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Hand of Fate 2 Update and DLC Launch Today

Defiant Development has announced that new DLC for Hand of Fate 2 launches today, along with the free "Combat Reforged" update which will improve battle mechanics and rebalance enemies and equipment.

Posted 9 hours ago by Lucy Wood, 0 comments

Farming Simulator 19 Trailer Heads to Ravenport

A new trailer from Giants Software takes a tour of the coastal region of Ravenport, one of two brand new maps coming to Farming Simulator 19.

Posted 2 days ago by Lucy Wood, 1 comment

Earthfall Invasion Update Will Add New Game Mode

Holospark has announced a free update for first person shooter Earthfall, adding two highly requested features and improving the weapon sounds in the game.

Posted 2 days ago by Lucy Wood, 3 comments

Master the Elements as a Wizard in Black Desert

Combat videos are starting to be released regularly for the numerous classes found in Black Desert. This video showcases the elemental abilities that can be used by the Wizard class.

Posted 2 days ago by Ethan Anderson, 7 comments

SOULCALIBUR VI's Latest Stream Shows Off the Story

The latest video sees the developers sitting down with gaming celebrities Mega64, unrooolie, and maximilian_ to play the new story modes and preview new content.

Posted 2 days ago by Kevin Tavore, 0 comments

Seiya and Shiryu of Saint Seiya Join the Fight in Jump Force

The Jump Force roster has been growing steadily as of late, so it should come as no surprise that yet another Shonen Jump series will be lending its characters to the fighter. Seiya and Shiryu of Saint Seiya are joining the roster

Posted 3 days ago by Ethan Anderson, 0 comments

Fortnite v6.02 Update Adds New Modes and Fixes

The v6.02 patch notes for Fortnite are out, with more bling, bang, and boom! Featuring Disco Domination, Quad Rocket Launchers, and Noble Launchers.

Posted 3 days ago by Dave Bricker, 0 comments

Warriors Orochi 4 Character Trailers Released

Two more character-centric videos have been released for Warriors Orochi 4. The videos are for Kyubi and Lu Lingqi, voted the 10th and 9th favorite characters in the series.

Posted 3 days ago by Dave Bricker, 2 comments

THQ Nordic Announce Post-Launch DLC for Darksiders III

Good things comes to those who wait, such as DLC. Check out this overview of THQ Nordic's plans for Darksiders III after its release on November 27th.

Posted 3 days ago by James Kearle, 25 comments

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Voice Actor Explores Upcoming DLC

Developer Warhorse has given us a special interview with Luke Dale, the voice of Sir Hans Capon, the longtime rival of the protagonist, Henry. Join them as they discuss the upcoming DLC based on Capon's love affair.

Posted 3 days ago by Nicole René, 0 comments

Ghost Mode Brings Competitive Multiplayer To HITMAN 2

Ahead of the release of HITMAN 2 next month, developer IO Interactive have announced Ghost Mode, another multiplayer twist on the HITMAN formula where two Agent 47s will face off against each other.

Posted 3 days ago by Andy Mills, 4 comments

Two New Just Cause 4 Videos Detail Narrative and Story

Two new videos have been released that give us some insight into how the team behind Just Cause 4 developed the narrative for the latest title in the series.

Posted 4 days ago by Lexley Ford, 2 comments

State of Decay Patch Notes and Stream for Update 4.2

A new patch has been released for State of Decay 2 with update notes and a stream from the development team as well. Patch 4.2 mainly focuses on the recently released "Daybreak" DLC pack

Posted 4 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 6 comments

Ubisoft Show What's On The Way In For Honor's Marching Fire Update

Ahead of the imminent release of the upcoming Marching Fire expansion coming to For Honor, Ubisoft have released a video showing everything set to be added, as well as a couple of editions for the expansion.

Posted 4 days ago by Andy Mills, 5 comments

Party Up in SMITE for Double Worshipers, XP and Favor

This weekend in SMITE, players can earn double worshipers, experience and favor while playing in a party. It's the ideal time to increase your account level or god mastery levels and earn some favor.

Posted 4 days ago by Kelly Packard, 1 comment

The Coalition Fixes Gears of War 2 Photojournalist Achievement Again

If you're one of the nearly 150K players we have on site who haven't yet unlocked this achievement, now's the time to pay attention. The Coalition has fixed it again, meaning the achievement is currently obtainable.

