TrueAchievements news archive for February 2012

  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning DLC Revealed

    EA, 38 Studios, and Big Huge Games have announced unveiled that Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will receive a brand new content expansion next month titled "The Legend of Dead Kel". This story-based e

    Posted 12 years ago 64

  • WP7 DotW: February 29th, 2011

    One of the earliest Windows Phone 7 releases finds its way back to the Deal of the Week spot this week... for the third time. Enough already! -

    Posted 12 years ago 44

  • Bringing More Rhythm to Rhythm Party

    Two weeks ago, Rhythm Party received the first two song pack add-ons. The Kinect XBLA dance game has now added a third song pack to for gamers to use to extend their in-game music library. The pack a

    Posted 12 years ago 8

  • New Warriors Orochi 3 Screens Released

    Koei's Warriors Orochi series is notable for a number of things, including its hack n' slash gameplay and its large cast of characters. Warriors Orochi 3 (JP) looks to continue that, and recently, sc

    Posted 12 years ago 54

  • Quantum Conundrum Screens Released

    When most people hear about Quantum Conundrum, they likely either need a refresher as to what it is or they immediately go "Oh, that's the new game from the Portal person". While it certainly is the

    Posted 12 years ago 17

  • Forza Motorsport 4 March DLC Car Pack Announced

    Turn 10 Studios, the developer behind the Forza Motorsport racing franchise, has announced details of the penultimate monthly DLC release for Forza Motorsport 4. Granted, the title of the latest cont

    Posted 12 years ago 40

  • Jet Set Radio Detailed

    Just last week, Sega released a teaser trailer that delivered news that many Dreamcast fans had longed to hear: Jet Set Radio would be the next Sega classic to make its way to the Xbox LIVE Arcade. T

    Posted 12 years ago 86

  • Nexuiz Launch Screens Released

    We got a glimpse of Nexuiz just a couple days ago, and now Illfonic and THQ have returned with a small batch of screens showing off their XBLA-Shooter.

    Posted 12 years ago 18

  • Crimson Dragon Screenshots Released

    Grounding Inc. have released some new screens for their upcoming XBLA title, Crimson Dragon. The screenshots show off the Dragon itself taking to the skies, and doing battle with some of the enemies

    Posted 12 years ago 18

  • Six More Diabolical Pitch Screenshots Incoming

    Over the weekend, Japanese developer Grasshopper Manufacture released a trio of new screenshots for forthcoming Kinect-exclusive XBLA title, Diabolical Pitch. Today, another bunch of images has been

    Posted 12 years ago 11

  • New The Witcher 2 Character Trailer Released

    Earlier this week, CD Projekt RED released a trailer for their upcoming The Witcher II: Assassins of Kings featuring Geralt of Rivia, one of the world's last remaining witchers. Now, another characte

    Posted 12 years ago 9

  • Windows Phone 7 Release: February 29th, 2012

    One of the most highly anticipated titles in the Must Have Games promotion hits Windows Phone 7 today, concluding the promotion. Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp (WP) - $2.99 / £2.29 Wage war on a tiny scale

    Posted 12 years ago 20

  • Blades of Time Dated for NA

    Blades of Time, the follow up to 2009's, is arriving in North America on March 6th. That would be this coming Tuesday. In case you missed the rece

    Posted 12 years ago 20

  • MUD - FIM Motocross World Championships Gameplay

    MUD promises to bring you all the dirt, grime and well, mud of professional Motocross. To that end, publisher Black Bean Games recently released another video highlighting the gameplay actions of ren

    Posted 12 years ago 5

  • DoDonPachi Maximum Teaser Trailer

    As Cave's first venture into social gaming, DoDonPachi Maximum doesn't look to be a big departure from what the company specializes in: bullet hell shooters. The emphasis is of course, on the "bullet

    Posted 12 years ago 10

  • EA pulls titles from GAME/Gamestation [UK]

    Update 2: GAME have released an official statement on the matter: We currently have a supply issue with regards to Mass Effect 3, which means that GAME and gamestation [sic] will not be able to fulfi

    Posted 12 years ago 331

  • Sniper Elite V2 Pre-order Details

    Sniper Elite V2 is, of course, the sequel from Rebellion to the Xbox original Sniper Elite. Described by 505 Games and Rebellion as a WWII shooter "set in the dying days" of the global conflict, ther

    Posted 12 years ago 29

  • New Skullgirls Screenshots

    If you've been following our Skullgirls coverage you'll be completely up to speed with every character reveal and trailer that has been previously released. Today we bring you some new gameplay scree

    Posted 12 years ago 16

  • Major League Baseball 2K12 New Trailer

    2K are loading the bases with another trailer for upcoming Major League Baseball 2K12. We've already had a pitching tutorial from Kate Upton and a more standard official trailer, but fans will no dou

    Posted 12 years ago 9

  • HBO Go App Coming to Xbox LIVE on April 1st

    Some of the greatest programs in the history of television have been seen on HBO; The Sopranos, The Wire, Flight of the Conchords, the list goes on and on. Finally, the dashboard app for HBO's stream

    Posted 12 years ago 70

  • Naruto Shippuden: UNSG Tournament Video

    Alongside the character videos that Namco Bandai has been releasing for their upcoming Naruto Shippuden: UNSG, we've also seen a couple of 'Generations' Tournament' trailers. Now, the third quarterfi

    Posted 12 years ago 8

  • Alan Wake Trivia Competition Winner

    (Ahem) *cue Night Springs narrator* For TrueAchievements users, the chance to win a free game from their favorite gaming site is a dream come true. But what if we're dealing not in dreams, but in nig

    Posted 12 years ago 37

  • White Xbox 360 S Console Bundle Revealed

    Today, a slick all-white themed bundle has been unveiled via the Major Nelson blog. The ‘Xbox 360 Special Edition 4GB Kinect Family Bundle’ will include the following: -Glossy white Xbox 360 4 GB con

    Posted 12 years ago 86

  • Demo Roundup: February 28th, 2012

    Another week, another trio of demos to try out, though one of those demos is region exclusive. It seems like the gaming world will be flooded with sporting titles soon, as we get two more sports demo

    Posted 12 years ago 19

  • DLC Roundup: February 28th, 2012 [UPDATED]

    Edit:: The DLC for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend is now available in all regions, so we only have region exclusive DLC for two games now. Original Story: This week sees DLC releases for ten Xbox 3

    Posted 12 years ago 27

  • Witness the SSX Launch Trailer

    SSX is finally out today in North America. That means we finally can showcase the launch trailer: With over 20 news articles in our archives, it's safe to s

    Posted 12 years ago 8

  • Get Lost in the Archive of AC: Revelations

    Since post-launch DLC began to be announced for Assassin's Creed: Revelations, many TA members have been clamouring for more single-player content. After the first two DLC packs focused on the multip

    Posted 12 years ago 76

  • Klei Entertainment Reveals Mark of the Ninja

    Klei Entertainment, the makers of Shank and, have just released a new teaser for their upcoming XBLA title, Mark of the Ninja. Now, we could go ah

    Posted 12 years ago 19

  • Deal of the Week: February 28th, 2012

    This week's Deal of the Week once again focuses solely on one game, this time it's the turn of Gears of War 3, the game you the TA community voted as "Best Shooter" in the 2011 Game of the Year award

    Posted 12 years ago 110

  • SSX Launches Two More Videos

    It seems we have a lot of eager SSX-ers here on TA. There's no denying the literal avalanche of SSX videos, news and info that have been released to promote the title's launch. Today adds two more vi

    Posted 12 years ago 8

  • New Top Gun: Hard Lock Video

    It has been a long time since we saw anything about 505 Games' upcoming Top Gun: Hard Lock. In fact, we haven't heard anything since E3. Today all we have to show you is this brief video showing noth

    Posted 12 years ago 28

  • UK Deal Roundup for February 28th, 2012

    This week seems to be devoid of new sales again. Play’s £5 offer has been running for a couple of weeks now but finally deserves a mention this week; this is the only ‘new’ sale. Otherwise, Amazon, G

    Posted 12 years ago 13

  • US Deal Roundup for February 28th, 2012

    As the new release schedule starts to pick up with SSX hitting the shelves this week, we also see an increase in the deals available. Amazon has

    Posted 12 years ago 26

  • I Am Alive Dev Diary

    It has become quite common now for developers and publishers to occasionally grant gamers access to the developers and offices of their forthcoming games. Ubisoft have been the champion of greater ac

    Posted 12 years ago 18

  • New Phantom Breaker Trailer Details Update

    Even though we're still waiting for 5pb and 7sixty's to make its way across the ocean, that doesn't mean that they've stopped supporting t

    Posted 12 years ago 11

  • Bandfuse: Rock Legends Announced

    Back when music games were relevant, it was tough to even get a copy of the newest Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Now Gamestop won't even accept trade-ins of the instrument peripherals. The genre has fall

    Posted 12 years ago 62

  • NCAA Football 13 Cover Athlete Revealed

    What's next for Robert Griffin III? After winning the Heisman Trophy as quarterback/superhero for Baylor this season, and being projected to go second overall in April's NFL Draft, RG3 is now the cov

    Posted 12 years ago 55

  • Dungeon Fighter LIVE Debut Trailer Released

    Just about this time last year, it was revealed that the popular PC "Freemium" game, Dungeon Fighter, would be headed to the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Then, just about a month ago, more details were revealed

    Posted 12 years ago 20

  • Sonic 4: Episode II Trailer Shows Off New Gameplay

    To defeat the likes of Metal Sonic, the famed blue hedgehog will need some help. Sonic and his trusty sidekick Tails tag team to traverse the fast paced and dangerous worlds of Sonic 4: Episode II. I

    Posted 12 years ago 32

  • Fez Once Again Dated [UPDATE]

    Update: ... Or maybe not. Seems the release date posted on is not the actual release date as Phil Fish has noted to Joystiq. Just as we've done to this point, we'll be sure to give you relea

    Posted 12 years ago 43

  • Naruto Shippuden: UNSG Character Trailer Released

    Recently, Namco Bandai has taken to showing off story trailers for some of the characters in their upcoming Naruto Shippuden: UNSG. After all, we know the fighting looks awesome, but there are many,

    Posted 12 years ago 15

  • Sine Mora Release Price Revealed

    It's no secret that we're really looking forward to seeing Sine Mora hit Xbox LIVE here at TrueAchievements. Today we can reveal that Sine Mora will release on March 21st with the now confirmed price

    Posted 12 years ago 24

  • Sherlock Holmes Testifies to More Screenshots

    Believe it or not, Sherlock Holmes never said "Elementary, my dear Watson" in any of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous novels or short stories, despite this being the one phrase that everybody associat

    Posted 12 years ago 21

  • Mass Effect 3 - 'From Ashes' DLC Screenshots

    As was confirmed last week, BioWare's trilogy finale,, will have some Day 1 DLC titled "From Ashes". Today, GameStop has revealed the first

    Posted 12 years ago 107

  • Pinball FX 2 Thornament Now In Full Swing

    Zen Studios has announced the arrival of another tournament on Pinball FX2 (Xbox 360). The "Thornament 2012" sees players to get the highest score on the Thor table and the tournament will run until

    Posted 12 years ago 18

  • Max Payne 3 - Mini 30 Rifle Showcased

    Back in early December last year, we brought the first glimpses of the weaponry which will be available to Max Payne when he makes his long-awaited return in Max Payne 3 in just a couple of month's t

    Posted 12 years ago 11

  • Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay

    Time for some more Street Fighter X Tekken gameplay. Juri and Rufus face off in a 17 minute tutorial and walkthrough of the title. There's plenty to look at and analyse as the fighting styles and mov

