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World War Z Review

With great setpieces and an addictive class-based progression loop, World War Z is one of 2019's biggest and best surprises. Left 4 Dead fans should not miss it.

Posted 3 days ago by Mark Delaney, 33 comments

Mortal Kombat 11 Review

Mortal Kombat 11 plays with time to bring back fan favorite fighters and the end result is a game that feels just the series always did with a dash of a modern gameplay. In other words, it was just what I hoped it would be.

Posted 3 days ago by Kevin Tavore, 87 comments

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Review

I strongly believe there’s conclusive evidence to reach a verdict. I hold that the Ace Attorney Trilogy is a guilty of being a great series. And that's no crime.

Posted 4 days ago by Kevin Tavore, 21 comments

Shadowgate Review

This latest remaster reaches all the way back to the eighties for its source material, but perhaps there is some value in returning to the classics? Shadowgate doesn't innovate, but in a way it's still refreshing to play.

Posted 8 days ago by Sam Quirke, 6 comments

My Time at Portia Review

I had been calling My Time at Portia a farm life sim for over a year now, and though it's fair to call it that, in retrospect it doesn't seem accurate enough. Your time at Portia can excitingly be spent however you'd like.

Posted 9 days ago by Mark Delaney, 18 comments

Dangerous Driving Review

Calls for a new Burnout game have become part of the gaming meme-scape as much as Half Life 3 or another Skate. Sometimes we need to be careful what we wish for though. This clone is more Burnt-out than Burnout.

Posted 13 days ago by Sam Quirke, 27 comments

Assassin's Creed III Remastered Review

After playing it for the first time in 2019, I can sincerely say that by fixing some issues and highlighting what worked the first time, Assassin’s Creed III Remastered represents an excellent gaming experience even today.

Posted 17 days ago by Kevin Tavore, 46 comments

Cities: Skylines – Parklife Review

Cities: Skylines: Parklife helps accentuate the beautiful intricacies of the base game, but does it add enough to the game to be worth the cost? Read our official site review to find out.

Posted 19 days ago by Sam Quirke, 5 comments

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Review

No matter how you felt about the first game, The Division 2 is likely to please players on all sides of the conversation. There's something here for fans, critics, and newcomers alike.

Posted 20 days ago by Ethan Anderson, 22 comments

Generation Zero Review

I had played several hours of Generation Zero before ever beginning this review version of the game, and it's a reminder that some games can hold out for a good while before their problems are exposed.

Posted 22 days ago by Mark Delaney, 20 comments

Telltale's The Walking Dead Series Finale Review

After a seven-year journey with Clementine, The Walking Dead ultimately outlived its own studio that birthed it. It's been a long and winding road, but fans will be thrilled to find Clementine gets the conclusion she so deserves.

Posted 28 days ago by Mark Delaney, 26 comments

The Occupation Review

The Occupation does so much so well that I can sense it'll be one of those games I won't shut up about this year. Unraveling a political conspiracy drama in an investigative, combat-free immersive sim is as fun as that sounds.

Posted 1 month ago by Mark Delaney, 14 comments

Devil May Cry 5 Review

Devil May Cry 5 doesn’t shy away from those roots. If you’re looking for stylish but challenging combat, a frenetic story and an action game experience that’s true to its core, you’re in for a real treat.

Posted 1 month ago by Kevin Tavore, 28 comments

Anthem Review

Have you ever wished Mass Effect's multiplayer could be ported to have Destiny's feature-set, negatives and all? Well, that's what BioWare's served up for you here.

Posted 1 month ago by Kevin Tavore, 93 comments

Degrees of Separation Review

Degrees of Separation opens like a touching fairy tale complete with well-written narration and a soft tone of lovers determined to find one another. Sadly, the tedious level design leaves the would-be lovers lost.

Posted 1 month ago by Mark Delaney, 5 comments

Jump Force Review

Jump Force somehow only ever reaches an overall average level of quality despite all of the star power on its roster. This Shonen Jump crossover looks good on paper, but in practice, it lacks polish.

Posted 1 month ago by Ethan Anderson, 14 comments

Wargroove Review

Wargroove is a well-rounded game that makes turn-based strategy accessible to anyone new to the genre while still challenging seasoned players via custom difficulty settings and custom content.

