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Sky Palace Update Teased for Wizard of Legend

Wizard of Legend developer has teased the upcoming Sky Palace Update. The update will add new enemies, signatures and more. Some of the new content can be seen in the video below.

Posted 3 days ago by Kelly Packard, 11 comments

Paladins: Champions of the Realm Xenosynthesis Patch Details

The Xenosynthesis patch for Paladins: Champions of the Realm has brought back the Deep Space Chest, added a new queue flow system and fixed various bugs.

Posted 3 days ago by Lucy Wood, 2 comments

PUBG Graphics Downgrade Hotfix Details

A slew of framerate and performance problems have plagued PUBG. A new hotfix will be deployed on September 18th to fix the issues. There is a concerted attempt to minimize the impact.

Posted 4 days ago by Dave Bricker, 59 comments

Jurassic World Evolution Free Update

You can never have enough dinosaurs and Jurassic World Evolution has given you chance to have even more fun with the game. A new mode and new features for the Sandbox mode are the highlights here.

Posted 5 days ago by Megan Walton, 3 comments

Strange Brigade Gets a Rodeo Rider, More to Come Next Month

This week brought along the first part of Strange Brigade's post-launch plans, adding new levels to a couple of game modes for all players, as well as a new character for Season Pass holders.

Posted 5 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 4 comments

Destiny 2: Forsaken Last Wish Raid Begins Tomorrow

As part of the Forsaken expansion, the new Last Wish Raid will begin tomorrow, September 14th, at 10AM PT, and we've already had a hotfix with a series of changes and nerfed bugs to help to pave the way for its smooth running.

Posted 6 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 16 comments

Fortnite Removes Controversial Drum Gun

The updates for Fortnite continue to role in with the content update part of patch v5.40. The most notable change is the removal of the controversial Drum Gun, which has now entered the dreaded vault.

Posted 7 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 38 comments

DayZ Game Preview Edition Gets Another Small Patch

Another small update went live DayZ's Game Preview users today, addressing stability, a game freezing issue and a few other glitches.

Posted 7 days ago by Kelly Packard, 1 comment

State of Decay 2 4.0 Patch Details

We got some new details on the 4.0 patch for State of Decay 2. It involves a bunch of quality of life details to improve the gameplay experience.

Posted 9 days ago by Dave Bricker, 18 comments

Prey's Rogue Moon Update Celebrates Some Of The Best Roguelikes In Mooncrash

In a rare instance of direct acknowledgement in a AAA title, Prey developer Arkane has paid tribute to the indie roguelikes that inspired their Mooncrash add-on with Typhoon skins in a free update.

Posted 13 days ago by Andy Mills, 17 comments

Dungeon Defenders II Protean Shift Hotfix 3.2.2 Notes

Hotfix 3.2.2 addresses issues with different crashes that players have discovered, as well as crushing some bugs, and making changes to the way the Multiplayer Bonus works. Take a look at the list for all of the details.

Posted 13 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 8 comments

Some PUBG Achievements are Retroactive

PUBG Corp has now confirmed that some of the achievements WILL be awarded retroactively. In a forum post, the team confirms that they've "found a workaround for the issue".

Posted 15 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 39 comments

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Amorous Adventures and Combat Tournament Coming Soon

It has been about seven months since the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and Warhorse Studios is still releasing new content for the game in the form of the "Amorous Adventures" DLC, and a free combat tournament.

Posted 16 days ago by Ethan Anderson, 3 comments

Jurassic World Evolution Update Will Add Challenge Mode

Frontier Developments has released details of the next free update for Jurassic World Evolution including a new Challenge Mode, new contracts and more sandbox and lighting options.

Posted 16 days ago by Lucy Wood, 5 comments

DayZ Patch Fixes Some Early Issues

Open world survival game DayZ has received a patch to fix some issues that emerged in the first few days after its release as a Game Preview title.

Posted 17 days ago by Lucy Wood, 9 comments

Rocket League Gives Rocket Pass Reward Details

Psyonix has released a trailer for the new Rocket Pass progression system, which includes both free and premium rewards for completing Rocket League matches online.

Posted 17 days ago by Lucy Wood, 20 comments

Sea of Thieves Patch 1.2.4 Details and Rowboat Q&A

Two Sea of Thieves videos from Rare take a look at the latest update and explain how rowboats will be implemented when they are added to the game in the upcoming "Forsaken Shores" update.

