TrueAchievements news archive for December 2015

  • GTASC 2016 Registration Now Open - Last 24 Hours!

    UPDATE: You have until 4pm on Thursday 7th GMT to register for this event! The start of a new year means one thing for many TA members: another chance to compete in the GTASC (Great TrueAchievements

    Posted 8 years ago 135

  • Friday the 13th Video Explains Stamina and Noise

    Following on from the short explanation video for how spawning will work in Gun Media's Friday the 13th: The Game, the simplistic overview graphics and voice of Adam Sessler return to describe how pl

    Posted 8 years ago 55

  • Last Chance to Vote For Your Best Games of 2015

    Hi TA'ers And so the final day of 2015 is upon us and by now everyone should have decided on their New Year’s resolutions* and voted for their favourite games in our Awards. [img=http://www.trueachie

    Posted 8 years ago 67

  • XBL Countdown to 2016 Sale - December 31st

    For the final day of the Countdown to 2016 sales we get discounts on horror-themed titles. This is in addition to massive list of ongoing week-long discounts. Xbox One Bundes & Special Editions • Out

    Posted 8 years ago 62

  • XBL Countdown to 2016 Sale - December 30th

    For the ninth day of the Countdown to 2016 sales we get discounts on Life Is Strange and Slender: The Arrival (Xbox 360). This is in addition to massive list of ongoing week-long discounts, which int

    Posted 8 years ago 95

  • XBL Countdown to 2016 Sale - Week 2 Deals

    Here's the list of all the discounts available in the second week of the Countdown to 2016 sales. These offers will go all the way through the first week of January alongside the continuing daily de

    Posted 8 years ago 150

  • XBL Countdown to 2016 Sale - December 29th

    For the eighth day of the Countdown to 2016 sales we get discounts on Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell across both consoles. This is in addition to a new massive list of discounts across the week, which w

    Posted 8 years ago 51

  • The Technomancer Experiments With Creatures

    A new batch of screens has been released for developer Spiders upcoming RPG The Technomancer. Despite Mars being seemingly deserted and devoid of life, creatures have somehow appeared on the red plan

    Posted 8 years ago 12

  • World of Tanks Update 2.5 Details

    It's been a cold, wet and windy winter this year (here in the UK at least), but things are about to get heated up on the battlefields of World of Tanks with some new goodies included in Update 2.5: W

    Posted 8 years ago 22

  • WWE 2K16 DLC Trailers Released

    There was plenty of coverage of The Terminator leading up to the release of WWE 2K16 on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Unfortunately for some however, only those who pre-ordered at the time would be able

    Posted 8 years ago 9

  • Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom Revealed

    FDG Entertainment have revealed a colourful side-scrolling action adventure title Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom in a new debut gameplay trailer. For those who don't know, Monster Boy originates

    Posted 8 years ago 11

  • XBL Countdown to 2016 Sale - December 28th

    For the seventh day of the Countdown to 2016 sales we get discounts on a big Telltale bundle on the One and a LEGO title on the 360. This is in addition to the ongoing massive list of week-long offer

    Posted 8 years ago 91

  • XBL Countdown to 2016 Sale - December 27th

    For the sixth day of the Countdown to 2016 sales we get discounts on Sunset Overdrive and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare (Xbox 360). This is in addition to the ongoing massive list of week-long of

    Posted 8 years ago 103

  • XBL Countdown to 2016 Sale - December 26th

    For the fifth day of the Countdown to 2016 sales we get discounts on the Premium version of Battlefield 4 on both consoles and two games in the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series. This is in addition t

    Posted 8 years ago 67

  • Project Knoxville Character Creation Video

    In the latest behind the scenes look at the upcoming Project Knoxville, we get a close look at how the game's creators craft characters for the title, attempting to balance the fine line between real

    Posted 8 years ago 1

  • Unepic Screens & Release Date

    Originally announced in the Summer, EnjoyUp games has now confirmed the release date for Unepic. The game is a platformer/RPG mash-up that was originally released four years ago on PC and sees a regu

    Posted 8 years ago 5

  • Edge Of Eternity Pre-Alpha Gameplay

    There's still a heavy amount of work to be done before developer Midgar Studios can release the potentially endless and massive world of Edge of Eternity to their followers. The team has released a n

    Posted 8 years ago 15

  • For Honor Looks Back At 2015

    The Ubisoft development team behind For Honor has had a fantastic year this year when it comes to the reveal and responses towards their upcoming hack & slash title that impressed the crowd at this y

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • Battlefield Hardline Getaway Map Preview Trailer

    Announced and detailed 10 days ago, the new and upcoming 'Getaway' DLC in Battlefield Hardline looks to add new maps and modes that promise to be even more fast-paced and explosive than the original

    Posted 8 years ago 15

  • Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo Gameplay Trailer

    Another gameplay trailer from PQube Games has been released as they look to entice more gamers to pre-order their upcoming racer Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo. The new video showcases the 1981 Renault 5 T

    Posted 8 years ago 9

  • SHINY Takes A Visit To The Brasil Game Show

    Announced back in June this year, during the madness of E3 2015, SHINY, from game developer Garage 227, checked in at another game show recently as the team took a trip to the Brasil Game Show 2015 i

    Posted 8 years ago 1

  • Ori and TBF Definitive Edition Release Window

    The well-received and much-loved Ori and the Blind Forest looks to continue its dominance of gamers' playing time with the upcoming release of the Definitive Edition of the game. Teased a few months

    Posted 8 years ago 20

  • XBL Countdown to 2016 Sale - December 25th

    For the fourth day of the Countdown to 2016 sales, on Christmas Day, we get discounts on just two unrelated titles again. This is in addition to the ongoing massive list of week-long offerings. Xbox

    Posted 8 years ago 57

  • XBL Countdown to 2016 Sale - December 24th

    For the third day of the Countdown to 2016 sales we get discounts on two unrelated titles. This is in addition to the ongoing massive list of week-long offerings. Xbox One Bundles & Special Editions

