Microsoft is adding Copilot AI into Xbox and PC games

Microsoft will be integrating its Copilot AI technology into PC and Xbox games, starting with Minecraft, with players able to ask for guidance.

Microsoft is adding Copilot AI into Xbox and PC games
Heidi Nicholas

Heidi Nicholas


You might soon have a helping hand as you go after the Minecraft achievementsMicrosoft has demonstrated how its AI system will work in Xbox games like Minecraft, with players able to ask questions and have Microsoft's Copilot guide them.

Microsoft uses Minecraft to explore Copilot AI capabilities

Microsoft displayed its Copilot AI system at its latest press event according to Windows Central's Jez Corden, who explained that Minecraft was used as the example for how Copilot would function in video games in general, with the "player" apparently asking questions about crafting. In the tweet above, you can see the presenter conversing with Microsoft's AI system to ask how to make a sword. The Copilot system was able to look at his inventory and comment in detail that he had the right materials for a handle but not the blade, before explaining what materials might work. Microsoft's Copilot will apparently be used in other video games, and Windows Central has another example of some questions players might be able to ask Copilot in Sea of Thieves such as how to find certain locations or solve specific riddles.

It's the latest development in what feels like an unstoppable march towards more extensive AI capabilities. As Corden notes, asking questions like this in-game could mean you don't need to take a quick pause to look something up. Perhaps it'll even stop overly-eager video game protagonists unhelpfully hinting at what you might need to do before you even turn around to see the puzzle in question (looking at you, Cal) or the slightly insulting moment when the game, tired of waiting, asks you if you need some help.

Windows Central reports that Microsoft also talked about privacy elements for its Copilot AI, saying that related data will "remain on-device." It sounds like it's still early days for this Copilot system, but it's not clear how far this could go — exploration is the driving force behind the greatness of many excellent games. Needing help when things are frustratingly unclear is one thing but so many games thrive through asking you to use your problem-solving skills and curiosity. Look at Tunic, for instance; one of the best Game Pass games out there. Tunic doesn't hold your hand in the slightest — when we spoke to creator Andrew Shouldice for our Tunic interview, it was clear that that mystery, "that genuine feeling... of not understanding what’s going on," was incredibly important to your experience with the game. Hopefully we'll soon hear more details about what Microsoft has planned for bringing AI to Xbox.
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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