Servers for 10 Xbox games will close in March 2024

With ten Xbox server closures planned, including Dark Souls II and The Crew, March is a devastating month for online games and Xbox achievements.

Servers for 10 Xbox games will close in March 2024
Sean Carey

Sean Carey


While there are no Xbox server closures planned for February, March is absolutely stacked with shutdowns. To give you a bit of a heads-up and an idea of what games you'll want to prioritize, we've compiled a list of all confirmed server closures for March.

In total, ten Xbox games (plus two achievement stacks for different versions) will lose online support in March. They are as follows:

Upcoming Xbox server closures in March 2024

On March 21, a whopping seven EA/Codemasters games will lose online support. Sadly, all of these games do feature online-only achievements, which means you won't be able to unlock them once the servers go dark. For F1 2011, F1 2012, and F1 2013, you will need an Xbox 360 to play these games. To access online play in F1 2011 and F1 2012, you will also need a VIP Pass, which can not be bought digitally.

Also on March 21, EA and Final Strike Games are shutting down the servers of 3v3 multiplayer shooter Rocket Arena, which will discontinue all Xbox achievements. According to estimates, a completion here will take between 50 and 60 hours.

Finally, on March 31, servers for The Crew, Dark Souls II, and Armored Core: Verdict Day will go dark. For The Crew, its achievement list will be fully discontinued as it's an online-only game. In Armored Core: Verdict Day, it looks like 23 achievements will be discontinued. Thankfully, Dark Souls II does not feature any online-only achievements, so you're safe there.

In other server closure news, free-to-play action MMO APB Reloaded was officially shut down on Xbox last month, although servers had already been offline for some time.

Do you need to grab any achievements from these games before their servers are shut down for good? Let us know down in the comments.
Written by Sean Carey
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