    Posted 8 years ago 77

  • TrueSteam Achievements has Officially Launched

    Hey TA'ers, A little while ago we opened a closed beta for our new PC gaming site, TrueSteam Achievements. We've had loads of great feedback already, and fixed enough of the bigger bugs that we can n

    Posted 8 years ago 82

  • XBL Countdown to 2016 Sale - December 23rd

    For the second day of the Countdown to 2016 sales we get discounts on entries in the Skate series, as well as two Xbox One releases. This is in addition to the ongoing massive list of week-long offer

    Posted 8 years ago 50

  • Naruto Shippuden UNS4 Technique Trailer

    Bandai Namco recently held their Jump Festa event and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 was one of the games that received some attention. The publisher chose to reveal the top secret Forbidde

    Posted 8 years ago 3

  • Christmas and New Year Achievement Reminders

    Christmas day and New Years day aren't just a time for celebrations with family and friends. They're also two days where you can get a number of date-specific achievements. So that you don't forget a

    Posted 8 years ago 36

  • XBL Countdown to 2016 Sale - Week 1 Deals

    Here they are, the first week of Countdown to 2016 in all their glory. These discounts run all week until the 28th with two levels of discount for Silver and Gold members. This is in addition to dai

    Posted 8 years ago 115

  • Merry Christmas From All At TrueAchievements

    Hey TA'ers! It's that time of year where we all get to spend some quality time with our consoles families, look back on 2015, and, hopefully, look ahead to a great 2016! We've asked the team managers

    Posted 8 years ago 135

  • XBL Countdown to 2016 Sale - December 22nd

    Today sees the beginning of the Countdown to 2016 sales with masses of discounts across all platforms. As well as the big list of week long deals there are the usual one day only offers. Because it w

    Posted 8 years ago 57

  • Latest Trailer for ONE PIECE: Burning Blood

    Bandai Namco has been pretty consistent lately about revealing details for the upcoming fighter, ONE PIECE: Burning Blood. Over the last few months, it was revealed that X. Drake, Franky, Roronoa Zor

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • Quantum Break Will Feature An Alan Wake Easter Egg

    Remedy is a studio known for putting Easter eggs and referential material into their games. Alan Wake featured a series of crime novels centered around a character very similar to the titular charact

    Posted 8 years ago 34

  • Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo Demo Coming This Week

    If you're a fan of rally car racing, you won't have to wait until Christmas morning for your gift. Milestone is releasing a demo for Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo on the 24th and they aren't even charging

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • Dying Light's 2016 Update Adds Legendary Levels

    At this point, Techland's Dying Light may as well change its name to The Gift That Keeps On Giving. After several smaller DLC packs and free updates throughout the entirety of 2015, the game's post-r

    Posted 8 years ago 10

  • Unravel Dev Diary Explores The Great Big World

    The puzzle platformer with stunning visuals, Unravel, impressed viewers at its E3 reveal (unraveling?) this past June. The Swedish studio behind the game, Coldwood Interactive, has shared a new produ

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • Black Ops III Teases Its First DLC Pack, Awakening

    "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and Call of Duty DLC." - Not Benjamin Franklin The first of four add-ons in the inevitable season pass for http://www.trueachiev

    Posted 8 years ago 36

  • The A.B.C. MURDERS Teaser Trailer Released

    Agatha Christie - The A.B.C. MURDERS is a new point-and-click adventure developed by Artefacts Studios and inspired by the 1936 novel of the same name by Agatha Christie. Agatha Christie - The A.B.C.

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • January's Games With Gold Announced

    A little earlier than usual, the Games With Gold for January have been announced - looks like Microsoft will get time off for the holidays too! As always, a reminder to pick up Sacred 3, Operation Fl

    Posted 8 years ago 140

  • Pinball Arcade Judge Dredd DLC Trailer

    The Pinball Arcade is getting a new table. Fans of 90s films might remember Sly's b-movie outing, Judge Dredd. The titular DLC will be coming to digital pinball tables near you soon, although this cy

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • A New Kingdom Hearts Trailer

    We have a new trailer coming out of Jump Festa 2015 from Square-Enix that clocks in at over five minutes that showcases two titles: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and KINGDOM HEARTS III

    Posted 8 years ago 36

  • Lichdom Battlemage Trailer Casts a Spell

    In a new trailer for upcoming FPM (first person magicer) Lichdom Battlemage, we get a mix of the cinematics that we've seen before and some colourful spell-casting gameplay

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • Overwatch Theatrical Trailer Released

    The upcoming first-person shooter Overwatch: Origins Edition from developer Blizzard Entertainment packs a very interesting character roster with a nice variety of heroes to choose from. In this newl

    Posted 8 years ago 5

  • AirMech Arena Double XP Weekend Is Live

    Carbon Games are helping spread the holiday spirit this weekend with the announcement of limited time Christmas items and a Double XP weekend for both variations of the free-to-play real-time strateg

    Posted 8 years ago 15

  • Greg Hastings Paintball 3 Dev Diary #18

    Greg Hastings paid another visit to what must be his second home as we have another fresh batch of questions from the paintballers at the Social Paintball League Memorial Cup. Presented in the usual

    Posted 8 years ago 1

  • XBL Content Roundup: December 18th, 2015 Xbox One Delists We'll get the bad news out of the way first. At the end of last month, publisher Mastertronic went into administration after a

    Posted 8 years ago 45

  • New Feature Reveal for PvZ Garden Warfare 2

    Lately PopCap has been piling on the details about the upcoming garden tussle, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, ahead of its release early next year. Their latest reveal is a new feature that the

    Posted 8 years ago 12

  • TrueAchievements Games of The Year - Part Two

    Before we get into part two of our Game of the Year list, we're extremely proud to announce some exciting news regarding our review coverage here on TrueAchievements. Earlier this week we received co

