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Fortnite Battle Royale Dev Update #5 Talks Upcoming Map Update

Eric Williamson, Lead Systems Designer for popular third-person shooter Fortnite, talks to viewers in the latest Dev Update video from Epic Games on the new additions to come in the game's upcoming Map Update.

Posted 20 hours ago by Ashley Woodcock, 2 comments

2064: Read Only Memories Release Date Announced

A cyberpunk point-and-click adventure inspired by the likes of Snatcher, 2064: Read Only Memories is set to make its way to Xbox One in a few days, two years after the game's original release on Ouya. Remember that thing?

Posted 2 days ago by Andy Mills, 2 comments

The Most Anticipated Indie Games on Xbox in 2018

Last weekend we took a look at the upcoming schedule of 2018 AAA games. For those that like to supplement their blockbusters with smaller, often shorter but more often unique titles, these upcoming indies will do the trick.

Posted 3 days ago by Mark Delaney, 61 comments

Poll: Which Standalone Xbox One Game Most Deserves a Sequel?

Last week we talked about upcoming console exclusives for Xbox One in 2018. This week we're looking at the library of standalone Xbox One exclusives and asking which of them most deserves a sequel. It's tough to pick just one!

Posted 4 days ago by Mark Delaney, 173 comments

TA Podcast: New Aaero DLC, L.A. Noire MGS V and Win a Code for Forza Horizon 3

Welcome to episode 102 of the TrueAchievements podcast. This week, Rich was out of the office "working" when we sat down to record, so once again Jack and I recruited the help of Mark.

Posted 4 days ago by Dave Horobin, 44 comments

Earn Double Worshipers, XP and Favor in SMITE's Party Up Weekend

A Party Up Weekend is just about to start in SMITE. The event will give double worshipers, experience and favor to anyone playing in a party. After that, get ready for the launch of patch 4.25 with Cerberus and a new event.

Posted 4 days ago by Kelly Packard, 7 comments

We Learn More Of Full Metal Furies' ABCs

As the release for Full Metal Furies approaches, developer Cellar Door Games continues to teach us some more of the game's ABCs. This time it's the letter H as we take a look at the game's "Holistic HUDs".

Posted 5 days ago by Andy Mills, 0 comments

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Afterbirth+ Still in Development for Xbox One

A New Year's Q&A from developer Edmund McMillen has brought news for Xbox One fans who have been awaiting the "Afterbirth+" DLC's release since it was announced over a year ago.

Posted 6 days ago by Kelly Packard, 17 comments

Fortnite's Cozy Campfire Patch Released

Developer Epic Games just launched the Cozy Campfire update for Fortnite. In addition to the new Cozy Campfire item for Battle Royale, you'll notice bug fixes and audio adjustments in both Save the World and Battle Royale.

Posted 6 days ago by Kelly Packard, 2 comments

Aaero DLC Comes To Xbox Soon

Mad Fellows have announced the Xbox release date for the first DLC pack for their on-rails rhythm shooter Aaero. The slight delay for the Xbox release was due to an unfortunate settings mix-up.

Posted 7 days ago by Andy Mills, 7 comments

Mutant Football League Releasing This Month

We've seen various gameplay videos and clips of dirty tricks for Digital Dreams Entertainment's upcoming ID@Xbox title Mutant Football League, but now the release date has finally been revealed.

Posted 8 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 14 comments

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Xbox Game Preview Patch #4 Released

Developer Bluehole Studio has today released Patch #4. The patch includes gameplay improvements, as well as attempts to prevent the game crashing and other performance enhancements.

Posted 8 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 26 comments

Astroneer Upcoming Content Teaser

A new vlog for space exploration title Astroneer, currently in Game Preview on Xbox One, teases upcoming content including ferocious flora and basebuilding details.

Posted 9 days ago by Lucy Wood, 6 comments

HRX 2018: SMITE Patch 4.25 Brings New Ragnarok Event With Cerberus Launch

The Hi-Rez Expo has been going on all week, which is like Christmas for SMITE fans. Players can take a look at the full Warden of the Underworld patch notes, which include a new Ragnarok event with Cerberus' launch.

Posted 9 days ago by Kelly Packard, 16 comments

Poll: What's Your Most Anticipated Xbox One Console Exclusive in 2018?

Lots of people talk about how the Xbox One lacks prominent exclusive games. Now 2018 looks to be the year to finally deliver a massive year for the brand. Which exclusive game are you most anticipating this year?

Posted 11 days ago by Mark Delaney, 183 comments

Dovetail Games Euro Fishing Patch and Upcoming DLC Details with New Screens

Details of a patch and new incoming DLC have emerged from the waters of Dovetail Games Euro Fishing. The patch aims to improve different factors and the DLC will allow for players to explore new and uncharted waters.

