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Steelrising steals the show at Bigben Week

Steelrising is an upcoming action-RPG from Greedfall developer Spiders, with a release date of September 8th for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC. At Nacon's Bigben Week event, Kes got a sneak peek at the upcoming game...

Posted 2 hours ago by Kes Eylers-Stephenson 6

Gloomhaven heading to Xbox in 2023

Gloomhaven's successful launch on PC in 2021 will be followed by a console launch, including Xbox, next year, thanks to a partnership between Asmodee Digital and Saber Interactive.

Posted 8 hours ago by Tom West 14

Is MultiVersus going to be secretly amazing?

A free-to-play fighting game from a brand new studio might not have the hallmarks of greatness about it, but MultiVersus' creative twist on a beloved formula and bottomless roster potential might just set it up for success.

Posted yesterday by Luke Albigés 36

Xbox boss Phil Spencer comments on Starfield and Redfall delays

If you somehow missed it, Starfield and Redfall have been delayed to the first half of 2023. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has now commented on these delays, saying that Xbox Game Studios must "work better to meet expectations."

Posted 10 days ago by Sean Carey 66

Dead Space remake release date set for January

EA's upcoming Dead Space Remake now has a release date. The all-new version of the classic sci-fi survival horror game, which has been rebuilt from the ground up, launches for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC on January 27th, 2023.

Posted 10 days ago by Sean Carey 33

Bike Mechanic Simulator gearing up for 2023 release

Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023 will allow you to repair, service, and assemble unique bikes in your very own customisable workshop loaded with specialist equipment when it launches next year.

Posted 14 days ago by Tom West 21

Two new closed betas now available for Xbox Insiders

Xbox Insiders can now download closed beta versions of Turbo Golf Racing and Lost Eidolons to try out these upcoming games this weekend ahead of their launches later this year.

Posted 25 days ago by Luke Albigés 6

Bloodhound unleashes hell on Xbox soon

Bloodhound is a hell-shooter from Polish developer Kruger & Flint Productions, and will set players the task of annihilating the demonic cult of Asteroth when it launches on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One later this year.

Posted 28 days ago by Tom West 5

Saints Row customisation undressed by Volition

Saints Row's vast suite of customisation options has been uncovered via a Volition showcase alongside a brand-new trailer — style your boss, recruits, criminal ventures, HQ, vehicles, weapons, and... socks?

Posted 1 month ago by Tom West 38

No More Heroes 3 touches down on Xbox later this year

No More Heroes 3 launched for Switch last year, but XSeed has announced that the crazy action game won't be an exclusive much longer — Travis Touchdown is coming to Xbox this fall, as well as PC and PlayStation.

Posted 1 month ago by Luke Albigés 42

Trek to Yomi: TA team first impressions

Trek to Yomi has intrigue in trailers for its beautiful black and while art, samurai vibes, and dark narrative premise. The team got hands-on with the game — so let's see how they handle a blade.

Posted 1 month ago by Kes Eylers-Stephenson 11

Silt: TA team first impressions

Spiral Circus' upcoming underwater adventure Silt will be diving into the world later this year — here's what some of the TA news team thought of the game after getting their hands on an early build...

Posted 1 month ago by Luke Albigés 8

Weird West gets final 'Road to Weird West' episode

Weird West launches tomorrow, March 31st, and as such, WolfEye Studios' Road to Weird West series has come to an end. This fifth and final episode highlights some of the choice and consequence features of the game.

Posted 1 month ago by Tom West 5

Scathe devlog dives into the game's bullet hell mechanics

Scathe developer Damage State has released a devlog that discusses the game's implementation of bullet hell mechanics, co-op gameplay, and how dodging the enemies' firepower will ramp up Scathe's intensity.

Posted 1 month ago by Tom West 1

Destress with a Slaycation Paradise break later this year

Slaycation Paradise is an inter-dimensional plane of existence that allows you to destress with some twin-stick action and tower defence gameplay, and it'll bring the art of slaughter to Xbox later this year.

Posted 1 month ago by Tom West 3

EA Sports PGA Tour delayed by a year to 2023

EA's new PGA Tour game, the first since 2015's Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, has been delayed by a full year and will now launch sometime in spring 2023.

Posted 1 month ago by Sean Carey 17

We Were Here Forever gets May release date

We Were Here Forever is bringing cooperative puzzle-solving to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in May, and you can get caught up on the game's backstory by checking out the first episode of a six-part live-action series.

Posted 2 months ago by Tom West 17

Godfall: Ultimate Edition comes to Xbox in April

Godfall: Ultimate Edition launches on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One — with exclusive enhancements — on April 7th, bringing the base game, three updates, the Fire & Darkness expansion, and more in one package for $39.99.

Posted 2 months ago by Tom West 36

Wildcat Gun Machine blasts onto Xbox in May

Wildcat Gun Machine will be bringing its bullet hell dungeon-crawling gameplay to Xbox on May 4th, placing a variety of weapons in the hands of players and sending them against hordes of fleshy amalgamations.

Posted 2 months ago by Tom West 2

Dark Fracture gets nightmarish new trailer

Xbox players that are fans of the horror genre look to be in for a treat when Dark Fracture launches later this year to take you on a journey of madness, which the developer says will be "creepy as f**k."

Posted 2 months ago by Tom West 8

Cosmic: A Journey Among Shadows steps into the light soon

Cosmic: A Journey Among Shadows was given an introductory trailer during Feardemic's Fear Fest 2022, which gives us a bit of the mischievous protagonist's backstory and a look at some of the colourfully vibrant gameplay.

Posted 2 months ago by Tom West 1

WrestleQuest slams onto Xbox this summer

WrestleQuest was announced during the ID@Xbox Spring Showcase and is an RPG adventure game that features many iconic wrestling legends, such as Booker T, Randy Savage, Diamond Dallas Page, and more.

Posted 2 months ago by Tom West 21