Xbox Game Pass adds beam katana-wielding No More Heroes 3 today

Beam katana-wielding Travis Touchdown's adventures in No More Heroes 3 come to Xbox Game Pass today for console and PC.

Xbox Game Pass adds beam katana-wielding No More Heroes 3 today
Tom West

Tom West


Game Pass players wanting to work through the No More Heroes 3 achievements can start unclogging toilets, wrestling crocodilians, and waving around a beam katana as part of your subscription, as No More Heroes 3 comes to Xbox Game Pass today. Travis Touchdown has quite the mission in front of him: defeat ten of the galaxy's deadliest fighters, save the world, and maybe, just maybe, join our list of the best Xbox Game Pass games.

Players subscribed to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass can play No More Heroes 3 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, while Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can stream it via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

No More Heroes 3 joins Xbox Game Pass

No More Heroes 3 follows the antics of Travis Touchdown, a beam katana-wielding otaku assassin on a mission to defeat the evil Prince FU and his nine alien underlings by battling through the Galactic Superhero Rankings. Earth's fate hangs in the balance, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little bit of fun tearing through the open-world environments on the Demzamtiger, enjoying the thrill of combo-stacking against a multitude of enemies, or chill with some mini-games like mowing the lawn.

If you're looking for a healthy dose of achievements, No More Heroes 3 has console and PC stacks. Despite the game launching in 2021, we don't have enough data to offer an estimated completion time, but looking at the few players who have bested the game, it seems you could be looking at spending between 60 and 100 hours working through each stack.

If Travis Touchdown's exploits aren't your cup of tea, keep an eye on our growing list of games coming to Game Pass to see if something catches your eye — two more games will be joining the service next week!
Written by Tom West
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