Skate 3 servers suddenly return making four Xbox achievements unlockable

Out of nowhere, servers for Skate 3's team feature have suddenly sprung back into life, making four previously discontinued Xbox achievements unlockable again.

Skate 3 servers suddenly return making four Xbox achievements unlockable
Sean Carey

Sean Carey


It is now possible to unlock all of the Skate 3 achievements as servers for the game's long-defunct teams feature have suddenly come back online.

Skate 3 features a multiplayer Online Team function that allows you to form a skate team with your pals and compete against others for ultimate bragging rights. While the servers for these online teams have been intermittent over the years, they were seemingly killed off sometime in late 2020 (the normal servers for online play were unaffected). This discontinued four Xbox achievements at the time, but now, for some unknown reason, these servers are back, and players can once again create new teams, compete online, and unlock the four previously discontinued achievements.

We are now seeing a flurry of TrueAchievements members unlocking the Team Up, Throw Down, Lot Pwners, and Talking bout Team Practice achievements.

Skate 3Team UpThe Team Up achievement in Skate 3 worth 71 pointsBe part of a team with two or more skaters

Skate 3Throw DownThe Throw Down achievement in Skate 3 worth 73 pointsWin a Ranked Online Team Challenge

Skate 3Lot PwnersThe Lot Pwners achievement in Skate 3 worth 87 pointsWin a Ranked Team Own The Lot

Skate 3Talking bout Team practiceThe Talking bout Team practice achievement in Skate 3 worth 104 pointsPlay in a 6-player Team Freeskate session

Skate 3 is now 13 years old (where does the time go, hey?), and unless you somehow have friends who are still playing it regularly and are up for forming a new team, unlocking these four achievements will likely be pretty tough. Thankfully, TrueAchievements members have already started creating Skate 3 boosting sessions where you'll be able to work through these achievements with other gamers from TA.

We're unsure how long these servers will be up for, so make sure you grab these achievements as soon as possible! Skate 3 is currently playable with EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

While these EA servers have strangely come back online, the company is shutting down the servers of eight of its games this month.

Thanks to Saurvivalist for the heads-up!
Written by Sean Carey
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