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TA Podcast: The History of TrueAchievements

Welcome to a very special episode of the podcast, where for one show only, we switch the focus from the games that we've been playing and the news that's been breaking over the past week and instead celebrate a decade of TA.

Posted 9 months ago by Dave Horobin, 22 comments

TrueAchievements Xbox One App Discontinued Achievements Are Now Attainable

We've been working with Microsoft to update the three snap-related achievements in the TrueAchievements App and allow them to be unlocked again

Posted 9 months ago by Rich Stone, 184 comments

Which Xbox Achievement Are You Most Proud Of?

As the celebration of a decade on TA continues all week, today we're looking at the Xbox achievements that have filled us with the most pride when we heard that Pavlovian pop. Which singular achievement is your proudest?

Posted 9 months ago by Mark Delaney, 242 comments

10th Birthday Giveaway Stream - Over £3,000 of Prizes to be Won

We've got a marathon eight-hour live stream planned for this Thursday to celebrate TA's 10th Birthday, where we'll be streaming some of our favourite games from the past decade and giving away lots of incredible prizes.

Posted 9 months ago by Dave Horobin, 144 comments

10 Years of TrueAchievements - The Site History

We plot the many key features and milestones of the site over the last 10 years, including screenshots of the early site designs

Posted 9 months ago by Rich Stone, 69 comments

Poll: Which Site Feature Do You Find Most Valuable?

Happy Friday TA! Happy early birthday too, but we'll get to that shortly. In this week's poll, we look back at last week's winner before asking you to share with us your most valuable site feature from the ever-increasing list.

Posted 9 months ago by Mark Delaney, 116 comments

TrueAchievements Will be 10-Years Old Next Week

TrueAchievements is turning 10 years old next week, and to mark the occasion we'd like to invite you all to a special week-long celebration.

Posted 9 months ago by Dave Horobin, 125 comments

Introducing The TrueAchievements 10th Birthday Community Challenge

TrueAchievements turns 10 years old next Wednesday, and to coincide with our weeklong celebration of a decade of TA, we're excited to announce that our third community challenge is starting right now!

Posted 9 months ago by Dave Horobin, 72 comments