TrueAchievements news archive for May 2015

  • TA Top 5: Achievement Types That Ruin Good Lists

    As we enjoy the Memorial Day weekend here in the States, there are some of us that will be dedicating a little bit of our extra free time to the pursuit of Gamerscore (so long as we’re not in a food

    Posted 8 years ago 273

  • TA Top Five: Comfort Games

    Not all games are full of explosive action, heart-breaking stories and fast-paced gameplay. While these games can be fantastic and provide hours of entertainment, there are times when we as gamers ne

    Posted 8 years ago 140

  • Let's Talk with Default

    Hello all and welcome to another Community Interview! This week, my guest is Default, a gamer who has a huge love for Halo and isn't afraid to show it. He's happy with me going with his real name so

    Posted 8 years ago 44

  • Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Trailers Released

    It's Nero's time to shine in the latest video from Capcom's upcoming Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, as the main man himself tears apart enemies and showcases his combat mechanics. Nero is considere

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • Pure Hold’em Details DLC Competition

    It's competition time as VooFoo Studios, game developers behind the upcoming Pure Hold'em, have announced a contest along with new DLC details to commemorate the start of this year's World Series of

    Posted 8 years ago 13

  • Bloodstained: RotN Ask IGA Video Part Three

    The next instalment of "Ask IGA" is here as Koji Igarashi returns via YouTube for another Q&A session on his successfully kickstarted title, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. In part three, the topi

    Posted 8 years ago 2

  • Tour de France 2015 Screens & Trailer Released

    A new set of screens and a gameplay trailer has been released to further showcase Cyanide's upcoming cycling title Tour de France 2015. The screens showcase the usual cycling quality as well as gorge

    Posted 8 years ago 11

  • Fenix Fire Announces Smash Derby

    Fenix Fire, an independent game developer, has announced their upcoming "futuristic vehicular arena-based game show" Smash Derby. The game will feature high speeds as players crash into opponents' ho

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • The Swapper Release Date Confirmed

    Two university students, Olli Harjola and Otto Hantula, developed and brought to life the critically acclaimed puzzler that is The Swapper. After receiving great reception from PC fans when it was la

    Posted 8 years ago 10

  • Pool Nation FX Gets Online Leagues

    Since Pool Nation FX was selected for a record breaking third straight month as a part of Games With Gold, Cherry Pop games has made some additions to it's title in order to keep the experience fresh

    Posted 8 years ago 27

  • ODST Campaign Now Available in Halo: MCC

    After a shaky release for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, 343 Industries made the announcement that early adopters of the game will be getting the Halo 3: ODST campaign for free at some point in t

    Posted 8 years ago 48

  • Batman AK: Inside The Batmobile

    After having unmasked some of the characters you will come across in Batman: Arkham Knight, one of the biggest characters we had yet to receive much detail on is the very sexy and sleek Batmobile. Th

    Posted 8 years ago 14

  • BADLAND: GotY Edition Review

    Having made its mark over on the mobile side of gaming, it is now time for BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition to see if it can impress the same amount on Xbox One. Frogmind promised us over four times

    Posted 8 years ago 11

  • Tekken 7 Introduces Kazumi Mishima

    It's been just over a month since we last saw a new character reveal for Tekken 7, and now we have a new one. Introducing for the first time playable in the series, Kazumi Mishima! http://www.trueach

    Posted 8 years ago 10

  • COD: Advanced Warfare "Supremacy" DLC Info

    On the off chance you missed our previous coverage on the new DLC titled, "Supremacy" for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, you're in luck, as we have a wealth of new information available detailing th

    Posted 8 years ago 13

  • Disney Infinity 3.0 Inside Out Play Set Revealed

    Avalanche Software has been slowly revealing all the new play sets in the upcoming Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition. We've had Star Wars and Mickey and Minnie Mouse teased so far. Now we have a new play s

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • XBL Content Roundup: May 28th & 29th, 2015

    Xbox One Games As well as a new bundle, we have two new ID@Xbox titles and a party game that is released in Europe after appearing in North America in November. BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition Size

    Posted 8 years ago 16

  • LEGO Jurassic World Trailer Gives A VIP Tour

    Developer Traveller Tales are almost set to open the park up in their upcoming game LEGO Jurassic World. Spanning across all four of the movies, LEGO Jurassic World will place gamers into the shoes o

    Posted 8 years ago 9

  • TA Competition: Spring Clean Giveaway Week Two

    We're back for the second week of our Spring Clean Giveaway, and this time around you have the chance to win an Xbox One download code for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, which was kindly given to us by

    Posted 8 years ago 1796

  • Red Stripe Deals: May 29th, 2015

    I apologise for the late showing of this article. Personal circumstances have meant that I was unavailable yesterday. To be fair, it isn't as if these titles haven't been on sale before. Assassin's C

    Posted 8 years ago 36

  • Extreme Exorcism Trailer & Screens

    A new trailer and set of screens have been unleashed for upcoming arena platformer Extreme Exorcism, which was first announced back in November. The game follows Mae Barrons in her attempts to rid a

    Posted 8 years ago 9

  • Spy Chameleon Review

    The ID@Xbox program has been flourishing lately. It feels like we get one or two new indie titles every week. Many of these are ports of formerly PC exclusives, and we end up seeing them months or ev

    Posted 8 years ago 11

  • Mega Coin Squad Review

    Chances are, if you don't really pay attention to mobile games, you haven't yet heard of Big Pixel Studios. They've found success as the developers behind hit iOS titles such as Land-a Panda, Piyo Bl

    Posted 8 years ago 9

  • D&D: Sword Coast Legends Soundtrack Detailed

    Indie developer n-Space has announced that they have managed to land award winning composer Inon Zur to score their upcoming party-based RPG

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • Explore All Of Tamriel In The Elder Scrolls Online

    Like a proud New Yorker discussing which of the five boroughs has the best pizza joint, this trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited delves into the nine distinct provinces of Tamriel

    Posted 8 years ago 36

  • New Tinertia Screens Are Explosive

    Developer Candescent Games are gearing up for their first Xbox One game called Tinertia. In Tinertia players will take on the role of a robot called Weldon. You will journey across 70+ levels while f

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • FIFA 16 Brings Women To The Pitch

    Big news for FIFA fans out there, as the largest addition to the franchise in recent history will come this year. EA has announced that they will be bringing Women's National Teams to the pitch when

    Posted 8 years ago 157

  • New Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay Video

    Warner Bros. and DC have released a new gameplay video for Batman: Arkham Knight titled, “Time To Go To War". The footage is an extension from the previously released gameplay video, "Officer Down".

