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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Patch Removes Microtransactions

Patch 14 has now arrived and has removed microtransactions, updated the Shadow Wars section of the game, improved character customisation and the nemesis system, and added more character skins.

Posted 15 hours ago by Rebecca Smith, 42 comments

Latest Fortnite Content Update Adds A Couple Of New Guns

Following up the beginning of Fortnite's season five, Epic have added a couple of new guns to the game. Save the World receives a new assault rifle whereas the Battle Royale mode gets the trusty submachine gun.

Posted 17 hours ago by Andy Mills, 1 comment

Laser League Patch Fixes The Real Laser Lord

Developer Roll7 has released v1.2. Included in the patch is a fix for The Real Laser Lord achievement, as well as new leaderboards and a host of other bug fixes and gameplay improvements.

Posted 19 hours ago by Rebecca Smith, 4 comments

Starpoint Gemini: Warlords Patch Adds an Economy Boost

Developer Little Green Men has released Update, bringing in more resources, reduced construction prices, a new ship, changes to boarding, an updated Conquest feature, and other gameplay changes and bug fixes.

Posted 3 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 0 comments

Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Comes To Enter The Gungeon This Week

Announced back in August 2017, Enter The Gungeon fans have patiently waiting for the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns update. Developer Dodge Roll Games has revealed that wait is nearly over with an imminent release date.

Posted 3 days ago by Andy Mills, 9 comments

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Stream Reveals Shadow Wars Changes

New live stream footage for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War reveals more details of the upcoming "Desolation of Mordor" update, including a new skin, pit fight balancing, and changes to Shadow Wars and Endless Siege.

Posted 4 days ago by Lucy Wood, 28 comments

Monster Hunter: World Trailer Reveals A Behemoth From Final Fantasy XIV Online

Monster Hunter: World developer Capcom has teamed up with Square Enix for the game's upcoming Behemoth update. A legendary beast from Final Fantasy XIV Online will be making an appearance in the action-RPG.

Posted 6 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 6 comments

A Small Hotfix Detailed and Deployed for Defiance 2050

A very small hotfix was recently deployed for Trion Worlds' free-to-play title Defiance 2050. With the hotfix comes a few improvements and fixes. Read on to see what's changed.

Posted 6 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 25 comments

Explore The Azure Mines In ROBLOX

Azure Mines, the very popular tycoon/mining game hybrid in ROBLOX, has finally made its way to the Xbox One version of the game. Check out details, screens and a release trailer to see what kind of mining fun you're in for.

Posted 6 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 2 comments

Dungeon Defenders II Protean Shift Patch 3.1 Detailed and Released

A new patch has made its way to Trendy Entertainment's ID@Xbox title Dungeon Defenders II. Their recently released expansion, "Protean Shift", is the full focus of the update.

Posted 6 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 2 comments

Octahedron Gets an Xbox One Demo and a Patch

Players can now try the first six levels of colorful ID@Xbox title Octahedron for free with a new Xbox One demo. Along with the availability of the demo, one-man studio Demimonde released a patch for the game.

Posted 7 days ago by Kelly Packard, 0 comments

Worlds Collide in Fortnite Season 5

Season 5 has begun today, and as expected, developer Epic Games has made several changes to the map (and added a new vehicle) to accompany the launch of the new Battle Pass.

Posted 7 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 6 comments

Forza Motorsport 7 July Update Accompanies the Top Gear Car Pack

The update unlocked over 100 cars that were previously exclusive to events, added two Spotlight vehicles, and made plenty of other bug fixes and gameplay improvements.

Posted 7 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 13 comments

Fortuna, Codename: Railjack and More Coming to Warframe

At the third annual TennoCon, the team revealed another major expansion, a multiplayer game mode where players take part in tactical space battles, new Warframes, and what comes next in their Cinematic Quest series.

Posted 8 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 8 comments

Take The Plunge in Sea of Thieves' Latest Bilge Rat Adventure, The Sunken Curse

Rare has kept the events coming fast and furious since The Hungering Deep. The latest Bilge Rat Adventure, The Sunken Curse, is running now through July 25th with new exclusive cosmetics and other treasures up for grabs.

Posted 8 days ago by Mark Delaney, 10 comments

DC Universe Online Teen Titans: Judas Contract Arrives Next Week

Next week, new content will arrive for Daybreak Games superhero MMORPG. Both"Teen Titans: Judas Contract" and Augments were shown off in the latest developer stream for the game.