Posted 17 days ago by Lucy Wood, 7 comments

Path of Exile: Delve Details, Filled With Darkness

Path of Exile: Delve has a new infinite dungeon, The Azurite Mine. The mine has considerable treasure and Azurite ore that you can use to trade for flares, dynamite and upgrades to your Crawler.

Posted 17 days ago by Dave Bricker, 2 comments

Rocket League Progression Update Details and Screens

The "Progression Update", which features a whopping list of new features, changes, fixes, improvements, and achievements, is rolling out to the console version of Rocket League right now.

Posted 19 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 19 comments

Fortnite v5.30 Brings Shockwave Grenades

The second part of v5.30 is a small update that brings along a new Shockwave Grenade item and limited time game mode for Battle Royale, and a new Bladestorm Enforcer hero and Horde Challenge Week 4 for Save The World.

Posted 20 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 1 comment

Graveyard Keeper's Xbox One Version Updated to 1.028

Overseeing a graveyard is stressful enough without worry of bugs and glitches. Luckily, Graveyard Keeper developer Lazy Bear Games patched the management sim, alleviating many of the game's bugs.

Posted 21 days ago by Kelly Packard, 10 comments

Earn Free Items in Overwatch's D.Va Nano Cola Challenge

When Overwatch's D.Va isn't saving the world -- like in her latest animated short, "Shooting Star" -- -- she's relaxing with her favorite sponsored beverage, Nano Cola.

Posted 21 days ago by Kelly Packard, 7 comments

We Happy Few Patch Addresses Crashes

A patch has been released for Compulsion Games' We Happy Few, which recently exited Xbox's Game Preview program. The patch addresses crashes, performance problems and other issues.

Posted 21 days ago by Kelly Packard, 9 comments

Battle Your Friends in Showdown, Shovel Knights' Next Free Update

Shovel Knight's upcoming battle mode has been announced as "Shovel Knight: Showdown." In the DLC, which will be free to all Shovel Knight owners, players can battle in local co-op or a story mode.

Posted 21 days ago by Kelly Packard, 12 comments

Earthfall's Inferno Update Brings the Heat (and Bug Fixes)

Earthfall's Inferno update added fire-themed new content to the first-person shooter, including a new level. An accompanying patch also tackles some of the technical issues.

Posted 22 days ago by Kelly Packard, 4 comments

Destiny 2 - Forsaken Achievement List Revealed

We have just picked up the achievement list for Destiny 2 - Forsaken. There are 10 achievements worth a total of 240 Gamerscore, 3 of which are secret.

Posted 22 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 50 comments

Far Cry 5 Gets Dead Living Zombies and New Game + Achievements

The third and final DLC, Dead Living Zombies, has arrived. You'll earn another set of achievements before perhaps considering taking on the game's New Game + mode, which brings an achievement of its own.

Posted 22 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 77 comments

Human Fall Flat Adds Aztec Achievements

The main draw of today's update was the addition of eight-player online multiplayer. This wasn't the only thing the update brought along, though -- it also brought along new achievements for the game's final level, Aztec.

Posted 22 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 18 comments

Don’t Starve Shipwrecked's Home Sea Home Update Live Now

Developer Klei released the Home Sea Home update for "Don't Starve: Shipwrecked," single-player DLC for Don't Starve: Giant Edition that lets players make their own boat and take to the open seas.

Posted 22 days ago by Kelly Packard, 4 comments

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Finally Gets Another Major Overhaul

It’s been in testing for ages, and today the newest patch is finally available with a huge amount of changes which include matchmaking changes, playlist changes and a coveted Xbox One X enhancement.

Posted 22 days ago by Kevin Tavore, 95 comments

Elite: Dangerous - Beyond: Chapter Three Screens and Details

Frontier Developments has followed up the Elite: Dangerous - "Beyond: Chapter Three" trailer with some screenshots and further details of the upcoming content.

Posted 23 days ago by Lucy Wood, 4 comments

EA SPORTS UFC 3 Update Adds Fighters and Moves

EA SPORTS UFC 3 Update #8 has added new fighters and moves along with some gameplay tuning, changes to AI behaviour and UI improvements.

Posted 23 days ago by Lucy Wood, 3 comments

Final Achievements Teased for Gears of War 4

Last month, players were asked to submit ideas for the final batch of achievements for the game; now, The Coalition has teased a provisional list with which the team will be working.

Posted 24 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 94 comments

Use the New Rift-to-Go in Fortnite to Evade Your Enemies

A new patch for Fortnite not only brings with it the usual list of fixes and changes, but also introduces a new item in the Rift-to-Go, which can generate rifts for you and your allies.