    Posted 8 years ago 41

  • New Trailers for Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO

    PQube Games has released two new trailers for Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo as they gear up for the game's launch next month. One highlights the pre-order bonus while the second shows gameplay footage. If

    Posted 8 years ago 1

  • Beatsplosion for Kinect Coming to Xbox One

    Virtual Air Guitar has announced details and a release date for their rhythm and fitness title Beatsplosion for Kinect. Using the Kinect on Xbox One, the title drops players into "the crazy world of

    Posted 8 years ago 10

  • More Dev Diaries for Project Knoxville

    We have two new developer diaries from Press Play from Show and Tell Friday for their upcoming title Project Knoxville, specifically from Bo and Lasse. http

    Posted 8 years ago 0

  • Massive Update for Minecraft

    Mojang, developer of the ever-popular Minecraft, has released a change log detailing the new content and tweaks for Update 18.8, their biggest update ever.

    Posted 8 years ago 40

  • New Trailer for Minecraft Story Mode

    Telltale Games has released a new trailer for Episode 4 of Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series, "Wither Storm Finale." With the fearsome Wither

    Posted 8 years ago 1

  • New Dev Diary for This War of Mine The Little Ones

    Deep Silver USA has released its third Developer Diary for This War of Mine: The Little Ones, a game that looks at war through the eyes of children. In this diary, the team discuss their new child AI

    Posted 8 years ago 2

  • Terraria Patch Detailed and Released

    The "Holiday 2015 Update" for all three versions of Terraria has been detailed and its all good to go just in time for this year's holiday season. The patch addresses gameplay mechanics, mechanic cha

    Posted 8 years ago 24

  • Star Wars Battlefront Double Score Weekend

    With the huge movie release recently from the much-loved world of Star Wars, it's only right that The Force Awakens is celebrated in Star Wars Battlefront with a Double Score weekend! The Double Scor

    Posted 8 years ago 21

  • Neverwinter Releases Winter Events Schedule

    Despite the cold, wet, windy and miserable weather we've had and are sure to continue to have this holiday season, Cryptic Studios, developer behind Neverwinter look to give their fans a reason to st

    Posted 8 years ago 35

  • Many Silent Nights To Come In The Division

    The normally very busy streets of New York will be almost empty once players dive into a virus-riddled and decimated version of the city in Tom Clancy's The Division. This newly released live-action

    Posted 8 years ago 18

  • Project Knoxville Developer Diaries

    We have two new developer videos in the constant stream of such from Press Play on their upcoming action adventure Project Knoxville. Both are from their Friday Show and Tell updates. http://www.yout

    Posted 8 years ago 0

  • New Screens for Mighty No 9

    We've had a ton of media for Mighty No. 9, the spiritual successor to MegaMan that is being developed by Comcept. Today's offer is just a few new screens, but again we see the detail and vibrancy tha

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • Story Mode Teaser For The Long Dark

    Hot on the heels of yesterday's update to The Long Dark, developer Hinterland Studio has detailed a major part of the game going into 2016 - Story Mode. The

    Posted 8 years ago 9

  • Overwatch Talks Progression Rewards

    Game Director Jeff Kaplan sat down to discuss the evolution and future plans for the progression reward system in Overwatch: Origins Edition. In the developer update, he gave insight into two previou

    Posted 8 years ago 0

  • Watch Sébastien Loeb Play Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO

    If I was putting my name on something, say for example, Mark Delaney Netflix Binge 2016, I would want to test the product myself before its release. I'd want to know I was being associated with somet

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • A New Gigantic Trailer

    Developer Motiga has released a new trailer for their upcoming MOBA Gigantic. Featuring Team Synergy, the nearly seven minute long video follows all five members as they work together in an attempt t

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • 16 More Backwards Compatible Titles Revealed

    Ever since the first 104 titles backwards compatible titles were announced, people have been speculating what would be next. Well, another 16 have been revealed and are available to play today. In al

    Posted 8 years ago 201

  • Friend Import

    With the huge number of friends that you can have on Xbox Live, we felt it was a bit of a chore to keep up with which of your friends are on site and which are not, and even more of a chore to easily

    Posted 8 years ago 62

  • Player Stories from The Division

    Massive Entertainment, developer behind the upcoming and very long-awaited Tom Clancy's The Division, recently invited 15 "passionate community members" to their game studio in Sweden for a hands-on

    Posted 8 years ago 17

  • Deck13 Announces The Surge

    Way back in June, German developer Deck13 teased us with an upcoming, unnamed action RPG. The studio is now coming forward with more info with an official announcement of their new title The Surge. h

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • Kingdom Come Deliverance Video Update

    Warhorse Studios has released another video for their upcoming RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Since the successful funding for the game's Kickstarter project nearly two years ago, the studio has been

    Posted 8 years ago 1

  • Spawning Video for Friday the 13th Appears

    In a new video for upcoming slasher title Friday the 13th: The Game, developer Gun Media gives us a bit of an overview of how games are set up, as small sub groups of counsellors are placed around th

    Posted 8 years ago 13

  • The Banner Saga Release Date Unveiled

    Indie developer Stoic has today announced that their Viking RPG/Turn Based Strategy title The Banner Saga will be making its way onto Xbox One next month. Originally confirmed back in September at PA

    Posted 8 years ago 12

  • Just Cause 3 Updates to Version 1.02

    Those of you who have experienced a few bugs along your journey through Medici in Just Cause 3 will be pleased to know that the game will be updated this week. Over the next couple of days, Xbox One

    Posted 8 years ago 21

  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided NYCC 2015 Panel

    New York Comic Con may well have been two months ago, but only now do we get to see the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided panel that happened at the convention. Focusing on the creation of the game's world, s

    Posted 8 years ago 0

  • What Mysteries Await Dying Light?

