TrueAchievements news archive for February 2016

  • TA Stats - February 15th to 21st 2016

    This report is for the period February 15th to 21st 2016. Welcome to the stats for the third week of February here on TA, which saw the release of one of the biggest non-AAA games to hit the One so far following a very successful run over on the PS4. The Big Numbers 63,510 True

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  • Stranger of Sword City Releases New Facility Details

    New details have been released for Experience Inc's upcoming Stranger of Sword City: White Palace for the Xbox One. The team take a look at the various facilities on offer as well as detailing what Butterfly Nests and Magical Stones are. Starting with Facilities, the Corridor serves at the

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  • Retail Releases: Week of February 29th, 2016

    This week's sees a re-release of Mortal Kombat X with the added bonus of the inclusion of additional DLC characters and other content. Also, this week sees a new stealth action game arrive which focuses on the Cold War and World War II period. The "synchronised global launch" that was hoped for has

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  • Battalion 1944 Reveals Stretch Goals and New Screens

    The kickstarter funded title, Battalion 1944, from Bulkhead Interactive absolutely destroyed its original funding target of £100,000 and at the time of writing is almost three times over that amount. With such strong support and heavy funding for the game, the development team has now released detai

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  • Rufus Comes to Xbox One in Deponia Doomsday

    The most successful German adventure series, Deponia from developer Daedalic, will be bringing its fourth instalment from the collection of adventure titles to the Xbox One. Deponia Doomsday tells the story of Rufus who is "apparently the sole (human) survivor" after the flying city Elysium fell fro

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  • PC Indie Title NECROPOLIS Coming to Xbox One

    Well known game publisher Bandai Namco has announced a partnership with PC indie game developer Harebrained Schemes and will be handling the console publishing for the team's award-winning title NECROPOLIS. Combining third-person action with "roguelike dungeon delving", the game will be fa

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  • MXGP 2 New Game Mode Revealed In Trailer

    A new game mode has been revealed in MXGP2 - The Official Motocross Videogame as players can take part in the Monster Energy FIM Motorcross of Nations. This team event sees riders from each nation competing and representing their own country. Players can choose from a selection of the 11 m

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  • Lichdom Battlemage Details Delirium

    Another Sigil Guide has been released for Lichdom Battlemage as we learn the ways of the Delirium Sigil. This Sigil will allow the player to manipulate how enemies interact with each other. As you will see in the newly released video from the Guide Series, enemies can be turned against each other an

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  • Superhot Trailer Gets Toasty

    To celebrate the game's release on PC, the developers of Superhot have released a new trailer for their time-manipulation FPS. As the trailer shows, the player has to move through a maelstrom of bullets and bad guys in a world where time moves when you move. link h

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  • Dead or Alive 5 Last Round DLC Details & Screens

    To celebrate the upcoming release of Samurai Warriors 4 Empires for Playstation platforms, developer of said game KOEI TECMO are teaming up with Dead or Alive 5 Last Round's Team Ninja, to bring a new set of Samurai Warriors inspired additions to Dead or Alive 5 Last Round in the form of a new chara

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  • Cel Damage HD Release Date Confirmed for March

    After being announced at the beginning of this month, developer Finish Line Games has now confirmed the release date for the upcoming wacky car combat title Cel Damage HD and has also released a new set of screens. link hidden If you never played the

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  • The Dwarves See The Light In New Video

    Developer King Art Games are still hard at work putting together all that's needed for their upcoming tactical RPG The Dwarves. In the latest video, we get to see the lighting, particles & post-effects test. link hidden Alpha #2 is coming soon for th

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  • Trial Separation

    In 2007, Ubisoft was a middle to major French publisher known mostly for Rayman, Prince of Persia, and its line of Tom Clancy-endorsed wartime shooters, like Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon. Each of these was known for delivering at least a few worthy titles in their respective franchise

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  • Further Details on 101 Ways To Die

    Science can be dangerous, to which there is no better example than Four Door Lemon's physics-based puzzler, 101 Ways to Die. The life's work of a crazed Professor is incomplete and will be left up to the player to test various death traps in order to aid in his sadistic legacy. At the ga

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  • Assetto Corsa Delayed to June

    Italian developer Kunos Simulazioni has announced that their acclaimed ultra-realistic racing simulation title Assetto Corsa will not be coming to Xbox One in April, as was previously anticipated. Instead, the game will now take to the track in June. The reason for the delay has been given as "to

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  • Friday The 13th Adds Two New Videos

    Slasher films have taught us many things since they rose to prominence in the 1980's. For example: - Pre-marital sex is a death wish. - Never say "I'll be right back." That means you won't be. - The rules of physics don't often apply to the slasher himself. That third rule

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  • Lovecraftian Horror RPG Call of Cthulhu Headed To Consoles

    Pen and paper gamers should be well-versed in the horrors of H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Call of Cthulhu, and now console gamers will get to take part in the horrors of the unknown in Cyanide's RPG coming next year. The studio calls the game an "RPG-Investigation game with psychological horror

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  • Road Rage, Spiritual Successor to Road Rash, Coming Soon

    It's been sixteen years since the last time a Road Rash game released. Since then we've had a few nods to the series, like The Lost and Damned's brawling racing mode, but that was a game mode that was part of a bigger and different game. Maximum Games have today announced Road Rage, a direct spiritu

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  • New TrueAchievements Contest - Ultimate Head to Head

    We love a contest here on TrueAchievements. Unlocking achievements is fun, but it's oh-so-much sweeter when you are unlocking them to get ahead of another gamer! We're always on the lookout for new contest ideas and we were delighted when Freamwhole (host on the Zed to Zed Podcast

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  • Battleborn Kelvin Gameplay Video and Screens

    Kelvin is one of the 25 unique heroes players will get to take control of in Gearbox Software's upcoming Battleborn. In this newly released Let's Play video, creative director Randy Varnell, pairs up with DB Sinclair to showcase the ice golem Kelvin. Packed with vicious melee attacks including an ic

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  • Battlefield Hardline Betrayal Cinematic Trailer

    Earlier this month, Visceral Games shared details on what is coming with "Betrayal" the next DLC pack for Battlefield Hardline, including new maps, weapons, vehicles and more. To continue to build the hype as we approach the release date, Visceral has shard a new cinematic trailer to show off some o

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  • Fable Legends: Meet The Outlaws

    As we continue to await the release of Fable Legends, the folks at Lionhead Studios have decided to give us a behind the scenes look at what goes into creating some of the game's villains. In the following video, several employees of Lionhead discuss the game's Outlaws, what went into creating them

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  • Shantae & the Pirate's Curse Coming to Xbox One

    While we patiently wait for the somewhat delayed new entry in the Shantae saga, developer WayForward has taken to Twitter to announce that the previous entry in the series, 2014's Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, will be arriving on Xbox One soon. link hidden<

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  • PES 2015 Servers Shutting Down in August

    There are plenty of online achievements included with Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, and if you're still chasing them, you now have a firm deadline. This August 25th, the online servers for the title will close permanently. It's a move we see often with sports titles, though Konami isn't exactly the bas

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  • Two More Games Come To Backwards Compatibility List

    Two more titles have hit the backwards compatibility list. If you're a fan of XBLA puzzlers, you'll like this latest pair. If you're waiting for more big AAA games to hit the service, you'll have to keep waiting. The two new games are: Carcassonne Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved A

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  • Dark Souls III Trailer Shows Us the True Colors of Darkness

    The gameplay of the Dark Souls series could reasonably be referred to as "beautifully masochistic" and this new trailer for Dark Souls III really hammers that point with an ethereal rendition of "True Colors" serving as the backdrop for the game's many intimidating sequences. <span class="

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  • The Church in the Darkness Bringing Religious Fanaticism to Xbox

    In the 1970's, Reverend Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple church group moved to Guyana to escape what they perceived to be a persecutory and invasive federal government. Despite some friendships with elected officials, Jones felt his socialist views made him a target in the eyes of Cold War-era US do