    Posted 12 years ago 14

  • XBLA Wednesday: February 29th, 2012

    Fun fact: This week's addition to XBLA has no proper pronunciation. I'm serious. The developers have stated that they just thought it looked cool and people can pronounce it anyway they'd like. Nexui

    Posted 12 years ago 52

  • Retail Releases: Week of February 27th, 2012

    Though there are surely many people who consider this week "the last few days before Mass Effect 3", there are a few games worthy of what ever time you've spared yourself in anticipation of Bioware's

    Posted 12 years ago 25

  • New DiRT Showdown Video Series Introduced

    It's 2012. Surely by now, all of us internet-savvy TA users have seen those cool kinetic typography videos on Youtube. What? You haven't? Well here's my favorite for starters, but really, if you have

    Posted 12 years ago 19

  • Another Teaser for The Witcher 2 Released

    Women want him. Men want to be him. Before that was true for Leonardo Dicaprio or Michael Jordan, it was true for Geralt of Rivia, one of the last remaining witchers. In http://www.trueachievements.c

    Posted 12 years ago 10

  • Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Video Released

    Back in January, we covered the news of's upcoming Komplete Edition. If you can get past the gimmickry that the letter 'K' has become for th

    Posted 12 years ago 18

  • Mass Effect 3 Live Action Trailer

    Do you remember that long string of movies a few years ago that always featured a protagonist (usually played by Mel Gibson or Harrison Ford) who basically spends 90 minutes running around screaming,

    Posted 12 years ago 45

  • New Resident Evil: ORC Trailer Gets Brutal

    Gone are the days of the atmospheric alleyways, troublesome camera angles, and ammo conservation that we once associated with Resident Evil. The next game in the series, http://www.trueachievements.c

    Posted 12 years ago 33

  • Indie Games Spotlight for February 26th, 2012

    Orbitron: Revolution is one of the best looking Xbox Live Indie Games titles you have seen, and brings great gameplay to match those high-quality visuals.

    Posted 12 years ago 7

  • TA Gaming Stats - Feb 13th to Feb 19th 2012

    This report is for the period February 13th to February 19th 2012. Games Started 19,920 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 29,331 games between them (1,478 different games). Kingdoms of Amalu

    Posted 12 years ago 32

  • Microsoft Announces More Windows Phone Games

    We may know exactly which game is coming out on the Windows Phone next Wednesday due to the Must Have Games promotion, but we're completely clueless as to any titles that are likely to follow after t

    Posted 12 years ago 57

  • AC: Revelations Ottoman Edition Unveiled

    If you want the full Assassin's Creed: Revelations experience, the recently announced "Ottoman Edition" may grab your attention. This edition comes with the full retail title, of course, but also eve

    Posted 12 years ago 73

  • TA Competition: The Darkness II Masquerade

    How do you fancy bagging some swag for your games room, or collection? We've got a competition for you guys courtesy of 2K Games, which gives you a chance to get your hands on a Darkling mask from Th

    Posted 12 years ago 99

  • Diabolical Pitch Screenshots Get Thrown at Us

    Back at the Tokyo Game Show in 2010, six Kinect games were announced to be in development. Three of these have since been released, but Codename D, now known as

    Posted 12 years ago 16

  • New Blades of Time Trailer

    Despite X-Blades not receiving the best of receptions when the game was released, Konami announced the development of at E3 2011. The prota

    Posted 12 years ago 22

  • Birds of Steel Launch Trailer

    Gaijin Entertainment's will allow players to take part in 20 of the most pivotal aerial battles of World War II, as well as several fictiti

    Posted 12 years ago 8

  • FIFA Street Trailers Released

    Even if you know little or nothing about EA's upcoming FIFA Street, what you are likely to know is that the series is noted for its inclusion of some amazing soccer (or football for most of you) wiza

    Posted 12 years ago 10

  • Saints Row: The Third Bloodsucker Pack DLC Coming

    Aside from the main story add-ons included in Saints Row: The Third, there have been a few game content add-ons of a smaller variety. Some of you may have downloaded the Shark-O-Matic gun that, as th

    Posted 12 years ago 56

  • Gotham City Impostors Free DLC Out Now

    A little over a week ago, we covered the news of free DLC for Gotham City Impostors. Along with the DLC were some notes on a patch that improved some gameplay bugs that were pointed out during the be

    Posted 12 years ago 33

  • Game of Thrones Dated & Pre-order Bonuses Revealed

    Atlus' video game based on a TV series based on a book series,, was set for a May release date long ago, but now we know it will specifica

    Posted 12 years ago 15

  • Beat an EA Mod in NFS: ProStreet This Sunday

    Those of you who have played the Need for Speed games are well aware of the developer's penchant for including "Beat a Moderator" achievements. While this is a good idea in theory, giving gamers a re

    Posted 12 years ago 63

  • Shoot Many Robots Dev Diary Showcases Evolution

    Demiurge Studios has decided to do something a little different with their latest developer diary video. They take us all the way back to the initial prototype for

    Posted 12 years ago 11

  • More SSX Videos

    If there's one thing you can say about SSX, it's that EA has released a lot of videos for it. So many in fact, that our last few articles have all started with a variation on that same comment. I'll

    Posted 12 years ago 25

  • Rock Band DLC for February 28th, 2012

    Next week, coming to the Rock Band Store: “Huey Lewis and the News Pack 01” - 440 MSP “Do You Believe in Love” “The Heart of Rock & Roll” “I Want a New Drug” X Tracks are priced at 160 MSP each. Trac

    Posted 12 years ago 25

  • TA Interview With DR's Theodore Reiker

    Now that the cast of characters have all been revealed for Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture's Sine Mora, we've had the very good fortune to sit down with Sine Mora's Director on the Digita

    Posted 12 years ago 15

  • Street Fighter X Tekken Crossover Videos Released

    Following the recent plethora of videos released by Capcom for their upcoming titleStreet Fighter X Tekken two further new videos have appeared detailing how the two franchises have finally come toge

    Posted 12 years ago 15

  • NBA Live 13 Set To Revive The Franchise

    The last NBA Live title from EA was NBA LIVE 10, and that was a few years back now. However, after a break from the franchise, EA have announced their intention to bring the series back to life with

    Posted 12 years ago 42

  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter Confirmed

    The talented teams behind the long-running Medal of Honor series have confirmed on the franchise's official website that a new instalment (now with a full name) will be coming soon. Medal of Honor: W

    Posted 12 years ago 65

  • New Lollipop Chainsaw Trailer Released

    Not yet seen enough of Kadokawa Games and Grasshopper Manufacture's Lollipop Chainsaw? Yeah, they don't think you have either, so they've released a new video for your viewing pleasure. Even though w

    Posted 12 years ago 48

  • New Kung-Fu Strike Trailer Released

    Just about two weeks ago, we got the first vague reveal of 7Sixty and Qooc Soft's upcoming XBLA title Kung-Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise. Thankfully, the publisher and developer did not wait long bef

    Posted 12 years ago 10

  • Server Maintenance on Tuesday

    Morning all It's time for a spring clean of the TA hardware. I'm going to be doing some work on the servers to get them (hopefully) performing faster. I've chosen the quietest time to do this - betwe

    Posted 12 years ago 75

  • New The Splatters Screens and Video Released

    Sure, it took over a half a year for SpikySnail Games to release some new information about their upcoming, XBLA-exclusive title The Splatters, but now that the seal has been broken, so to speak, mor

    Posted 12 years ago 9

  • Persona 4 Ultimate in Mayanoka Arena Coming to NA

    Up until now, Atlus and Arc System Works' Persona 4: Ultimate in Mayanoka Arena seemed destined to be a one-region-only title. For those of you in North America who were worried that you might have t

    Posted 12 years ago 13

  • GFWL DotW: February 23rd, 2012 This week, Games for Windows deals features several Capcom titles for half off, and all of them are LIVE enabled games with achievements: Street Fight

    Posted 12 years ago 34

  • Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 Country Club Detailed

    It seems that the Legacy Mode won't be the only non-Masters element of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 vying for your precious gaming time. EA has now detailed several aspects of the EA Sports Country Clubs

    Posted 12 years ago 10

  • More Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Screens

    Square Enix today released a new set of screenshots of the upcoming “Sazh: Heads or Tails?” DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2. As we previously covered last week, the new episode follows Sazh as he heads

    Posted 12 years ago 36

  • Another Pair of Naruto UNSG Trailers

    Earlier this week, we brought you a pair of new videos for, and if that didn’t get you excited, Namco Bandai has released a pair of new cha

    Posted 12 years ago 10

  • News From DICE On Next Battlefield 3 Update

    OK guys, this is indeed a long update list with a lot of fixes and improvements, so I'm not going to mess about. We're going to get straight to it. I'll break it down in categories for you to hopeful

    Posted 12 years ago 92

  • Sniper Elite V2 Killcam of the Week

    Rebellion have been saying that their sequel title Sniper Elite V2 is not just your average shooter. As a background check out this reveal trailer and screens, as well as an explanation from the peop

    Posted 12 years ago 28

  • Ridge Racer Unbounded Trailer Arrives

    We've covered a fair amount of previous Ridge Racer Unbounded news, which includes screenshots, a City Create trailer and a Limited Edition. That last link is important! So why is this Limited Editio

    Posted 12 years ago 16

  • FIFA 12 January Transfer Title Update Hits

    While the January transfer window may be an exciting time for football fans, this generally means one thing for players of the latest FIFA game - the game's team lists are now out of date. Well FIFA

    Posted 12 years ago 20

  • Silent Hill HD Collection Delayed

    First, it was dated for January 24th. Then, news of a delay came. Thankfully, it wasn't long before a new release date of March 6th was confirmed. Sure, that would be a crowded day for Konami to rele

    Posted 12 years ago 57

  • Mass Effect 3 - Space Edition Details

    If you're anything like me, and who's to say you're not, you enjoy the finer things in life: squirrel racing, "normaling" with the wife, and doggies. You're probably also devoting too much of your li

    Posted 12 years ago 88

  • Additional NeverDead DLC Arriving Soon

    If, after reading our hands-on review, you decided to purchase the immortal action-adventure,, then you'll likely be interested to hear that Kon

    Posted 12 years ago 7

  • Jet Set Radio Coming to XBLA

    Oh, Sega. You're such a tease! After releasing several Dreamcast ports to the XBLA Marketplace, Space Channel 5 Part 2, Crazy Taxi, and others, Sega has released a teaser trailer hinting at what the

    Posted 12 years ago 121

  • TA Valentine's Day Contest Winners

    Last week, we asked you to tell us what video game character you would take on a night out for Valentine's Day. We received many awesome entries, from the funny, to the outrageous, to the slightly cr

    Posted 12 years ago 44

  • Little Orbit Announces Young Justice: Legacy

    Little Orbit has revealed today that it is currently working on a game titled Young Justice: Legacy for release on the Xbox 360. The game will be published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

    Posted 12 years ago 15

  • Celebrate Xbox's Ten Year Anniversary In Japan

    Ten years ago yesterday, the original Xbox was released in Japan. As Microsoft likes marking its milestones, they've decided to run two promotions for Japanese residents to help with the celebrations

    Posted 12 years ago 59

  • Meet the Prototype 2 Virus Infected Enemies

    Over the last few weeks we've been introducing you to some of the characters that you'll meet in Our first article introduced you to the two

    Posted 12 years ago 9

  • New Ghost Recon: FS Dev Diary Series Introduced

    This new developer diary from the folks behind is the beginning of a new series titled "Believe in Ghosts". Like all dev diaries, we'll