Posted 24 days ago by Chewie, 1 comment

Elite: Dangerous - Beyond Kicks Off Chapter Three

If you're yet to jump in to Elite: Dangerous, then you've got a lot of catching up to do. Chapter three of Elite: Dangerous - Beyond is about to kick off and the Guardians take centre stage.

Posted 24 days ago by Marc Hollinshead, 9 comments

Paladins Update 1.4 Brings Dragon's Call Mode

Update 1.4 for Paladins: Champions of the Realm brings a new game mode, Dragon's Call, as well as a bunch of fixes and some character balancing.

Posted 26 days ago by Megan Walton, 3 comments

Update 1.8.3 Rolls Out for The Division

The patches and updates for The Division are too long for many of us to count, but Ubisoft is dedicated in giving us the best possible experience, with the latest patch tweaking gear, weapons and various gameplay elements.

Posted 26 days ago by Marc Hollinshead, 18 comments

Hit The Waves In The Crew 2's Upcoming Gator Rush Expansion

Next month, the first free expansion for Ivory Tower and Ubisoft's The Crew 2 will release and introduce a boat load of fun on the waters with a new motorsports discipline: Hovercrafts.

Posted 27 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 7 comments

Overwatch’s Latest Animated Short Features D.Va and a New Map

Blizzard took to the stage at Gamescom to show off two new videos. The first is a trailer for a new map set in Busan, Korea. It’s a control map and it’s coming soon. The next shows D.Va.

Posted 28 days ago by Kevin Tavore, 9 comments

Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores Arrives September 19th

The second of the expansions announced at E3 was "Forsaken Shores", and now we have brief details and screenshots, as well as a promise that the event will be starting on September 19th.

Posted 28 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 9 comments

SMITE Patch 5.15: Royal Champion Adds Classic Joust Adventure

The main feature of SMITE's patch 5.15: Royal Champion is the Classic Joust Adventure mode. Classic Joust brings back the old Joust map, which was replaced by the current Joust map in Season 3.

Posted 29 days ago by Kelly Packard, 5 comments

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Joins Xbox Game Pass on September 1st

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be arriving on Xbox Game Pass on September 1st. Microsoft also revealed a new Xbox Game Pass app for iOS and Android users.

Posted 29 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 35 comments

Sea of Thieves Developer Update: Cursed Sails Extended and Commendation Fixed

The latest Sea of Thieves developer update video talks about week three of the Cursed Sails event and the future of skeleton ships and cursed cannonballs.

Posted 1 month ago by Lucy Wood, 13 comments

Killer Instinct Patch Notes for Update 3.9.13

The latest patch for Killer Instinct comes with a list of changes including changes to character gameplay, "Shadow Lords", and the Killer Instinct store.

Posted 1 month ago by Ashley Woodcock, 14 comments

Battle Royale Mode Announced for F2P MMO Skyforge

With the explosion of popular games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, battle royale modes are becoming as common as deathmatch, and players will probably be unfazed to see one announced for Skyforge.

Posted 1 month ago by Kelly Packard, 12 comments

Microsoft Store Shopping Cart Feature Arrives for Alpha and Beta Preview Rings

Xbox gamers had to purchase one item at a time in one of the more irritating issues with the Microsoft Store. However, Microsoft has finally listened to their customers and is trialling a Shopping Cart feature.

Posted 1 month ago by Rebecca Smith, 30 comments

New Game + Coming Soon To Overcooked! 2

Any chefs looking for more of a challenge from Overcooked! 2 are in luck as Team17 and Ghost Town Games have announced that New Game Plus is on the way, daring players to go for four stars.

Posted 1 month ago by Andy Mills, 9 comments

Thora Arrives to Save the World in Fortnite

Battle Royale players get a new weapon in the form of the Heavy Sniper Rifle, while Thora is the latest constructor to join Save the World.

Posted 1 month ago by Rebecca Smith, 5 comments

Tom Clancy's The Division Survival DLC Will Be Free for Limited Time

Phoenix, is the next shield and will take players through some tough attempts at Survival. Releasing on August 16th, players without the DLC can check it out for free on the same day up until August 22nd.

Posted 1 month ago by Ashley Woodcock, 26 comments

Latest No Man’s Sky Patch Offers More Fixes

Another patch was released for No Man's Sky, Hello Games' massive, open-world experience that just made its way to Xbox One at the end of July. Patch 1.55, which also includes patch 1.54 for Xbox players, tidies up more bugs.

Posted 1 month ago by Kelly Packard, 15 comments