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  • XBL Content Roundup: February 26th, 2016

    link hidden Pre-Orders Alekhine's Gun Size: 5.88 GB Price: US$49.99 / £39.99 / €49.99 Release date: March 11th worldwide Make Your Move! It is the height of the Cold War, a time of global uncertainty and civil unrest. You are Agent

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  • New Game and Achievement Notifications

    Last week we added a pretty neat link hidden to the site. We've already had over 3,500 votes made, so we thought we should make good on our promise to start tackling the most requested features... Three of the top five requested items are for new Ga

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  • Air Missions: HIND is Built for Casuals and Diehards

    First-person shooter? Extremely popular. Attack helicopter sims? Not nearly as popular. To appeal to fans who may be jumping into a chopper for the first time without alienating the hardcore fans, Air Missions: HIND's developers at 3DIVISION have incorporated three unique control s

    Posted 7 years ago 13

  • UFC 2 Goes for the Knockout with New Game Modes

    Unlike many sports sim titles, EA SPORTS UFC 2 is releasing following a multi-year absence. With two years away to develop the next installment, a wealth of new game modes are to be expected. We recently covered some of those new modes, but there are more to be discussed. This new trailer goes thro

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  • Nnooo Publishing Announces Three Xbox One Titles

    Just a few weeks ahead of their release of Blast 'em Bunnies, Publisher Nnooo has today unveiled three more upcoming projects under development from three different studios. Let's take a look and see if anything catches your eye. Majestic Nights by Epiphany Games Ex Agent Cardhold

    Posted 7 years ago 19

  • Ark: Survival Evolved Adds Handcuffs and Giant Beavers

    Handcuffs and giant beavers. The peanut butter and jelly of the MMORPG world, yes? If you agree, you'll love this new update for ARK: Survival Evolved. Steam players today have the ability to interact with the Castoroides Feliconcisor (colloquially known as the giant beaver) and utilize handcuffs on

    Posted 7 years ago 11

  • MXGP2 Indoor Stadium Gameplay Released

    Following up on the introduction to the Stadium Series a few days ago, developer Milestone has released a new gameplay video showcasing a race taking place in the Indoor Stadium of the upcoming MXGP2 - The Official Motocross Videogame. Riding a Honda on "Diamond Stadium 1", let's see how we

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  • Preview Battlefield: Hardline's Next Four Maps

    If you're eagerly awaiting the next add-on for Battlefield Hardline, you probably already know it arrives sometime next month and will be available to Premium members first. What you don't know is how the four new maps will look. This new trailer previews each of the maps' terrain, architecture, and

    Posted 7 years ago 4

  • The Division 'Collapse' Simulator Breaks Down Societies

    We've covered a large variety of details, screens and videos for Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's The Division for over a couple of years now. Gamers following the news and the game itself will be well aware of what the story entails and even though the virus, Variola Chimera, and the plot are fictional, a cr

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  • Trio of Battleborn Videos Preview Three Characters

    Gearbox is moving on from their acclaimed Borderlands series to introduce an all-new fast paced multiplayer shooter, Battleborn. You've probably heard of it by now. The colorful battlfields and mix of cutely psychotic characters are certainly reminiscent of the studio's time on Pandora, but Battlebo

    Posted 7 years ago 2

  • Project Knoxville Community Update Looks at Drones

    Ever since Project Knoxville was chosen as Press Play's next game, we've had a constant stream of updates from the studio. Today brings the latest update, as some of the faces behind the game get all futuristic and discuss the use of drones in the Hunger Games-like multiplayer game. <span

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  • Beyond Flesh and Blood Keeps the Explosions Coming

    This trailer for Beyond: Flesh and Blood had me fooled for a moment. Its title is "Channel Trailer Feb 2016 - by Michael Bay", so I was wondering if I missed the announcement that said Michael Bay was diving into the games industry. As it turns out, the fine print reveals that it was simply edited b

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  • Quantum Break's Audio Designer Discusses Time Powers

    When Quantum Break releases in a few weeks, it'll be the first AAA title based on the schoolyard game of Red Light, Green Light. Don't believe me? Check out this new trailer, which clearly showcases how hero Jack Joyce is a big fan of the classic stop-and-go gameplay, and he wants all of Monarch to

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  • Celebrate Agent 47's Greatest Hits in New Hitman Trailer

    When you've been in any industry for a long time, it's usually because you've found great success. That success can be found in any area of expertise, like musicianship, acting, or in Agent 47's case, assassination. You have to be good at your job to find that longevity. Agent 47 has had many, many

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  • Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 All Heading to Xbox One

    Capcom have announced that the previous three numbered instalments in the Resident Evil franchise - 4, 5 and 6 for those of you who lost count or may have worried that you missed a mythical Resident Evil 7 - will be making their way to current generation consoles to celebrate the series' 20th annive

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  • Hammer Storm Releases in Halo 5: Guardians

    February's update for Halo 5: Guardians is live and ready for players to check out as developer 343 Industries continues to keep the game fresh and full of new goodness with the steady release of free content updates. The latest update, "Hammer Storm", contains a whole load of newness including new

    Posted 7 years ago 23

  • Three New Styx: Shards Of Darkness Screenshots

    Three new screenshots have been released for the upcoming Styx: Shards of Darkness, showing off some of the various locales coming to the sequel. [img=link hidden label=true]Developers CYANIDE are promising an emphasis on verticality...[/img] [img=<span clas

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  • New Trailer Released For The Technomancer

    Spiders - not actual arachnids, but the developer behind Mars: War Logs and Bound by Flame - have released a trailer for The Technomancer, their upcoming RPG set on Mars. The trailer takes a look at just a few of the dangers - both human and creature - that you may have to face on the red planet.<br

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  • Farming 2017: The Simulation Announced

    More farming goodness could be making its way to the Xbox One next year with the announcement of Farming 2017: The Simulation from specialists in the simulation genre, VIS Games. Gamers can look forward to head out to the warm and welcoming countryside for another heavy load of playing time in the u

    Posted 7 years ago 17

  • The Batmobile is Coming to Rocket League

    The Batmobile, arguably the world's most famous fictional vehicle, will soon be coming to smash-hit Rocket League as part of the "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack", Psyonix and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have announced. link hidden<br/

    Posted 7 years ago 19

  • MagNets: Fully Charged Release Date Announced

    Developer Total Monkery have announced a release date for their upcoming "collect 'em up" MagNets: Fully Charged link hidden In addition to the release date, they were also pleased to announce that the game runs at 60fps at 1080p, thanks to a change

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  • The Flame in the Flood Review

    Humanity seems to be obsessed with fictionalizing how we’ll ultimately be wiped off the face of the Earth. Whether it’s the dead coming back to life, Nuclear Armageddon, or natural disasters, it’s been the narrative focus of just about every medium at one point or another. It does create some intrig

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  • Soul Axiom Trailer Gets Neon

    To celebrate the game's imminent release on PC, indie developer Wales Interactive has released a launch trailer for their story-driven adventure title Soul Axiom. The first-person title sees players exploring the digital afterlife, solving puzzles and using powers to uncover the mysteries of neon w

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  • DOOM Details Warpath and Hack Modules

    Players who like their shooters fast-paced, harsh, punishing, unforgiving and full-on will be interested to see what DOOM's multiplayer has to offer as developer id Software shares details on a new game mode and the featured hack modules. The development team recently tested out the new gam

    Posted 7 years ago 15

  • Star Wars Battlefront Title Update Details

    Developer DICE has released another title update for their blaster-toting, lightsaber-wielding shooter Star Wars Battlefront. With this month's patch comes plenty of changes and fixes including the "Jakku" DLC now being patched into the game, a new map for multiplayer, a new mission for survival mod

    Posted 7 years ago 17

  • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Title Update Details

    The Gears of War series has some of the most popular, feared and time-demanding achievements thanks to the different 'Seriously' achievements in the different titles. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition took it back to the old school and copied Gears of War's Seriously which required 10,000 kills in vers

    Posted 7 years ago 49

  • March's Games With Gold Announced

    With March inbound in less than a week, it's time to check out what the next offering of Games with Gold titles will be for Xbox LIVE Gold members on Xbox One and the Xbox 360. Before we take a look, don't forget to pick up February's offerings if you haven't already as Hand of Fate and Gears of War