Posted 8 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 7 comments

Rocket League Available Now on Xbox Game Pass

Alongside yesterday's release of Bomber Crew and today's release of Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Rocket League brings the total to ten new additions for the month of July.

Posted 8 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 17 comments

Dark Souls: Remastered Patch Brings Bug Fixes

Publisher Bandai Namco announced a patch for Dark Souls: Remastered, the May remaster of 2011 title Dark Souls. The patch is mostly bug fixes and will require the servers to be taken down for maintenance.

Posted 9 days ago by Kelly Packard, 11 comments

Minecraft Update Aquatic Phase Two Available Now

Phase two of Update Aquatic has arrived today for Xbox One (not the legacy Xbox One Edition), Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, and VR.

Posted 9 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 29 comments

Prey: Mooncrash DLC Update Adds New Themes and Skins

Bethesda released a new update for Prey's "Mooncrash" DLC. The update, which is free to all players who own "Mooncrash," adds new customization options, which are strictly cosmetic, to the roguelite expansion.

Posted 9 days ago by Kelly Packard, 1 comment

SMITE's Cyber Shadow Patch Ready for Console Launch

The newest SMITE patch is just about ready to launch for consoles. Developer Hi-Rez Studios' new patch cycle is allowing console players to enjoy updates closer or even on the same day as the PC patch launch.

Posted 9 days ago by Kelly Packard, 6 comments

Payday 2 Update Brings New Heists, Weapons, and Masks

This update brings along a raft of new content, including heists, wepaons, masks, and a new character, as well as a large number of bug fixes.

Posted 10 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 24 comments

Sonic Mania Plus Talks Art and Design

In the latest developer diary, Creative Director Kazuyuki Hoshino and Art Director Tom Fry talk about their collaboration and how this affected the art and design of the game.

Posted 10 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 4 comments

Middle-Earth Shadow of War Upcoming Content Video Stream Shows Off Improvements

We got a look at more content from "Desolation of Mordor" via a live stream for Middle Earth: Shadow of War. We get to look at some of the Training orders, options, alterations, and increase of the max level.

Posted 11 days ago by Dave Bricker, 21 comments

July Xbox Update Brings Game Groups and FastStart

The July update started rolling out to players yesterday, and with it comes some of the more eagerly awaited features like FastStart and Groups for games and apps.

Posted 13 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 43 comments

UFC 3 Adds Fighting Legends in Icon Edition Update

Play as UFC legendary fighters including Tito Ortiz and Matt Serra in the latest update to UFC 3. EA have also made significant improvements to gameplay, allowing for more accurate and responsive attacks.

Posted 14 days ago by Sam Quirke, 4 comments

Multiplayer Mayhem Comes To Console Versions Of Human Fall Flat This August

Debuting on PC last October, publisher Curve Digital has announced that eight person multiplayer will be making its way to the console version of Human Fall Flat this August thanks to some help from Sumo Digital.

Posted 14 days ago by Andy Mills, 22 comments

Far Cry 5 Adds Photo Mode and Lost on Mars Arcade Editor Assets

As well as all of the usual bug fixes, the patch adds Arcade Editor assets for both "Lost on Mars" and "Hours of Darkness", as well as a Photo Mode.

Posted 14 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 4 comments

Friday the 13th Celebrates Latest Update With Double XP Week

Friday the 13th has released yet another patch dealing with a whole host of issues, and Gun Media are celebrating this latest release with a Double XP Week running until next Monday.

Posted 15 days ago by Sam Quirke, 21 comments

Sea of Thieves Patch 1.1.5 Rocks The Boat

The latest patch from Rare literally rocks the boat, if said boat is struck by cannon fire. They also introduce a figurehead that bears (and birds) a striking resemblance to a franchise that just turned 20 years old.

Posted 15 days ago by Sam Quirke, 16 comments

Vampyr Patch Fixes a Few Pains in the Neck

Vampyr has been out for about a month, which means it's time for a patch. This update fixes a few quest and NPC errors as well as optimizing the in-game menus.

Posted 15 days ago by Sam Quirke, 8 comments

Fortnite Invites You To A Private Playground

Fortnite is trying something new. For a limited time Epic is trialling Playground Mode, where you and your friends can goof around on a private island for an hour and even create your own movie.

Posted 15 days ago by Sam Quirke, 6 comments

For Honor Developer Discusses Marching Fire Expansion

An interview with For Honor's Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola looks at the new faction, heroes, and multiplayer game mode that will be added in the upcoming "Marching Fire" expansion.