    Posted 12 years ago 9

  • SSX Gets Tricky Again with This Trailer

    If there's one thing we've learned from the lead-up to the release of, it's that EA's marketing budget is a bottomless pit. With about a week to go no

    Posted 12 years ago 19

  • Homefront Ultimate Edition Dated

    If you're late to the war in, you may have interest in the Ultimate Edition of the game, which is now dated for release on March 23rd in Europe

    Posted 12 years ago 36

  • Watch Another Full Cutscene From Binary Domain

    Just a few days ago, Sega revealed an entire, unedited cutscene for their shooter If you liked what you saw, here's another one. There's no

    Posted 12 years ago 13

  • New Trailer For The Witcher 2 Out Now

    If we're to believe stereotypes, gamers love two things more than anything else: sex and violence. If you've played the PC version, you know that The Witcher 2 has plenty of both. While this new trai

    Posted 12 years ago 14

  • Circle Your Calendars For Spec Ops: The Line

    2K Games is venturing into dangerous territory. No, I don't mean the rubble of wartorn Dubai, I mean the land of new intellectual properties. The video game industry thrives off of sequels and remake

    Posted 12 years ago 19

  • Asura's Wrath DLC Details

    Three days ago we showcased a bizarre teaser screenshot from upcoming DLC for Asura's Wrath. The DLC appeared to be something borrowed from one of Capcom's fighting titles, such as Street Fighter, an

    Posted 12 years ago 19

  • Two New Hitman: Absolution Videos Released

    We all know the role of Agent 47 in IO Interactive's Hitman: Absolution - after all, it IS right there in the title. The developer has now released a new video detailing one of the hits he'll be task

    Posted 12 years ago 22

  • Inversion Teaser Trailer Released

    Namco Bandai's Inversion may prove to be a cautionary tale in getting a little ahead of oneself. See, back in October, the official launch trailer for the game debuted. It seemed a little odd at the

    Posted 12 years ago 13

  • WP7 DotW: February 22nd, 2012

    Orbital is an extremely unique puzzle game for Windows Phone 7. This sale is a perfect opportunity to check it out. I've had a great deal of fun with the title, myself. Orbital (WP) - $2.99 / £2.49 $

    Posted 12 years ago 27

  • Windows Phone 7 Release: February 22nd, 2012

    One of the most ambitious Windows Phone 7 titles appears on the marketplace today. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction (WP) - $4.99 / £3.99 The benchmark of action stealth games on console is avail

    Posted 12 years ago 28

  • New Pair of Naruto UNSG Trailers Released

    Much like last week, Namco Bandai has released a pair of new videos for their upcoming fighter Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. This week's character video uses beautiful animation

    Posted 12 years ago 16

  • Skullgirls Introduces A New Character

    If only one thing could be said about Reverge Labs' upcoming XBLA fighter, it might be that the character design is both memorable and visually

    Posted 12 years ago 13

  • DLC Roundup: February 22nd, 2012

    Microsoft has blurred the DLC release boundaries again by releasing content for a retail game on a Wednesday, a day usually reserved for XBLA DLC. We do have one XBLA game with DLC too. Neither adds

    Posted 12 years ago 18

  • New Bang Bang Racing Trailer

    Digital Reality and Reverb Inc are showing off some more of upcoming racer Bang Bang Racing. If you've missed our previous coverage of the title here's a quick and official rundown: Bang Bang Racing

    Posted 12 years ago 14

  • Borderlands 2 Dated and Pre-Order Content Revealed

    The internet just exploded with news that Borderlands 2 is releasing in North America on September 18th and internationally on September 21st. The dates were revealed as part of a brand new trailer e

    Posted 12 years ago 151

  • New Character Revealed For Risen 2

    We've already met a few of the swashbuckling stars and starlets for the action-RPG Now we're being introduced to a new character who is

    Posted 12 years ago 10

  • Summer Stars Dated...For The Summer, Of Course

    Last month, we covered the announcement of 49 Games', which is, of course, a sporty follow-up to

    Posted 12 years ago 15

  • TA Interview with Remedy's Mikko Rautalahti

    One of the biggest, most exciting XBLA titles to come out this year, or any year for that matter, is Remedy's Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Recently, I was fortunate enough to chat with the series'

    Posted 12 years ago 81

  • SSX Character Round-Up

    If you've been following our coverage of EA's SSX, then you'll know that there's absolutely no shortage of trailers and screens out there. What you'll also know is that the mountains of SSX are popul

    Posted 12 years ago 32

  • Demo Roundup: February 21st, 2012

    This week, two new Gold-exclusive demos hit the Marketplace. One will allow you to tackle some of the world's trickiest mountains on your snowboard, and the other will have you up and moving as you e

    Posted 12 years ago 25

  • Retail DLC Roundup: February 21st, 2012

    This week sees DLC releases for 11 games, but only one of them adds extra achievements to its list. There is region exclusive DLC for two games. Here is this week’s list: http://www.trueachievements.

    Posted 12 years ago 23

  • Spaced Out Gangstas In Saints Row: The Third

    The new achievements for Saints Row: The Third arrived nearly three weeks ago, but details on the DLC associated with them were strangely absent. Two days ago we brought you as much information as we

    Posted 12 years ago 36

  • New Retro City Rampage Trailer

    I'll be honest, I'm having a bad day. I'm very glad I took the time to sit down, breath a little and write up an article. Why am I glad? Well, seeing the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES tit

    Posted 12 years ago 46

  • Deal of the Week: February 21st, 2012

    Lionhead Studios latest addition to the Fable franchise,, is this week's Deal of the Week offering, with discounts on the game's DLC, along with

    Posted 12 years ago 125

  • Mass Effect 3 - Take Earth Back Trailer [UPDATE]

    UPDATE If 90 seconds of trailer wasn't enough to sate your Mass Effect 3 hunger, BioWare has gone and released and EXTENDED trailer that inserts more awesomeness and brings back the mysterious man fr

    Posted 12 years ago 114

  • WWE WrestleFest Heading To XBLA Later This Year

    THQ have confirmed that WWE WrestleFest will be arriving on XBLA at some point this year. They promise the title will recreate the "classic arcade experience" providing players "with a notable roster

    Posted 12 years ago 69

  • UK Deal Roundup for February 21st, 2012

    This week there’s only one new sale: Zavvi starts a new promotion but they’re pretty much the same titles as found in their other promotions. We do have weekly offerings from GAME, Play, Shopto and T

    Posted 12 years ago 26

  • US Deal Roundup for February 21st, 2012

    It appears this week most of the major retailers have taken a break from advertised specials for us achievement hunters, however there are a few gems in this weeks roundup. Amazon has http://www.true

    Posted 12 years ago 29

  • Lengthy Ninja Gaiden III Gameplay Video Released

    There are two staples of the Ninja Gaiden series: Extreme difficulty and excessive blood. In this five minute gameplay demo, you can see that the developers, Team Ninja, haven't forgotten where they

    Posted 12 years ago 59

  • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Takes Cover

    If there's one thing the titles in the Tom Clancy line have in common, it's a dedication to strategy. Whether you're infiltrating a locked building in Splinter Cell, planning a breach and clear on un

    Posted 12 years ago 26

  • Kinect Fun Labs: Junk Fu Available Now

    Although it arrived three weeks later than we expected, Kinect Fun Labs: Junk Fu is available now to download for Kinect Fun Labs. Can you master Junk

    Posted 12 years ago 64

  • Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena Tutorial

    Arc System Works & Atlus have released a tutorial trailer for their upcoming fighting title Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena. The trailer showcases gameplay from the upcoming title with the

    Posted 12 years ago 12

  • BlazBlue: CS Extend Premium Edition Revealed [EU]

    My fellow Europeans who are excited for the immenent release of, may be very pleased to know that Arc System Works Europe have revealed

    Posted 12 years ago 24

  • New MUD Dev Diary Gets Artsy

    The Game Director and Art Director of the motocross racing game, MUD are back in this second developer diary for the game, and this time they're discussing the visual style of their game, from the co

    Posted 12 years ago 11

  • XBLA Wednesday: February 22nd, 2012

    Week two of the XBLA House Party features the release of what generally appears to be the most anticipated of the four games involved, based on community discussions (and probably my own fanboyism).

    Posted 12 years ago 128

  • Retail Releases: Week of February 20th, 2012

    There are a couple titles due out this week that should garner some interest, but probably nothing record-setting. It seems the customary doldrums of these early months will continue for at least ano

    Posted 12 years ago 37

  • Ten Gritty Sleeping Dogs Screens Released

    In case you missed it, the canceled True Crime: Hong Kong was saved by Square Enix and renamed We still don't know if the game will retain

    Posted 12 years ago 26

  • Millionaire: Special Editions Getting More DLC

    When Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Special Editions (EU) was announced, it was also announced that the game would have many DLC packs over time. So far, we've seen add-ons like South Park, Star Trek

    Posted 12 years ago 23

  • Watch a Full Cutscene From Binary Domain

    Next week the western hemisphere will gain access to the sci-fi squad shooter, The game takes place in Tokyo in the year 2080 where sentien

    Posted 12 years ago 17

  • SSX Demo Coming Down the Slopes

    This Tuesday, the 21st, you can get a wintry glimpse at EA's as the developer/publisher will be releasing a demo for the game. In it, you'll be able t

    Posted 12 years ago 28

  • Age of Empires Online Pricing Adjustments

    When Age of Empires Online (PC) debuted last year, a lot of people were excited about the possibilities of the free-to-play title. If you are like me, your hopes were dashed upon seeing the pricing f

    Posted 12 years ago 31

  • Naruto Generations Getting a Special Edition

    The increasingly popular Naruto anime and manga franchise has been dominating nerdy Netflix instant queues for years now. It's no secret that the western world has really adopted the boy ninja as a f

    Posted 12 years ago 22

  • Amazing Spider-Man Webshots a New Trailer

    In the time since Beenox took over exclusive development rights, they've set aside the open world webslinging of Spider-Man games in favor of more linear stories. While Activision and many fans have

    Posted 12 years ago 31

  • Indie Games Spotlight for February 19th, 2012

    Firefly Vegas is a colorful twin-stick shooter reminiscent of Geometry Wars.