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  • XBL Sale Roundup: February 23rd, 2016

    This week's Deals with Gold sees a decent amount of discounts across multiple franchises, including Metro, Dead Island, Saints Row and Gears of War, amongst others. Unfortunately with the recent Live issues, many of the discounts for the One were late being applied by Microsoft and som

    Posted 7 years ago 99

  • Layers of Fear Review

    Over the years, the theme of horror in games has manifested itself in different ways. Grotesque monsters have plagued us in the likes of Dead Space and The Evil Within, whereas the Silent Hill series, arguably one of the founding fathers of horror in video games, focused on methodical gameplay. What

    Posted 7 years ago 29

  • TA Stats - February 8th to 14th 2016

    This report is for the period February 8th to 14th 2016. Welcome to the stats for the second week of February here on TA, which sees a spin-off title for a big name franchise conspicuous in its absence. The Big Numbers 53,178 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 77,113 ga

    Posted 7 years ago 9

  • Halo's Arbiter Coming to Killer Instinct Season 3

    Last time we saw Killer Instinct on the TA homepage it was to share news of a massive patch coming with Season 3 as well as tease the reveal of some sort of Halo crossover coming to the game. Today, we know exactly who that crossover includes. See for yourself below. <span class="linkhidde

    Posted 7 years ago 49

  • Lichdom Battlemage Infests with Corruption

    Game developer Xaviant continues to school us on the magical ways of battling in their upcoming title Lichdom Battlemage with the release of another video from the Sigil Guide Series. In this video, we take a look at Corruption, a nasty looking spell that splashes at targets and then infest

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  • The Walking Dead: Michonne Kicks Off with Launch Trailer

    If you're a fan of the entire Walking Dead-osphere, you have to agree this Michonne mini-series can't come at a better time. She was involved in big decisions in both the most recent comic issue (#151) and the most recent episode of the television series (6.10). Telltale must be pleased to see how m

    Posted 7 years ago 29

  • We Happy Few Animation Videos Released

    Using the software program Motionbuilder, Compulsion Games has been putting together new animations to showcase from their upcoming title We Happy Few. In the two new videos released, the first showcases Status Effects as the character gets sick, dances, looks to be in shock (or he's either getting

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  • Stranger of Sword City Screens, Trailer and Demo Announced

    New details have emerged for Stranger of Sword City: White Palace, the upcoming dungeon crawler from Experience Inc, including two new trailers, a new set of screens and the announcement of an eight-hour free trial. The two trailers showcase the same content highlighting select categories -

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  • Rafting Tips in The Flame in the Flood

    Rafting will be a key feature in The Molasses Flood's upcoming adventure The Flame in the Flood. Continuing to share more tips tips with us, the development team has released a new video showcasing the best ways to raft efficiently and safely. Pay attention as you raft could easily be destroyed if y

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  • MXGP2 Introduces The Stadium Series

    It's not exactly a crossover sport like Rocket League, but a new game mode is coming to MXGP2 - The Official Motocross Videogame that will allow you to race on the football pitch or the baseball diamond, with each stadium type being featured in two races each. Each of the four tracks will be compati

    Posted 7 years ago 2

  • ADR1FT Trailer Moves Through Space with Grace

    The latest trailer for this year's Major Tom simulator, ADR1FT, gives us a whole lot of beautiful scenery all played to the tune of Claire de Lune, which was previously used to great effect by The Evil Within. If you missed out on Space Camp as a kid, this looks to be the next best thing.

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  • Retail Releases: Week of February 22nd, 2016

    This week sees plants and zombies do battle as the latest title in the popular Plants vs. Zombies franchise is released in each of the regions below. Gamers can also enjoy a Far Cry title with a difference, as the newest game takes things back to the Mesolithic period with just bare hands and the en

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  • Just Cause 3 Shares Upcoming DLC Details

    If you've somehow run out of things to blow up in Just Cause 3, don't fret. More big red targets are on their way for you. We've had the first DLC pack's achievement list on the site for a while now, but today we've gathered a lot more details on not just the "Sky Fortress" DLC, but the other two p

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  • Blade & Bones Set to Come to Xbox One

    Brazilian game developer CoffeeAddict Studio has announced Blade & Bones, an action-adventure title that is set to make its way to Xbox One. Players take on the role of the last Orin Warrior. Their race has been unable to talk for the past 700 years after being cursed, with their only form

    Posted 7 years ago 12

  • Tales From The Borderlands Coming To Disc

    Just a few days ago I was wondering to myself why we hadn't yet heard about an announcement for a boxed version of Tales from the Borderlands. As it turns out, my question would be answered just a short time later. It's now been revealed that the Gearbox-Telltale collaboration is arriving physically

    Posted 7 years ago 78

  • Adam's Venture: Origins Trailer

    Dutch indie studio SOEDESCO will be bringing an enhanced and remastered version of their 2009 episodic PC game, Adam's Venture, to Xbox One under the name Adam's Venture: Origins. In fact, it's not just a remake, says the studio, but an "extensive remake of the originally announced game, reimagining

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  • Siegecraft Commander Trailer Introduces Gameplay

    No news has come from Australian game developers Blowfish Studios on their upcoming tower defense Siegecraft Commander since it was announced last August as being delayed to 'early 2016'. Whilst news on the release date remains slim for the ID@Xbox title, the developers have now released a new trai

    Posted 7 years ago 6

  • Another GTA Online Event is Underway

    Since Grand Theft Auto V released, Rockstar has made good on their promises to keep content and support coming for the game's online offerings. They just wrapped up their annual Valentine's Day events, and already we're knee deep in more of the criminal filth of Los Santos. From now through the 25th

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  • Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo Patch Released For The Xbox One

    PQube, the publishers behind rally-sim racer Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo, yesterday announced the release of a new patch that aims to improve the game's performance when using a steering wheel, and some of the frame rate issues that we mentioned in our review. The short list of fixes can be se

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  • The Division Developers Share Their Tips

    Whether you're already taking part in the game's currently running open beta, or holding off to pick up the game when it releases next month, some of the developers behind Tom Clancy's The Division have shared some short but useful tips to help you get the most out of your experience. UI De

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  • XBL Content Roundup: February 19th, 2016

    link hidden Pre-Orders Blast 'em Bunnies Size: 955.79 MB Price: US$4.99 / £3.99 / €4.99 / AU$6.65 Release date: March 11th worldwide Blast Bunnies and collect coins to upgrade your weapons. Can you defend your burrow from their onslau

    Posted 7 years ago 25

  • Obliteracers Screens Tear Down the Track

    Developer Space Dust Studios has released a new set of colourful screens for their upcoming arcade racer, Obliteracers. As you might expect, the images show the variety of unearthly racers, vehicles and tracks on offer. link hidden <span class="linkhidde

    Posted 7 years ago 7

  • Agatha Christie - The A.B.C. MURDERS Review

    When it comes to selecting a source story for a crime-themed adventure game, you can't go wrong with anything from Agatha Christie. The author amassed 66 detective novels and 14 collections of short stories during her career, and has sold millions of copies of her books. Detective Hercule Poirot was

    Posted 7 years ago 16

  • Explore the New Game Modes of UFC 2

    In order to deliver the best fighting experience for fans, EA SPORTS UFC 2 is introducing five brand new game modes that span every facet of the title. A completely revamped Career Mode now gives the option to create female fighters for the first time. There is also the new Title Chase system for On

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  • Behind the Scenes of Battlefield Hardline's Chinatown

    The upcoming "Betrayal" DLC for Battlefield Hardline will be bringing a selection of new maps - Alcatraz, Cemetery, Chinatown, and Thin Ice - to the game once it's released next month. In this new Behind the Scenes trailer we get to take a look at Chinatown, a new map inspired by Grand Bazaar from T

    Posted 7 years ago 9

  • Hunting and Gathering in The Flame in the Flood

    Molasses Flood's upcoming action-adventure title, The Flame in the Flood, will challenge players to survive in a procedurally generated world, battling against the cold, hunger and other dangers such as snake bites, wounds and illnesses. In this latest video we get some useful tips on hunting and ga