    There are just two months to go before "The Following" is released, the first major expansion for Dying Light. The DLC will see protagonist Kyle Crane travel to a new outback region that is governed

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • The Long Dark Gets Timberwolf Update

    In what is promised to be the last update of 2015, developer Hinterland Games has changed The Long Dark's sandbox mode to v.298 in what they are calling the Timberwolf Mountain update. This adds the

    Posted 8 years ago 2

  • Baseball Riot Review

    Despite its name, Baseball Riot is not a sports game about playing baseball, nor is it a fighting game based on inciting violence from a large crowd of people. Instead, Baseball Riot is an Angry Bird

    Posted 8 years ago 9

  • PSA: Big Buck Hunter Pro Achievement Reminder

    For anyone who has been patiently waiting all year for an opportunity to unlock the Flying Solo achievement the "legitimate" way in Big Buck Hunter Pro Adventure (Win 8), the time is almost here. Sta

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Announce Gearsmas

    For those lucky enough to have a nice, relaxing, and work-free holiday season coming up very shortly, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition may be your choice of game to play in your free time as developer

    Posted 8 years ago 29

  • Valentino Rossi Contest Begins

    Milestone has begun their contest for Valentino Rossi: The Game. Three lucky players will see their faces on racers who fly over the tracks beside the legendary Valentino Rossi, aka The Doctor. Check

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • Open Beta for Fable Legends Delayed

    Lionhead Studios has announced today that the open beta for Fable Legends, previously planned for the holiday season, has been delayed. According to studio executives, the team has put more work into

    Posted 8 years ago 27

  • Crazy Pixel Streaker Announced

    Indie developer Lubiterum and new indie publisher The Side Kicks have come together to bring gamers a truly crazy game: Crazy Pixel Streaker. The title sees aliens abduct a bunch of "jackasses," who

    Posted 8 years ago 9

  • Unravel Gets a Release Date

    Coldwood Interactive has announced a release date for its upcoming puzzle platformer Unravel, the charming story of Yarny, a being formed of a single piece of yarn, as he journeys to mend broken bond

    Posted 8 years ago 12

  • New DLC for Battlefield Hardline Headed Our Way

    EA has announced new DLC for Battlefield Hardline entitled "Getaway." In this high-intensity expansion, players can take the role of criminal or lawman, but whichever you choose, the bottom line is t

    Posted 8 years ago 14

  • Importing Songs from Rock Band 3 to Rock Band 4

    Have you ever wanted to export your favorite songs from Rock Band 3 to Rock Band 4? Well, now you can. Straight from the Harmonix site, here's how it's done: How do I export Rock Band 3 into Rock Ban

    Posted 8 years ago 45

  • Holiday Update for Battlefield 4

    The crew behind Battlefield 4 have put out the details on their Holiday Patch, aka Legacy Operations, a huge undertaking of which the primary focus is the Classic Map Project, Dragon Valley 2015. Beg

    Posted 8 years ago 16

  • New Multiplayer Mode in Guitar Hero Live

    In a recent blog, Jamie Jackson of FreeStyle Games announced a new patch with some exciting new content for Guitar Hero Live. Based on community feedback, players will now be able to go head-to-head

    Posted 8 years ago 18

  • New Screens for Halo 5: Guardians DLC/Update

    We brought you details about the free DLC/update "Cartographer's Gift" coming for Halo 5: Guardians, as well as a very lengthy dev stream. Now we have a ton of screens of Master Chief's environs in t

    Posted 8 years ago 21

  • XBL Sale Roundup: December 15th, 2015

    This week's Deals with Gold focuses on a recent release that's part of the franchise of a little film that's due out this week. Personally, I've never heard of it. Along with that, we also get a han

    Posted 8 years ago 50

  • 7 Days of Saturnalia Event

    Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, December 16th and lasting until Tuesday, December 22nd, fans of SMITE can participate in the 7 Days of Saturnalia event. Check out the goodies available: Earn 40 free Ge

    Posted 8 years ago 14

  • Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Review

    Van Helsing's journey to the Xbox One has been a long one, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing was originally announced back in 2012 and at that point it was a XBLA title for the Xbox 360. Three

    Posted 8 years ago 26

  • TrueAchievements Games of The Year - Part One

    With the 2015 Game of the Year vote now open, we thought we'd try to help with your decision making by sharing the highest scoring games from this year's official site reviews. Over the past 12 month

    Posted 8 years ago 63

  • TrueAchievements Game Of The Year Awards

    Hey TA’ers, Has it really been 12 months* since Titanfall joined Grand Theft Auto V, Borderlands 2, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the exclusive TrueAchievements GotY winners lounge? Which game w

    Posted 8 years ago 101

  • Naruto Shippuden: UNS4 Gameplay & Stream Videos

    A couple of new videos have been released for Bandai Namco and CyberConnect2's upcoming fighter Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. The first is a gameplay trailer as Obito does battle against

    Posted 8 years ago 2

  • Cosmochoria Is Coming To Consoles Next Year

    If you're a regular user of the Steam platform then you may have come across a well-received and addictive arcade adventure experience known as Cosmochoria from developer Nate Schmold. The "roguelite

    Posted 8 years ago 3

  • Minecraft: Story Mode's Episode 4 Dated

    The story of the Wither Storm is drawing to a close as the fourth episode out of five in Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series releases new screens along with a confirmed release date. Here

    Posted 8 years ago 16

  • TA Stats - November 30th to December 6th 2015

    This report is for the period November 30th to December 6th 2015. Welcome to the stats for the tail end of November into the beginning of December here on TA. This week saw the continuance of fairly

    Posted 8 years ago 3

  • Retail Releases: Week of December 14th, 2015

    This week is very quiet in terms of retail releases yet again. The last-gen version of the latest Tony Hawk branded title finally arrives in North America after several delays, and nothing else cares