    Posted 8 years ago 14

  • New Details About Giana Sisters: Dream Runners

    Good news for those of you who particularly enjoyed the music of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. Both Chris Hülsbeck (who was also the composer for the original game on Commodore 64) and Machinae Supr

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • Killer Instinct Introduces Aria

    It's that time again for us to be introduced to the newest member of Killer Instinct. This time around it is the turn of Aria, who wants to make sure humanity survives long into the future, even if t

    Posted 8 years ago 15

  • June's Games With Gold Revealed

    As we inch closer to June, we also inch closer to another handful of free games. As always, here is your usual reminder to pick up both F1 2013 and CastleStorm – Definitive Edition before the end of

    Posted 8 years ago 163

  • More Tracks Revealed For Guitar Hero Live

    A new week means new tracks have been revealed for the upcoming Guitar Hero Live. Ten more tracks have been revealed - the same number as last week - bringing the total so far up to forty-four. http:

    Posted 8 years ago 60

  • TA Podcast: English Sausage Fest Edition

    It's been far too long since our last podcast back in March, and so we decided that we'd put conflicting schedules aside and get something recorded this past weekend no matter what. Unfortunately our

    Posted 8 years ago 22

  • Leap Frog Week Six Update

    I'm back to take a look at week six of our Leap Frog contest, which began with less than 5% of the entrants still looking to take the number one position. By the close of the week, over a third of ou

    Posted 8 years ago 41

  • Game of Thrones - Episode 4 Review

    EDITOR'S NOTE - We'll be doing something a little different with episodic content of this sort from here on out. Rather than establishing individual scores for each subsequent episode, we'll be havi

    Posted 8 years ago 12

  • New Screenshots for The Technomancer

    It has been over a month since the announcement was made from Spiders Games that they will be releasing a new RPG title called, The Technomancer. Set during a post-apocalyptic future on a strained an

    Posted 8 years ago 11

  • Blues & Bullets Dev Diary

    A Crowd of Monsters, the developers behind Blues & Bullets, have released a Dev Diary that reveals the making of the game's main theme. Damian Sanchez, Producer and Composer on Blues & Bullets, discu

    Posted 8 years ago 3

  • Super Mega Baseball Steps Up To Xbox One's Plate

    Last summer PS4 and PS3 played host to a colorful arcade baseball game titled both boastfully and redundantly, Super Mega Baseball. With almost no baseball games available on the Xbox One, owners of

    Posted 8 years ago 21

  • Among The Sleep Coming To Xbox One

    A year ago, our black and blue sister site carried the news that Krillbite Studio's Among the Sleep is heading to PS4. The first-person horror game is one of a kind in that you play as a two year old

    Posted 8 years ago 21

  • Adventure Game Yesterday Origins Announced

    A new title has been announced for Xbox One in the form of point-and-click adventure Yesterday Origins. Sequel to 2012's PC title Yesterday, the game sees hero John Yesterday investigating mysterious

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • Magnetic: Cage Closed Trailer

    To celebrate its release on PC, a new trailer has been unveiled for Magnetic: Cage Closed, which is a puzzle-platformer in the Portal tradition, except this time with magnets. As well as all the attr

    Posted 8 years ago 2

  • XBL Content Roundup: May 26th & 27th, 2015

    Xbox One Pre-Orders The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Imperial Edition - Preorder Size: 54.69 GB Price: US$79.99 / £69.99 / €79.99 / AU$119.70 Release date: June 9th worldwide Pre-order The

    Posted 8 years ago 31

  • Disney Infinity 3.0 Gets Lots of Star Wars Screens

    We have a load of screenshots for fans looking forward to the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront. We also have a look at the Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars pack.

    Posted 8 years ago 7

  • New Adventures of Pip Screens Jump In

    New screenshots have leaped in for Tic Toc Games' Kickstarted indie platformer Adventures of Pip, which we last saw sight of back in early March in an ID@Xbox gameplay trailer. These new screens cont

    Posted 8 years ago 7

  • NBA 2K16 Pre Order Details Revealed

    In the first piece of news on 2K Games' upcoming basketball installment, NBA 2K16, the team goes straight for the pre-order goodness with details being released via the developers Facebook page. For

    Posted 8 years ago 15

  • Note About Our Witcher 3 Review

    Greetings TAers! If you're one of the hundreds, nay thousands, who have been waiting with bated breath for our review of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, I have some good news and some bad news. Good News -

    Posted 8 years ago 62

  • MotoGP 15 Real Events 2014 Trailer

    Milestone brings us news of a Real Events game mode for the upcoming MotoGP 15 along with a trailer showcasing the game mode (also stating it's a work in progress, still).

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • COD: Advanced Warfare "Supremacy" DLC 3 Gameplay

    A gameplay trailer for "Supremacy", the third downloadable content pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, has been released and it reveals more on the four maps in action. This map pack includes Kr

    Posted 8 years ago 26

  • XBL Sale Roundup: May 26th, 2015

    This week's Deals with Gold focuses on a handful of titles from the Call of Duty franchise, as well as Alien: Isolation on both platforms and indie title ScreamRide. Xbox One Bundles & Special Editi

    Posted 8 years ago 95

  • Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity Trailer

    A trailer has finally come for Battlefield Hardline fans waiting to look at the new maps to come with its upcoming DLC, "Criminal Activity". In the video we have a look at Code Blue, a raving club wi

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • Mad Max Savage Road Trailer

    Avalanche Studios brings us another trailer for Mad Max and it packs a doozy. This Savage Road trailer takes a look into more of the action-packed campaign, we see Max dealing with the lemons given t

    Posted 8 years ago 28

  • Evolve Shows Off New Arena Mode Update

    Turtle Rock Studios has been quietly working on an update for Evolve to bring a new game mode, called Arena Mode, to their competitive shooter. This new Arena Mode is set to offer players a faster pa

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • Resident Evil 0 Remaster Announced

    Although details are quite scarce, Capcom has revealed that another Resident Evil remaster is in the works, namely Resident Evil 0. What's more, the original director, Koji Oda, is back to steer prod

    Posted 8 years ago 87

  • Winner: Spring Clean Giveaway Week One

    The first week of our Spring Clean Giveaway is over, and it's time to reveal the winner of our copy of Risen 3: Titan Lords. The winning commen

    Posted 8 years ago 22

  • Farming Simulator 15 Review

    With a new graphics and physics engine, new industries to experiment with and multiplayer allowing you to farm with friends, Giants Software’s latest iteration in the Farming Simulator series makes a

    Posted 8 years ago 26

  • Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness Files Released

    In a trailer released last week for, a very slick Psycho-Pass Xbox One console was revealed by two costume wearing commentators. These g

    Posted 8 years ago 9

  • DMC4 Special Edition Dante Gameplay Trailer

    This week, Capcom has already given us the lowdown on Trish and Lady, the femme fatale demon slayers in Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition. The developer/publisher has now followed that trailer with ano

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • Three New Videos for We Happy Few

    Three new videos have been released for We Happy Few that showcase more development, animations and even a touch of combat action too. Since its announcement, we've already seen some pleasant gamepla

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • Bloodstained: RotN Ask IGA Video Part Two

    Koji Igarashi is back in the second Q&A session for his very successfully kickstarted title Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Following up from the first Ask IGA session, part two focuses on the lev

    Posted 8 years ago 2

  • Pinball Arcade Showcases Xenon Table

    Two new videos have been released for FarSight Studios The Pinball Arcade, one revealing a new table and the other further showcasing the table with all new flipper physics. The first shows off the a

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • The Making of a Hero in Gigantic

    The Motiga team spent a decent chunk of last Thursday playing and streaming their upcoming release Gigantic, in what the game developers dubbed "Motiga Thursday!" where two of the team members took u

    Posted 8 years ago 2

  • F1 2015 Release Suffers Delay

    Earlier this year, F1 2015 was confirmed as the latest iteration in Codemasters' racing simulation franchise. The developer revealed that the title would arrive earlier than had been the case in prev