    Posted 7 years ago 4

  • February Xbox One System Update Rolling Out

    This month’s system update is here and brings with it a host of social features, including the return of the Gamerscore Leaderboard, that will make it easier to stay connected to the Xbox Live community on both your console and PC with the Xbox app. A few highlights include being able to see who’s i

    Posted 7 years ago 69

  • ID@Xbox Milan Showcase Introduces Four Titles

    Every now and again, Microsoft showcases several of their ID@Xbox titles behind closed doors to the press. The most recent Milan showcase was no exception and 11 Italian developers got the chance to show off their games. Players have already been able to experience Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space, Hyp

    Posted 7 years ago 14

  • Three HITMAN Developer Diaries

    Level design is an important aspect in any game. In a series such as Hitman where players are encouraged to interact with as much of a level as possible, it has an added importance. In this series of videos for the upcoming HITMAN, two level designers at IO Interactive - Jacob Mikkelsen and Marta La

    Posted 7 years ago 17

  • Two New Battleborn Videos

    We've already seen plenty of Ghalt and Deande from Gearbox's Battleborn. In these two new videos that have been released, we get a more focused look at each character's skills. First up is the "First Battleborn", Ghalt. link hidden Next we have

    Posted 7 years ago 6

  • Three Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Videos

    An hour of Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 footage is now available to feast your eyes on. Thanks to "Live From PopCap", PopCap's own livestream, we get a look at the character import and pack opening systems, and two of the maps. We'll start with the character import and pack opening and then m

    Posted 7 years ago 6

  • Dark Souls III Season Pass Announced

    Publisher Bandai Namco has announced that the highly anticipated Dark Souls III will be getting a season pass, like many triple-A games these days. Judging by the listing on the Xbox website, the season pass provides access to two DLC packs that will contain new maps, bosses, enemies and weapon and

    Posted 7 years ago 26

  • New Ironcast Trailer Released

    Developer Dreadbit has released a new trailer for their steampunk turn-based match-3 game (not a set of words I expected to write), Ironcast, ahead of the game's launch next month. While the other trailer that we've seen focused on the gameplay, this one provides more detail to the game's story.<br

    Posted 7 years ago 3

  • Project Knoxville Character Time Lapse

    In the 12 years that I've been a full-time working man, I've only ever pulled a sickie once. I was leaving one job and going to another, so I thought that I'd treat myself to the day off to sit and play Xbox all day. Press Play's Concept Artist Nikolaj Weitze Severin recently called in sick for his

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  • TA Podcast: Episode 24

    On Valentine's day, Rich, Jack and myself cracked open a bottle of wine (or two in Rich's case), lit some scented candles and dimmed the lights as we got together again to record the latest episode of the TrueAchievements podcast. In this episode, we discuss what we've been playing, the rec

    Posted 7 years ago 23

  • Win a Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Xbox One!

    Please note - this contest is only open to UK residents! How would you like to get your hands on an awesome Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 branded Xbox One? [img=link hidden style=centre][/img] Thanks to our friends at EA, we have not one bu

    Posted 7 years ago 130

  • The Division Open Beta Trailer

    Tom Clancy's The Division's Open Beta kicks off tomorrow and to get us just that little bit more excited, Ubisoft has released a new trailer just for the Beta. Filled with the dark and cold visuals we've become used to seeing in the virus-riddled city of Manhattan, we also get a quick look at the ne

    Posted 7 years ago 13

  • Homefront: The Revolution Beta Impressions

    beta test: 1. noun - a trial of machinery, software, or other products, in the final stages of its development, carried out by a party unconnected with its development. I was taught to never start a story, article, research paper - pretty much anything - with a dictionary definiti

    Posted 7 years ago 60

  • Site Wishlist Voting System

    The Site Wishlist Forum is packed full of your ideas to improve the site. With so many threads, we sometimes find it tricky to filter out the better ones and figure out what you, as a community, really want to see next, so we've added a new Site Wish List Voting System! Whenever you view a

    Posted 7 years ago 178

  • Activision Take CoD eSports to the Next Level

    Activision have announced the first series of Challenge Division events for the Call of Duty World League, which will allow amateur teams from around the world the chance to compete at the highest level. link hidden The Challenge Division will offer

    Posted 7 years ago 6

  • Indie Thriller The Town of Light Coming to Xbox

    The creepy asylum setting is a cliche used in all forms of media far too often, but one indie games studio is trying something new with the location. Rather than set their psychological thriller The Town of Light in an asylum to bombard players with monsters, supernatural entities, or other such hor

    Posted 7 years ago 10

  • The Division TV Spot Tries To Save What Remains

    A new TV spot has been released for Tom Clancy's The Division as publisher Ubisoft showcases the drastic changes that occurred in Manhattan after the virus hit and brought the city to its knees. One day, everyone is going about their business while completely oblivious to the horrors that await the

    Posted 7 years ago 14

  • XBL Sale Roundup: February 16th, 2016

    This week's Deals with Gold gives a range of discounts across a variety of anime related titles, Forza and Need for Speed games and add-ons, Super Bowl related Madden offerings and more. Xbox One Bundles & Special Editions • Forza Motorsport 5 "Racing Game of the Year Edition"

    Posted 7 years ago 58

  • Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Status Updates

    Overkill Software, developer of Payday 2: Crimewave Edition, is still hard at work trying to bring new content to the Xbox One version. Producer Almir Listo is back again with a couple of videos to keep players posted on what the status is for the game. The first video is from last month,

    Posted 7 years ago 24

  • ARK: Survival Evolved Gets a New Update

    Following the additions announced last week, Studio Wildcard continues to add more to their game preview title, ARK: Survival Evolved. Keeping with the tradition of previous updates, the newest additions to the game include a couple new creatures for you to fight and tame, along with a handful of ne

    Posted 7 years ago 18

  • Fallout 4 DLC Detailed

    One of the biggest games of last year, Fallout 4, is set to get even bigger this year as Bethesda have revealed the first three add-ons coming to the game - "Automatron", "Wasteland Workshop" and "Far Harbor" - as well as some details about each of them. link hidden

    Posted 7 years ago 107

  • Galaga Becomes Backwards Compatible

    A single XBLA title has been added to the list of Backwards Compatible titles, as Namco Bandai's old school shoot 'em up Galaga joins the collection. Available to play right now on the Xbox One, Galaga offers a very easy 200 Gamerscore from around 1-2 hours of play and just over 50% of True

    Posted 7 years ago 67

  • See The First Six Minutes of TWD: Michonne

    Avid fans of all things The Walking Dead may have already witnessed this debut gameplay scene from The Walking Dead: Michonne. It made its world premiere last night during the midseason premiere of AMC's series. In case you missed it, and don't mind minor spoilers, here it is. The first six minutes

    Posted 7 years ago 15

  • Rides With Strangers Kickstarter Hits Console Goal

    When I was a kid, no horror movies, Goosebumps books, or Halloween costumes scared me. I was always easily able to recognize those things as fake and for entertainment purposes only. One thing that did terrify me though, was the idea of "stranger danger". I think my mom watched too many episodes of

    Posted 7 years ago 10

  • TA Stats - February 1st to 7th 2016

    This report is for the period February 1st to 7th 2016. Welcome to the stats for the first week of February here on TA. Another week with plenty of new releases, but not many to hit the tables. We ne

    Posted 7 years ago 6

  • Five Far Cry Primal Survival Tips

    A new batch of videos have been unleashed from the offices of Ubisoft as the developer and publisher of the upcoming Far Cry Primal look to keep future players armed with the right knowledge that will aid in surviving the dangers of the wild. Delivered in the form of advertisements/commercials, each

    Posted 7 years ago 11

  • Knight Squad Receives An Update

    A new title update has recently been released for Knight Squad as Chainsawesome look to eliminate a number of issues and bugs that were within the game. The short list of changes includes a new easy mode for challenges, various bug fixes and a few other tweaks. Take a look at the details below:

    Posted 7 years ago 108

  • The Pinball Arcade Doctor Who DLC Table Funded

    There's no stopping Farsight Studios when it comes to making Pinball tables for The Pinball Arcade. Need $72,000 for the Doctor Who licences? Not a problem when thousands of kickstarter backers dedicated to Pinball have got your back! After their successful kickstarted project for The Adda

    Posted 7 years ago 3

  • Dovetail Games Announces Flight School

    Developer Dovetail Games has revealed Flight School (Win 10), a new training simulator on the Windows 10 platform that will have players ready to fly high in the skies with the in-game rank of a private pilot, but with the confidence of a master pilot. link hidden</

    Posted 7 years ago 8

  • MXGP2 Pre-Order Details

    Gamers looking forward to getting their hands on Milestone S.r.l.'s upcoming racing title MXGP2 - The Official Motocross Videogame will be pleased with the announcement of two DLC packs that will be included with pre-ordered copies of the game. The two DLC packs - "Cairoli Replica Equipment" and "Vi

    Posted 7 years ago 3

  • The Escapists Reveals Free Map - Paris Central Pen

    New content will be making its way to the Xbox One version of Team 17's highly successful ID@Xbox title The Escapists. Celebrating a year since the release of the indie title, the game's publisher Team 17 and indie developer Mouldy Toof Studios have revealed a new free map, Paris Central Pen, inspir

    Posted 7 years ago 7

  • TA Chats with the Studio Behind Layers of Fear

    From the ashes of the cancelled Silent Hills have risen several games that can be considered spiritual successors to the Del Toro/Kojima project. Similar in presentation - they're usually first-perso

    Posted 7 years ago 19

  • TRON RUN/r Music Preview

    With the fast-paced action to come in TRON RUN/r, the type of music to which players will listen while racing through the game has got to match what the game offers visually. Providing a sample of the music in this new video, Moroder/Shockne supplies 'RUN PROGRAM (Bibio Remix)' for TRON to give it a

    Posted 7 years ago 15

  • Lichdom Battlemage Manipulates with Kinesis

    Another Sigil guide series video has been released for developer Xaviant's first-person shooter Lichdom Battlemage. This time around, we take a look at the Kinesis Sigil that will allow those who use it to manipulate gravity to their advantage. Watch and learn as the player uses Kinesis to

    Posted 7 years ago 0

  • Air Missions: HIND Blasts Its Machine Guns

    3DIVISION, developer behind upcoming aerial combat title Air Missions: HIND, continue to showcase more details from the game with the third instalment from their developer diary series. In the third developer video, we learn more about the different machien guns pilots will be able to use for their

    Posted 7 years ago 6

  • Fable Legends Introduces Celeste

    Another character is introduced to us from the world of Fable Legends as fans get to see the light Priestess and resident stargazer Celeste in action. Take a look at the video as Celeste calls down strands of light from the heavens to aid in battle: link hidden</spa

    Posted 7 years ago 12

  • Five Far Cry Primal Videos Released

    The stream of Far Cry Primal videos continues to flow with the release of five new videos all showcasing new goodness from Ubisoft's upcoming sandbox title. Canadian filmaker James Cooper has put together three short films inspired by Far Cry Primal. The first video sees James sharing his v

    Posted 7 years ago 1

  • Ghost Town Games Reveals Overcooked

    Overcooked looks to offer a very different approach on working together with other players. Rather than reviving your comrades on the battlefield or working together through a dungeon to slay dragons, developer Ghost Town Games will be serving up some kitchen-style co-op. Players will need to work w

    Posted 7 years ago 11

  • New Baila Latino Trailer Tangos Into Our Day

    When last we heard about Oxygene Media's Baila Latino, we learned not only that it would contain twenty songs, but that it would also contain several multiplayer modes in addition to single player gameplay. After nearly seven months with no new material, a trailer has just surfaced for the

    Posted 7 years ago 5

  • 8 Points Reveals The Wild Eight

    Developed by 8 Points, The Wild Eight is an action-adventure title that sees eight people survive a "mystic" plane crash and have their everyday lives changed forever. After the crash, the eight people find themselves in the middle of a horizonless winter forest in Alaska. Now stranded in a

    Posted 7 years ago 10

  • The Solus Project Developer Video #3

    A new video has emerged for Teotl Studios' upcoming adventure title The Solus Project. In the third developer diary, we learn more about the story behind the title as we get to see new gameplay and listen to the plot behind the story. link hidden The

    Posted 7 years ago 4

  • Conan Exiles Details, Screens and Developer Diary

    Following up on the details we covered last month for Funcom's Conan Exiles, more details have been released along with a few screens and a developer diary video. Players will prepare to set out in the brutal lands of Conan Exiles either by themselves or in multiplayer on public or private

    Posted 7 years ago 6

  • A Pair of Lumo Screens Released

    When Lumo was announced back in September, Rising Star Games and Triple Eh? Ltd boldly proclaimed their work the "first great game of 2016". While we haven't had enough of a look at the action-adventure title that pays homage to 80s British game development to draw that conclusion as yet, a couple n

    Posted 7 years ago 4

  • Wondershot Dated

    Just three weeks ago, we got a good look at Leikir Studio's upcoming co-op and competitive MP title, Wondershot. In that announcement, we learned that four weapons - the bow, the boomerang, the hammer, and the slingshot - will be available for players to attempt to master as they either take on wave

    Posted 7 years ago 0

  • The Flame in the Flood Dated

    One of the many ID@Xbox titles featured during GDC and E3 was The Molasses Flood's upcoming rogue-lite, The Flame in the Flood. Set in a post-societal America, players will have to forage and outwit local wildlife as they attempt to make their way downriver. To that end, a new trailer has been rele

    Posted 7 years ago 2

  • Rainbow Six Siege Patch 2.1 Detailed

    Ubisoft delivered a very lengthy post on their forums detailing the many tweaks an enhancements that are coming to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege via the upcoming Patch 2.1. Rather than try to summar

    Posted 7 years ago 12

  • Battlefield Hardline Betrayal DLC Detailed

    EA has released details for the upcoming expansion to their Battlefield Hardline, "Betrayal". New maps, guns, and other items await those who grab the DLC once it's released. http://www.trueachieveme

    Posted 7 years ago 14

  • First-Person Horror Visage Funded For Consoles

    First-person horror is going through quite the boom as of late. From hide-and-seek scares like Outlast to psychedelic experiences like Layers of Fear, there's been no shortage of games allowing us to

    Posted 7 years ago 12

  • PvZ Garden Warfare 2 Shows Off Its Maps

    Shortly after Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 was announced at E3 last year, a trailer was brought to our attention that confirmed that not only would the game feature 24 player multiplayer, but

    Posted 7 years ago 4

  • Minecraft: Windows 10 Beta Edition Gets Updated

    When Mojang's Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta last received an update, it was headlined by the addition of the redstone material to the game. Now that players have had several months with the feat

    Posted 7 years ago 12

  • Another Legend Enters the EA SPORTS UFC 2 Octagon

    One of the many fun things about games is their ability to allow us to play out fantasy scenarios. Of course, this thinking is just as applicable in RPGs as it is in other genres, such as sporting, w

    Posted 7 years ago 6

  • More Dex Details Surface

    During Madrid Games week back in October, BadLand Indie revealed that they would be bringing Dreadlocks Ltd's Dex to consoles. As a refresher, Dex follows an AI of the same name on her quest to reach

    Posted 7 years ago 1

  • Mainline Assassin's Creed Games Skipping 2016

    Annualized franchises often feature two things: commercial success and very vocal critics. Games like Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed release like clockwork and consistently bring in mountainous pi

    Posted 7 years ago 78

  • Battlefield 4 Double XP Weekend Is Live

    Not to be outdone by the other numerous double XP events on offer, DICE has thrown Battlefield 4 into the mix with their offering of double XP for those still racking up points on the killing fields

    Posted 7 years ago 12

  • Double XP/Weapon XP in Call of Duty: Black Ops III

    Game developer Treyarch are looking to keep gamers without love-related plans occupied this weekend with the announcement of a double XP event happening right now in

