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Kinect Pricing Confirmed

Microsoft has gone on record and confirmed the price-point for the Kinect across the US, UK, and Europe. United States - $149 United Kingdom - £129 Europe - €149 That is for the sensor bar itself. If

Posted 9 years ago by dropK1CK ninJA

Kinect's Rock Tour Event!

There are those on the fence with the Kinect. There are those that could care less about it and are going to post comments like "pass", "lame", and "Codster bad". We get the point. You're too hype, c

Posted 9 years ago by dropK1CK ninJA

TA E3 Wrap-Up Chit-Chat

Welcome, one and all, to the after party! Hosted by yours truly, I decided to abandon my colleagues and invite the step children over for their thoughts and comments on this year’s E3 event. That’s c

Posted 9 years ago by dropK1CK ninJA

E3:2010 - All 360S Information [UPDATED]

UPDATE: I have now obtained my own 360S and have included pictures. Picture links will be embedded within the original story and it has been cleaned up with some better information. ORIGINAL: We had

Posted 9 years ago by dropK1CK ninJA

E3:2010 - The New 360 Has Arrived

Microsoft ended it's E3 Keynote Press Conference with the unveiling of the new version of the 360, cleverly hidden under the shell of the current model. The new model, which was indeed the same from

Posted 9 years ago by devourer please

E3:2010 - Project Natal Becomes Kinect

USA Today featured an article today about Project Natal, but rather than calling it Project Natal, they decided to call it by Microsoft's new name for their new motion peripheral: Kinect. Kinect is s

Posted 9 years ago by devourer please

Microsoft Rolling out Xbox Live Update - April 6th

Just a little reminder for you guys: you may remember reading about the a little while ago. Well today, April 6th, is the day when this

Posted 9 years ago by zigs00

Standalone 250GB HDD Available for Purchase

Available from today in the US, Microsoft have confirmed that the previously Special Edition bundle-exculsive 250GB hard drive is now available as a standalone product, purchasable for $129.99 USD, a

Posted 9 years ago by zigs00

USB Storage Device Support Coming to 360

You've been eyeballing those fancy 250 GB HD bundles, with their pictures of Sam Fisher or stylistic colors, but don't jump at the new rig just because of the increased storage capacity! Why have a b

Posted 9 years ago by Aerodynamo

Splinter Cell Conviction 250GB 360 Bundle

Major Nelson tweeted this morning about the latest 250GB bundle to hit stores. Arriving in early April, the Splinter Cell Conviction bundle comes with a 250 GB Xbox 360, 2 wireless controllers and a

Posted 9 years ago by Dog of Thunder

Get Ready for Natal!

With CES having finished on January 10th, the last bit of news and developer reactions are hitting the web. In terms of what effects Xbox gamers, we are seeing a great deal of talk about the future o

Posted 9 years ago by Xsarthis

More News From the Realm of Controller-less Gaming

I return with recent developments in the realm of sans-controller gaming. Considering how excited you all were by my most recent article, I just couldn't resist the urge to twist the knife once more.

Posted 9 years ago by Xsarthis

Microsoft Patents New Technology

Most of you know about or have heard mention of Microsoft's response to the Wii Controllers. Project Natal, announced at E3 2009, is a controller-free gaming experience using the movements of your bo

Posted 9 years ago by Xsarthis

New LIVE Features Will Be “Turned On”

Major Nelson provided a nice little nugget of information to the internet masses today, concerning the next dashboard update. With today being the big day for the unveiling of, Twitter, and F

Posted 10 years ago by dropK1CK ninJA

Natal Being Used in FPS Too?

Critical Gamer reports that Peter Molyneux isn't the only one that has big plans for Natal. Rare's head of studio Mark Betteridge is planning on breaking new ground with Natal. The latest issue of tr

Posted 10 years ago by Cougar24

Ballmer Hints At Upcoming Blu-ray Add-on Drive

In a recent interview with Gizmodo, Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft and well known sweaty maniac, hinted that consumers would be able to buy Blu-ray drives as accessories for the Xbox 360 in the futu

Posted 10 years ago by Kirsco

Controller, Controller, Controller

If you're particular, much like myself, and just one controller isn't enough or if you're looking for something to jot down on you're Christmas lists, then take a look at the latest Limited Edition c

Posted 10 years ago by splicegraph

Modern Warfare 2 - LE Console

Microsoft Corp. and Activision Publishing, Inc. announced yesterday that November 10th, 2009 will mark the worldwide release of the Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Console. The special themed Xbox 3

Posted 10 years ago by splicegraph

Confirmation of Microsoft's Portable Plans

There have been rumors of Microsoft trying to enter the hand-held gaming market for quite some time now. Because of how intertwined the Zune and Xbox Live networks are and how powerful the Zune HD is

Posted 10 years ago by Ashen Seraph

John Carmack at A-Kon 20

As some of you know, I'm in attendance at A-Kon 20 in Dallas, TX. It's an Anime convention, so you wouldn't expect any real gaming news. However, given the size of A-Kon and the fact that id Software

Posted 10 years ago by Ashen Seraph

Lips microphones for Metallica & Rock Band 2

Microsoft have announced that Guitar Hero: Metallica will support the Lips microphones and also Rock Band 2 will receive an update in the summer for Lips microphone support. "It’s time to break free

Posted 10 years ago

Xbox 360 System Update

In case you were wondering what the system update addressed today, according to Major Nelson it simply fixed some "interruptions" with certain games on Xbox LIVE and nothing else. "A few minutes ago,

Posted 10 years ago

Motion Control Details

There has been continuous talk of Microsoft's newly acquired 3D motion sensing technology over the past few months. At GDC 2009 this week, juicy details have emerged, and the new technology seems to

Posted 10 years ago by BLYAST

New Controllers

Just a small heads up for the fighting genre fans out there - Capcom has announced that a large new shipment of Madcatz controllers and arcade sticks are expected to hit very soon with some on the sh

Posted 10 years ago by BLYAST

Red Xbox 360 Officially announced

Today Microsoft officially announced the red Resident Evil 5 Limited Edition console. While we knew of its existence for quite some time we didn't know all the details. Your $399 MSRP will get you: *

Posted 10 years ago by GameTagwastaken