    Posted 8 years ago 29

  • TA Gaming Stats - May 11th to 17th 2015

    This report is for the period May 11th to 17th 2015. Welcome to the stats for the middle of May, right here on TA. Oh, I made a rhyme. I also made a new layout. Yes, after a few years of the same for

    Posted 8 years ago 21

  • Life Is Strange Episodes 1-3 Review

    Dontnod Entertainment's last title, Remember Me received mixed reviews. One of the aspects of the game that received mainly positive feedback was the game's story. It's no wonder that the developer's

    Posted 8 years ago 23

  • Medieval Slasher Hellraid Put On Hold

    Developer Techland has announced in a Facebook post that their medieval swords-and-sorcery first person slasher Hellraid has been indefinitely put on hold. The game was originally teased back in 2012

    Posted 8 years ago 18

  • COD: Advanced Warfare New Multiplayer Content

    For those fans of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and its multiplayer mode, new content has been released with some cool new weapons and character gear you'll have access to. Some of the new gear, suc

    Posted 8 years ago 21

  • Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity DLC Info

    For those eagerly awaiting more ways to enjoy the Battlefield Hardline multiplayer, you'll be glad to know some details have been released for the game's first DLC pack titled 'Criminal Activity'. Ta

    Posted 8 years ago 17

  • Mousecraft Cheeses It to Xbox One

    A new title has been announced for Xbox One in which you play as a crazed cat who must guide mice to a cheese platter with the aid of clever block placement. The announcement comes with a trailer tha

    Posted 8 years ago 21

  • Inside Batman Arkham Knight Character Design

    Last week we got an idea of how the 'dual-play' system might look in Batman: Arkham Knight. In the third installment of Arkham Insider, Rocksteady gives us insight in the concept behind three of the

    Posted 8 years ago 3

  • XBL Content Roundup: May 21st & 22nd, 2015

    Xbox One Games Spy Chameleon Size: 488.86 MB Price: US$4.99 / £3.99 / €4.99 Don't let the comic look fool you. Being a good RGB agent requires a lot of talent. Spy Chameleon is an arcade-puzzle game

    Posted 8 years ago 33

  • 10tons Announce Sparkle Unleashed

    Game developer 10tons have announced Sparkle Unleashed a marble shooter puzzle title where players must line up and shoot marbles of different colours to make matches of three or more colours. As you

    Posted 8 years ago 16

  • Leap Frog Week Five Update

    Week five of our Leap Frog contest has drawn to a close, and in a week that required a whopping 224 achievements to be unlocked just to stay alive, we ended with 70 gamers still in the running for th

    Posted 8 years ago 36

  • TA Competition: Spring Clean Giveaway Week One

    2014 was our best year yet for official site reviews, with 52 hitting the home page throughout the year, and 2015 is on course to be even better with 33 published already, and numerous others underwa

    Posted 8 years ago 710

  • Changes to Social Sharing

    It's Friday, so that means it's time for a site update before the weekend! We've had a TA app on facebook for some time that automatically posted your game starts and completions, and any milestones

    Posted 8 years ago 65

  • Madden 16 Hands Off Debut Screenshots

    Amid all the noise in the NFL this offseason, it's nice to remember that, eventually, there will actually be games to play again. That's true on the virtual gridiron too. For now, EA is still the onl

    Posted 8 years ago 17

  • Game of Thrones Episode 4 Coming Next Week

    Forgive me for remaining vague. I wanted to alert you all to this news without spoiling anything for myself. I haven't gotten around to playing Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series just yet. For

    Posted 8 years ago 18

  • New Screens and Artwork for ARK: Survival Evolved

    Details on ARK: Survival Evolved have been rolling out since its announcement just over a week ago. Today, developer Studio Wildcard released some new screenshots as well as some artwork detailing so

    Posted 8 years ago 24

  • Beach Buggy Racing is Coming to the Xbox One

    The folks over at Vector Unit have announced that their popular mobile game Beach Buggy Racing will be coming to the Xbox One next week. For those of you who aren't aware of what Beach Buggy Racing i

    Posted 8 years ago 21

  • Cross-site Walkthrough Porting [UPDATE]

    Edit: After another brief conversation, we've decided that everyone should get the chance to port their walkthrough cross-site. People are no longer required to have a TT account. Be aware that not e

    Posted 8 years ago 103

  • Need For Speed Gets The Reboot Treatment

    All that was old is new again. That's the mantra of modern gaming, much like modern film and television. People love to hit the refresh button and begin anew. EA has announced today that they're doin

    Posted 8 years ago 66

  • Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Femme Fatales

    Chances are if you're a fan of the Devil May Cry series, then you'll know all about the two extra characters Trish and Lady that you'll be able to slay demons with in the upcoming Devil May Cry 4 Spe

    Posted 8 years ago 16

  • New Live-Action Trailer For Batman: Arkham Knight

    Live-action trailers for games tend to be little more than hype-pieces. We're not going to say that this one for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight is any different really, but with Trent Reznor serv

    Posted 8 years ago 15

  • Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness Gets New Trailer

    A new trailer comes our way featuring and director commentary on the game's details (while in funny costumes). Unfortunately, for those

    Posted 8 years ago 13

  • Pinball FX2 Trailer Shows Off Portal Pinball

    Following on from the announcement of the Portal pinball table DLC for Pinball FX2 two weeks ago, developers Zen Studios has released a short video showing the table in action.

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • The Behemoth's Game 4 Gets Gameplay Trailer

    The Behemoth has released a new gameplay trailer for, their new title for Xbox One, and it includes the first 20 minutes of the solo story. The

    Posted 8 years ago 14

  • King's Quest Developer Diary Talks About The Art

    Previously, The Odd Gentlemen have released developer diaries about the vision driving the upcoming King's Quest re-imaging and we've also heard from the voice actors and actresses lending their cons

    Posted 8 years ago 5

  • NHL Legacy Edition Announced

    EA Sports brings us NHL Legacy Edition, the culmination of the last nine years in NHL gaming history for the last-gen consoles. This title will be released closely with the next game in the series, N

    Posted 8 years ago 18

  • Underwater Exploration Game Anoxemia Announced

    A new game has been announced for Xbox One as part of the ID@Xbox program. Anoxemia is an adventure game set deep in the ocean as a submariner is stranded when his vessel crashes. With nothing but hi

    Posted 8 years ago 32

  • Gameplay Video For Magnetic: Cage Closed

    Following on from last week's walkthrough video and ahead of the game's release on Steam next week, developers Guru Games have released a video - sprinkled with narration by lead artist Marcus Billbo

    Posted 8 years ago 1

  • Red Stripe Deals: May 21st, 2015

    It shouldn't surprise you to learn that both of these titles have been on sale before. Both were last on sale just three months previously. Final Fantasy III (WP) - $15.99/£11.99 $7.99/£6.19 Final Fa

    Posted 8 years ago 18

  • NHL 16 Announced for Xbox One

    The annual NHL series, developed by EA Canada, has just grown a game stronger with the announcement of NHL 16 for the Xbox One. Some of NHL 16's key features and game modes were announced, showing us

    Posted 8 years ago 29

  • Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Music Trailer

    505 Games have released a new trailer spotlighting the dynamic audio that will feature in Payday 2: Crimewave Edition. Composer Simon Viklund discusses the music in Payday 2, and how your play style