Posted 11 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 3 comments

HRX 2018: SMITE Spoils Include Season 5 Map, Cerberus and Two New Pantheons

Almost a year of development has culminated in this moment: Hi-Rez Studios presenting the official reveal of the Season 5 SMITE map. Cerberus and two new pantheons have also been announced.

Posted 11 days ago by Kelly Packard, 12 comments

It's Quiz Time Introduces the Best of 2017 in Latest Update

Do you know your memes and other popular moments of 2017? If so, you're going to want to check out It's Quiz Time and play the Best of 2017 update.

Posted 12 days ago by Will Cruz, 8 comments

HRX 2018: Battle Royale Mode, Team Deathmatch and More Announced for Paladins

Hi-Rez had big news for Paladins fans at the Hi-Rez Expo's kickoff keynote conference, including new Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch modes, details on the next champion and more.

Posted 12 days ago by Kelly Packard, 14 comments

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China Details, Screens and Release Date

With the achievement list secure, it's time to check out some details, game features, screens and the release date for the ACE MADDOX's soon-to-be-released air-combat game Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China.

Posted 14 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 14 comments

The Most Played Games on TrueAchievements in 2017 - Part One

2018 is right around the corner, so it's time to look back at another massive year on site. In today's feature, we're inspecting the first half of the most played games on TA spanning the entire year. Where did you favorite land?

Posted 21 days ago by Mark Delaney, 82 comments

Achievement Reminder: It’s Quiz Time

This Christmas is about more than family and food and presents. It’s actually about It’s Quiz Time. This game has an exclusive achievement available only today!

Posted 22 days ago by Kevin Tavore, 24 comments

Hello Neighbor Review

Hello Neighbor is a game where players are meant to reveal the skeletons in the closet of your seemingly sinister neighbor. Sadly, the biggest secret of all is that this game is quite broken in nearly every way.

Posted 24 days ago by Mark Delaney, 22 comments

The Dealer Joins Your Party in the First Free Hand of Fate 2 Add-On

Now that card game Hand of Fate 2 has officially released, Defiant Development promises to "deal in multiple additions of downloadable content." The first add-on offers the Dealer as a companion.

Posted 25 days ago by Kelly Packard, 2 comments

Another Xbox One Patch Drops for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

It seems players have no reason to worry about developer Bluehole's commitment to the Xbox Game Preview version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds; another Xbox-exclusive patch has already been released.

Posted 25 days ago by Kelly Packard, 17 comments

Kingdom: New Lands Gets Free Skull Island Content

Developer Noio has added a secretive, new island to strategy game Kingdom: New Lands. The island, which is the sixth for Kingdom: New Lands, is called Skull Island. You'll have to get there by boat.

Posted 25 days ago by Kelly Packard, 5 comments

TA Podcast: End of Year Review 2017

For the final episode of 2017, Rich, Jack and I were joined by Editorial Manager, Mark, as we take a look back at all the biggest news stories, site announcements and games from the past 12 months for our end of 2017 review.

Posted 25 days ago by Dave Horobin, 32 comments

SMITE's Saturnalia Event Kicks Off With a Week of Double Worshipers and XP

SMITE's yearly Saturnalia event is back. Similar to last year's celebrations, players can earn double worshipers and XP throughout the duration of the event along with gems for completing quests.

Posted 26 days ago by Kelly Packard, 5 comments

'Tis the Season for a Roblox Holiday Event with Mountaineers

As if ROBLOX fans weren't already having enough fun with Roblox Corporation's Xbox One X enhanced ID@Xbox title, the developers have raised the bar even higher just in time for the holiday season.

Posted 27 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 7 comments

Astroneer Research Patch Details Released

New details were released for the research patch for Astroneer. This patch changes the entire research system from the ground up.

Posted 28 days ago by Dave Bricker, 4 comments

Surviving Mars Trailer and Screens Go Under the Dome

A new trailer, set of screens and details have all come out for Haemimont Games' upcoming city building sim Surviving Mars, which also incorporates survival elements as players try to establish a colony on the red planet.

Posted 28 days ago by Chewie, 1 comment

Hello Neighbor Patch Now Live

Hello Neighbor released on December 8th with users reporting severe issues like crashing and save corruption. According to a tweet from publisher tinyBuild, a patch has been released that should alleviate these issues.

Posted 28 days ago by Kelly Packard, 8 comments

Development Ceased for The Culling

With more competition in the battle royale genre and a whole lot of negative user reviews, The Culling's developer, Xaviant Games, has announced they are bowing out of the competition and will no longer be updating The Culling.

