, it was the Skate.Reel servers that were being marched to the chopping block. This has drawn divided f

    Posted 14 years ago 217

  • Puzzle Quest 2 - Debut Trailer

    At this week's GDC, Infinite Interactive released the debut trailer for their upcoming Puzzle Quest 2, set to hit the Xbox Live Arcade this Spring. Further expanding the Puzzle Quest franchise, the g

    Posted 14 years ago 27

  • Marketplace Listing Reveals MW2 Map Pack Details

    The Stimulus Package for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is still set to be released on March 30th, but the content is already visible on the Xbox Live Marketplace, revealing all the juicy info about

    Posted 14 years ago 195

  • Digital Cowboys podcast on

    This week I was invited to be a guest on the highly regarded Digital Cowboys podcast. They were planning a show about achievements and trophies, and they thought that a representative from TA might b

    Posted 14 years ago 68

  • Rock Band DLC for 16th March

    That's right, Lady Gaga! Heading to the Rock Band Store next week: Lady Gaga – “Bad Romance” Lady Gaga – “Just Dance” Lady Gaga – “Monster” Lady Gaga – “Poker Face” 3 Doors Down – “It’s Not My Time”

    Posted 14 years ago 36

  • Mass Effect 2’s First DLC to Purchase

    Bioware has finally announced the first piece of DLC that you can purchase separately outside of the Cerberus Network. Mass Effect 2’s first Purchasable DLC (PDLC) is currently titled “Kasumi’s Stole

    Posted 14 years ago 87

  • Fable III Screenshots Released

    Lionhead have shown new pictures of Fable III while at The Games Development Conference, held in San Francisco. The pictures show a moody and darker enviroment, that looks much more sinister then the

    Posted 14 years ago 51

  • Green Day: Rock Band Release Date and Info

    Lots of big Harmonix news lately, eh? Today Harmonix confirmed the release date for the upcoming Green Day:Rock Band, set for release simultaneously in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand o

    Posted 14 years ago 87

  • More Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Details

    At GDC this week, developer Crystal Dynamics (the brains behind Tomb Raider: Legend, Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Tomb Raider: Underworld) announced more details about their upcoming title Lara Croft

    Posted 14 years ago 23

  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Map Pack 2 Announced

    Those cheeky guys over at DICE have announced that an upcoming release date for the VIP Map Pack 2 in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, while making a joke about the recent MW2 DLC announcement (which, if

    Posted 14 years ago 50

  • Monkey Island 2: Remade and Reimagined This Summer

    After the stunning critical and commercial success of The Secret of Monkey Island last year, it should comes as no surprise that LucasArts is bringing a remake of the sequel, LeChuck's Revenge to the

    Posted 14 years ago 66

  • XBLA Wednesday: March 10th, 2010

    The Block Party promotion continues this week with: Scrap Metal - 1200MSP Drift around corners with guns blazing and take out legendary competitors in the fast-paced, top-down racing game Scrap Metal

    Posted 14 years ago 32

  • The Final Super Street Fighter IV Character

    Capcom have announced details of the final Super Street Fighter IV character. Footage has been released of Hakan and his fighting style seems unconventional and whacky. His torso is a shiny crimson c

    Posted 14 years ago 25

  • MW2 DLC Arrives March 30th

    ...annnd we JUST hit 25 MILLION unique players on Modern Warfare 2. Insanity! Also, got a lot of #MW2 DLC details coming this week! FINALLY! That was the tweet earlier this week from Robert Bowling,

    Posted 14 years ago 105

  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Dev Diary

    Ubisoft's upcoming Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is a return to last generation's Sands of Time, with updated HD graphics and stunning visuals and utilizing Assassin's Creed's Anvil engine. T

    Posted 14 years ago 25

  • More Freebies for Mass Effect 2

    BioWare have revealed even more free DLC for their epic Mass Effect 2. This time, the freebie is a fancy new heavy weapon. The 'Arc Projector' is now available through the Cerberus Network, which Bio

    Posted 14 years ago 24

  • Rock Band 3 Announced

    Today, Harmonix confirmed that they are currently developing Rock Band 3. Harmonix has stated they are developing it to be ready by the Holiday 2010 season. This news came as a bit of a surprise, as

