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UPDATE: Classic 90's Games Aladdin and The Lion King Return for 1080p Remaster

The remakes of the original films may not be the only attention Aladdin and The Lion King are getting this year: there might be remakes of the classic 90's games in the works.

Posted 18 days ago by Heidi Nicholas, 82 comments

An Apex Legends Leak at GameStop Gives the First Possible Look at Crypto

Apex Legends joins the list of GameStop leaks. Recent screenshots seem to imply that Crypto, the character who supposedly destroyed the Repulsor Tower, is the next Legend coming to the game.

Posted 18 days ago by Heidi Nicholas, 13 comments

UPDATE: Leaked Trailer Fuels Next More Plants vs. Zombies Rumours

A trademark filing on the European Union's Intellectual Property Office website has been found detailing the potential name of a new entry into the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare series.

Posted 1 month ago by Sean Carey, 38 comments

The Outer Worlds Franchise Could Be Looking At An Xbox Exclusive Future

Matt Booty, head of Xbox Studios, describes what Xbox look for when acquiring studios, and how they decide which games should be cross-platform and which should be Xbox exclusive.

Posted 1 month ago by Heidi Nicholas, 19 comments

Alleged Capcom Email Sparks Resident Evil Rumours

Capcom's Division 1, the team behind the hugely popular Resident Evil series, have sent out requests for Resident Evil fans to test an untitled game.

Posted 1 month ago by Heidi Nicholas, 51 comments

A Microsoft Patent Application Shows a Device Similar to a Nintendo Switch

A patent filed by Microsoft shows a charging pad for what looks like two gamepads that can be attached to a touchscreen device, similar to that of a Nintendo Switch.

Posted 1 month ago by Sean Carey, 78 comments

UPDATE: Need For Speed Leak Turns Out To Be Fake

An Austrian video game retailer has leaked the title of the latest Need For Speed game by placing it up for pre-order.

Posted 1 month ago by Sean Carey, 25 comments

A Mysterious Audio Clip has Been Uncovered in the E3 2019 Halo Infinite Trailer

A twitter user has uncovered a secret QR code hidden away in the E3 2019 trailer for Halo Infinite. The code links to a vague audio clip that features a voice that sounds like Cortana.

Posted 1 month ago by Sean Carey, 10 comments

A New Painting in GTA Online Has Reddit Debating A Bully 2 Sequel

A painting released as part of the new GTA Online Diamond Casino & Resort update features references to Rockstar's Bully. Some Reddit users believe it to be a nod to a potential sequel.

Posted 1 month ago by Sean Carey, 23 comments

It Looks Like EA Is Testing Out A New Plants Vs. Zombies Game on Xbox One

It looks like EA are on the verge of announcing a new Plants vs. Zombies game, given that they are sending out alpha testing invites to their community play testers. The alpha appears to be for consoles only.

Posted 1 month ago by Sam Quirke, 36 comments

[UPDATE] Square Enix has "No Plans" for FFVII Remake on Xbox

While it's certainly not front-and-centre of the marketing material, we've known for a while that the Final Fantasy VII Remake was only a timed exclusive for PlayStation. But is it coming to Xbox, and when? There are new clues...

Posted 2 months ago by Sam Quirke, 73 comments

Ninja Theory's Bleeding Edge Trailer Leaks Ahead of E3

While Microsoft has so far managed to keep a tight lip about leaks, unlike others, that may have all changed today with offscreen footage of the trailer for a new title by Ninja Theory, Bleeding Edge.

Posted 3 months ago by Rebecca Smith, 54 comments

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Trophy List Leaked

The trophy list for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled has been leaked. If you want to get an early insight into what you'll need to do for the completion, now is your chance.

Posted 3 months ago by James Kearle, 14 comments

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Leaks Ahead of Announcement Next Week

As is becoming E3 tradition, it seems like Rebellion's new major unannounced title may have leaked into the public domain ahead of time.

Posted 3 months ago by Rebecca Smith, 17 comments

Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith DLC Reportedly Bridges the Gap to Borderlands 3

Last night, a Steam product listing that has since been removed did indeed reveal the impending arrival of the "Commander Lilith & The Fight For Sanctuary" DLC that will bring players back to the game.

Posted 3 months ago by Rebecca Smith, 103 comments

Possible Xbox Live Changes Will Allow for Identical Gamertags

One of the upcoming Xbox Live updates will be to the way that Gamertags are handled, changing to a Discord-like format that will allow players to use multiple names and even allow duplicate Gamertags.

Posted 3 months ago by Rebecca Smith, 256 comments

Watch_Dogs Legion Reportedly Set in Post-Brexit London

A questionable Amazon listing (now removed) appeared for a game titled Watch_Dogs Legion and fuels the existing rumours that the next instalment in the Watch_Dogs franchise will be set in London.

Posted 3 months ago by Rebecca Smith, 40 comments

[UPDATE] Larian Studios Teases Baldur's Gate III

Larian Studios is already working on Divinity: Fallen Heroes, but it seems like the developer is stretching its wings and is set to reveal another new title.

Posted 4 months ago by Rebecca Smith, 23 comments

A New Ubisoft IP, Roller Champions, Has Leaked Ahead of E3 2019

There is still room for "one or two more things" at Ubisoft's E3 show. One of those may well have been leaked early. Roller Champions appears to step into arena sports as players compete in roller derby tournaments.