    Posted 7 years ago 10

  • More Double Rewards In GTA Online

    Rockstar Games strike with yet another event in Grand Theft Auto V's "GTA Online" offering another round of double RP and double GTA$. Dubbed the "Be My Valentine" event, players can rack up double r

    Posted 7 years ago 6

  • Extra REP In Need for Speed This Weekend

    Ghost Games and EA are giving out bonus REP this weekend in Need for Speed which will help out towards nailing the level-based achievements from the racing title. The ratios are not very high for eac

    Posted 7 years ago 6

  • Q*bert Rebooted Review

    As a lifelong gamer, I've played a lot. I have some gaps in my history, as anyone does, but I've had a dozen or so consoles and hundreds of games since I began playing video games in the mid-nineties

    Posted 7 years ago 30

  • NHL 16 Adds Dangler Class to EASHL

    EA Sports has released a new Title Update for NHL 16. The biggest standout is the addition of a new Dangler player class in EASHL, which could tack on a new offensive threat for players to use alongs

    Posted 7 years ago 2

  • Get to Grips with the Basics of Far Cry Primal

    Ubisoft's upcoming Far Cry Primal will be taking players back to the Stone Age later this month where the Udam, a tribe of cannibals, stands in the way of you restoring the Wenja tribe to its former

    Posted 7 years ago 7

  • Blast 'Em Bunnies Release Date Announced

    Developer Nnooo has announced a release date for their upcoming game, Blast 'em Bunnies where you face-off against a rather harey horde. To compliment the announcement, they have re-released the trai

    Posted 7 years ago 13

  • Krinkle Krusher Review

    The Ancient Tree has produced fruit for the first time in centuries, so a great celebration is held in the kingdom, including a delicious cake gigantic enough to feed the entire populace! The scent o

    Posted 7 years ago 12

  • DiRT Rally Details Emerge

    New details have been released about the upcoming console version of DiRT Rally. With the new special edition of the game, additional content has also been announced that is coming to the console rel

    Posted 7 years ago 12

  • Four More Games Are Backwards Compatible

    In the latest update to the backwards compatibility list, four more titles have revealed as backwards compatible. LEGO Batman, Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space, Trials HD and Alan Wake's American Nigh

    Posted 7 years ago 133

  • Zoink! Goes Behind the Scenes with Zombie Vikings

    Those crazy Swedes over at Zoink! Games (Stick it To The Man) have taken to YouTube to back up the recent official confirmation that their game Zombie Vikings would be coming to Xbox One. They take u

    Posted 7 years ago 3

  • Lots Of Quantum Break Information Revealed

    Less than two months away from release, developer Remedy Entertainment has released a deluge of information about their highly-anticipated game Quantum Break. A new trailer, pre-order bonuses and a Q

    Posted 7 years ago 59

  • Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter Set For May

    The eighth game in the Frogwares series of Sherlock Holmes games - Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter - will be coming this May, publisher Bigben Interactive has announced. link hidden link hidden <span class="linkh

    Posted 7 years ago 16

  • Project Knoxville Video Explores Trust Excercises

    In the latest of their Community Update videos, Press Play takes us behind the scenes in their offices where Trap Designer Bjarne demos some of the devices that he's building. These devices encourage

    Posted 7 years ago 0

  • Screencheat Release Date Announced

    Developer Samurai Punk has announced a release date for their unique multiplayer game Screencheat and has released a new trailer - starring Canadian comedy troupe LoadingReadyRun - alongside that ann

    Posted 7 years ago 13

  • Dark Souls III Introduces The Kingdom of Lothric

    A massive adventure, masses of enemies and so much more await adventurers in the upcoming Dark Souls III. To prepare gamers for the dark and brutal world to come, game publisher Bandai Namco has rele

    Posted 7 years ago 21

  • A Look at Solo Ops in PvZ Garden Warfare 2

    As the sod gets laid and the tombstones are erected in anticipation for the upcoming Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, it's no wonder that a constant barrage of gameplay footage and new informatio

    Posted 7 years ago 10

  • Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia Review

    The trilogy began back in April 2015 with the release of Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China. After a nine month gap, the second instalment, Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India, was released. Now comes

    Posted 7 years ago 20

  • New Dinos and Highlights for Ark: Survival Evolved

    ARK: Survival Evolved is always, well, evolving. Although still in game preview mode, the jurassic-themed MMO surival game has seen multiple revisions, with new species of dinos, new equipment, and n

    Posted 7 years ago 10

  • Star Wars Battlefront Double XP Weekend

    Since additional details about upcoming content for Star Wars Battlefront were revealed, many players have been rejoining the frontlines of battle. Whether players aligned themselves with the Rebel f

    Posted 7 years ago 22

  • The Walking Dead: Michonne Releases this Month

    Telltale Games has revealed that the first episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne standalone series will release on February 23rd for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Titled "In Too Deep," the premiere epis

    Posted 7 years ago 46

  • Metroidvania-Esque Tenebrae Announced

    Troglobytes Games has announced that their 2.5D Metroidvania style title Tenebrae – Twilight of the Gods, which was originally just coming to Steam, will now also be making its way to Xbox One via th

    Posted 7 years ago 16

  • Expansion News For Neverwinter

    It's been a busy week for Cryptic Studios and their MMORPG Neverwinter with the release the game's eighth expansion "Underdark". We also have the announcement of the ninth - "The Maze Engine". In con

    Posted 7 years ago 24

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III Xbox One Update Info

    A new patch has been released for Treyarch's and it looks to fix a heavy number of issues and bugs in multiplayer, zombies and the campa

    Posted 7 years ago 14

  • TA Competition: Homefront: The Revolution Beta

    Thanks to our amazingly generous friends at Koch Media, we have 1,000 (yes, ONE THOUSAND) codes for the upcoming Homefront: The Revolution closed beta to won, plus a further 4,000 available via the G

    Posted 7 years ago 729

  • Battalion 1944 Set To Revive WWII Shooters

    When Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare released back in 2007 (Side note: nine years ago?!) it lit a spark in the FPS genre that sent almost every military shooter since then into the present day or beyo

    Posted 7 years ago 61

  • Rocket League Hits Xbox One Next Week

    The game that came out of nowhere to take gamers, Twitch, and e-sports by storm is finally ready to share with us its official Xbox One release date. Forgive me if I fall off the balance beam of obje

    Posted 7 years ago 32

  • Assassin's Creed Chronicles Launch Trailer

    Following on from today's Assassin's Creed Chronicles release, a new launch trailer has been released showcasing gameplay from the three games included in the Chronicles collection - Assassin's Creed

    Posted 7 years ago 10

  • The Division Open Beta Announced

    Just when you may have thought it was all over after the recent Closed Beta, an Open Beta has now been confirmed and Ubisoft has officially revealed the dates for the final taste of the Tom Clancy's

    Posted 7 years ago 20

  • XBL Sale Roundup: February 9th, 2016

    This week's Deals with Gold features the "Merc with a Mouth" heavily, presumably to tie into the new movie. Old Pooly is joined by a bunch of other titles, including a discount on a title currently

    Posted 7 years ago 50

  • H1Z1 Splits Into Two Games, Both Coming To Xbox

    If you're not a PC gamer, you might not be very well acquainted with H1Z1. Born out of the recent rise in survival games, the open-world zombie title is a direct competitor with DayZ. Think of it as

    Posted 7 years ago 22

  • Robot Twin Screen Puzzler Factotum 90 Announced

    Indie developer TACS Games has announced that their puzzle title Factotum 90, which was originally released on Wii U, will be coming to Xbox One very soon. Tomorrow, in fact. The game involves contro

    Posted 7 years ago 4

  • Retail Releases: Week of February 8th, 2016

    The newest Naruto Shippuden title arrives in North America, following its release in other regions last week. Russia is the subject matter in the next Assassin's Creed Chronicles game which is due fo

    Posted 7 years ago 6

  • Lichdom Battlemage Looks at the Lightning Sigil

    A new instalment of the "Sigil Guide Series" has been released as game developer Xaviant schools us on the ways of using the Lightning Sigil in Lichdom Battlemage. Effective at taking on a large numb