    Posted 12 years ago 14

  • Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers Announced

    bitComposer Games have revealed that they are launching Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers on the Xbox 360 in the "second half of 2012". As the name suggests, the title will center around aerial combat

    Posted 12 years ago 10

  • Unique Asura's Wrath DLC Teased

    No, we haven't crossed our wires or mixed up our games. Despite the fact that Asura's Wrath is not yet available anywhere, Capcom are teasing some strange DLC content for the title. All we have for y

    Posted 12 years ago 18

  • SEGA's London 2012 Velodrome Flythrough

    As the olympics draw closer, so too does the launch of the official tie-in from SEGA, with London 2012: The Official Video Game. Today we've got a video for you featuring the Velodrome which, as you

    Posted 12 years ago 17

  • TA Gaming Stats - Feb 6th to Feb 12th 2012

    As excited as I was last week for new games, this week I'm even more excited! This report is for the period February 6th to February 12th 2012. Games Started 21,996 TrueAchievements gamers started a

    Posted 12 years ago 28

  • Saints Row: The Third's Space DLC Incoming

    In an effort to keep their game fresh (and ridiculous), Volition will be releasing their next paid DLC add-on this week for Saints Row: The Third. "Gangstas in Space" will see the now famous Third St

    Posted 12 years ago 57

  • Xbox 360 Gets Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

    Guilty Gear XX has seen many revisions since the game's original release in 2002. Picking up just two weeks after the events of Guilty Gear X, the 2D fighting game tended to revolve around two charac

    Posted 12 years ago 30

  • New Far Cry 3 Screenshots Revealed

    Earlier this week, Ubisoft were kind enough to provide us here at TA with the full version of the 'Stranded' teaser trailer for open-world, FPS follow-up, Far Cry 3. It seems that the team behind the

    Posted 12 years ago 58

  • Max Payne 3 Story Trailer Released

    Over the last few months, Rockstar Games has relentlessly bombarded gamers with trailers, screenshots and more screenshots for much-delayed, but now, soon-to-arrive title, Max Payne 3. Naturally, we’

    Posted 12 years ago 21

  • Rock Band DLC for February 21st, 2012

    Next week, coming to the Rock Band Store: “Megadeth Pack 01” - 440 MSP •"Symphony of Destruction" X •"À Tout le Monde" •"Public Enemy No. 1" Tracks are priced at 160 MSP each. Tracks marked with “X”

    Posted 12 years ago 47

  • Bethesda Offering a Fallout 3/Oblivion Combo Pack

    Bethesda gave value gamers some great news today by announcing on their blog that they'll be offering a combo pack featuring and http://www.true

    Posted 12 years ago 98

  • New Nexuiz Screens and Trailer Released

    The House Party has kicked off and the first title, Warp, has already made its entrance. Coming in a couple weeks will be Illfonic's Nexuiz, the Cry Engine 3-fueled first-person shooter that has been

    Posted 12 years ago 21

  • New MUD Trailer Revealed

    Milestone and Black Bean's MUD was just announced at the beginning of this month, but the developer and publisher have been quick to try and show us why this Motorcross title should have our attentio

    Posted 12 years ago 15

  • Gears of War 3 'Forces of Nature' DLC Detailed

    UPDATE The Gears of War Twitter account just announced that the "Forces of Nature" DLC will also bring back the popular Guardian mode. ORIGINAL STORY It's time for another dose of that sweet, sweet G

    Posted 12 years ago 178

  • More Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Detailed

    Unlike many RPGs, which may see post-release DLC of something along the lines of an item pack, Square is apparently keen on sticking to its promise that their recently released Final Fantasy XIII-2 w

    Posted 12 years ago 87

  • Kinect Sesame Street TV Detailed

    It's been nearly four months since Microsoft announced its Playful Learning line-up for the Kinect for Xbox 360. At that time, four titles were revealed as being in development: Double Fine Happy Act

    Posted 12 years ago 13

  • Seven New Street Fighter x Tekken Videos Released

    Ever feel like a developer releases so much content before a game actually hits retail shelves that you'll feel like you've already played the whole thing without taking the title out of the shrink w

    Posted 12 years ago 18

  • Alan Wake's AN Launch Trailer Now Online

    UPDATE: Here it is, embedded from Youtube for those of you fearful of following links. Next week,

    Posted 12 years ago 36

  • Prototype 2 Special Edition Announced

    If you're eagerly awaiting Radical Entertainment's bloody, open-world sequel, Prototype 2, you may have interest in the developer's newly announced Blackwatch Collector's Edition of the game. The box

    Posted 12 years ago 22

  • Modern Warfare 3 - Third Content Drop Trailer

    Last week, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Activision revealed details of the "third content drop" that will be heading to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Premium Elite subscribers later this

    Posted 12 years ago 35

  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Gameplay Takes Us Out Back

    Last time, EA showcased the Legacy Challenge mode in with the famous Michael Douglas show appearance when Tiger was only two years old.

    Posted 12 years ago 18

  • Final Sine Mora Cast Member Revealed

    Over the past few months, Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture have been busy introducing us to the cast of characters that will shape the story in their upcoming XBLA title, Sine Mora. Today,

    Posted 12 years ago 9

  • New Skullgirls Character Trailer Released

    After showing off concept art and in-game screens of Nurse Valentine from their upcoming XBLA fighter Skullgirls, Reverge Labs has now released a trailer showing this combatant in action. http://www.

    Posted 12 years ago 17

  • Combat Wings WWII Famous Planes Trailer

    City Interactive's arcade flight sim Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII was announced at last year's E3, and since its announcement, very little information has been released other than a 6 minu

    Posted 12 years ago 11

  • Krew Studios Announce Project Orb

    As I started to write this article, I struggled to think of any title against to which I could liken Project Orb. Reading Krew Studios' official word on the upcoming title didn't help me much either.

    Posted 12 years ago 7

  • Naruto Shippunden UNSG Trailer Duo

    There's been a few Naruto Shipuden trailers; just take a peek at that link. Today we bring you two more trailers entitled Kakashi's Story and 'Duo of Fate' VS 'Dangerous Characters'. Let's tackle Kak

    Posted 12 years ago 22

  • The Walking Dead's New Screens Are Full of Despair

    To date, we TA Newshounds have steered clear of a lot of news for Telltale Games' The Walking Dead because the game's platforms have not yet been announced. Previous episodic games of theirs, like th

    Posted 12 years ago 92

  • NBA 2K12 GOTY Edition Coming Only to Best Buy

    2K Sports has announced a new deal today which will see Best Buy become the exclusive retailer of the Game of the Year Edition (at least, until i

    Posted 12 years ago 37

  • Lots of New Resident Evil 6 Details Revealed

    Capcom recently revealed a great deal of information about its highly anticipated sixth numbered entry into the Resident Evil franchise. We already knew Chris Redfield's part of the story was to take

    Posted 12 years ago 65

  • JAM Live Music Arcade Announced for XBLA

    The development team at Zivix, who specializes in music games, and has released music games for the PC and Wii, have announced a new game for Xbox LIVE Arcade that will allow you to control all aspec

    Posted 12 years ago 41

  • Syndicate Implants a Launch Trailer

    Next week, the sci-fi co-op shooting of will be made available for gamers around the world. With any release comes the customary launch trailer,

    Posted 12 years ago 28

  • Project Haste Becomes Mad Riders

    Way back in October, Ubisoft revealed what was then titled Project Haste, a game containing "fast-paced racing, aerial tricks, extensive vehicle customization options and a competitive multiplayer ex

    Posted 12 years ago 15

  • DLC Roundup: February 15th, 2012

    This week sees three Xbox LIVE Arcade games and one retail game receive DLC. One game adds achievements to its list but there is not any region exclusive DLC this week. Here is the list: Choplifter H

    Posted 12 years ago 46

  • The Quest for Pinball FX 2 Becomes Epic

    Yet another table has been added to Pinball FX2 (Xbox 360) today, taking the total number of available tables to 28. Epic Quest brings RPG elements to the game of pinball as players attempt to earn l

    Posted 12 years ago 25

  • Alan Wake's AN Final Dev Diary

    The third and final developer diary for has released today and it focuses on the game's antagonist, Mr. Scratch. In fact, the mysterious

    Posted 12 years ago 18

  • A New Trio of Max Payne 3 Screens Emerge

    Rockstar's much-delayed shooter,, looks to finally have the concrete release date fans have been waiting for, and with that has come lots of n

    Posted 12 years ago 12

  • Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 Shows Off New Courses

    One of the challenges that yearly franchises face, especially those of the sporting variety, is how to keep the product new and interesting enough to merit people putting down cash yet again on the s

    Posted 12 years ago 8

  • WP7 DotW: February 15th, 2012

    One of Windows Phone 7's many popular platformers is this week's deal. Gravity Guy (WP) - $2.99 / £2.49 $1.99 / £1.49 In a world where gravity laws were broken, a brave guy, was held captive for defy

    Posted 12 years ago 20

  • New Armored Core V Trailer Released

    Though it was released in late January in Japan, it seems we have not seen the last of Namco Bandai's Armored Core V (JP). A new trailer was recently released focusing on the massive amount of destru

    Posted 12 years ago 16

  • Darksiders II Pre-order Bonuses Revealed

    THQ and Vigil Games' have just revealed the pre-order bonuses for their upcoming action title, As is the custom nowadays, what your pre-ord

    Posted 12 years ago 34

  • Sonic 4: Episode II Screens and Details Revealed

    Have you any of you ever heard or stated something along the lines of "It can't be undone if it's on the internet"? Well, something similar has happened to Sega with regards to their upcoming Sonic 4

    Posted 12 years ago 53

  • Ubisoft Officially Announces Assassin's Creed 3

    In a move that will surprise no one, Ubisoft announced in a call with investors that Assassin's Creed 3 is already in production and is set for an October 30th, 2012 release. http://www.trueachieveme

    Posted 12 years ago 217

  • Far Cry 3 Teaser Trailer [UPDATE]

    Update The fine folk at Ubisoft have e-mailed us an update to the sixteen second teaser you see below in the original article. They've pushed through the complete edition of the Stranded trailer a da

    Posted 12 years ago 63

  • Windows Phone 7 Release: February 15th, 2012

    The sequel to indie title Chickens Can Dream, which is also also the third in the Must Have Games promotion, comes to Windows Phone today. Chickens Can't Fly (WP) - $2.99/£2.29 Join the ranks of our

    Posted 12 years ago 12

  • Kinect National Geographic Details and Screens

    Upcoming Kinect Nat Geo TV is a Microsoft/National Geographic venture aimed more at the kids and family play than adults. In a recent PR release, Microsoft gave details on the experience. It's a TV s

    Posted 12 years ago 19

  • Project Draco Changes Name To Crimson Dragon

    Ratings Boards are notorious for lettings cats out of bags. In this case however, the Australian classifications board has unleashed the dragon, inadvertently confirming the name alteration as seen b

    Posted 12 years ago 21

  • Ms. 'Splosion Man Challenge Level

    Though Valentines Day may have all but passed, love hangs heavy in the air. In case you haven't noticed you can join in a special Ms. Splosion Man challenge. The challenge is called 'Shoot The Glass'

    Posted 12 years ago 20

  • Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters Gets UK Date

    If you're a UK gamer and you've been waiting for the opportunity to grab a copy of JASF: Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters, your time is coming soon. Deep Silver have confirmed that you'll be able to p

    Posted 12 years ago 13

  • Gameplay Trailer For Chickens Can't Fly

    If you're in the market for a new Windows Phone 7 title, Chickens Can't Fly (WP) might be for you. It's billed by Microsoft as a 'Must Have' title, and it launches today for just $2.99 or equivalent

    Posted 12 years ago 22

  • Girl Fight Announced for XBLA

    Microprose and Kung Fu Factory have announced they will be unleashing Girl Fight on XBLA. Playing it as a spin on a classic beat 'em up, Girl Fight features an "array of sexy fighters" who are battli

    Posted 12 years ago 42

  • New Kinect Star Wars Trailer is Girly

    These latest trailers have been genuinely funny. After last month's video where we saw Parks and Recreation's Chris Pratt playing Obi-Wa

    Posted 12 years ago 34

  • Explore the Venues of FIFA Street

    We've seen a lot of trailers for so far, but among all of the videos detailing ball control or the game's engine, we haven't heard much about

    Posted 12 years ago 7

  • Kinect Sports: S2 Challenge Pack #2 Incoming

    Free. It's every gamer's favorite word. It means no pre-order necessary, no pay-as-you-go, no "upgrade to the premium version" -- when something is free, gamers rejoice. It's an expensive hobby, so f

    Posted 12 years ago 17

  • A Flurry of SSX Videos Arrive

    We're just about two weeks away from EA Canada's, which is alright, considering that's about how long it takes me to put on my snowsuit and winter clo