    Posted 8 years ago 16

  • XBL Content Roundup: May 19th & 20th, 2015

    Xbox One Games After being available for pre-order and pre-release for a month, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is now available for purchase from here worldwide. This is joined by a new bundle, an ID@Xbox

    Posted 8 years ago 13

  • Be The Executioner In The Next Evil Within DLC

    We already knew that the third and final DLC for The Evil Within was putting players in the shoes of the game's iconic Boxman, but today's trailer for the soon-to-be released add-on confirms the addi

    Posted 8 years ago 10

  • KURSK Announced

    Games are becoming increasingly cinematic in their presentation these days and are able to deal with a lot of mature subject matter. Polish developer, Jujubee, has decided to go down this route in a

    Posted 8 years ago 35

  • LEGO Dimensions Details Funpacks

    We brought you the LEGO Dimensions announcement last month, introducing LEGO's foray into the figurine-enhanced-games market currently dominated by Disney Infinity and Skylanders. We now have more de

    Posted 8 years ago 21

  • Ten More Guitar Hero Live Tracks Revealed

    Following on from last week's partial setlist reveal for the upcoming Guitar Hero Live, Activision have revealed ten more tracks as part of "Tracklist Tuesday". For those of you keeping score, that b

    Posted 8 years ago 79

  • Schrödinger's Cat Review

    Schrödinger's Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark was released on PC last year and the title has now arrived on Xbox One. This is our opportunity to see whether Schrodinger’s Cat should be let out

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • The Moderator Team Is Recruiting!

    Hey TA’ers! It's been some time since the moderators' last recruitment drive, so it pleases me to inform you that we are now accepting applications. The TA Moderation Team is responsible for the smoo

    Posted 8 years ago 160

  • Naruto Shippuden: UNS4 Ten-Tails Obito Reveal

    The final game in the Naruto Shippuden series gets another character reveal, and it's another form of Obito Uchiha. It was already announced a little while ago that a variation of Obito (fused with Z

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • WRC 5 Releases Developer Diary

    WRC 5 was announced last month showing off a reveal trailer and some in-game screenshots. Today, Bigben Interactive has released their first of several development diaries, each of which will highlig

    Posted 8 years ago 5

  • XBL Sale Roundup: May 19th, 2015

    This week's Deals with Gold provides discounts across a range of different franchises, but Dragon Age and Metal Gear Solid get special focuses. We're also treated to offers on the DLC for recent "Ga

    Posted 8 years ago 67

  • More Details for Ark: Survival Evolved

    We recently brought you the announcement that ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to Xbox One. For those of you that were waiting for more information about this upcoming open-world dino-survival game, X

    Posted 8 years ago 20

  • Bloodstained: RotN Ask IGA Video Released

    When Koji Igarashi launched his Kickstarter for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, it took mere hours for the game to smash through its fundraising goal of $500,000. In fact, by the time we reported

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • Screens Showcase Solitaire in Win 10

    Did you know Microsoft Solitaire is celebrating its 25th year? From its early beginnings as one of the limited games available on a brand-new PC (along with classics like Minesweeper), through to its

    Posted 8 years ago 27

  • Blues & Bullets Celebrates Eliot Ness

    When A Crowd of Monsters revealed that they were at work on the episodic noir title, Blues & Bullets, we were told at the time that gamers would take on the role of Patton, a "former detective that i

    Posted 8 years ago 7

  • DOOM Gets An E3 Teaser

    id Software has been pretty tight-lipped about DOOM for a while now, with the last information about the game coming at QuakeCon 2014 with a couple screenshots. Well, lucky for us, the silence has no

    Posted 8 years ago 28

  • In My Xbox Dreams, I See That Town

    The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you? In the Silent Hill story universe, some things are never explained. Those visiting the eerie town are blanketed in equal parts confusion and fog.

    Posted 8 years ago 62

  • AC Syndicate Welcomes You To The Family

    Following on from the original reveal, we now get a chance to have more of a sneak peek into the upcoming world of Assassin's Creed Syndicate. In this new trailer, the Senior Producer for the game, F

    Posted 8 years ago 23

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Friends Trailer

    We've already seen the amount of choice that Tamriel is going to offer us in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. Everything is better knowing an ally has got your back though, and you can se

    Posted 8 years ago 14

  • The Walkthrough Team Is Recruiting!

    Hey TA'ers! We've recently lost some members of the Walkthrough Team due to off-site commitments, so we are looking to replace those guys with some enthusiastic gamers who can work well within our te

    Posted 8 years ago 100

  • Game Of Thrones: Sons Of Winter Screenshots

    After the release of the third episode for Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series almost two months ago, Telltale Games has decided to give us a quick peak at the next installment of the series, "S

    Posted 8 years ago 20

  • Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Lady Gameplay

    Another one of the three playable characters in Capcom's upcoming hack & slash title gets their time to shine under the video spotlight,

    Posted 8 years ago 7

  • Rainbow Six Siege Receives Release Date

    The joys of close-quarter tactical combat are being brought back to life with Ubisoft's upcoming first person shooter Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Many players will be getting pretty excited about

    Posted 8 years ago 19

  • We Happy Few Shares Pleasant Early Footage

    We still don't know if We Happy Few will make its way to consoles. The creators of Contrast have only mentioned a PC release for their upcoming creepy, BioShockian title. If you missed the announceme

    Posted 8 years ago 9

  • Battlefield 4 Getting Free Content With Next Patch

    Far removed from its shaky release, Battlefield 4 continues to receive attention despite the release of Hardline. For players still sticking with the military over the police force, a slew of new wea

    Posted 8 years ago 29

  • Retail Releases: Week of May 18th, 2015

    North America (May 19th) Farming Simulator 15 Farming Simulator 15 (Xbox 360) NASCAR '15 (May 22nd) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Australia Farming Simulator 15 (May 19th) Farming Simulator 15 (Xbox 360)

    Posted 8 years ago 24

  • Farming Simulator 15 Trailer Shows Off Vehicles

    A new trailer for imminently released Farming Simulator 15 takes us into the garage for a closer look at some of the hardware available in the game, from tractors to harvesters and everything in betw

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • TA Gaming Stats - May 4th to 10th 2015

    This report is for the period May 4th to 10th 2015. Welcome to this week's stats here on TA. This week has been a bit of a blur in the fallout since our May the Fourth celebrations. I've been spendin

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • Let's Talk with stoketom1986

    Hello everyone and welcome back to another Community Interview! Sorry about the delay once again. This week, our guest is stoketom1986, a gamer who, despite a huge obstacle, has managed to achieve so

    Posted 8 years ago 49

  • TA Top Five: Swords

    While you may just "stick 'em with the pointy end", a fashionable and powerful sword in the hands of a skilled character can put awe into those around them. Suggested by HolyMoses81, this week we've

    Posted 8 years ago 153

  • Diablo III Anniversary Event

    To celebrate the third anniversary of Diablo III, Blizzard are giving players who log into Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition between May 15th and May 21st a temporary in-game buff.