Posted 4 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 48 comments

Assassin's Creed III Remastered Details Released

Ubisoft has released the detailed features for those interested in the upcoming Assassin's Creed III Remastered, which is included with Assassin's Creed Odyssey's season pass.

Posted 4 days ago by Kelly Packard, 42 comments

Sea of Thieves Gets Cargo Runs but Moves Away from Weekly Updates

When "Forsaken Shores" was released two weeks ago, developer Rare promised that they'd be delivering cargo runs during the third week of the event. This week's patch has indeed brought along the new missions.

Posted 5 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 0 comments

Halloween Terror Returns to Overwatch

Returning for a third year, the Halloween Terror 2018 event is now underway. While there are no new achievements to be earned, the event does give the opportunity to earn the achievements from the previous events.

Posted 5 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 11 comments

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Coming To Retail In December

Ninja Theory today announced that the critically-acclaimed Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice will be receiving a retail edition. You can delve deeper into mind of Senua this December.

Posted 6 days ago by Ozan Erhalac, 33 comments

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Patch Fixes Dr Croft and Completionist Achievements

Those who found themselves with glitched Artifact Collections can now unlock the relevant achievements, while there are fixes to other aspects of the game that previously prevented players from getting 100% completion.

Posted 6 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 21 comments

North America to Get a Deluxe Edition for Resident Evil 2

If you aren't in the business of buying expensive collector's editions and reside in the U.S., those who are anticipating the remake of Resident Evil 2 may be interested in the recently announced Deluxe Edition of the game.

Posted 6 days ago by Marc Hollinshead, 12 comments

The Thrice Damned Begins in Strange Brigade with Isle of the Dead

Rebellion has continued their plan to support the game by releasing the first part of their three-part campaign known as The Thrice Damned, as well as a new character and more maps.

Posted 7 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 9 comments

Exclusive Xbox Interviews with Bethesda Provide More Details on Fallout 76

With Fallout 76 releasing in little over a month, watch Pete Hines and Major Nelson dissect the hazardous wastelands of West Virginia in this two-part interview, confirming numerous details on multiplayer and workshops.

Posted 7 days ago by James Kearle, 21 comments

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 Event Begins Soon

Its that time of the year again! Overwatch fans are prepared to win loot boxes in spend coins in this year’s spooky Halloween Terror event.

Posted 8 days ago by Will Cruz, 26 comments

No Man’s Sky Vehicle Update Now Live on Xbox One

Update 1.63 offers the usual bug fixes and quality of life improvements but also brings additional vehicles to craft and better sharing of race tracks

Posted 8 days ago by Richard Dobson, 0 comments

ONRUSH Launches 4 New Space-Themed Tracks in Version 4.0 Update

Check out these interplanetary tracks now available in ONRUSH's new 4.0 update. Although these tracks are all space-themed, the trailer showcase shows that plenty of variety should still be expected from these new tracks.

Posted 9 days ago by James Kearle, 20 comments

SMITE Change & Choices Patch Adds New Console UI and More

Patch 5.18: Change & Choices brings a whole new look to the console user interface, continues the Hera's Odyssey event, and brings the usual list of bug fixes and balance adjustments.

Posted 9 days ago by Kelly Packard, 4 comments

The One We Found Release Date, Video, and Screenshots Create Fear

What do you get when you combine fear, combat, exploration and item management? Survival horror. The latest game to enter this fray is The One We Found, releasing on Halloween.

Posted 10 days ago by Dave Bricker, 7 comments

Brave a Lava-Flooded Forge in the First Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLC

Lara Croft's newest adventure, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, launched a few short weeks ago, and now, Square Enix has just revealed the game's first DLC. The new content, titled "The Forge," will be arriving November 13th.

Posted 10 days ago by Ethan Anderson, 9 comments

Bomber Crew USAAF DLC Will Add New Campaign and Plane

Runner Duck Games has announced an American-themed DLC for their WWII survival simulator Bomber Crew, which will add a new campaign and Enemy Access to the game.

Posted 10 days ago by Lucy Wood, 4 comments

Battlefield V Developer Talk #3 Video Released

This video is the third in a series, and features DICE developers talking about their work on their upcoming Battlefield V title. We get a behind-the-scenes look.

Posted 10 days ago by Dave Bricker, 2 comments

Just Cause 4 Spotlight Video Looks At The Black Hand

A new Spotlight video for Just Cause 4 focuses on the Solis private militia known as The Black Hand, described by developer Avalanche Studios as Rico's toughest enemies so far.