    Posted 12 years ago 9

  • New Risen 2: Dark Waters Trailer Released

    While Deep Silver and Piranha Games could choose to showcase just about anything about their upcoming title, Risen 2: Dark Waters, it seems the wheel-of-trailers landed on 'animals' today. This new v

    Posted 12 years ago 10

  • New The Witcher 2 Developer Diary Released

    CD Projekt RED, the minds behind The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, want you to know just how much thought they put into the non-linear story telling featured in the title. In this new developer diar

    Posted 12 years ago 11

  • Retail DLC Roundup: February 14th, 2012

    This week sees DLC releases for 11 games, but none of them add extra achievements to their list. At least there isn’t region exclusive DLC this week. Here is this week’s list: Ace Combat: Assault Hor

    Posted 12 years ago 9

  • New Lollipop Chainsaw Screens Released

    If there's something that Grasshopper Manufacture and Kadokawa Games' Lollipop Chainsaw has done well right from the get-go, it's grab our attention. Now that it has a firm grasp on us, the trailers

    Posted 12 years ago 29

  • Shoot Many Robots Dated [UPDATED]

    Edit A representative from Reverb PR has denied that a firm release date has been set for the game. In a statement sent directly to TrueAchievements, they said that "there is no confirmed release dat

    Posted 12 years ago 15

  • New FIFA Street Tips & Tricks Video

    Following on from the video we brought to you on Saturday which detailed the Street Ball Control system in the upcoming FIFA Street, EA Sports have released a second Tips & Tricks tailer, this time d

    Posted 12 years ago 6

  • Demo Roundup: February 14th, 2012

    I probably don't need to do overly much to introduce this one, so I won't. Now available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace is the demo for Bioware's highly-anticipated RPG, Mass Effect 3. Fire the first s

    Posted 12 years ago 40

  • Mass Effect 3 - Take Earth Back Teaser

    The Reapers are coming. They will be descending upon Earth. Earth shall fall. These three facts are inescapable as the tension and hype builds towards the release of

    Posted 12 years ago 29

  • TA Valentine's Day Giveaway

    Before anything else, we'd like to wish each and every one of you guys and gals a happy Valentine's Day! Now, some may be critical of the holiday and the intentions behind it, but we here at TrueAchi

    Posted 12 years ago 582

  • Deal of the Week: February 14th, 2012

    Rocksteady Studio's smash hit, Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360), the winner of the Best Action-Adventure game in the TA 2011 Game of the Year Awards is making it's first Deal of the Week appearance, wi

    Posted 12 years ago 84

  • Learn to Throw a Circle Change in MLB 2K12

    We're so close to Spring Training that you can almost smell the grass and hear the crack of the bats. With those smells and sounds also comes 2K's latest baseball entry, http://www.trueachievements.c

    Posted 12 years ago 15

  • Amazon DotD for February 14th [US Only]

    While most Casanovas (like myself) are spending their hard earned scratch on the paramour of their desire today, the situation doesn't mean you can't splurge a little on yourself, too. To help allevi

    Posted 12 years ago 18

  • US Deal Roundup for February 14th, 2012

    Amazon has for $39.99, for $49.99, and

    Posted 12 years ago 18

  • UK Deal Roundup for February 14th, 2012

    We have more new deals this week. HMV has started a new Games Clearance sale. Play and Sainsbury’s have started multiple offers that are worth checking out. Tesco has an offer on a short selection of

    Posted 12 years ago 20

  • UFC Undisputed 3 Launch Trailer

    THQ have released a new launch trailer for UFC Undisputed 3 featuring Anderson "The Spider" Silva, who you may remember won last year's vote to appear on the game's cover.

    Posted 12 years ago 4

  • TA Gaming Stats - January 2012

    I almost did not go through with this post. January was a horrendous, painful month here at TA Stats HQ. No new retail games were released, the arcade games were disappointing and even the Windows Ph

    Posted 12 years ago 17

  • Gotham City Impostors Free DLC Swooping In

    Monolith Productions, the guys behind Gotham City Impostors, have recently patched the game through an update that sought to remove quick-scoping, nerf a few weapons, and adjust some framerate issues

    Posted 12 years ago 46

  • Kung-Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise Details

    Developer Qooc Soft has announced their rookie effort in video gaming, a new beat 'em up inspired by "ancient Chinese tales of revenge and retribution" titled

    Posted 12 years ago 9

  • New MUD Screens and Video are Filthy

    Earlier this month, we detailed the announcement of the new motocross game MUD, which boasts the official license from the Motocross World Championships. New screens of the different tracks and inter

    Posted 12 years ago 15

  • Retail Releases: Week of February 13th, 2012

    After a couple of pretty solid weeks to get us back in the swing of things, it seems like things have gone back to being relatively quiet at retail. This week only sees one major release come out acr

    Posted 12 years ago 27

  • Battlewagon (WP) Achievements Fixed Via Update

    Another mobile game update has come through, this time for from developer IronSun Studios. If you avoided purchasing or starting the title due

    Posted 12 years ago 24

  • New Sine Mora Screens Released

    Over the past couple months, we've certainly become quite familiar with the cast of Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture's XBLA-exclusive title, Sine Mora. Through now, the images have not sho

    Posted 12 years ago 17

  • TA MGS HD Collection Contest Winner

    Last week, we ran a contest that challenged you all to come up with a new character for Snake to face in a Metal Gear Solid title. The prize? Our review copy of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. There

    Posted 12 years ago 77

  • PSA: Visit the Calendar Man Tomorrow

    Tomorrow is Valentine's Day; a day that has evolved into an excuse to spoil your sweetheart with sweets, diamonds, jewels, flowers, chocolates, and spankings. Before you go and grab your best guy/gal

    Posted 12 years ago 51

  • Gamer Blog Improvements

    Morning! We added some basic blogging functionality to the site around 18 months ago and, to be honest, it's been needing a bit of an upgrade for a while. Something lots asked for was to be able to h

    Posted 12 years ago 100

  • XBLA Wednesday: February 15th, 2012

    This week marks the first of four XBLA House Party titles, with the lovable deadly little extraterrestrial, Zero, taking center stage. - 800 MSP Warp

    Posted 12 years ago 37

  • TA Gaming Stats - Jan 30th to Feb 5th 2012

    NEW GAMES! That's my entire introduction so just scroll down and see new games in the retail charts. This report is for the period January 30th to February 5th 2012. Games Started 21,669 TrueAchievem

    Posted 12 years ago 58

  • Star Trek Co-op Title Beams Up a Release Window

    Last year's E3 brought the news of a new co-op centric Star Trek title, based on the rebooted movie and characters, that would allow gamers to play as Kirk and Spock in the events after the JJ Abrams

    Posted 12 years ago 36

  • UFC Undisputed 3 Shares More Fighter Videos

    Next week, mixed martial marts fans can get their hands on the premiere MMA sim in video games, UFC Undisputed 3. To date, we've seen a ridiculous amount of fighter biography trailers, but that's bec

    Posted 12 years ago 8

  • PGA Tour 13 Demos its Legacy Mode

    One of the most attractive features in is the addition of Legacy Mode. Similar to NBA 2K's take on reliving Michael Jordan and other leg

    Posted 12 years ago 15

  • Indie Games Spotlight for February 12th, 2012

    Trailer Park King and Trailer Park King: Episode 2 bring back the old-style point-and-click adventure games of a different era. http://d

    Posted 12 years ago 17

  • TA Community Interview - Apokalyp5e

    It's a Gamish Inquisition Sunday at the international TA offices, buried deep in a secret underground lair where the staff wiles away the weekend playing phrenic games developed by Peter Molydeux. As

    Posted 12 years ago 48

  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND Dated for Europe

    Last December, was confirmed to be releasing for Europe, as well as North America, while lucky Japenese gamers have been enjoying the ga

    Posted 12 years ago 15

  • FIFA Street Tips & Tricks Video Released

    A new video has been released for the upcoming FIFA Street. Check out how the new Street Ball Control system works: FIFA Street is due for release on March

    Posted 12 years ago 13

  • Naruto Shippuden: UNSG Karaoke Rap Trailer

    CyberConnect2 and Namco Bandai have really outdone themselves with this new trailer for their upcoming anime action title, Naruto Shippunden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. Besides a little bit of

    Posted 12 years ago 30

  • Syndicate Reveals its Voice Acting Cast

    The upcoming reboot is full of conspiracy, gunplay, action, and now a few voices you may recognize from films. Starbreeze Studios shared some in

    Posted 12 years ago 22

  • Gears of War 3 Weekend Details

    This Gears of War 3 weekend event is all soppy, wet and love-based -- to an extent. In preperation for the rapidly-incoming Valentines day, it's time for players to lovingly dive into this weekends e

    Posted 12 years ago 53

  • Red Dead Redemption Triple XP Currently Live

    It appears that Rockstar are making a bee-line for the hearts of Red Dead Redemption fans this pre-Valentine's weekend. All gamers can currently enjoy triple XP across all multiplayer modes in the ti

    Posted 12 years ago 36

  • Binary Domain Trailer Highlights Online Action

    If you're making a shooter in the modern era of video gaming, it's basically a sin to exclude some sort of online functionality. Sega's upcoming sci-fi shooter,

    Posted 12 years ago 16

  • Plenty of New Resident Evil: ORC Gameplay Videos

    There has been no shortage of gameplay videos from, the co-op shooter set during a reimagined Raccoon City outbreak, but that hasn't sto

    Posted 12 years ago 20

  • Max Payne 3's New Screens Get Personal

    We've seen plenty of screens from Max Payne 3 that have our hero shooting baddies, diving out of danger, and sometimes even diving into danger. Throughout all of that, we've seen his many physical ap

    Posted 12 years ago 14

  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare - Meet Mr. Scratch

    If you've been following our coverage of Alan Wake's American Nightmare, you know by now that the antagonist of the game is Alan's evil doppelganger, Mr. Scratch. While his motives are unclear, his m

    Posted 12 years ago 21

  • Zumba Fitness Rush Launch Trailer

    Zumba Fitness: Rush is the follow up to last year's Both games allow you to dance and get fit using the magical powers of the Aztec God of Killer A

    Posted 12 years ago 8

  • Mass Effect 3 - FemShep Trailer

    At this point, I'm pretty sure BioWare wants gamers to march up to Edmonton and start banging on their doors until they give us Between nex

    Posted 12 years ago 56

  • Catherine European Launch Trailer

    While has been available since this past summer, Catherine (EU) did not arrive until today. I have heard good and bad things about Catherine, so

    Posted 12 years ago 17

  • Rock Band DLC for February 14th, 2012

    Next week, coming to the lovey dovey Rock Band Store: “Gold Star My Heart Pack” - 560 MSP • Heart – “Alone” • Mr. Big – “To Be With You” X • Poison – “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” X • Rick Astley – “Nev

    Posted 12 years ago 59

  • DiRT 3 Complete Edition Announced for Europe

    Codemasters has announced that they will be releasing a 'Complete Edition' of their racing title, DiRT 3, in Europe next month. The Complete Edition will include much of the game's DLC, including all

    Posted 12 years ago 55

  • Alan Wake's Second Nightmarish Dev Diary

    We're less than two weeks away from the release of the XBLA title, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and if you're like me, you're more anxious than a Taken in a tanning booth to get your hands on this

    Posted 12 years ago 21

  • MLB 2K12 Official Trailer

    Spring training is just days away (even closer if you're a fan of the A's or Mariners) and 2K is kicking up the promotion behind their upcoming

    Posted 12 years ago 7

  • Lollipop Chainsaw Valentine's Day Trailer Released

    For those of you who might have been unaware, Valentine's Day is just around the corner (so those of you in relationships, schedule any sessions for Tuesday wisely). Generally, V-Day is all about cel