    Posted 8 years ago 24

  • GTA Online Stream With Achievement Hunter & Lazlow

    The wild team of Jack, Michael and Jeremy from Achievement Hunter teamed up with the voice actor behind radio presenter and show host Lazlow for some multiplayer fun in Grand Theft Auto V's "GTA Onli

    Posted 8 years ago 15

  • Halo 5: Guardians Cartographer's Gift Stream

    Halo fans received very positive news a few days ago when the Cartographer's Gift REQs were revealed in Halo 5: Guardians. Following up on the video, 343 Industries has released a new video in the fo

    Posted 8 years ago 14

  • Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Video Keeps Us Updated

    Continuing to keep their console players up to speed, Overkill Software has released Status Update #5 with the latest info on Payday 2: Crimewave Edition. Overkill's producer Almir Listo also reveals

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • Greg Hastings Paintball 3 Dev Diary #17

    Super X Studios, the team behind upcoming sports title Greg Hastings Paintball 3, very frequently attend the SPL Memorial Cup. During their visits to the SPL, the team took the time out to let the ea

    Posted 8 years ago 2

  • Raiden V Gameplay Trailer

    A new gameplay trailer has emerged for developer MOSS' upcoming Japanese shoot 'em up Raiden V. The trailer is pretty short but very sweet for those interested in the upcoming title, as we get to wit

    Posted 8 years ago 19

  • Evolve DLC Trailer Reveals New Character

    Fans of the team-based FPS title Evolve will be pleased to know that a new character will be enlisting with their teams shortly. The new player character is another new robotic hunter called Emet. Ho

    Posted 8 years ago 22

  • Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 13 New Trailer

    Whilst we recently received the disappointing news that the upcoming turn-based strategy title Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 had been delayed, we now have something a little better for the eager f

    Posted 8 years ago 22

  • Shiness Teaser Trailer Released

    It's been awhile since we've seen something of the new action RPG Shiness. However, developer Ynnis Interactive has taken the opportunity to release a new trailer showing some of the gameplay that pl

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders New Dev Clip

    Continuing with the series of developer diaries, Artefacts Studios has now released a third revealing some of the design decisions that were made behind the scenes, including from whom they modeled t

    Posted 8 years ago 0

  • ARK: Survival Evolved Game Preview Revealed

    We've been continually teased recently with glimpses of some of the creatures that can be encountered in the upcoming dinosaur-based, action-RPG, survival title, ARK: Survival Evolved. For those who

    Posted 8 years ago 37

  • GTA Online Double RP Every Bullet Counts Event

    If you're one of the people who has yet to reach Rank 100 in the GTA Online portion of Grand Theft Auto V, now is the time to jump back into the game. From now until an unspecified time on Sunday, De

    Posted 8 years ago 15

  • Call of Duty Black Ops III XP Event may only have been out for a month, but that doesn't stop Treyarch from hosting another double XP event for the game. This time the plat

    Posted 8 years ago 25

  • XBL Content Roundup: December 11th, 2015 New Games 6180 the moon Size: 298.43 MB Price: US$3.99 / £3.19 / €3.99 Let's super high jump through the screen! 6180 the moon is a platformer

    Posted 8 years ago 20

  • Halo 5 Reveals Cartographer’s Gift REQs

    Revealed during The Game Awards, Halo 5: Guardians will be getting the Cartographer’s Gift update next week. The reveal trailer briefly showcased the introduction of Forge mode to the game, new Arena

    Posted 8 years ago 22

  • Upcoming DLC for Assassin's Creed Syndicate

    Since October, assassins have been restoring order to the streets of London in Assassin's Creed Syndicate. Assassin Evie Frye returns after a 20 year absence to hunt down an inconspicuous killer that

    Posted 8 years ago 23

  • Ghost Recon Wildlands Developer Q&A Video

    Tom Clancy is looking set to satisfy fans of the series with another potentially brilliant shooter as more details are released for the upcoming Ubisoft developed third-person shooter Tom Clancy's Gh

    Posted 8 years ago 18

  • Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations Cinematic Trailer

    With so many different maps, terrains, vehicles and weapons to offer, DICE and EA can seemingly put together impressive videos with ease when it comes to showcasing the latest and greatest Battlefiel

    Posted 8 years ago 7

  • Magic Duels: Origins Update Released

    Free-to-play title Magic Duels: Origins from developer Stainless Games received a title update yesterday with details of what the patch included revealed via the game's Facebook page. The information

    Posted 8 years ago 27

  • PvZ Garden Warfare 2 Game Mode Details

    New details have just been uprooted about next year's highly anticipated dirt fight, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2. Pop Cap has revealed that the beloved Garden Ops mode, which allowed players

    Posted 8 years ago 14

  • The Witcher 3 "Blood And Wine" Expansion Revealed

    After a hugely successful year for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CDProjekt show no signs of slowing down in 2016 with the announcement of the game's next upcoming expansion, "Blood and Wine". Set in the

    Posted 8 years ago 19

  • Sheltered Gets Danger Update

    Developer Unicube has just released a large update for Sheltered, the post-apocalyptic survival game that is currently available in Game Preview. The Danger Update brings the following changes, new f

    Posted 8 years ago 0

  • Five Legends Coming To PES 2016

    Five of football's finest will soon be part of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 in the game's myClub mode. Roberto Baggio was already revealed in the teaser last week and has now been joined by fellow Itali

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • Game Troopers Windows Phone Crazy Weekend Sale

    If there is a theme that unites people, it is that few people can resist a free game. Game Troopers will be testing your resilience to the limit this weekend by offering a selection of their titles f

    Posted 8 years ago 88

  • A New Kickstarter Update For The Dwarves

    Six weeks after the end of the Kickstarter campaign for The Dwarves, this latest video talks about the progress that has been made since then, including character models and music.

