Xbox Game Pass launch is "incredibly validating," says Botany Manor dev

Botany Manor comes to Xbox Game Pass soon — check out our Game Pass interview with Whitethorn Games CEO Matthew White and Balloon Studios founder Laure De Mey!

Xbox Game Pass launch is incredibly validating, says Botany Manor dev
Heidi Nicholas

Heidi Nicholas


While we've still got some time before the Botany Manor achievements arrive, we're very much looking forward to this beautiful puzzle game. Laure De Mey, founder of developer Balloon Studios, discussed the game in more detail in our initial Botany Manor interview, and we also had the chance to talk with Whitethorn Games CEO Matthew White, who along with De Mey was kind enough to answer all our questions ahead of Botany Manor coming to Xbox Game Pass. Check out our interview below...

"Botany Manor being on Game Pass is incredibly validating," says Balloon Studios' Laure De Mey

It's always interesting to hear about how Xbox Game Pass partnerships with Microsoft come about, and we asked White to tell us a little more. "We've worked with Xbox in the past on a number of titles, and the Xbox team's shared values of inclusivity, accessibility, and making sure everyone gets to play resonate with our overall mission as a company. In addition to other Game Pass offerings from Whitethorn this year, Botany Manor's beauty, accessibility, and relaxed atmosphere were a natural fit for the growing catalog of games," White says.

"Botany Manor being on Game Pass is incredibly validating, especially to sit alongside so many other great titles is pretty exciting," De Mey continues. "To me personally, the main benefit is a broader exposure to all sorts of audiences, and having all kinds of players discover and hopefully enjoy the game." We've heard similar sentiments from other developers, who praised the Game Pass way of doing things. Spirittea dev Dan Beckerton commented on how Game Pass adding brand new games is "one of the major benefits", while the Homestead Arcana devs told us how Game Pass “is not only here to stay, but will grow with time".

De Mey continues, adding, "I love Game Pass for its ability to let players discover games they otherwise wouldn’t necessarily pick up. It’s a great way of exposure for smaller indie games! If a player doesn’t click with a game, there’s no harm done, and they can try out something new."

Botany Manor is drawing nearer on our list of all the upcoming Game Pass games, and launches into Xbox Game Pass on April 9!
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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