    Posted 12 years ago 39

  • New Mass Effect 3 Videos

    Have you ever tried to eat just one potato chip (nee' crisp)? It's downright impossible. The delicious nuggets of golden fried, salty goodness are so addictive that you just want more... just like th

    Posted 12 years ago 34

  • New Spec Ops: The Line Dev Dairy Released

    Another dev dairy for 2K Games' upcoming third-person military shooter, Spec Ops: The Line, surfaced today. In the interview, lead writer Walt Williams answers important questions about the title's s

    Posted 12 years ago 9

  • Online Feature Set For UFC Undisputed 3 Detailed

    With UFC Undisputed 3's release right around the corner, THQ has detailed the game's robust online feature set. Along with the standard Ranked, Quick, and Custom matches, the game will also include o

    Posted 12 years ago 12

  • Asura's Wrath Suffering a Two Week Delay in Europe

    In a really unfortunate turn of events, the bombastic action game, Asura's Wrath, is being delayed two weeks in Europe, slipping from its projected February 24th release date to March 9th. Eurogamer

    Posted 12 years ago 18

  • Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 Legacy Mode Detailed

    The Tiger Legacy Challenge mode is one of the new features included in the latest instalment of the Tiger Woods series, Players will be

    Posted 12 years ago 30

  • Activision Announces Skylanders Giants

    It may surprise some of you to find out that Activision and Toys for Bob's Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure actually was the Number 1 new kid's IP for 2011 according to NPD data. Undoubtedly, this means

    Posted 12 years ago 33

  • Grand Slam Tennis 2 Screens and Trailers Released

    After showing us the various venues that play host to the tournaments in their upcoming Grand Slam Tennis 2, EA Sports has now released several new screens, as well as a trailer detailing ESPN integr

    Posted 12 years ago 5

  • FIFA Street Gameplay Modes Trailer Released

    As EA's FIFA Street moves closer to its release, we're beginning to get a more clear picture of what exactly we can get out of the street-soccer title. In a newly released video, Creative Director Ga

    Posted 12 years ago 24

  • Skyrim Patch 1.4 Now Live

    Hey, Kids, remember that epic, Alduin-sized patch for that we told you about back in late January? Well, Patch 1.4 is now live. The next time you l

    Posted 12 years ago 71

  • Street Fighter x Tekken Gameplay Videos

    Street Fighter x Tekken is almost here. With that, we have some more videos showing late additions to the cast, notably Juri and her wall bounce combo of doom.

    Posted 12 years ago 24

  • Sine Mora Adds Another Cast Member

    Generally, the characters within a shoot 'em up aren't incredibly well detailed. Sure, there's beautiful artwork and there's generally a vague sense of a story, but the characters themselves are ther

    Posted 12 years ago 13

  • Dungeon Defenders Patch Notes

    The amount of content available in Dungeon Defenders is staggering. I feel overwhelmed with just the basic game. Trendy Entertainment has decided to make the largest tower defense title on the 360 ev

    Posted 12 years ago 45

  • Details on Sanctum 2

    Back in 2009, indie developer Coffee Stain Studios, based out of Sweden, entered the Intel "Make Something Unreal" designer contest. The original Sanctum managed to place as a finalist for the "Best

    Posted 12 years ago 22

  • NeverDead DLC Available February 21st may still be fresh on store shelves around the world, but Konami is not resting on their dead, slightly rotten laurels. "NeverDead Expansion Pac

    Posted 12 years ago 16

  • Ridge Racer Unbounded Day One Edition Announced

    Namco Bandai's latest addition to the Ridge Racer franchise,, is due to hit retailers next month. Fans of the games will be itching to k

    Posted 12 years ago 26

  • Gaming Session Improvements pt 3

    Hi all! We must stop meeting like this [smile] So - another day, another set of Gaming Session devs for your pleasure! We had so many great ideas yesterday in response to http://www.trueachievements.

    Posted 12 years ago 176

  • Dreamworks Announces Three Movie Tie-In Games

    In a new publishing agreement with D3Publisher, Dreamworks has announced a trio of tie-in adventures for their upcoming children's movies. Here are synopses of the three stories, straight from the st

    Posted 12 years ago 48

  • The Splatters Shows Off A Special Move

    We haven't heard anything from the arcade physics-puzzler,, since the game was announced last August, but today we finally have some more vi

    Posted 12 years ago 13

  • Activision Announces Battleship Movie Tie-In

    Every summer sees its fair share of mega-movies and blockbusters, and often times, these movies will get their own tie-in game. We've already heard about the upcoming tie-in for http://www.trueachiev

    Posted 12 years ago 45

  • Xbox LIVE Gold $39.99 at Several US Retailers

    An Xbox LIVE Gold subscription can be obtained for a bit cheaper right now if you're a savvy shopper. Several stores and online retailers have slashed the prices on 12-month memberships: Amazon - $39

    Posted 12 years ago 52

  • SSX Trailer Travels to the Himalayas

    With EA Canada's daring gamers to "own the planet", it's a foregone conclusion that the dare won't be easily completed. In the game, you'll have to ma

    Posted 12 years ago 21

  • New Retro City Rampage Teaser Trailer Released

    The last time we heard about vBlank Entertainment's, XBLA-bound, it was back in November to let us know that Splosion Man and http://www

    Posted 12 years ago 29

  • Square Enix Announces Sleeping Dogs

    Back on the last generation of games, Luxoflux and Activision released a pair of games in a series called True Crime, you may remember them. They were open-world crime dramas similar to Grand Theft A

    Posted 12 years ago 37

  • TextTwist 2 Gets Patched

    While there's no doubt that the Windows Phone platform is being embraced by many gamers as a source of on-the-go (and sometimes easy) gamerscore, there's also no denying that it's been a haven for gl

    Posted 12 years ago 18

  • Country Dance All Stars Track List Confirmed

    Last month, GameMill Entertainment announced that they would be bringing their Country Dance series to the Xbox 360's Kinect sensor in the form of Country Dance All Stars. Today, a full track list, a

    Posted 12 years ago 26

  • The Darkness II Gameplay Trailer Released

    Yes, yes, The Darkness II may already be out on North American shores, but it still has yet to make its way to Europe and Australia. Of course, this means that there's still ample time to get another

    Posted 12 years ago 10

  • Modern Warfare 3 - Third Content Drop Details

    If you are a Call of Duty: Elite Premium Subscriber, you will no doubt have already been enjoying the first two "Content Drops" released last month as part of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 "Seas

    Posted 12 years ago 58

  • Arcade DLC Roundup: February 8th, 2012

    This week sees two Xbox LIVE Arcade games receive DLC, but neither adds further achievements to its total. The DLC for one game is region exclusive. Here is the list: Choplifter HD • “Albatross Chopp

    Posted 12 years ago 4

  • WP7 DotW: February 8th, 2012

    The Windows Phone title with, what I would say are by far, the easiest achievements on the platform is this week's deal. Not to mention it's pretty fun! Collapse! (WP) - $2.99 / £2.49 $1.99 / £1.49 T

    Posted 12 years ago 49

  • I Am Alive Survivor Trailer Released

    The House Party is just about to get started, but that doesn't mean that Ubisoft will be depriving us of information until the game releases at

    Posted 12 years ago 30

  • Nexuiz Screenshots Come Firing In

    New screenshots have been released for Illfonic's upcoming XBLA shooter, Nexuiz. The screens showcase the upcoming title's cover and the Nexuiz logo, along with a few screenshots of Kavussari warrior

    Posted 12 years ago 12

  • New Kinect Star Wars Screens Released

    Just yesterday, we were able to share with you several new details about Lucas Arts and Terminal Rality's upcoming They've now released

    Posted 12 years ago 34

  • Naruto Shippuden: UNSG Screens & Trailer Released

    CyberConnect2 and Namco Bandai have released a heavy amount of screenshots and an extended trailer for their upcoming Action title, Naruto Shippunden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. The screens sh

    Posted 12 years ago 16

  • MS Flight Arrives on PC This February

    The free-to-play flight sim,, was previously announced to be arriving at its PC destination sometime this spring. In a rare moment of a

    Posted 12 years ago 14

  • Windows Phone 7 Release: February 8th, 2012

    The Must Have Games promotion continues with this week's release. BulletAsylum (WP) - $2.99/£2.29 Annihilate invaders with a wall of firepower in this insane arcade shooter. BulletAsylum delivers ove

    Posted 12 years ago 17

  • Spec Ops: The Line Dev Diary & Screens Released

    Not a lot of news has been released for 2K Games' upcoming third-person shooter, Spec Ops: The Line. But with this freshly released batch of screenshots and trailer featuring an interview with the ga

    Posted 12 years ago 10

  • 2K Announces MLB 2K12/NBA 2K12 Combo Pack

    Many gamers enjoy banging on yearly sports releases, and, in most cases, they're well within their rights to do so. Why pay $60 for a roster update and minimal gameplay changes, right? Fortunately, 2

    Posted 12 years ago 23

  • Gotham City Impostors Launch Dev Diary

    We here at Newshounds HQ absolutely hate Gotham City Impostors. Why? Well it has nothing to do with the game itself, but rather the fact that Monolith Productions is so community focused they have re

    Posted 12 years ago 18

  • Shank 2 Launch Trailer

    Shank 2 is finally out today for 800 MSP. I feel the need to state that fact right up front before we get to the trailer. The original Shank has also seen a recent permanent price reduction and is no

    Posted 12 years ago 6

  • New Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings Screenshots was one of the best PC RPG's of 2011 and as it breaches the console barrier in 2012, CD Projekt Red continues to show off its assets. To

    Posted 12 years ago 19

  • Gaming Session Improvements pt 2

    Hi all after yesterday's functionality updates for gaming sessions, it was clear from the comments that there were more things that could be done to make the job of organizing and applying for sessio

    Posted 12 years ago 131

  • Ace Combat DLC Screens Come Flying In

    Namco Bandai have not been shy with DLC releases for their Aerial Combat title The majority of these DLC packs have been full of skins for

    Posted 12 years ago 12

  • DLC Roundup: February 7th, 2012

    This week sees DLC releases for 11 Xbox 360 retail games, one GFWL game and two XBLA games. Whether this heralds a single release date for DLC from this point is currently unknown. None of the games

    Posted 12 years ago 77

  • Kung-Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise Screenshots

    New screenshots have been released for upcoming action-fighting XBLA title, Kung-Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise. The upcoming title will see players taking on the role of a selected Kung-Fu master as

    Posted 12 years ago 9

  • Project C.A.R.S Screens Released

    A couple of weeks ago, we brought you the first details about Slightly Mad Studios' Project C.A.R.S. The game comes from the Need for Speed: SHIFT 2: Unleashed developer's World of Mass Development p

    Posted 12 years ago 17

  • Kinect Star Wars Dated

    The cries of many Star Wars fans definitely called out in unison back in August when it was revealed that Kinect Star Wars and its associated Limited Edition console bundle had been delayed. Now, tho

    Posted 12 years ago 56

  • MLB 2K12's New Million Dollar Challenge

    By now, most baseball fans are familiar with 2K's promotion that awards a million dollars to the first gamer to pitch a perfect game in their annual baseball release. This year, 2K is changing things

    Posted 12 years ago 17

  • Demo Roundup: February 7th, 2012

    Today's demo cache increased by three, depending on your region. A pair of magic-themed games now have trials available for download in many regions, and a third title makes its demo debut on the Bri