Posted 4 months ago by Rebecca Smith, 16 comments

Fable IV Rumours Return After an Unexpected Mixer Listing

Rumours of Fable IV have been given more support today through the appearance of the game in Mixer's database. Many are expecting the game to be shown on stage during Microsoft's presentation at E3 2019.

Posted 4 months ago by Rebecca Smith, 43 comments

Ubisoft Store Listing Fuels Rumours Of A New Subscription Service

Originally noticed by a user on gaming forum ResetEra, a now-disappeared store listing suggests that publisher Ubisoft is set to join Microsoft and EA with their own Ubisoft Pass subscription service.

Posted 4 months ago by Andy Mills, 19 comments

This Year's Call of Duty is Rumoured to be Called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

It's been rumoured for quite a while that this year's iteration of the Call of Duty series will be a new Modern Warfare title, and various reports today are suggesting that it will be called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Posted 4 months ago by Dave Horobin

Purple Xbox One S Fortnite Limited Edition Leaked Online

The Xbox One S Fortnite Limited Edition has appeared in some US retailers, and the bundle includes a purple console, matching controller, and bonus Fortnite content.

Posted 4 months ago by Rebecca Smith

Will Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 be Revealed Tomorrow?

Many prominent Youtubers are travelling to an event that's currently under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and the hints seem to suggest it will be the reveal of a game many believe to be Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4.

Posted 4 months ago by Rebecca Smith

EA Access Trailer Suggests Battlefield V and FIFA 19 Joining the Vault Soon

A trailer may have inadvertantly revealed some titles due to arrive in the EA Access Vault soon: Battlefield V, FIFA 19, and A Way Out.

Posted 4 months ago by Rebecca Smith

SEGA Trademarks A New Super Monkey Ball Title In Japan

A trademark application filed by SEGA Games in Japan has suggested a return may be on the horizon for the Super Monkey Ball series following a five year absence since its most recent title, Super Monkey Ball Bounce.

Posted 4 months ago by Andy Mills

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Leaks Through Ubisoft Store Listing

Fans have been speculating quietly about what's next in the series, and it seems Ubisoft is looking to return to its roots as the latest game has recently leaked on Ubisoft's official store.

Posted 4 months ago by Kevin Tavore

RAGE 2 Achievement List Leaked

Thanks to a source who has leaked the PlayStation 4 trophy list, we can at least get a glimpse at what the title's achievements may well entail.

Posted 4 months ago by Rebecca Smith

Is Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

There's a bit of a discrepancy going on in the Windows 10 Store at the moment with Age of Empires: Definitive Edition. Some believe this is an indication that the game is about to join Xbox Game Pass.

Posted 5 months ago by Rebecca Smith

Viking Assassin's Creed Game Teased In The Division 2

The setting of the next Assassin's Creed game may have been revealed by Tom Clancy's The Division 2, with background art in that game hinting we'll be heading to the Viking Age.

Posted 5 months ago by Andy Mills

Rumoured Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Includes Gold, Priced $14.99 Per Month

A notable Twitter leaker has posted a tweet suggesting Xbox are about to announce Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, combining Xbox Game Pass with Xbox Live Gold in a single subscription for $14.99 per month in the US.

Posted 5 months ago by Sam Quirke

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Rated by ESRB

If you're a fan of the Borderlands series, you might want to pay very close attention to what Gearbox has to show at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts next week.

Posted 6 months ago by Dave Horobin

Report: Xbox One S All-Digital Set for May 7th Release

More leaked documents and box art point towards a disc-less Xbox console called the Xbox One S All-Digital being released on May 7th of this year.

Posted 6 months ago by Dave Horobin

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Apparently Won't Have Zombies or Battle Royale

Rumours are gathering pace that the next title will be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. Gaming Intel has gone a step further to cite a number of juicy details from a variety of sources about the upcoming game.

Posted 6 months ago by Rebecca Smith

Gearbox Teases More Reveals for PAX East

Gearbox has teased three more "never-before-seen reveals, exclusives, and surprises" they'll be bringing to their PAX East panel on March 28th.

Posted 6 months ago by Rebecca Smith

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Trophy List Leaked

The full trophy list for "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" has been leaked by serial leaker DeftonesBand. Check out what is likely to be the final list of achievements for the game.

Posted 6 months ago by James Kearle

Battle Royale Details Leaked for Battlefield V

March is bringing a new game mode to Battlefield V, and it's one that many players have been waiting for since launch. Fortunately, they won't have to wait long for the details, as data miners have already revealed plenty.

Posted 6 months ago by Nicole René

Discless Xbox One Supposedly Due This Year

It would make sense for Microsoft to release what would likely be the final Xbox One console before the next generation is released, but what will a disc-free Xbox One console entail?

Posted 6 months ago by Rebecca Smith

Turn 10 Possibly Working On a Forza Mobile Game

Although nothing has been formally confirmed, a recent URL leak from Forza Motorsport developers Turn 10 implies that a new Mobile/Win 10 game might be in the works.

Posted 6 months ago by James Kearle

PEGI Rates Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered

Rumours of the existence of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered have been spreading for a little while, but they've been given more weight today by the appearance of a PEGI trademark.

Posted 6 months ago by Rebecca Smith