    Posted 8 years ago 2

  • A Look At Lego Marvel's Avengers Open Worlds

    One of the best parts of licensed games is being able to interact with a universe at which you could only look previously. It seems that Traveller's Tales agrees, with a trailer and some screenshots

    Posted 8 years ago 16

  • Two Teasers For King's Quest

    The next chapter of King's Quest is less than a week away and, with that in mind, developer The Odd Gentleman is releasing short teasers of the upcoming chapter to excite people.

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • Fallout 4 Patch Detailed

    Bethesda has revealed what they've fixed with update 1.2, the most recent patch for Fallout 4. Basically, it's full of fixes for a variety of issues. General memory and stability improvements Perform

    Posted 8 years ago 40

  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Review

    Previously released on PC, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare received many favorable reviews and sold a reasonably high amount of copies. Since then, the game has come to last gen consoles and hasn't seemed

    Posted 8 years ago 14

  • Resident Evil 0 Pre-Order Bonus Detailed

    If you pre-order the upcoming Resident Evil 0, Capcom has revealed exactly what you'll receive: a costume each for Rebecca and Billy, and an in-game Resident Evil 0 t-shirt for Rebecca. Billy's costu

    Posted 8 years ago 16

  • XBL Content Roundup: December 9th, 2015 Pre-Orders Resident Evil 0 Size: 10.68 GB Price: US$19.99 / £15.99 / €19.99 / AU$26.95 Release date: January 19th, 2016 worldwide Digital pre-o

    Posted 8 years ago 22

  • Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Dates and Details

    This past March we received news that Ubisoft would be adding three all new 2.5D side-scrolling titles to their Assassin's Creed lineup. Up to this point we've only got to experience the first story

    Posted 8 years ago 37

  • Latest Need For Speed Update Detailed

    There's a new update for Need for Speed and it is adding a fair bit to the game, so let's get down to the details. First up, Eddie - an old enemy all the way back from Need For Speed: Underground - i

    Posted 8 years ago 35

  • Lichdom Battlemage Features and Release Date

    This past summer Maximum Games revealed a full cinematic trailer for their upcoming FPS, Lichdom Battlemage. Coming in a few months after their original holiday season expectation, they are now ready

    Posted 8 years ago 10

  • Dance Central 3 Achievement Reminder

    Somewhere between trimming the tree and spiking the eggnog this holiday season, take the time to step up to Dance Central 3. Three character birthdays are coming up that work toward the following ach

    Posted 8 years ago 7

  • XBL Sale Roundup: December 8th, 2015

    This week's Deals with Gold focuses mostly on recent Battlefield titles and DLC. The discounts see an unusual split across Gold only and Silver & Gold offers. Xbox One Bundles & Special Editions • B

    Posted 8 years ago 58

  • Play Elder Scrolls Online for Free This Weekend

    If you've always wanted to try The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited but haven't yet had a chance, this weekend presents the perfect opportunity to do so. Xbox LIVE Gold members will be able to

    Posted 8 years ago 63

  • Just Cause 3 Review

    It’s been five years since Rico Rodriguez’s last appearance in 2010's Just Cause 2, but thankfully the "dictator removal specialist" is back with a bang in Just Cause 3. Complete with a handful of up

    Posted 8 years ago 46

  • Overwatch Developer Update Released

    Blizzard has been busy keeping the community up-to-date with details regarding its newest IP, Overwatch: Origins Edition. Following on from the previously released developer diary, this trend continu

    Posted 8 years ago 2

  • Air Missions: HIND Developer Diary Video Released

    There are not many flight sims or aerial combat games on the Xbox One currently, so it was good to see a new one announced recently in the form of upcoming title Air Missions: HIND. The team over at

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • Natsuki Chronicle Delayed Again

    A few Japanese titles got their moment in the Xbox spotlight way back in September of last year. One of these titles was Natsuki Chronicle, a shoot 'em up from Qute Corporation. Three months after it

    Posted 8 years ago 32

  • Dying Light: The Following DLC Dated

    In previous news, we only knew that Dying Light's upcoming DLC would release early next year. Techland has now announced the official date for "The Following". The DLC will release in February and wi

    Posted 8 years ago 20

  • Bombshell Drops A Trailer

    We first covered Bombshell when it was announced to be heading to Xbox One. Interceptor Entertainment and 3D Realms have released another brief trailer for their upcoming twin stick shooter, showcasi

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • DiRT Rally Confirmed For Consoles

    We have good news today for all you rally racing fans out there looking for your next batch of hairpins to master, as Codemasters and Koch Media have announced that DiRT Rally, already available on S

    Posted 8 years ago 44

  • Gone Home is Coming to Consoles After All

    The Fullbright Company has announced that Gone Home will be coming to the Xbox One early next year. The game was originally announced for consoles back in March 2014, but financial troubles at indepe

    Posted 8 years ago 38

  • Sparrow Racing is Coming to Destiny

    Activision has released a new content trailer for "The Taken King" expansion in Destiny. The latest updates to the DLC will see Sparrow Racing Leagues being introduced within the game. When the updat

    Posted 8 years ago 59

  • Retail Releases: Week of December 7th, 2015

    As we edge closers to the holiday season the number of retail releases usually starts to dwindle. The established trend does not look like changing, with Kung Fu Panda's latest adventure being the on

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • Project Knoxville December Community Update

    The team over at Press Play has continually kept the community up-to-date with behind the scenes videos for their upcoming action adventure title, Project Knoxville. In keeping with this tradition, t

    Posted 8 years ago 0

  • Rock Band 4 is About to Get Brutal

    If you and your "band" fancy yourselves as pros when it comes to rocking out on Rock Band 4 then this new video, which details the upcoming "Brutal Mode", looks to be just the challenge for you and y

    Posted 8 years ago 92

  • Gigantic's Release Window Delayed To 2016

    Motiga, developer of upcoming action title Gigantic, has brought us many videos with lots of gameplay, details and noticeably positive energy. Negative news now makes its way from the sure-to-be gloo