Posted 28 days ago by Kelly Packard, 17 comments

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Gets First Xbox One Patch

Despite the popularity, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds still has a ways to go before it releases in full, and this first patch should help the game get there. The patch is available to download now.

Posted 28 days ago by Kelly Packard, 29 comments

Game Pass Adds Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition & NBA Playgrounds in January

2018 is right around the corner, and for Xbox Game Pass members that means more games to play. Major Nelson took to Twitter to reveal Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition & NBA Playgrounds will be added in January.

Posted 29 days ago by Will Cruz, 19 comments

Gun Media Details Upcoming Update for Friday the 13th: The Game

The next update for Friday the 13th: The Game will be bringing something new as well as fixing some of the old, Gun Media has announced. A new counsellor, offline bots, Virtual Cabin mode and more are on the way.

Posted 29 days ago by Andy Mills, 30 comments

Nine Things I Learned from TA Playlist in 2017

Our first year of TA Playlist is coming to an end. What did we learn? From saying goodbye to a series cut short to cutting short a series that's gone on too long, here are a few lessons the event taught us over 2017.

Posted 30 days ago by Mark Delaney, 57 comments

SMITE's Frostfire Patch to Launch Simultaneously on PC and Console

The Frostfire patch is nearly here for SMITE, and developer Hi-Rez has some pretty cool news about it: the console patch will be launching the same date as the PC version.

Posted 1 month ago by Kelly Packard, 6 comments

The Best Reviewed Games on TrueAchievements in 2017 - Part Two

Following on from part one of our TrueAchievements Games of the Year 2017, it's time for part two and the final ten games that received a score of 4.5 or higher in this year's official site reviews.

Posted 1 month ago by Dave Horobin, 40 comments

Conan Exiles Gets Update 32

Just days after announcing that the game would be leaving Game Preview early next year, Funcom returns with a new update for Conan Exiles.

Posted 1 month ago by Rebecca Smith, 2 comments

Redout: Lightspeed Edition Gets Xbox One X Update

Redout: Lightspeed Edition has received its Xbox One X enhancements update. The enhancements are part of a larger update that has holiday Easter eggs and bug fixes.

Posted 1 month ago by Kelly Packard, 4 comments

Fortnite Patch and Upcoming Event Details Released

Epic Games released their naughty and nice list for Fortnite. Actually, just the nice list. The list includes the 1.11 patch and the Save The World - Surivive The Holidays event.

Posted 1 month ago by Dave Bricker, 13 comments

Conan Exiles Collector's Edition Coming with Full Release in May

Funcom's open-world survival title will be released in May 2018. When the game releases as the full version, it will come with a raft of new content that players have not yet had a chance to experience.

Posted 1 month ago by Rebecca Smith, 4 comments

A Hat In Time Review

Gears for Breakfast's debut title largely smashes any misconceptions by delivering a charming and fun platformer that's only let down by some minor technical issues.

Posted 1 month ago by Rebecca Smith, 12 comments

The Best Reviewed Games on TrueAchievements in 2017 - Part One

Earlier today we opened up the voting for the year's TA Game of the Year, and we thought we'd try and help with your decisions by looking back at some of the highest scoring games from this year's official site reviews.

Posted 1 month ago by Dave Horobin, 28 comments

TrueAchievements Game of the Year Awards

There are only a few weeks left of 2017, so that can mean only one thing -- it's time for the eighth annual TrueAchievements Game of the Year Awards!

Posted 1 month ago by Cee Jay, 104 comments

Moonlighter Trailer Gets Adventurous

Have you ever wondered how those store holders in RPG games manage to maintain their stock of items, including magical and rare weapons, potions and outfits? A new trailer for Moonlighter addresses that very conundrum.

Posted 1 month ago by Chewie, 6 comments

Sword Coast Legends Leaving Marketplace in December

The dungeon crawler will cease to be available at the end of December, although servers for the game will remain active and achievements should be unaffected. The game will be on sale next week.

Posted 1 month ago by Kevin Tavore, 18 comments

Latest Mulaka Trailer Focuses On The Gameplay

While most of the news coming out of last weekend's Playstation Experience is mostly suited to our sister site TrueTrophies, there's still some tidbits for us here, like this latest trailer for the Mexico-inspired Mulaka.

Posted 1 month ago by Andy Mills, 1 comment

SMITE's Rally to Rome Patch Ready for Console Launch

SMITE's yearly Odyssey event is in full swing, and the latest console update is ready to take the journey to Rome. This means the Odyssey quest line for the Roman pantheon will open up, and the skins are for Roman gods.

Posted 1 month ago by Kelly Packard, 3 comments