    Posted 8 years ago 37

  • Divinity: Original Sin Heading to Consoles

    Back in March, it was revealed that Larian Studios' RPG Divinity: Original Sin would be seeing a release on Windows 10; now it has been confirmed that the title will also be making its way to PlaySta

    Posted 8 years ago 23

  • Disney Infinity 3.0 Reveals Mickey and Minnie

    In episode 68 of Disney Infinity's Toy Box TV, Vice President of production John Vignocchi, and Community Manager Allison Petrek, give us a sneak peek of the fun to come with two new characters from

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • Game Troopers Announce Lines

    After publishing the likes of Tiny Troopers (WP), Overkill 3 (WP) and Make It Rain: The Love of Money (WP), publishers Game Troopers are going in a different direction with an upcoming windows phone

    Posted 8 years ago 30

  • Tekken 7 Reveals Jack-7

    Following on from the reveal of Yoshimitsu, Bandai Namco have released a new trailer for Tekken 7 this time introducing us to Jack-7. Many of us will remember Jack from the previous Tekken titles. He

    Posted 8 years ago 11

  • A Look at 'Dual-play' Gameplay in Batman: AK

    Last week we got a detailed look and breakdown of the "All Who Follow You" trailer straight from the developers working on Batman: Arkham Knight. Rocksteady has now provided us with their second epis

    Posted 8 years ago 13

  • Gameloft to Update Many Windows Phone Titles

    Gameloft has published and developed many titles for the Windows Phone platform, both with and without achievements included. Gameloft's own, Gameloft Ryan, broke some exciting news to Windows Centra

    Posted 8 years ago 51

  • XBL Content Roundup: May 14th & 15th, 2015

    Xbox One Pre-Orders Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Size: 9.85 GB Price: US$49.99 / £39.99 / €49.99 / AU$79.95 Release date: June 12th in Europe and Australasia, June 16th in North America PAYDAY is an a

    Posted 8 years ago 33

  • MotoGP 15 Day One Edition Details, Date & Trailer

    Milestone brings some news for motorcycle racing fans out there about the Day One Edition for MotoGP 15. The trailer reveals that, by pre-ordering the title, gamers will get a special token for downl

    Posted 8 years ago 7

  • New DLC Details For Dying Light

    Since last week's announcement of new content coming to Dying Light, we have received new details on the upcoming DLC, "The Bozak Horde." In what appears to be a very Saw-like scenario, you will find

    Posted 8 years ago 11

  • LEGO Jurassic World Dated with Trailers & Screens

    Lots of news comes for the upcoming LEGO-ized version of the Jurassic Park series, LEGO Jurassic World. Play through all four movies in the series and experience the classic LEGO humour. Brick-buildi

    Posted 8 years ago 14

  • Warframe Den of Kubrow Bonus Weeks Detailed

    It's time to clear your schedule and forget any other games you may be currently working on for a couple of weeks as Digital Extremes, the developers behind Warframe, have announced a two week long e

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • New Destiny Trailer For House Of Wolves

    With the release of the "House of Wolves" DLC for Destiny just a few days away, we've got another trailer to share with you. Take a look for yourself below at the new environments and new weapons you

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • Candy Crush Saga Coming To Win 10

    If you've got a phone, or Facebook, or know someone with either of those things, chances are you might have heard of Candy Crush Saga. An addictive little game which has you matching up fruit to make

    Posted 8 years ago 35

  • Warframe Tubeman of Regor Update Detailed

    Warframe developers Digital Extremes have detailed the next update set to arrive for the Xbox One space-based MMO, entitled 'Tubeman of Regor'. This new update expands the Solar System even further i

    Posted 8 years ago 11

  • Tour de France 2015 Teased with New Trailer

    Announced at the end of April, Cyanide's Tour de France 2015 is set to give players a chance to take part in the prestigious road cycling event on the Xbox One for the first time sometime soon. Warmi

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • Slice Zombies for Kinect Review

    If you are one of the gamers that purchased an Xbox One before Microsoft ditched the mandatory Kinect around this time last year, or if you've purchased a Kinect since then, you may well have been wo

    Posted 8 years ago 9

  • SL Rally Evo Introduces Citroën DS3 Record Livery

    A new video has been released teasing a vehicle that will be available to drive in the upcoming racing title Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo. One of 60 cars available in the game, the Citroën DS3 Record Liv

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • Another Steamworld Heist Q&A

    Following the last Q&A session two weeks ago, the guys behind upcoming space-based adventure SteamWorld Heist sit down to talk more about the game. We hear about the procedurally generated world, DLC

    Posted 8 years ago 2

  • Final Fantasy XI May Update Trailer

    Although the life of Final Fantasy XI is starting to come to an end, Square Enix continues to show support for its nine year old title as they push out a new May update to the game. This update will

    Posted 8 years ago 25

  • Madden NFL 16 First Look Trailer

    After recently revealing that Odell Beckham Jr would be the new cover star, we now have a chance to get our first official look at Madden NFL 16. This trailer invites you to be the playmaker and take

    Posted 8 years ago 7

  • The Witcher 3 New Teaser Trailer

    With The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt release just around the corner, we are being teased with another short trailer for the game. Watch the short teaser for yourself below and get ready for a night you'll r

    Posted 8 years ago 10

  • Leap Frog Week Four Update

    It's time to take a look at the stats from week four of our Leap Frog competition. This week a further 106 contestants croaked out of the competition, including Mr. TrueAchievements himself who seeme

    Posted 8 years ago 23

  • Batman: Arkham Knight Disruptor Details

    Batman: Arkham Knight gets some more details from Rocksteady about the weapon, the Disruptor, that was revealed in the latest developer trailer. This wicked weapon wields three charges per engagement

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • Naruto Shippuden: UNS4 New Character Reveal

    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 gets another character reveal in the form of Obito (fused with Zetsu). This distraught version of Obito Uchiha is the beginning of his change in outlook on li

    Posted 8 years ago 21

  • Ubisoft's Earnings Call Announcements

    At the start of April, the financial year rolls over. During the following weeks, we see reports from developers and publishers about their financial performance over the last 12 months. While most g

    Posted 8 years ago 39

  • SMITE Enters Closed Beta

    After a successful alpha, and in anticipation of the game's release later this year, Hi-Rez Studios has announced that their action-MOBA SMITE has entered the closed beta stage of development. In a v

    Posted 8 years ago 29

  • Five Free Expansions Announced For Neverwinter

    Perfect World Entertainment, publisher of Neverwinter (HK), have announced that the free-to-play MMO will be receiving not one, not two, but five free expansions in 2015 to keep the 1.6 million perso

    Posted 8 years ago 55

  • New Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Video Released

    Payday 2: Crimewave Edition is edging ever closer to release and with that in mind, developers OVERKILL Software have released a short video with producer Andreas Häll-Penninger. He talks about a cou

    Posted 8 years ago 12

  • Magnetic: Cage Closed Developer Walkthrough Video

    Guru Games provides us with a developer walkthrough of their upcoming title, Magnetic: Cage Closed, a first-person perspective game that utilizes a magnetic gun to traverse and escape a location know

    Posted 8 years ago 1

  • Red Stripe Deals: May 14th, 2015

    In December the Red Stripe deals go from a weekly event to a monthly event with more titles on sale. Last week saw a repeat of the first December Red Stripe deal, so we shouldn't be too surprised to

    Posted 8 years ago 28

  • TrueAchievements Mobile Site Update

    Good morning! Yesterday we launched the new TrueAchievements Mobile site, and we've had loads of feature requests already. New Features We've been working hard over the past 24 hours to try to implem

    Posted 8 years ago 81

  • And The Madden 16 Cover Athlete Is...