Posted 10 days ago by Lucy Wood, 4 comments

King of Games Yugi Muto Receives a New Jump Force Trailer

Duelist Yugi Muto has been a known member of the Jump Force roster for some time now, but he has yet to receive a trailer all to himself. That is no longer the case, as Bandai Namco has released a video showcasing his abilities.

Posted 10 days ago by Ethan Anderson, 10 comments

Monster Hunter: World Version Patch Notes

A new patch has been unleashed for the beasts of Monster Hunter: World as patch version is now live for the Xbox One version of the game.

Posted 10 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 16 comments

Warriors Orochi 4 Multiplayer Gameplay Showcases Co-op and Versus

Warriors Orochi 4 Producer Masaki Furusawa, teams up with the game's Director, Tomohiko Aoki, for a couple of battles. The first being a co-op session, followed by a head-to-head versus battle.

Posted 10 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 1 comment

SOULCALIBUR VI Returning Character Inferno Playable, But Not Online

If your soul burns, he will come for it. As the living incarnation of Soul Edge, Inferno is back in SOULCALIBUR VI to reap the souls of worthy warriors!

Posted 10 days ago by Nicole René, 7 comments

Battlefield V and Xbox Team Up to Reveal Medic and Recon Classes

An overview of the recent joint announcement from Xbox and EA DICE regarding two of the four classes playable at launch. Information includes the weapons, gadgets, combat roles and traits of each class.

Posted 11 days ago by James Kearle, 38 comments

AJ Styles' Fellow Superstars Give Their Thoughts On The WWE 2K19 Cover Star

With less than a week to go until the release of WWE 2K19, 2K took the time to find out how other superstars felt about the choice of the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles as the game's cover star.

Posted 11 days ago by Andy Mills, 2 comments

Xbox One X Enhanced Roundup October 3rd 2018

Microsoft has updated the Xbox One X enhanced games list this morning, with a number of new additions and changes to existing games.

Posted 13 days ago by Dave Horobin, 15 comments

Call of Duty: WWII Update Includes Fixes, Improvements and New Content

A new update will be rolling out for Call of Duty: WWII today and the list has already been posted to the game's reddit page for all to see.

Posted 14 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 15 comments

New Xbox Releases: Week Beginning October 1st, 2018

At retail, the Assassin's Creed franchise heads to Greece, Forza arrives for everyone, there's a new Mega Man title, and WWE 2K19 becomes available for those who purchased the game's Deluxe Edition.

Posted 15 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 17 comments

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Dead Eye and Train Robberies

Always one to do things their own way, Rockstar has just recently gotten around to showing off gameplay for their upcoming western epic. Today they've released a second gameplay trailer featuring Dead Eye and train robberies.

Posted 15 days ago by Mark Delaney, 19 comments

Perform Black Magic as the Sorceress Class in Black Desert

Black Desert has been available on PC for some time now, but a few videos have been released here and there to familiarise Xbox owners with the game ahead of its console release. This one focuses on the Sorceress class.

Posted 15 days ago by Ethan Anderson, 2 comments

Learn More On The Weapons Of Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Massive Entertainment goes into details on a new Weapon Category, Exotic weapons, grenades, and much more in their first Intelligence Annex for the upcoming Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

Posted 15 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 2 comments

No Man’s Sky Patch Adds New Community Research Mission

The latest update for No Man's Sky has added a new community research mission from the Space Anomaly, as well as resolving some high priority issues.

Posted 16 days ago by Lucy Wood, 0 comments

Fortnite Season Six Patch Notes

Season six of the Fortnite patch notes has been released, featuring new content and changes to both Battle Royale and Save The World.

Posted 16 days ago by Dave Bricker, 1 comment

Soulcalibur VI’s Online Beta Test Has Begun

SOULCALIBUR VI will release in less than three weeks and Namco wants to make sure everything is set for online play. Accordingly, they’ve set up an online network test so we can all try the game out now.

Posted 18 days ago by Kevin Tavore, 23 comments

Avalanche Announces Date For Generation Zero's Closed Beta

With the increased focus on multiplayer for their next title, the Just Cause studio has revealed when they'll be hosting a closed beta for Generation Zero, with a few days left to sign up to take part.

Posted 18 days ago by Andy Mills, 6 comments

Sony Policy Changes Allow Fortnite Cross-Play Between PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Fortnite has officially become the first game with cross-play and cross-progression features between Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The features went into open beta on PlayStation 4 today and could mean big changes for the future.

Posted 19 days ago by Kelly Packard, 48 comments