    Posted 12 years ago 14

  • Rocksmith Gets Pearl Jam DLC

    It's a good thing that the team at Epic Games already picked up their award for Best DLC because today Ubisoft revealed what could be the most important DLC you will ever hear about... ever... full s

    Posted 12 years ago 23

  • Square Enix Publisher Sale Now Live

    We all know that the recent Deals of the Week have been a little lackluster thank to the often repeated content. What sometimes makes up for that is when a publisher throws their own sale, and this w

    Posted 12 years ago 156

  • Deal of the Week: February 7th, 2012

    For the many of you who have been annoyed about the number of repeat sales on the last few Deal of the Weeks, this week may well be a welcome surprise. Microsoft Studios' Crimson Alliance content is

    Posted 12 years ago 53

  • Rocksmith Patch Available Now

    Ubisoft's Rocksmith recently saw a bunch of updates landing to improve various aspects of the game. Reporting the updates on their official Facebook page, the numerous fixes and updates were detailed

    Posted 12 years ago 31

  • BloodRayne: Betrayal Permanent Discount Applied

    Reverb Inc have announced today that will see a permanent discount to 800MSP, down from 1200MSP. For those of you unsure of the title, i

    Posted 12 years ago 32

  • Warp Gameplay Video

    It's been over three months since we've heard anything about, an ambitious new IP from Trapdoor. Playing the role of Zero, a lovable orange alien, yo

    Posted 12 years ago 9

  • Skullgirls Story Mode Trailer

    Skullgirls continues the steady stream of new media with a new trailer focusing on the story mode. Every girl gets a teaser of their quest to defeat the titular Skullgirl and claim the Skull Heart fo

    Posted 12 years ago 11

  • A Final Trio of Darkness 2 Executions

    The Darkness II is finally out this week. Typically we are provided with a launch trailer or some screenshots to celebrate, but that is just not how 2KGames rolls. We may have one soon, but for now,

    Posted 12 years ago 10

  • The Witcher 2's CGI Trailer Introduces the Story

    One of the best, if not the very best, PC games of last year was The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings, an action-RPG that garnered a ton of critical praise. Luckily for us Xbox gamers, the game is headin

    Posted 12 years ago 14

  • KoA: Reckoning Shows Off One Last Trailer

    The philosophical dilemma of fate versus free will has plagued thinking men and women for centuries. Do we have control over our own destinies, or are we bound by some preconceived path from an invis

    Posted 12 years ago 15

  • SSX Mondays Are Still Uber

    The past month or so has been decidedly "uber" from the guys and girls at EA Canada, as they've been highlighting one character and their uber move at the start of every week. This week is no differe

    Posted 12 years ago 9

  • Grand Slam Tennis 2 Unedited Gameplay

    Though other releases this week may revolve around a toxic post-apocalypse or a wartorn fantasy realm, Grand Slam Tennis 2 wants to focus on the finer things in life: just a couple of dudes playing t

    Posted 12 years ago 7

  • New Shoot Many Robots Meet The Enemies Trailer

    Upcoming Shoot Many Robots returns to our front page again with a new trailer. In case you need a reminder, this title is an action-RPG in which you play as P. Walter Tugnut. ... his mission [is] to

    Posted 12 years ago 7

  • US Deal Roundup for February 7th, 2012

    Amazon has for $49.99 and for $29.99 in this weekly deals section. The 50% Of

    Posted 12 years ago 23

  • UK Deal Roundup for February 7th, 2012

    The new sales still aren’t too amazing I’m afraid. ASDA joins the ‘two games for £XX’ bandwagon. TheHut has also started a Stock Clearance sale. I have a feeling that this is just a re-skin of the Pa

    Posted 12 years ago 8

  • Gaming Session Improvements

    Hi all I thought it might be good to have some additional information on the Gaming Session pages regarding your potential Gaming Session compadres - when you view a Gaming Session that has gamers in

    Posted 12 years ago 86

  • More Dragon's Dogma Skills Videos Released

    Last week, Capcom showed off six videos from their upcoming Dragon's Dogma, a trio of which showcased the skills of the Fighter, and the remainder showing off what a Strider is capable of. Now, two m

    Posted 12 years ago 11

  • Sanctum 2 Set To Arrive On XBLA

    In a Joystiq Exclusive Coffee Stain Studios' have revealed Sanctum 2 will be coming to Xbox LIVE some time next year. The title will be a sequel to the original PC-exclusive Sanctum which shifted ove

    Posted 12 years ago 11

  • Risen 2: Dark Waters UK Collector's Edition

    Deep Silver today announced the details of a limited UK Collector's Edition of Risen 2: Dark Waters, which offers a boat load of pirate related booty for those who opt for it, including an actual pir

    Posted 12 years ago 19

  • Retail Releases: Week of February 6th, 2012

    Last week saw the release of the year's first big JRPG in Final Fantasy XIII-2. This week, the Western end of the genre takes over as the much anticipated

    Posted 12 years ago 50

  • XBLA Wednesday: February 8th, 2012

    The final week before XBLA House Party kicks off is upon us, and two more games are trying to get your attention before you go buying those other highly-touted arcade games over the next month. http:

    Posted 12 years ago 54

  • Final Grand Slam Tennis 2 Venue Trailer Released

    For those of you who aren't too familiar with tennis' Grand Slam, let me give you a really brief description. The Grand Slam consists of four Major tournaments held in set locations around the world

    Posted 12 years ago 4

  • The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Dev Diary

    CD Projekt has released the first in a series of developer diaries for their upcoming Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. In this first video, executive producer John Mamais and th

    Posted 12 years ago 23

  • Test Drive: Ferrari Renamed and Detailed

    Back in November, we brought you the first slice of news that Test Drive: Ferrari would arrive in 2012. Fast forward to January of this year, and we had screens and a trailer for you. Today we bring

    Posted 12 years ago 20

  • Age of Empires DLC - A Celts Preview

    Upcoming premium content will bring the Celts to the fray, along with a host of new units, quests and environments for you to bring war upon. T

    Posted 12 years ago 20

  • TA Competition: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

    Following on from Sunday's review of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, we're offering you the chance to, once again, win our review copy! Met

    Posted 12 years ago 258

  • Mass Effect 3 MP Demo Available to All

    Let's face it, you didn't need another reason to get excited for, but here's one anyway. Downloading the game's multiplayer demo, coming out

    Posted 12 years ago 64

  • Resident Evil: ORC New Gameplay Videos and Teaser

    Following on from the recent trailer, Capcom have released a number of gameplay videos and a new teaser trailer for their upcoming title Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. The gameplay clips feat

    Posted 12 years ago 27

  • More The Darkness II Executions Revealed

    Digital Extreme's and 2K Games' The Darkness II is mere days away from release, but there's apparently quite a bit more info out there for us to absorb before the game makes its debut. To that end, t

    Posted 12 years ago 14

  • TA Gaming Stats - January 23rd to January 29th

    Sorry about being laid up last week, it happened quite suddenly and made any sort of stats commentary impossible to get done within a reasonable amount of time. Luckily, I'm up and about, ready to ad

    Posted 12 years ago 24

  • Indie Games Spotlight for February 5th, 2012

    BatCat studios' Andrew O'Conner sits down to discuss the development of P3 with us this week. First tell us about your gaming history. I

    Posted 12 years ago 1

  • Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Review

    Metal Gear Solid has long been a staple on the Playstation and has gathered quite a fan base over the years. Many favourite game franchises have recently received HD remakes and gamers were delighted

    Posted 12 years ago 67

  • GSPM Sign-Ups Extended

    A couple of weeks ago, we brought to you the details about the GSPM (now known as the Gamerscore Super Pwnageddon Marathon!), a nearly year-long competition open to members of the TrueAchievements co

    Posted 12 years ago 45

  • UFC Undisputed 3 Audio Glory Trailer

    THQ have released a new trailer for their upcoming fighting title, UFC Undisputed 3. The trailer focuses on the audio presentation of the game, including details on the commentators and unique crowd

    Posted 12 years ago 5

  • The First Alan Wake's AN Dev Diary

    Invited to this month's XBLA House Party is Alan Wake's American Nightmare, the follow-up to Remedy's 2010 supernatural thriller. We've detailed a ton on this game so far. So much, in fact, that this

    Posted 12 years ago 30

  • Max Payne 3 Gets A New Confirmed Release Date

    As a side note to the company's fiscal results for Q3 2012, Take-Two Interactive Software, the parent company of Rockstar Games and 2K, has confirmed the new post-delay release dates for upcoming tit

    Posted 12 years ago 25

  • More UFC Undisputed 3 Fighter Videos Released

    Not impressed by the most recent set of videos for THQ's upcoming UFC Undisputed 3 featuring some of the organization's Light Heavyweights? Then today's batch of Heavyweight videos may be more your s

    Posted 12 years ago 9

  • Rock Band DLC for February 7th, 2012

    Next week, coming to the Rock Band Store: “Bush Pack 01” - 440 MSP •“Everything Zen” •“Comedown” •“Machinehead” X Tracks are priced at 160 MSP each. Tracks marked with “X” will include Pro Guitar and

    Posted 12 years ago 32

  • Free Xbox LIVE Gold For All This Weekend (US)

    The past few weeks here in the United States have been caught in the annual frenzy of Super Bowl hysteria. From parties and parades, to concerts and tournaments, the entire nation is eagerly anticipa

    Posted 12 years ago 59

  • Cartoon Network PTE XL Coming to Europe

    Last year's Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL released at a budget price in North America, and though it wasn't very sought after or highly reviewed, the game did provide a nice clone of Super

    Posted 12 years ago 34

  • AC: Revelations Doubling Up the XP This Weekend

    Alright, Abstergo agents, it's time again for another Double XP weekend for Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Revelations. If you're looking for a break from the multitude of competitive shooters available

    Posted 12 years ago 48

  • Opening Movie From The Persona 4 Fighting Game

    Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena is a 2D anime fighting game based on Persona 4 for the PS2. Arc System Works are working together with prolific publisher of everything very Japanese, Atlus,

    Posted 12 years ago 11

  • Ghost Recon: FS Reveals Single Player Trailer

    Over two years ago, in December of 2009, Ubisoft announced the next game in their Tom Clancy franchise. It was titled Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and immediately fans of the series or the shooter ge

    Posted 12 years ago 25

  • Phantom Breaker Preview Trailer

    Part of my morning routine now is watching a new trailer for Phantom Breaker. We had one yesterday and another just two weeks ago. You have to hand this to publisher 7sixty, they are not holding back

    Posted 12 years ago 16

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Trailer

    For those of us in Europe, Final Fantasy XIII-2 has barely had any time to spin in our disc trays; even so, Square Enix don't want us to forget that, unlike Final Fantasy XIII, the sequel will have D

    Posted 12 years ago 36

  • The Making of Risen 2: Dark Waters Part 3

    Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes have recently released the third episode in their six part making-of series for Risen 2: Dark Waters. In this latest installment, the developers speak about the techniqu

    Posted 12 years ago 7

  • UFC Undisputed 3 Announces Season Pass DLC

    Next week, will be available for all of you gladiatorial gamers to get your hands on, and like most other games, Undisputed 3 will be of

    Posted 12 years ago 12

  • GC Impostors Beta Boot Camp #5

    Just days away from XBLA's update set to include the Batman-wannabes and their new FPS, the folks behind, Monolith Games, released the f

    Posted 12 years ago 11

  • FIFA Street Trailer Highlights Authenticity

    Despite being a more arcade-oriented sports game than its simulation brethren at EA Sports, EA Canada's FIFA Street is still striving for an air of authenticity. That explains their move to use the F