    Some call him ODB, some call him OBJ, EA Sports now calls him cover star. New York Giants second year wideout Odell Beckham Jr., after having one of the most dominant rookie seasons of all-time, will

    Posted 8 years ago 30

  • BADLAND: GOTY Edition Dated with Gameplay Trailer

    Developer Frogmind brings us more media on BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition with a new trailer revealing gameplay mechanics, various races of little bat-creatures, and the different puzzles you will

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • XBL Content Roundup: May 12th & 13th, 2015

    Windows Phone Delistings A month has passed since our last delisting and yet another Windows Phone title comes along to spoil the mood. Fling (WP) is the latest title to disappear from the Windows Ph

    Posted 8 years ago 26

  • Life is Strange Episode 3 Coming Next Week

    By all accounts, DONTNOD has had no sophomore slump with their episodic story game, Life Is Strange. Episode three serves as the midway point to the story, picking up after the very emotional ending

    Posted 8 years ago 24

  • Partial Guitar Hero Live Track List Revealed

    Forget the new features, or the look of the remodeled guitar, the most exciting part of a new music game is discovering the track list. The first batch of songs for Guitar Hero Live has been revealed

    Posted 8 years ago 81

  • Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Dated with Trailer

    Fans of the DMC series will be happy to hear that a release date has been announced for the Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition along with a gameplay trailer and screenshots. Unfortunately for collectors

    Posted 8 years ago 11

  • Pure Pool Announces New Snooker DLC

    If you've been playing through Pure Pool, but wishing you were really playing snooker, then now you're about to get your wish. VooFoo Studios and Ripstone Publishing have just announced a new snooker

    Posted 8 years ago 22

  • TrueAchievements Now Optimized For Mobile

    Hi TAers! We have had a mobile version of TrueAchievements for some time, but it has lived under its own subdomain and has a completely separate code-base to the main site. This has meant that it's n

    Posted 8 years ago 154

  • XBL Sale Roundup: May 12th, 2015 [UPDATED]

    UPDATE: It would seem as though the "VIP Pass" DLC for Gears of War: Judgment has also been added. This week's Deals with Gold focuses on three different franchises. We get sales across the Saints Ro

    Posted 8 years ago 105

  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate Revealed

    Recently, Ubisoft hasn't been able to keep a lid on leaks about the Assassin's Creed franchise. Their latest title isn't an exception. Since December, rumours had been circulating about a title calle

    Posted 8 years ago 71

  • Two PAX East 2015 Gameplay Trailers from Gigantic

    Hot on the heels of the Gigantic announcement story come new trailers showcasing a tasty serving of new gameplay for the upcoming title. The first trailer was used for the show floor at Pax East 2015

    Posted 8 years ago 2

  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Xbox One Bound

    Fans of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night have some news to be really excited about today. Koji Igarashi, Assistant Director for the title and one of the lead minds that spawned the whole genre of "

    Posted 8 years ago 21

  • World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Details The Training Room

    Practice is about to make perfect in's World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition as a new feature, which is included in the upcoming update, is making its way to the title - The Training Room. T

    Posted 8 years ago 26

  • Giving King's Quest A Voice

    Late last month, The Odd Gentlemen brought to us the first in what is to be a series of developer diaries for their upcoming title, King's Quest. At the time, we were taken behind the scenes to learn

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • Info, Screens, and a Teaser Trailer for Source

    It's been a while since we last heard about Source, an upcoming metroidvania by independent developer Fenix Fire. They've recently announced that Source is being built on Epic Games's latest engine,

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • Schrödinger's Cat Dev Diary

    We all have that one braniac friend, the one whose jokes seem to fall like an anvil with a dull thud. Or perhaps, you ARE that friend. Well, the developers of Schrödinger's Cat and the Raiders of the

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • The Evil Within Teases The Executioner DLC

    With "The Assigment" and "The Consequence" giving us all we needed to know regarding Juli Kidman's involvement in The Evil Within, it has now come time to learn a little about the last piece of the p

    Posted 8 years ago 12

  • Beyond Flesh And Blood New Gameplay

    Having just celebrated over 8,800 downloads on the PC with a couple of new screenshots, Beyond: Flesh and Blood now has a new gameplay trailer to offer us. This time we get to see a variety of differ

    Posted 8 years ago 1

  • Go Inside My Radio With New Screens

    When Seaven Studios revealed that their platformer Inside My Radio was going to be out "when it was done", they weren't kidding. Nearly a year after the first announcement, the game was briefly seen

    Posted 8 years ago 1

  • Xbox One May System Update Detailed

    The month of May brings a new set of updates to the Xbox One. While preview members have had access to some of these updates for some time, they will now be available to the broader Xbox One audience

    Posted 8 years ago 52

  • Witcher 3 Xbox One Gameplay Trailer

    CDProjektRED have released an entertaining gameplay trailer for their upcoming release, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Following Geralt as he explores both forests and plains, the trailer shows off the dy

    Posted 8 years ago 20

  • ARK: Survival Evolved Announced For Xbox One

    Developer Studio Wildcard just unveiled their first video game for the Xbox One called ARK: Survival Evolved. It is an open-world survival game where players will fight against dinosaurs, other dange

    Posted 8 years ago 41

  • Dying Light DLC Incoming

    Techland have announced the first substantial DLC for Dying Light. Titled "The Bozak Horde", the DLC will take players into Harran's stadium, an area that was previously inaccessible. http://www.true

    Posted 8 years ago 14

  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Review

    We will be cruel to the Germans, and through our cruelty they will know who we are. And they will find the evidence of our cruelty in the disemboweled, dismembered, and disfigured bodies of their br

    Posted 8 years ago 22

  • Edge of Eternity Screens Released

    New screens have been released from game developer Midgar Studios' upcoming RPG, Edge of Eternity. The screens show off the impressive visuals players will get to soak up when their adventure begins

    Posted 8 years ago 13

  • Star Wars Battlefront Single Screen Released

    A new screen has been released via the EAStarWars twitter account showcasing an AT-ST seemingly on the hunt in the wild and wonderful wilderness of one of the maps to come in Star Wars Battlefront. h

    Posted 8 years ago 24

  • TA Gaming Stats - April 27th to May 3rd 2015

    This report is for the period April 27th to May 3rd 2015. Welcome to the second part of this week's stats here on TA, this time covering the very end of April into the beginning of May. Games Started

    Posted 8 years ago 5

  • TA Gaming Stats - April 20th to 26th 2015

    This report is for the period April 20th to 26th 2015. What ho everyone. Welcome to a double bill of stats from here on TA (part two here). That's right, this week you get two for one. But only becau

    Posted 8 years ago 2

  • Retail Releases: Week of May 11th, 2015

    This week sees North America and Australia in a little role reversal in terms of new releases. North American gamers can finally get down to racing, whilst Australians can bag the Game of the Year ed

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • TA Top Five: Short Games

    Apologies for the absence of the Top Five last week and the delay this week. However, we're now back on track! Life can be incredibly busy at times. Whether it's work, family, school or just things t

    Posted 8 years ago 96

  • Gigantic Announced for Xbox One and Windows 10

    Game developer Motiga has partnered with Microsoft and will be bringing their upcoming free-to-play, five-on-five, third person title Gigantic to both Xbox One and Windows 10. The title is inspired b