    Posted 7 years ago 0

  • Zombie Vikings Are Heading To Xbox One

    After hinting of its release for a while, developer Zoink! Games has now officially confirmed that Zombie Vikings will be coming to the Xbox One as a digital release. Details are a bit thin for those

    Posted 7 years ago 12

  • Planar Conquest Announced for Xbox One

    Developed by Wastelands Interactive, Planar Conquest is a new turn-based strategy title and is a "reimagined and immensely enhanced version" of Worlds of Magic, which was funded via Kickstarter and r

    Posted 7 years ago 3

  • TA Stats - January 25th to 31st 2016

    This report is for the period January 25th to 31st 2016. Welcome to the stats for the tail end of January here on TA. Where did January go already? It seems like only yesterday that the Statisticles

    Posted 7 years ago 4

  • Far Cry Primal Stream Unveils New Gameplay Content

    Keen explorers are waiting very patiently to dive deep into the new world Far Cry Primal will have to offer in a mere two weeks. To tide you over until its release, take a look at this exported strea

    Posted 7 years ago 7

  • VIDEOBALL visits INDIE (dot) XSplit at PAX South

    Developer Action Button Entertainment took a visit to PAX South to showcase their upcoming ID@Xbox action title VIDEOBALL. Host Spooky sat down with Tim Rogers and other members of the Action Button

    Posted 7 years ago 3

  • Alekhine's Gun Gameplay with Maximum Games

    Game developer Maximum Games has taken a slightly different approach to showcasing gameplay from their upcoming stealth title, Alekhine's Gun. Instead of just simply releasing a gameplay video, the t

    Posted 7 years ago 11

  • Co-Op Shooter Spareware Coming to Xbox One

    Finnish indie developers Rusto Games have announced that their cooperative top down shooter Spareware will soon be making its way to Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program. The developers have described Sp

    Posted 7 years ago 2

  • Blues & Bullets Episode 2 Sneak Peek

    The long wait is almost over for the second episode of A Crowd of Monster's episodic noir Blues & Bullets, with the developers announcing that 'Shaking the Hive' is set to release on PC (and possibly

    Posted 7 years ago 25

  • PvZ Garden Warfare 2 Video Explains Team Setup

    Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is the upcoming follow-up to third-person shooter, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. The new title will include a Solo Play mode, and two members of the developme

    Posted 7 years ago 4

  • I'm Getting Too Old For This

    Something of which gamers can always eagerly anticipate is a generous offering of end of the year releases. For me, that usually means one to three new games on my Christmas wishlist. I’m usually luc

    Posted 7 years ago 283

  • Reagan Gorbachev Gets Release Date with Trailer

    Indie developer Team2Bit has released a new trailer to celebrate the announcement of the release date for their top-down retro shooter Reagan Gorbachev. The game sees the two heavyweight political fi

    Posted 7 years ago 49

  • Arslan: The Warriors Of Legend New Fighter Clips

    With the release date rapidly approaching for the fighting-hack-and-slash title Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, the team over at Omega Force has continued to release clips featuring the different fig

    Posted 7 years ago 11

  • Cel Damage Returning To The Xbox One

    Fans with a long memory may well remember a crazed car combat extravaganza that caused mayhem on the original Xbox console way back in November 2001. Those same fans may also be happy to hear that Fi

    Posted 7 years ago 34

  • Trackmania Turbo Release Quartet Of Videos

    The last time we covered the upcoming arcade racer Trackmania Turbo, we were taking a look behind the scenes with a developer diary, but time has marched on and the team at Nadeo has evidently been v

    Posted 7 years ago 10

  • Far Cry Primal Unleashes The Charge Trailer

    With pre-orders already being taken, Ubisoft is still keen to remind us of the spirit that they expect gamers to show in the highly anticipated action-adventure sandbox title Far Cry Primal. The new

    Posted 7 years ago 9

  • GTA Online Six Day Double Rewards Event

    Hot on the heels of last weekend's event, Rockstar has outdone themselves with the announcement of a six day-long event this time around in Grand Theft Auto V's "GTA Online". Even though the event is

    Posted 7 years ago 13

  • AirMech Arena Double XP Weekend In Progress

    Carbon Games has taken to their Facebook page to surprise their AirMech Arena players with the announcement of a Double XP weekend. Celebrating the first Friday of the month, Carbon Games has activat

    Posted 7 years ago 28

  • New Soul Axiom Screens Released

    Another wave of screens has been released for Wales Interactive's upcoming action title Soul Axiom. The ID@Xbox title certainly isn't short on colours, as these new screens showcase many different ar

    Posted 7 years ago 3

  • The Solus Project Dated for Game Preview

    Teotl Studios' upcoming single-player survival title The Solus Project was confirmed to be coming to the Xbox One's Game Preview program last year. A solid release date has now been confirmed along w

    Posted 7 years ago 2

  • Tiny Troopers Joint Ops Invades Xbox One Very Soon

    Playstation owners have been enjoying the twin-stick arcade shooting action of Tiny Troopers Joint Ops since 2014, as well as the Zombie Edition of the game too. Xbox One owners who are interested in

    Posted 7 years ago 28

  • Battleborn Unveils Two New Characters

    As we move closer to the release date of Battleborn, developer Gearbox continues to release new heroes, inching their way closer to the 25 that are expected at launch. Today we are introduced to two

    Posted 7 years ago 3

  • More Namco Bandai WP Titles To Be Delisted -UPDATE

    Update To further prove my point that almost nothing gets past us eager achievement hunters here at TrueAchievements, the community has helped us out again with revealing that more of Namco Bandai's

    Posted 7 years ago 61

  • XBL Content Roundup: February 5th, 2016 Pre-Orders Far Cry Primal APEX EDITION PREORDER Size: 11.97 GB Price: US$64.99 / £57.99 / €74.99 / AU$109.95 Release date: February 23rd worldw

    Posted 7 years ago 34

  • Minecraft Windows 10 Journey to the West Update

    To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, which ushers in the Year of the Monkey, Microsoft has announced a special set of skins for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta. These skins are based on the

    Posted 7 years ago 9

  • The Division Beta Impressions

    After several popular E3 showings and more than one delay, Ubisoft's newest IP, Tom Clancy's The Division, still has some people scratching their heads with what it is exactly. Is it a shooter? An RP

    Posted 7 years ago 27

  • Gone Home Dated For More Countries

    Gone Home saw its console release last month for those who live in North America. Fortunately, Fullbright has confirmed that a release has been set for gamers who live elsewhere in the world, and it'

    Posted 7 years ago 14

  • Walkthroughs Update - January 2016

    Hey everybody, A new year has started and the Walkthrough Team has been hard at work providing you with some excellent new content, while simultaneously refurbishing some of the older walkthroughs. T

    Posted 7 years ago 24

  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst Beta Announced

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst is joining the ranks of games like The Division and Homefront: The Revolution in offering a closed beta to players to get a taste of the game before its May release. There are

    Posted 7 years ago 13

  • Dying Light: The Following Multiplayer Details

    "Good Night, Good Luck" was the original Dying Light slogan when it first debuted. Now that the dawn of the game's expansion, Dying Light: The Following is upon us, it seems the new enhancements are

    Posted 7 years ago 7

  • TA Podcast: Episode 23

    As promised last week when we opened up the TA mailbag, Rich, Jack and myself sat down over the weekend to record our February show. In this episode, we discuss what we've been playing, including our

    Posted 7 years ago 20

  • PvZ Garden Warfare 2 Zombie Variants

    Zombies can sometimes be temperamental, especially when the Plants are hogging the spotlight. To not be outdone, new Zombies have returned from the grave to showcase the various zombie characters pla

    Posted 7 years ago 5

  • HITMAN Pre-order Details

    Now that the full details of the upcoming episodic espionage adventure, HITMAN have been released, players are now capable of getting their pre-order in. Either the ‘Intro Pack’ or the ‘Full Experien

    Posted 7 years ago 10

  • Unravel Preview Video Gets in a Tangle

    The folks at Xbox On have put together a video explaining everything we need to know about the imminently released platformer Unravel, which features a fellow made of yarn who is appropriately given