    Posted 12 years ago 7

  • First Trials Evolution Gameplay Video

    It seems like every time we Newshounds cover an arcade game here on TA, someone in the comments goes off-topic and says "Where's Trials Evolution?!!!!1!" Well, here it is. If the game is even half as

    Posted 12 years ago 53

  • New Resident Evil: ORC Trailer Has Character

    We've seen previous trailers highlight all of the familiar faces you'll get reacquainted with in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, like Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong, but now we get to meet the new

    Posted 12 years ago 11

  • Rayman 3 HD Trailer Wreaks Havoc

    Back in the fall, we brought you the news of getting the HD touch-up and re-release. Though Rayman and his crew recently revisited their

    Posted 12 years ago 28

  • KoA: Reckoning Conjures Up a Launch Trailer

    RPG fans will soon have another time-sink on their hands with the rookie effort from 38 Studios, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The fantasy quest-a-thon releases next week, although I see a dozen luc

    Posted 12 years ago 20

  • Syndicate Says 'No' To Online Pass

    Surely the title of this article has already caused the anti-online pass masses to collectively smile. Yes, the upcoming FPS reboot,, will not b

    Posted 12 years ago 46

  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Tees Up Two New Videos

    Golf season is upon us, which means rich "athletes" everywhere will be hitting the greens for another year of birdies, bogies, and Tiger Woods' fist pumps. So what if you're not as good as the folks

    Posted 12 years ago 7

  • Lollipop Chainsaw Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment revealed today that there will be several retailer-specific pre-order bonuses for their upcoming Grasshopper Manufacture-developed title, Lollipop Chainsaw. At

    Posted 12 years ago 54

  • Bug Village (WP) Gets Patch to Fix Achievements

    When Bug Village (WP) was released back on January 11th, players were pleased to be able to get their hands on another free Windows Phone game. With the DLC being optional for the game, the full 200G

    Posted 12 years ago 47

  • New Inversion Screens and Trailers Released

    Just the other day, Namco Bandai released a trailer showing off the Team Deathmatch multiplayer in their upcoming Saber Interactive-developed title, Inversion. Now they've released quite a bit more f

    Posted 12 years ago 9

  • Dragon's Dogma Story Trailer Sets the Stage

    After months of relative quiet, the last week has seen an onslaught of Dragon's Dogma media. We have seen a teaser trailer and six class skills videos. Today we get a cinematic trailer showing the st

    Posted 12 years ago 7

  • An Avalanche of SSX Assets Arrive

    There has not been a shortage of trailers, developer diaries or screenshots for since the game's announcement and that deluge looks set to continue. T

    Posted 12 years ago 10

  • First Look At New Pinball FX 2 Table EpicQuest

    My love of Pinball FX2 (Xbox 360) is well known at this point and if you didn't know, well now you do. I also love old-school RPGs and we have not had a decent Pinball-RPG since 1990's Pinball Quest

    Posted 12 years ago 31

  • Grand Slam Tennis 2 Takes Us to the French Open

    We've already seen video of the Australian Open and Wimbledon tournaments in EA's upcoming Grand Slam Tennis 2. Now, the French Open is being given its opportunity to take center-court: http://www.yo

    Posted 12 years ago 9

  • Game of Thrones Trailer Released [UPDATED]

    CYANIDE is bravely attempting to bring a Game of Thrones RPG to the Xbox 360 later this year. The game will follow two new characters, Mors and Alester in an original adventure within the kingdom of

    Posted 12 years ago 24

  • Sine Mora's Cast Continues to Grow

    Today, Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality have released details about the fifth cast member for their upcoming, co-developed XBLA shooter,

    Posted 12 years ago 7

  • GotY Awards 2011 – Staff Picks

    Now that we’ve crowned the official TrueAchievement’s GOTY, the staff thought it might be an insightful bit of fun to let you take a peek behind the scenes of the international TA offices to see what

    Posted 12 years ago 96

  • TA NeverDead Competition Winner

    On the back of our official review of NeverDead, we decided a giveaway was in order, and we of course asked you how you'd spend your days if you were cursed with immortality. There were over six hund

    Posted 12 years ago 67

  • Prototype 2 RADNET Edition Revealed

    Early adopters of the upcoming are going to be rewarded by the RADNET edition of the game. Limited launch quantities of the game will contain

    Posted 12 years ago 16

  • Two New Asura's Wrath Gameplay Videos

    The last gameplay video we covered for Capcom's upcoming anger management simulation Asura's Wrath was a decisive one. This week's new videos are considerably tamer, featuring Asura doing battle with

    Posted 12 years ago 14

  • Need for Speed: The Run Gets an Italian Flavour

    The "Italian Edition Pack” was released for on the PlayStation Network on Tuesday, but it failed to appear on Xbox LIVE. We were left wo

    Posted 12 years ago 18

  • New Phantom Breaker Gameplay Video is, for those of you that missed our previous coverage, a 2D anime influenced fighting game from 5pb that is being published in North Amer

    Posted 12 years ago 5

  • Mushihime-sama HD Coming to the 360

    Makoto Asada, the head of development at Cave, has revealed to Japanese gaming publication Famitsu that Cave is presently at work bringing Mushihime-Sama HD to the Xbox 360. "Mushihime", for those wh

    Posted 12 years ago 60

  • Dragon's Dogma Videos Released

    Just yesterday, we brought you word that Capcom's upcoming Dragon's Dogma would include first access to an upcoming Resident Evil 6 beta. Capcom wants to ensure that the beta is not the only reason p

    Posted 12 years ago 13

  • King Of Fighters XIII Patch, Sale, and Evo T-Shirt

    At the end of last year, we reported that Atlus had released a patch for their title The King of Fighters XIII. Today, Atlus have announced yet another patch for the fighting game. The new patch is m

    Posted 12 years ago 6

  • NeverDead Launch Trailer Released

    Yesterday, Konami's NeverDead made its debut in North America. We even took some time to share our opinion of the game with you. Still the game has not reached all shores, so releasing a launch trail

    Posted 12 years ago 14

  • The Simpsons Arcade Confirmed, Priced, & Dated

    Hi-diddly-ho TA neighborinos! Some great news was announced by Konami today, confirming what had seemed evident a while ago: is coming t

    Posted 12 years ago 202

  • Resident Evil: ORC Pits USS vs. Nemesis

    A four-person squad of highly trained operatives would probably handle packs of zombies scattered throughout a ravaged city rather adequately. Sure, you'd have your bumps in the road, but overall it

    Posted 12 years ago 48

  • Lollipop Chainsaw Brings On Jimmy Euringer

    The last time we saw anything from Grasshopper Studios' Lollipop Chainsaw, it was a video detailing one of the game's antagonists, Swan. Of course, antagonists, and bosses of any kind, need some awes

    Posted 12 years ago 25

  • UFC Undisputed 3 Diaz vs. Condit Sim

    This Saturday night, Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit square off in the octagon for the interim Welterweight title. Naturally, the guys behind UFC Undisputed 3 have now simmed it on the upcoming MMA game

    Posted 12 years ago 21

  • Kinectimals: Now With Bears! Demo Released

    A brand new demo has landed on the Marketplace that those of you with a Kinect may just want to try. Now you can download and try out Kinectimals: Now With Bears! DLC in Kinectimals before deciding i

    Posted 12 years ago 15

  • Windows Phone 7 Release: February 1st, 2012

    The Must Have Games promotion starts off this week with this popular EA franchise. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (WP) - $4.99 / £3.99 FEEL THE RUSH OF THE ESCAPE AND THE THRILL OF THE TAKEDOWN! Outrun

    Posted 12 years ago 16

  • Gotham City Impostors Dated Again

    When Gotham City Impostors [Demo] was delayed last month to an unspecified date in February, it upset some fans who were waiting to get their batclaws on the game, but it did allow Monolith Games to

    Posted 12 years ago 27

  • WP7 DotW: February, 2012

    This week's deal features a Windows Phone 7 title with an unusual premise and an unusually high ratio. Jet Car Stunts (WP) - $2.99 / £2.49 $1.99 / £1.49 Jet Car Stunts is an award winning, over the t

    Posted 12 years ago 15

  • New Shank 2 Survival Mode Trailer Released

    Klei Entertainment's Shank 2 is one week away from release, so this seems like a good time to show off some new video of the game's Survival mode. In particular, the following video shows of some mul

    Posted 12 years ago 9

  • Xbox LIVE Free Gold Weekend For Canadians

    If you live in Canada and have been waiting for an opportunity to try out some of Xbox LIVE's Gold features, it's good news for the weekend coming. Microsoft are holding a free Xbox LIVE weekend, whi

    Posted 12 years ago 18

  • Arcade DLC Roundup: February 1st, 2012 [UPDATED]

    This week sees two Xbox LIVE Arcade games receive DLC, but only one adds further achievements to its total. The second game’s DLC is region exclusive. Here is the list: Iron Brigade – more details he

    Posted 12 years ago 24

  • The Martian Bear Rises in Iron Brigade

    Iron Brigade has gone through a lot of turmoil since its release on XBLA. Originally titled Trenched, the game was delayed in Europe due to a copyright dispute. One name change later, the game was fi

    Posted 12 years ago 10

  • Amazon DotD for February 1st [US Only]

    In our ongoing quest to keep value-conscious gamers informed on some of the best deals in gaming, we'd like to, once again, draw your attention to today's Video Game Deal of the Day from

    Posted 12 years ago 19

  • Introducing MUD - The Official Game of Moto X

    Among the multitude of sports games available on the 360, there somehow exists very few games that offer motocross as an option to fulfill your gaming desires. However, a new game, MUD, promises to b

    Posted 12 years ago 17

  • GotY Awards 2011 - Results Breakdown

    Hi again, Congratulations to all our winners. Before we take an in-depth look at the results I first wish to let you know a bit more about the voting process. Each of your selections was allocated a

    Posted 12 years ago 94

  • Street Fighter x Tekken Airing a Reality Show

    So, just how good are you at fighting games? If you think you're the best of the best, and you want to prove it, and win $25,000 in the process, you can audition for Street Fighter x Tekken's Cross A

    Posted 12 years ago 12

  • New Forza 4 DLC is 'A Racer's Dream'

    For those of you who prefer racing sims over arcade-style racing games, has probably been a godsend for your Xbox 360. If you're looking

    Posted 12 years ago 23

  • FIFA Street Trailer Goes in a 'New Direction'

    While some of the folks at EA Canada are putting the finishing touches on, others in the studio are working on their crossovers and stylish shots on g

    Posted 12 years ago 8

  • Anomaly: Warzone Earth Demos its Tower Offense

    If you've recently scanned the new release section of the XBLA marketplace, you may have found more than a handful of new tower defense games. If you go back even further, you'll find countless more.

    Posted 12 years ago 6

  • Jurassic Park Canceled for European Dinostores

    Last year, North American gamers were able to get their hands on Jurassic Park: The Game, a story-driven, quicktime event-laden tale set in the popular theme park from the movies and books. While the

    Posted 12 years ago 51

  • Gotham City Impostors Educational Video #4

    Are you in the beta and having problems defending yourself against that pesky Thunder Dragon missile launcher? If so, the developers at

    Posted 12 years ago 5

  • More The Darkness II Executions Released

    The last time we saw a video for Digital Extreme's and 2K Games', it showed us three of the brutal executions that series protagonist, Jac

    Posted 12 years ago 11

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 Launch Trailer Released

    A quick glance at the news items on the game page for Square Enix's newly released Final Fantasy XIII-2 will show you that there's clearly been no lack of video footage leading up to this game's rele

    Posted 12 years ago 15

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