    Posted 8 years ago 21

  • Leap Frog Week Three Update

    Happily there were no major Xbox LIVE issues during week three of Leap Frog, which means that we can delve straight into the stats rather than clearing up who has been reinstated and why. During week

    Posted 8 years ago 70

  • Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Trish Gameplay

    A new gameplay trailer has been released for Capcom's upcoming Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition in which one of the three playable characters, Trish, showcases her combat mechanics against helpless en

    Posted 8 years ago 19

  • Farming Simulator 15 Multiplayer Trailer

    With the release of Farming Simulator 15 edging ever so closer and the excitement reaching unbearable heights, developer Giants Software have released a new multiplayer trailer that will send eager f

    Posted 8 years ago 22

  • Batman Celebrates Mother's Day in Arkham City

    It's Mother's Day today over in North America, a time to appreciate all that our mothers do for us. More importantly, it's also time to work on a time sensitive achievement in both Batman: Arkham Cit

    Posted 8 years ago 34

  • Space Dust Racers Trailer and Gameplay Video

    You may have missed it in the ID@Xbox Goes to GDC articles. Far be it from us to let you remain unaware of Obliteracers. This upcoming kart racer from indie developer Space Dust Studios out of Melbou

    Posted 8 years ago 5

  • Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Vergil Gameplay

    Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition gets a new gameplay video featuring almost every DMC fan's favourite character, Vergil. In this trailer we get to see a demonstration of Vergil's abilities as this edi

    Posted 8 years ago 12

  • Destiny "House of Wolves" Preview & Gameplay Video

    Destiny gets another trailer featuring all of the new game modes in the upcoming DLC, "House of Wolves", along with the full Twitch gameplay video on the Prison of Elders game mode. The preview below

    Posted 8 years ago 24

  • Earn Double Fame in Spartacus Legends This Weekend

    For those of you still working your way towards level 50 in Spartacus Legends, this weekend will help you claw your way a bit closer towards the Rich and Famous achievement. Rich and Famous in Sparta

    Posted 8 years ago 30

  • Arkham Knight Devs Start An Insider Series

    Yesterday's voice talent announcement and Batgirl character reveal was seemingly just the tip of information that Rocksteady is willing to provide for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight title. Since

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • Team 17 to Publish Schrödinger's Cat on Xbox One

    British/Irish indie developers Italic Pig and indie publisher Team 17 have announced that the quarky quirky puzzle platformer Schrödinger's Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark will make its way to

    Posted 8 years ago 13

  • Beyond Flesh & Blood Images Released

    To celebrate 8,800 downloads of the game's demo over on the PC, indie developer Pixelbomb Games has released a new piece of enemy artwork and an environment screenshot for their upcoming mech-shooter

    Posted 8 years ago 4

  • Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse Gets a New Publisher

    As we told you a couple of days ago, developer Steamroller Studios successfully kickstarted their latest title, Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse, a survival adventure that's an interesting combination,

    Posted 8 years ago 13

  • Tekken 7 Unveils Yoshimitsu

    Continuing the trend of gradual character reveals, Bandai Namco have unveiled the latest fighter for the upcoming Tekken 7. Yoshimitsu is the latest to get an unveiling, and the accompanying reveal t

    Posted 8 years ago 27

  • Wasteland 2 GoTY Screens Emerge

    Back in March it was announced at GDC that the sequel to the classic post-apocalyptic role-playing title Wasteland would be making its way to Xbox One in a "Game of the Year" edition under the ID@Xbo

    Posted 8 years ago 30

  • GunWorld Revealed for Xbox One

    Developer m07games’ GunWorld is a challenging retro platformer that pays homage to “everything great about classic game design” and asks players to “Plant seeds, grow guns, fight aliens”. The title h

    Posted 8 years ago 44

  • XBL Content Roundup: May 7th & 8th, 2015

    Xbox One Games After previously being available for pre-order and pre-loading, Project CARS is now available from here in Europe and Australasia. The game will be released in North America next week.

    Posted 8 years ago 18

  • Behind the Scenes of Destiny's "House of Wolves"

    In the past week, we have been introduced to new Crucible maps and the Trials of Osiris game mode, but the upcoming expansion for Destiny, "House of Wolves", has yet more to be discovered. This lates

    Posted 8 years ago 19

  • Red Goddess: Inner World New Trailer

    Yanim Studio's upcoming platformer Red Goddess: Inner World puts players in the role of a troubled deity, Divine. Not only does she feel like the past is haunting her, her confusion is tearing her ap

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 Screenshots

    After Wednesday's Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 reveal had players in joyful celebration, we return with a look at some of the skaters in action on three of the game's skate spots. These screenshots were

    Posted 8 years ago 26

  • The Visual Evolution of Final Fantasy

    Final Fantasy is a beloved RPG franchise that spans countless games across multiple platforms and generations. Most people don't question that the series had been known for its graphical fidelity and

    Posted 8 years ago 15

  • Voicing The Characters of Batman: Arkham Knight

    For the sake of making Batman: Arkham Knight the best title in the Arkham series, Warner Bros and DC Entertainment have enlisted the help of some well known faces to provide the voice talent for the

    Posted 8 years ago 18

  • Giana Sisters: Dream Runners Developer Diary

    We first heard of Giana Sisters: Dream Runners back when it was first announced near the end of March, and for those starving for information you'll be glad to know that Euro Video has released a Dev

    Posted 8 years ago 9

  • Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance Coming To Xbox One

    Throwback Entertainment, the owner of various titles such as Extreme G Racing and Vexx, have announced that they will be re-releasing a game that some will remember from the original Xbox. Initially

    Posted 8 years ago 34

  • Elder Scrolls Online Examines Freedom Of Choice

    For many, the best part of the new generation of consoles is the arrival of true MMO gaming that was previously reserved for computers. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is a hit on PC and

    Posted 8 years ago 56

  • The Division Reemerges With A New Dev Diary

    We haven't heard from the game since August and even back then gamers were worried the title would become vaporware. A new video, the first of a series, might just put those worries to rest. Though t

    Posted 8 years ago 11

  • Disney Infinity 3.0 Visits A Galaxy Far, Far Away

    Here's news that will surprise no one: Disney Infinity is getting another sequel, and this time gamers can explore the vastness of George Lucas' sci-fi epic, Star Wars. The announcement seemed inevit

    Posted 8 years ago 13

  • This Witcher 3 Video Answers Some Questions

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the next huge release for 2015, and it's nearly here. Next week, gamers will get to slip on the attire of Geralt of Rivia, or as is more common for the series, take it all

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Gets Dated

    If you never got to experience the co-op shooter Payday 2 on last gen, soon you'll have your chance to get it on current gen. This new trailer serves to clue in gamers who let the cop killing, bank r

    Posted 8 years ago 19

  • Adventure Time Competition Winner Announced

    You might remember that a little while ago we told you of a competition to design a new character that would feature in the new game, Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations. Well, that competit

    Posted 8 years ago 7

  • Madden NFL 16 Cover Vote

    As fans of the Madden franchise are now used to, the annual Madden Cover Vote has begun for Madden NFL 16, and this year will be slightly different than last year's cover vote. First off, there are l

    Posted 8 years ago 61

  • Red Stripe Deals: May 7th, 2015

    The good news is that Windows 8 does have a LIVE-enabled Red Stripe deal this week. The bad news is that neither of the offers are things that we haven't seen before -- December being the last. ilomi