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn New Trailer

    A mere 18 months has passed since the announcement of Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn. During that time, we've heard nothing about the game, leading many to wonder if it still existed. Well, it does. Develo

    Posted 8 years ago 32

  • Become the Beast Master in Far Cry Primal

    Far Cry Primal puts players far back in history to the time of the Stone Age. Humans were not yet at the top of the food chain; that was the place occupied by giant mammoths and sabretooth tigers. Th

    Posted 8 years ago 19

  • Dark Souls III Special Editions Revealed

    Publisher Bandai Namco has revealed the different editions of Dark Souls III between which gamers can choose upon purchasing the title. All players who pre-order the game at certain retailers will re

    Posted 8 years ago 32

  • Super Snow Fight Set for Xbox One Release

    German developers Deck 13 and Patrick God have announced that their local multiplayer action brawler Super Snow Fight will arrive on the Xbox One. Players will have (not quite) deadly snowballs, dyna

    Posted 8 years ago 15

  • Where's My Campaign?

    I'm a gamer who grew up in the days where online gaming didn't exist. If you wanted to play a multiplayer game, you and your friends had to cram together on the couch or the floor, with multiple cont

    Posted 8 years ago 296

  • The Escapists Santa's Sweatshop Details & Screens

    Team17 has revealed new details and screenshots into The Escapists' latest downloadable content to be released, "Santa's Sweatshop". In this DLC, there will be all new items and craftables; Christmas

    Posted 8 years ago 7

  • Mortal Kombat X Line-Up for Kombat Pack 2

    NetherRealm Studios released their roster for the upcoming Kombat Pack 2 in Mortal Kombat X, and it is quite varied. First up is a guest character from the gorey classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,

    Posted 8 years ago 27

  • 6180 The Moon Trailer And Release Date

    Turtle Cream, the studio working on ID@Xbox title 6180 the moon, have shown off their unique music themed platforming title with this latest trailer. Alongside the trailer comes a release date, with

    Posted 8 years ago 11

  • Halo 5 December Update Revealed

    The Game Awards this week previewed a lot of upcoming games with a bunch of world premieres. However, some studios used it as a chance to show off upcoming content for games that we're already playin

    Posted 8 years ago 39

  • Rise of The Tomb Raider Additional Content Details

    It has been close to a month since the release of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Since that time many have felt that Lara Croft has risen her game as a better tomb raider despite those tombs being rather e

    Posted 8 years ago 36

  • New Quantum Break Cinematic Trailer

    It has been close to four months since we've last received an update on Remedy's Quantum Break, leaving some to wonder if time has once again stood still on the development of this highly anticipated

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • EA SPORTS UFC 2 Fight For The Cover Trailer

    EA SPORTS UFC 2 still has one spot left on the cover for another athlete to be joining Ronda Rousey, but who will it be? Ultimately, this will be decided on whoever wins during the featherweight cham

    Posted 8 years ago 11

  • This War Of Mine: The Little Ones Gameplay Trailer

    11 Bit Studios reveals a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming title on the Xbox One, This War of Mine: The Little Ones. This wartime simulator has you playing from the perspective of children livi

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • Agatha Christie Second Dev Diary Video

    Developers Artefacts reveals some more behind-the-scenes footage for their upcoming mystery title, Agatha Christie - The A.B.C. MURDERS. In this second of three videos, one of the developers discuss

    Posted 8 years ago 3

  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance Alpha Footage

    The developers from Warhorse Studios show some Alpha footage from their upcoming RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In the video, the developers go into more detail about the crime system in the title a

    Posted 8 years ago 5

  • Disney Infinity 3.0 The Force Awakens DLC Preview

    A new video was released and gives some love to Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition's upcoming downloadable content. This content, based on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, includes such characters as Kanan Jar

    Posted 8 years ago 7

  • Winner: Spring Clean Giveaway Week 26

    Week 26 of our Spring Clean Giveaway ended earlier and it's time to reveal the name of our lucky winner who will be taking a trip to Kyrat in Far Cry 4.

    Posted 8 years ago 19

  • Rocket League is Coming to Xbox One

    Psyonix's award-winning sports-action game, Rocket League, is making its way to the Xbox One this coming February. The Xbox One version will include all the same features, content and upgrades that

    Posted 8 years ago 92

  • McDroid Announced for Xbox One

    Elefantopia has today announced a partnership with publisher GRIP Digital to bring their action-strategy game McDroid to the Xbox One next year. Starring the titular brave robot after crash-landing o

    Posted 8 years ago 7

  • XBL Content Roundup: December 4th, 2015 New Games FIFA 16 Deluxe Edition Size: N/A Price: US$69.99 / £64.99 / €79.99 / AU$109.95 / ¥9,504 Get FIFA 16 Deluxe Edition, and you'll receiv

    Posted 8 years ago 19

  • PES 2016 Teases myClub Legends in New Trailer

    Konami has released a new and short video teasing PES fans with upcoming content that will be added to Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. Football legends will be making their way to the game, but as it is j

    Posted 8 years ago 1

  • Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo Pikes Peak Presentation

    Milestone is not letting their foot off the gas when it comes to keeping the community informed on the latest from Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo's "Pikes Peak Pack". Another video has emerged showcasing t

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • Moto GP 15 DLC Released With New Video

    New DLC has made its way to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of Milestone's racer MotoGP 15. The DLC pack, titled "MotoGP 15 GP de Portugal Circuito Estoril", comes with a single track - The Estori

    Posted 8 years ago 0

  • The Game Awards 2015 XBL Flash Sale

    Last night was the time for the annual The Game Awards, previously known as the VGA Awards. If you missed them, don't worry too much, just make sure that you don't miss out on these deals that are li