    Posted 14 years ago 79

  • Aliens vs Predator DLC Coming March 18th

    In a pretty unsurprising move, SEGA today announced that the previously Special Edition-exclusive DLC will be hitting the marketplace on March 18th, for a price of 560 MSP. The Swarm Map Pack feature

    Posted 14 years ago 18

  • Microsoft's Marketplace Schedule

    Here's what I said a fortnight ago, quoted verbatim because I'm lazy: Microsoft have released their upcoming Marketplace schedule for the next fortnight, including Deals of the Week, XBLA releases, G

    Posted 14 years ago 44

  • Design A Kill For Dead Space 2

    Were you unsatisfied by the dismemberment of Dead Space? Did you sit there on your couch, thinking of better and better ways to bring about death? All that creativity left over from your days playing

    Posted 14 years ago 40

  • Deal of the Week: March 8th, 2010

    This week's Deal of the Week sees a price drop on the huge Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack Bundle, down from 2000 MSP to 1600 MSP. gives the following description of the content: Call of

    Posted 14 years ago 37

  • A Host of New Features

    A resonably large update this week, with quite a few new features: Achievement TA Score Changes On each Achievement panel you will now see a number that represents the recent change in TA Score for t

    Posted 14 years ago 73

  • Fallout: New Vegas Screenshots Emerge

    New screenshots from Obsidian Entertainment's new installment of the Fallout series showed up on various gaming publications. The screenshots show that the game will in fact use the Fallout 3 engine

    Posted 14 years ago 83

  • Valve Announces Portal 2

    The PC version of Portal recently got an update, adding in loads of incredibly cryptic messages, CCTV footage and morse code, as well as a changed ending to the game. Hardcore Valve fans have spent t

    Posted 14 years ago 75

  • Rock Band DLC for 9th March

    Plenty of new songs hitting the Rock Band Music Store on Tuesday! These are: The Futureheads - “Decent Days & Nights” * The Futureheads - “Hounds of Love” * The James Gang - “Walk Away” * The White S

    Posted 14 years ago 19

  • Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct Updated

    You may remember the story last year of a woman named Teresa who was banned from Xbox Live for identifying herself as a lesbian within her gamercard. There was quite a furore surrounding the issue, w

    Posted 14 years ago 133

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year in 3D

    On March 26th across Europe and Australia, the Batman Arkham Asylum: Game of the Year Edition will be hitting shelves for both the 360 and PC. There will be a separate achievement list, meaning that

    Posted 14 years ago 43

  • Halo 2 Loyalty To Be Rewarded By Microsoft

    If you've been firing up your original Xbox console in order to indulge in some Halo 2 action online, then you could be in line for a reward by Microsoft. In recognition of the loyalty of Halo 2 game

    Posted 14 years ago 67

  • New Screenshots For Vanquish

    Platinum Game's new sci-fi shooter Vanquish is really beginning to earn my undivided attention. Platinum Games has given a short synopsis of what Vanquish's main storyline is going to revolve around,

    Posted 14 years ago 17

  • DeathSpank and Shank

    Two new partnerships were solidified today by Electronic Arts, through its division EA Partners, both with small Vancouver based game development companies, and in doing so EA have picked up their fi

    Posted 14 years ago 22

  • Toy Soldiers - XBLA and Facebook Connectivity!

    For the first, but probably not the last time, Facebook and Xbox LIVE have overlapped. Signal Games unique WW1 tower defense title Toy Soldiers, released this past Wednesday over LIVE, has a counterp

    Posted 14 years ago 16

  • Shaun White Skateboarding Announced

    Ubisoft Montreal has officially announced the development of a new Shaun White title, this time out it's all about the skateboarding and it promises to "provide an innovative twist and fresh take on

    Posted 14 years ago 32

  • Rock Band Network Launched Today

    Harmonix have announced that today is the big day, launching the Rock Band Network Music Store to the public today through Xbox LIVE. The RBN is launching with over 100 songs readily available from t

    Posted 14 years ago 58

  • Atari Has Confirmed Test Drive Unlimited 2

    Atari confirmed that they are going to be making a sequel to the popular Test Drive Unlimited. The game is set to be released on Xbox 360 in the Fall of 2010. Atari still intends to blur the lines be

    Posted 14 years ago 32

  • New Lara Croft Game Announced

    Crystal Dynamics have announced Lara Croft will return in a digital download entitled Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Announced on the Eidos forums today, David Gallagher says “This is a really

    Posted 14 years ago 52

  • Bass returns as DLC for Mega Man 10!