    Posted 8 years ago 20

  • Sherlock Holmes Series Changes Publishers

    The Sherlock Holmes series of adventure games by Frogwares will be changing publishers, starting with the next game in the series. Previously published by Focus Home Interactive, the series will now

    Posted 8 years ago 13

  • Two New Videos For SMITE

    Hi-Rez Studios has released a couple of videos about their MOBA, SMITE, concerning the Xbox One version of the game. The first video talks about the most recent update to the game with information ab

    Posted 8 years ago 8

  • XBL Content Roundup: May 5th & 6th, 2015

    Due to my attendance at Play Blackpool over the previous weekend, the content roundup for April 30th and May 1st wasn't published. As a result, all of the content will be included in this roundup too

    Posted 8 years ago 20

  • Walkthroughs Update - April 2015

    Hey all! Even though the overseers have had a rough ride this past month, we are pleased to announce some changes as well. Before I do I'd like to thank everyone involved with the team in the past an

    Posted 8 years ago 20

  • Halo 5: Guardians GAME Pre Order Details

    343 Industries, the developer behind the upcoming monumental title that is Halo 5: Guardians, has released new pre-order details for residents of the UK who are looking to purchase the title via GAME

    Posted 8 years ago 77

  • Destiny's "House of Wolves" Reveals Keep Coming

    It's only been a week since the new "House of Wolves" expansion was revealed for Bungie's Destiny. Shortly thereafter, we learned some of what the DLC will include, namely three new Crucible maps and

    Posted 8 years ago 23

  • Zen Studios Introduces Portal Pinball DLC

    It's that time again where Pinball FX2 graces us with yet another table to play with, and this time it is the turn of Chell, Wheatley, Atlas and P-Body, as Portal takes centre stage. Bounce off the f

    Posted 8 years ago 23

  • Tony Hawk Pro Skater Is Back, Bro

    Announced exclusively on Game Informer today, after months of hints from developers Disruptive Games and Robomodo, it's official -- Tony Hawk Pro Skater is coming back. The series that began in 1999

    Posted 8 years ago 76

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Trailer Is Monstrous

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a couple weeks away from making its debut on consoles. Developer CD Projekt have released numerous videos to build up the hype for the next iteration in The Witcher franch

    Posted 8 years ago 22

  • Inside My Radio Gets a Handful of New Screens

    Seaven Studio has been pretty quiet after announcing their rhythm platformer Inside My Radio almost a year ago. But now we finally get another glimpse inside the radio thanks to a few screenshots sho

    Posted 8 years ago 3

  • Tinertia Gameplay Footage and Developer Interview

    You may remember a recent news article introducing upcoming platformer Tinertia for Xbox One. Well if you were wanting more information about it, loads more in fact, your wish has been granted. What

    Posted 8 years ago 1

  • XBL Sale Roundup: May 5th, 2015

    This week's Deals with Gold has a mostly Call of Duty focus on the 360 with some titles on offer that weren't discounted a fortnight ago. As well as those, we also get some Far Cry 4 discounts acros

    Posted 8 years ago 82

  • Wulverblade Interview at Play Blackpool 2015

    Wulverblade was one of the ID@Xbox titles to be first revealed at San Diego's GDC in 2014. Since then, the game has been travelling to numerous gaming expos for players to try out. One of those conve

    Posted 8 years ago 6

  • KFP: Showdown of Legendary Legends Announced

    A new multiplayer game based on DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda series has been announced and it's called Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends. Vicious Cycle brings fans of the franchise

    Posted 8 years ago 9

  • Fable Legends Introduces A New Enemy

    We've been seeing a lot of the villainy on display in Fable Legends lately. This newest developer diary highlights an especially hideous enemy type coming to the free to play title, Pucks. https://ww

    Posted 8 years ago 14

  • Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse Gets Kickstarted

    Kickstarter has once again done its job, the exact type of thing it was created to do, by successfully funding another indie game hoping to leave its mark on new generation consoles. Steamroller Stud

    Posted 8 years ago 11

  • Screencheat Showcases New Gameplay

    The upcoming first person shooter Screencheat is one of the many ID@Xbox titles covered back in March this year. The title is being developed by Samurai Punk and offers an interesting twist on the us

    Posted 8 years ago 10

  • Rogue Legacy Xbox One Release Date Revealed

    Outside of the initial announcement that Rogue Legacy would be coming to Xbox One, there has not been much news about the port of the popular rogue-lite. Abstraction Games and Cellar Door Games have

    Posted 8 years ago 25

  • Star Wars Battlefront Details and Artwork Emerge

    We all know the Star Wars fans among us wait with baited breath for each new detail on the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront for Xbox One. Lucky for you, EA has released new information on the creation

    Posted 8 years ago 40

  • Caffeine Trailer Is Addicted to Scaring You

    We were first introduced to upcoming sci-fi horror puzzler Caffeine back in March when the game was confirmed for Xbox One as part of the ID@Xbox program. The trailer shows some of the tense explorat

    Posted 8 years ago 27

  • Toro Trailer Charges Forth

    First announced at the beginning of the year, a new trailer has been released for Toro, which is a bullfighting game from indie Spanish developers RECO Technology.

    Posted 8 years ago 22

  • Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass Details

    As a result of the season pass and pre-order details that were revealed last week, Arkham Knight fans were distraught over the costs that they were being asked to dish out for the additional content

    Posted 8 years ago 69

  • Retail Releases: Week of May 4th, 2015

    This week, Slightly Mad Studios' long-awaited racing simulator finally reaches the starting grid after years of teasers, trailers, and delays. However, North American gamers will have to wait just a

    Posted 8 years ago 34

  • Leap Frog Week Two Update

    It's time to share some stats from week two of the Leap Frog competition, which ended earlier this week. As with last week's roundup, before we get into the stats, I'm going to clear up the issue tha

    Posted 8 years ago 87

  • Let's Talk with ChewieOnIce

    Hello everyone and welcome back to another Community Interview! Apologies for the slight delay in getting this one out, but as always, we hope it's worth the wait. This week, our guest is ChewieOnIce

    Posted 8 years ago 59

  • Shovel Knight Review

    Last year, Shovel Knight was released on several other platforms with a style aimed to pay homage to games of the past like Mega Man and the original Castlevania. Now that the adventure has made its

    Posted 8 years ago 43

  • Guns, Gore & Cannoli Screens & Artwork Released

    Game developer Crazy Monkey Studios have unleashed a huge serving of artwork and screens showcasing a wide range of shooting goodness from their upcoming run & gun title Guns, Gore & Cannoli. To star

    Posted 8 years ago 26

  • 3-D Platformer Yooka-Laylee Fully Funded

    After passing it's initial goal of £175,000 in under 40 minutes, the kickstarter for Yooka-Laylee, the spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie, has already amassed over £375,000 in funding with 46 days

    Posted 8 years ago 110

  • Project Cars Final Car List Revealed

    Ever since we started tracking it with the first screenshots, up until the most recent multiplayer revelations, Project CARS has never let us down with regards to the amount of media that has release

    Posted 8 years ago 51

  • Xbox 360 System Update

    Microsoft today demonstrated that the Xbox 360 still has plenty of life left in it as they released a new system update to the console. Announced on Major Nelson's blog, the update includes a number

    Posted 8 years ago 121

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