    Posted 8 years ago 47

  • Sheltered Hatch Notes #4

    The fourth batch of hatch notes has been released via Team17's latest Sheltered video, detailing the changes that have been made to the title, which is still currently in the "Game Preview" program o

    Posted 8 years ago 1

  • Forza Motorsport 6 December Content Update Details

    Another month, another update for Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 6 as December brings a new content update for the racing title with a highly-demanded "big feature" and the usual list of fixes and change

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • Mighty No 9 Details, Screens and Trailer

    Keiji Inafune, Creator of Mega Man, has released new details, a set of screens and a new video for the upcoming Comcept developed Mighty No. 9. The new gameplay trailer showcases new features and gam

    Posted 8 years ago 1

  • The Walking Dead: Michonne Reveal Trailer Released

    Not satisfied enough with their announcement of a new Batman series, Telltale released the reveal trailer for their The Walking Dead: Michonne miniseries at tonight's The Game Awards. Announced at th

    Posted 8 years ago 63

  • Shadow Complex Remastered Announced

    At tonight's The Game Awards, developer Chair Entertainment announced Shadow Complex Remastered. The remastered version of the game is powered by Unreal Engine 3 and will feature new achievements and

    Posted 8 years ago 43

  • Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Trailers

    Koei Tecmo has released a series of new videos and screens for their upcoming Arslan: The Warriors of Legend. The videos give us a short teaser of what to expect from the game as well as two characte

    Posted 8 years ago 2

  • Telltale Games Announces Batman Series Coming 2016

    As if Telltale didn't have enough on its plate already, the developer revealed during The Game Awards that it's working on a Batman series. The series does not yet have an official title and is being

    Posted 8 years ago 83

  • The Walkthrough Team are Recruiting!

    Good morning/afternoon/evening. It's that time again where the Walkthrough Team is looking for some new Overseers! As well as managing the walkthrough publication process, your main task will be proo

    Posted 8 years ago 94

  • Magnets: Fully Charged Coming To Xbox One

    Developer Total Monkery will be bringing their game, MagNets: Fully Charged, to Xbox One. Playing as MagNet, the premise of the game is to save Polarity City by recycling rogue Bloxbots. http://www.t

    Posted 8 years ago 11

  • New Creature Spotlight For ARK: Survival Evolved

    Following on from previous spotlights, developer Studio Wildcard has released a new creature spotlight for their survival sandbox title ARK: Survival Evolved. This one is all about the Oviraptor -- a

    Posted 8 years ago 9

  • Project Knoxville Prototype Intro

    Since September, when Project Knoxville was chosen by the gaming public to be Press Play's next game, the developer has stayed true to their promise of engaging the community. They are keeping us up

    Posted 8 years ago 1

  • Killer Instinct Shadow Jago Trailer

    Iron Galaxy Games has released a new trailer for Killer Instinct showing off the new unique moveset and some of the flashy combos of Jago's sinister Omen-possessed alter ego, Shadow Jago. On top of t

    Posted 8 years ago 71

  • Take a Bite Out of These New Vampyr Details

    In the several months since we last heard about Vampyr, Dontnod Entertainment has finished up their coming-of-age sci-fi drama Life Is Strange where it was met with positive reviews. That makes the y

    Posted 8 years ago 10

  • TA Competition: Spring Clean Giveaway Week 26

    This week's belated Spring Clean Giveaway is you chance to win a new and sealed Xbox One physical copy of Far Cry 4, thanks to the very kind donation of scotwolf2.

    Posted 8 years ago 1188

  • XBL Content Roundup: December 2nd, 2015 Pre-Orders Frizzy Size: 1010.5 MB Price: US$7.99 Release date: December 23rd in North America Frizzy is a tiny ball of dirt and fur. Within thi

    Posted 8 years ago 18

  • King's Quest Chapter 2 Dated

    Way back in August, Sierra Games released a teaser promising that the next chapter of King's Quest was coming soon. Now into December, we have a similar looking trailer but with one crucial differenc

    Posted 8 years ago 14

  • Raiden V Screens and Release Date For Japan

    Its been a very long time since the confirmation of developer Moss' shoot 'em up Raiden V. Since September 2014, we haven't seen anything from the upcoming shooter. New news has recently come to ligh

    Posted 8 years ago 23

  • XBL Sale Roundup: December 1st, 2015

    This week's Deals with Gold gives a fairly random mix of discounts, though the focus appears to be on indie titles. A few previous Games with Gold freebies are also offered, as well as a bunch of fi

    Posted 8 years ago 65

  • TA Stats - November 16th to 22nd 2015

    This report is for the period November 16th to 22nd 2015. Welcome to the stats for the middle of November here on TA. Yet another big release hit the Xbox this week, one in a series close to my heart

    Posted 8 years ago 10

  • Life Is Strange Gets A Limited Edition Trailer

    Life Is Strange is getting a Limited Edition retail copy with a some nifty bonuses. This LE will include a 32-page artbook, licensed soundtrack, director's commentary, and the physical disc for all t

    Posted 8 years ago 17

  • Naruto Shippuden: UNS4 Demo Announced

    While this trailer did arrive not too long ago without any subtitles, we've finally received the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 full-length trailer with subtitles to finally know what's bei

    Posted 8 years ago 5

  • Walkthroughs Update - November 2015

    Hello everybody, Apologies for another management change in the Walkthrough Team department but, unfortunately, Daffadillon has resigned as manager due to personal constraints. She will remain a Supe

    Posted 8 years ago 23

  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Achievement List

    Today we are excited to bring to you the full achievement list for the upcoming Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, the final major retail release of the year. The game is the third achievement-bearing r

    Posted 8 years ago 15

  • Just Cause 3 Bavarium Base Takedown Trailer

    Avalanche Studios and Square Enix hit off their launch of Just Cause 3 with an action-packed gameplay trailer. In this trailer we see Rico attacking a base in the region of Insula Striate, the third

    Posted 8 years ago 4

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