    Posted 7 years ago 20

  • The Long Dark Hands On Preview

    When the Xbox Game Preview program launched last summer, it did so with two debut titles. One of those has since released in full. The other is Hinterland’s wilderness survival simulator, The Long Da

    Posted 7 years ago 9

  • Experience the Organic Score of Far Cry Primal

    Ubisoft recently announced that the original soundtrack for Far Cry Primal has been scored by two-time BAFTA winning composer Jason Graves. Graves is known for his “textural concept scores and cinema

    Posted 7 years ago 8

  • Know Your Skills In The Division

    If you took part in the recent closed beta for Massive Entertainment's Tom Clancy's The Division, you will have gotten to grips with just a small number of the skills and mods that were available for

    Posted 7 years ago 19

  • Details Drop For DOOM

    Bethesda and id Software have revealed a lot of details about DOOM, including a release date and a new trailer at which you can take a look below. http://ww

    Posted 7 years ago 63

  • Rock Band 4 Schedule For February

    Harmonix has detailed what will be coming to Rock Band 4 this month and, somewhat surprisingly, it's not just more songs. First up is the reminder of three very popular pop songs that have already be

    Posted 7 years ago 28

  • TRON RUN/r Gives an Exclusive Sneak Peek

    Following up on last month's teaser trailer, publisher Disney Games keeps things short and sweet with another video for TRON RUN/r, but this time in the form of a sneak peek. The gameplay showcased i

    Posted 7 years ago 10

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III Map Previews & Stream

    Treyarch has treated players to a couple of preview videos of the upcoming "Awakening" DLC extension. The first preview looks at the "Ri

    Posted 7 years ago 8

  • Guitar Hero Live Details 5-Day Shred-A-Thon Event

    The upcoming Shred-a-Thon event in Guitar Hero Live is an event that players wont want to miss. The 5-day marathon of rocking out to the many songs on offer in the game will also include the "highly

    Posted 7 years ago 13

  • Bombshell Launch Trailer Released

    Interceptor Entertainment's upcoming third-person shooter Bombshell has launched on the PC. To celebrate the release, the developer has released a launch trailer showcasing a variety of gameplay, inc

    Posted 7 years ago 6

  • Dad Beat Dads Gameplay Trailer

    Developer Stellar Jay Studios have released a trailer for their soon-to-be-released local-multiplayer brawler Dad Beat Dads. The trailer shows off the various modes on offer including Diaper Sniper,

    Posted 7 years ago 9

  • Operation Black Ice Comes To Rainbow Six Siege

    The first major update to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Black Ice - is out now and quite a bit has been added to the game. Canada is the major focus of this update, with the new map and

    Posted 7 years ago 16

  • LEGO Marvel's Avengers Review

    The formula for the LEGO game franchise has very much established itself across each instalment throughout the years. From collecting as many bricks as you can manage to unlocking wacky new character

    Posted 7 years ago 22

  • Syndrome Release New Screenshots

    Not so long ago we were able to bring you the latest video for the upcoming action-survival-horror title, Syndrome. Now we have some new and very dark screenshots to add some further intrigue to the

    Posted 7 years ago 11

  • PvZ Garden Warfare 2 Plant Variants and Packs

    As Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 inches ever closer to a release, the excitement continues to grow amongst the living. Two new gameplay videos have surfaced, one exploring the plant character v

    Posted 7 years ago 31

  • ONE PIECE: Burning Blood Dated for North America

    It was confirmed last week that ONE PIECE: Burning Blood would release in European markets on June 3rd, but at that time North America still had the much larger release window of June. Bandai Namco h

    Posted 7 years ago 5

  • Additional Action Henk Details and Release Date

    Last summer, Curve Digital announced that the fast paced, multiplayer platformer Action Henk would be buttsliding its way to consoles soon. Now that Henk and his friends are getting ready to zip arou

    Posted 7 years ago 6

  • New Superhot Screenshots And Trailer

    Aptly-named developers, SUPERHOT Team have released some striking new screenshots and a trailer for their upcoming time-manipulation shooter/puzzler SUPERHOT. Alongside the latest details revealed, a

    Posted 7 years ago 12

  • Quiet, and More, Coming To Metal Gear Online

    During a recent live Twitch stream, Konami announced that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's Metal Gear Online will be adding three new maps, as well as Quiet as a new Unique Character, in March

    Posted 7 years ago 15

  • XBL Sale Roundup: February 2nd, 2016

    This week's Deals with Gold gives us a range of discounts over a variety of titles, including a mix of big names and indie games, as well as the entire Hitman series. Xbox One Bundles & Special Edit

    Posted 7 years ago 111

  • LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Announced

    The force is strong between LEGO bricks, especially when they are super glued together. Where there is a lack of glue, however, a Jedi or a Sith may be able to do the trick. Warner Bros. and TT Games

    Posted 7 years ago 53

  • Final Fantasy XV Screens, Artwork and Trailers

    Following hot on the heels of the previous set of screens for the upcoming installment of the Final Fantasy franchise, Square Enix has released even more artwork, screens and videos for Final Fantasy

    Posted 7 years ago 17

  • Killer Instinct Shares Huge Season 3 Patch Notes

    Stressing that they want to promote creativity in play styles, setups, and combos, and get the game more balanced for the Killer Instinct Season 3 content, Double Helix has shared a huge list of patc

    Posted 7 years ago 34

  • Deus Ex's Lead Voice Actor Waxes Nostalgic

    As part of the ongoing Ask Elias series of videos, Eidos Montreal has been sitting down with Elias Toufexis, the voice behind Deus Ex: Mankind Divided leading man Adam Jensen. In this one, they ask h

    Posted 7 years ago 10

  • TA Stats - January 18th to 24th 2016

    This report is for the period January 18th to 24th 2016. Welcome to the stats for the third week of January here on TA. With the excitement of the holidays now passed, things have settled down a litt

    Posted 7 years ago 7

  • Dying Light Enhanced Edition Dated

    We've been hearing a lot about the Dying Light Enhanced Edition over the past several weeks. We know it'll come with a graphical overhaul, new story DLC, vehicles, weapons, and a lot else too. We cou

    Posted 7 years ago 17

  • DiRT Rally Hands On Preview

    DiRT Rally was released on PC in December and had been available via Early Access eight months prior to that. On the same day that the game had its full PC release, Codemasters announced that the gam

    Posted 7 years ago 28

  • Fallout 4 Patch 1.3 Details Revealed

    Back in December last year, Bethesda released a small update to their brilliant post-apocalyptic shooter, Fallout 4. The team have continued to polish and tweak the game further and this week will re

    Posted 7 years ago 77

  • Retail Releases: Week of February 1st, 2016

    There are no new retail releases in North America this week. A murder mystery ensues in Europe though, as Agatha Christie's enigmatic detective Poirot pursues a serial killer. The latest title in the

    Posted 7 years ago 9

  • Stikbold! Brings Dodgeball To The Xbox One

    For some, those sports sessions wearing short shorts and dodgy headbands, avoiding basketballs shot like cannonballs, were the source of nightmares. For others it was an unending source of fun and a

    Posted 7 years ago 10

  • Lichdom Battlemage Reveals Crafting Trailer

    Recently we were shown a trailer revealing some of the gameplay from the upcoming magic based shooter, Lichdom Battlemage. Whilst all of the spell-casting certainly looks fun, there is actually a com

    Posted 7 years ago 1

  • Through The Woods Release Backers Update

    It's been awhile since the announcement of the action-survival-horror title, Through the Woods. Despite the team over at Antagonist working busily on the upcoming title, the developers have revealed

    Posted 7 years ago 9

  • Cobalt Reveals The Secrets Of Offence

    As we revealed not so long ago, the action-shoot-em-up title, Cobalt will be launching tomorrow and just ahead of the launch, developer Fatshark has released a last minute tutorial showing that the f

    Posted 7 years ago 4

  • 2K and WWE Extend Partnership

    Announced late last week, 2K and WWE have signed a multi-year extension that will continue to grant 2K exclusive rights to develop and publish WWE titles. 2K have seen successful year-on-year growth

    Posted 7 years ago 21

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