Posted 16 days ago by Lucy Wood, 5 comments

Star Wars Battlefront II Hero Starfighters Update Arrives Today

DICE promised that July would be bringing along a new 4v4 Starfighter mode. That mode arrives today as part of the Hero Starfighters update.

Posted 16 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 5 comments

Wrecking Ball aka Hammond the Hamster Announced for Overwatch

Never in a million years did gamers picture rolling around as a hamster tank. Well, the impossible happened as Overwatch revealed the 28th hero as Wrecking Ball aka Hammond.

Posted 17 days ago by Will Cruz, 22 comments

Hitchhiker Title Update Brings New Areas, Transport, and Achievements

Hitchhiker has recently received a second free title update that brings along more achievements and a fair amount of new content, such as new areas, new modes of transport, points of interest, and a time trial mode.

Posted 17 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 1 comment

Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter Two Launches With Patch

Along with the recent free release comes a launch trailer, screens, and most importantly, the patch notes that include every minor and major change that's come with the "Beyond - Chapter Two" DLC in Elite: Dangerous.

Posted 17 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 12 comments

Sea of Thieves Patch 1.1.4 Adds Gunpowder Skeletons

The second Sea of Thieves Bilge Rat Adventure is now live. Check out the "Gunpowder Skeletons" trailer to find out more, as well as the latest Developer Update video and patch notes for update 1.1.4.

Posted 19 days ago by Lucy Wood, 39 comments

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Adds Hardcore Mode and Teases Upcoming DLC

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has become an even tougher survival RPG with the addition of Hardcore Mode. The upcoming DLC "From the Ashes" was also given a teaser trailer to give players a glimpse of what's to come.

Posted 19 days ago by Ethan Anderson, 6 comments

Paladins: Champions of the Realm Ameri-Khan Dream Update

Free-to-play team shooter Paladins: Champions of the Realm is gearing up for the fourth of July in update 1.2 with the extremely patriotic Ameri-Khan skin.

Posted 20 days ago by Lucy Wood, 16 comments

Fortnite v4.5 Concludes the Blockbuster Event

Amongst other things, the update introduces a new weapon and map markers for Battle Royale, as well as the final part of the Blockbuster event and a new controller layout for Save The World.

Posted 20 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 1 comment

Capcom Releases A Small Patch For Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

Almost a month to the day since the game was initially released, Capcom has released a small patch for Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, bringing a few changes to the fighting game anthology.

Posted 21 days ago by Andy Mills, 6 comments

DICE Details Battlefield 1's Recently Released Shock Operations Update

The meat of the latest update for Battlefield 1 is the new Shock Operations -- it's in the name of the update after all -- but DICE has taken the time to make plenty of additions, improvements, changes, and fixes at the same time.

Posted 21 days ago by Andy Mills, 5 comments

Psyonix Makes A Few Changes With Latest Rocket League Patch

Psyonix has released the latest update for their car football mega-hit Rocket League. Patch v1.48 doesn't bring any major changes but instead focuses on fixing a few smaller issues.

Posted 21 days ago by Andy Mills, 4 comments

Overwatch Update Adds Endorsements and Looking for Group Features

Overwatch's latest update adds a few features that should makes players' lives easier. The new features were promised a while ago and have finally arrived: endorsements and looking for group.

Posted 21 days ago by Kelly Packard, 4 comments

Couch Co-Op Now Available for Titan Quest

An update from developer Iron Lore Entertainment added couch co-op to Titan Quest, a 2006 PC RPG with a 2016 anniversary edition that was ported to consoles earlier this year.

Posted 21 days ago by Kelly Packard, 21 comments

Nightclubs Coming to GTA Online in July

Rockstar has supported Grand Theft Auto V with new content and events for its multiplayer GTA Online mode. That support continues in July with a "major upgrade" to Los Santos' nightlife scene -- the introduction of nightclubs.

Posted 22 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 19 comments

Happy Dungeons New Story Trailer

We got a look at the new Happy Dungeons trailer for the upcoming story quest Chapter 11, “Super Happy DAISAKUSEN.” It is expected to release on June 29th.

Posted 26 days ago by Dave Bricker, 11 comments

Sea of Thieves Update Causes Galleon Issue

The latest update for Sea of Thieves added Megalodons as a permanent threat and fixed a number of problems, only to be followed by an unintended increase in the turning speed of galleons.

Posted 26 days ago by Lucy Wood, 29 comments

Fortnite v4.4 Adds Stink Bombs and 8-Bit Demo Constructor

The latest update introduces a new weapon, a new limited time mode, and several bug fixes for Battle Royale. There is also a new Constructor for Save The World.

Posted 30 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 4 comments