    Bass and Treble, Dr. Wily's evil team to counter Mega Man and Rush, make a return from their hiatus in the upcoming Mega Man 10. Coming out on April 5th for 160 MSP, you can play the entirety of Mega

    Posted 14 years ago 17

  • Take Two Talks About Everything for Q1 2010

    Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first: Take Two’s financials from Q1 2010. Revenue was up to $163.2M over $149.4M from Q1 2009 with losses down from $53.8M to $33.8M. The company attributes

    Posted 14 years ago 42

  • Halo: Reach Multiplayer Trailer

    Here is over 90 seconds of what we can expect from Halo: Reach! Bungie has let us see a glimpse of what to expect from the multiplayer mode

    Posted 14 years ago 47

  • Beautifully Surreal Limbo

    The independent game developer Playdead has announce today, that their platform puzzler Limbo will be released on XBLA in the near future. Limbo, nominated at the 12th annual Independent Game Festiva

    Posted 14 years ago 17

  • New Resident Evil 5 DLC Available Now

    Capcom has announced today that the second major story DLC installment for was made available today. Titled, Desperate Escape, this packag

    Posted 14 years ago 65

  • XBLA Wednesday: March 3rd, 2010

    Week one of the Block Party promotion kicks off this Wednesday with: Toy Soldiers -1200MSP Put your foot soldiers, snipers, cavalry, and fighter pilots to the test in Toy Soldiers. Poised to be a sma

    Posted 14 years ago 25

  • Blur Release Date And Beta Confirmed

    Bizarre Creations have announced a release date for their forthcoming chaotic racer, Blur along with worldwide beta testing program. Blur will see a general release in Europe on May 28th, with the US

    Posted 14 years ago 18

  • Tecmo Super Bowl Remake

    For the fans of Tecmo Super Bowl this will come as good news. Game publisher Tecmo officially announced it's plans to release a remake of the Super NES genre defining classic through XBLA this coming

    Posted 14 years ago 19

  • Splinter Cell Conviction 250GB 360 Bundle

    Major Nelson tweeted this morning about the latest 250GB bundle to hit stores. Arriving in early April, the Splinter Cell Conviction bundle comes with a 250 GB Xbox 360, 2 wireless controllers and a

    Posted 14 years ago 48

  • Throw A Perfect Game In MLB2k10, Win $1 Million!

    Pitching a perfect game is considered to be the Holy Grail for MLB pitchers. Perfection is only achieved if they face the minimum possible 27 batters and not one of them reaches base. Any walk, any h

    Posted 14 years ago 60

  • New Dragon Age Origins: Awakening Trailer!

    Bioware has released a trailer revealing one of the new characters that appears in the upcoming expansion Dragon Age Origins: Awakening. It shows Mhairi as an experienced warrior, who is as deadly as

    Posted 14 years ago 17

  • Mega Man 10's Endless Mode is now DLC

    Mega Man 10 is the successor to the largely popular Mega Man 9, which was released in October of 2008. DLC soon came out for it, which included harder difficulties, the ability to play as Proto Man,

    Posted 14 years ago 34

  • Borderlands' DLC Add-On Pack

    2K Games has stated that two of the three DLC packs for will be issued on disc with an April 1st release date in the US and April 9th for the

    Posted 14 years ago 45

  • Blur Will Have Twitter Integration

    Recently Bizarre Creations, developers of the upcoming Blur, have announced that you will be able to make posts to your Twitter account from inside the game. The developer suggests using Twitter to s

    Posted 14 years ago 33

  • Deal of the Week: March 1st, 2010

    This week's DotW is a bit of an odd one, sure to raise an eyebrow or two. For this week, all Xbox Live Gold members will be able to purchase Gears of War 2 Avatar clothing for a reduced price. Via th

    Posted 14 years ago 41

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