Posted 1 month ago by Lucy Wood, 11 comments

39 Days to Mars Review

As is often the case, another Steam indie has now made the jump to console. 39 Days to Mars is a puzzle game focused on the couch co-op experience, but don't be surprised if you've fallen out with your partner by the end.

Posted 2 months ago by Megan Walton, 2 comments

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Review

Yonder is the type of game I wish we had a lot more of on Xbox. Its quaint and relaxed nature is a breath of fresh air and an easy recommendation for families playing together. It's approachable, adorable, and fosters joy.

Posted 2 months ago by Mark Delaney, 9 comments

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Review

Ace Combat has a long history, but that's hardly true on Xbox specifically. Skies Unknown is just the third game on an Xbox console, but thankfully for dogfighting flight game fans, it's an excellent return to form and platform.

Posted 2 months ago by Andrew Ogley, 10 comments

JackQuest: Tale of the Sword Review

JackQuest: Tale of the Sword is a rather average experience, and there are far better options that explore the platforming and metroidvania genres in much more engaging ways.

Posted 2 months ago by Ethan Anderson, 3 comments

Crackdown 3: Wrecking Zone Review

Just like its campaign can be fun after you forgive its glaring flaws, Wrecking Zone similarly feels like it has the potential for something really cool later. For now, it's missing too many features, sometimes even basic ones.

Posted 2 months ago by Mark Delaney, 34 comments

Conarium Review

There's no shortage of Lovecraft-inspired games these days, but Conarium blends adaptation and reimagining in a way that makes it a fun horror-adventure game best enjoyed by those who already appreciate Lovecraft.

Posted 2 months ago by Mark Delaney, 6 comments

Far Cry New Dawn Review

Far Cry New Dawn continues the series' year-long descent into self-parody with this uninspired sequel. The spinoffs for Far Cry are usually very exciting, but that can't be said this time. It all feels too familiar.

Posted 2 months ago by Mark Delaney, 45 comments

Crackdown 3 Review

After too many delays to recall, Crackdown 3 has finally arrived. The troubled dev cycle is fairly indicative of the game's ultimate merits, as despite doing some things well, it still feels like it's all born too late.

Posted 2 months ago by Mark Delaney, 111 comments

Kingdom Hearts III Review

Thirteen years after the second game was released, Kingdom Hearts III is finally here. We're back with Sora, Donald and Goofy as they explore old and new worlds, coming face to face with old and new enemies.

Posted 2 months ago by Megan Walton, 20 comments

Metro Exodus Review

It's a new age for the Metro series, and the third installment is everything you've hoped for. Exodus is an overall excellent experience that succeeds at nearly everything it attempts to achieve.

Posted 2 months ago by Kevin Tavore, 42 comments

Apex Legends Review

Apex Legends is a battle royale backed by solid mechanics, a few innovative ideas and the potential to be one of the biggest names in the genre.

Posted 2 months ago by Kevin Tavore, 73 comments

Away: Journey to the Unexpected Review

Away: Journey to the Unexpected is many things. It's a roguelite, it's an adventure game, it's even considered by the devs to be an FPS, though I disagree with that one. What it certainly can be called is charming but with issues.

Posted 2 months ago by Mark Delaney, 5 comments

Unruly Heroes Review

As it turns out, a game doesn't need a bunch of new mechanics to shine. Unruly Heroes eschews "innovative" yet vapid mechanics for tried and true platforming of such a quality that the game excels far beyond most of its peers.

Posted 2 months ago by Kevin Tavore, 5 comments

Life Is Strange 2 - Episode 2 Review

Episode 2: Rules continues the storyline, but whereas things were in a constant flux in Episode 1, the second episode has a far more stable, if still tense, demeanour.

Posted 2 months ago by Rebecca Smith, 13 comments

Sundered: Eldritch Edition Review

Sundered: Eldritch Edition is a tough game that's able to give players that "one more time" feeling. There will be many deaths, but you almost always have the chance to come back stronger to overcome obstacles.

Posted 3 months ago by Ethan Anderson, 6 comments

The Grand Tour Game Review

Technically, the gaming elements make for a very rudimentary arcade racer, fortunately, however, the televisual presentation and the episodic content will have fans of the show smiling as they play through the events.

Posted 3 months ago by Andrew Ogley, 30 comments

Onimusha: Warlords Review

Onimusha: Warlords is a look back twenty years into the past, and it brings with it a charisma and appreciation for the past that’s undeniable. It's a classic that's still worth playing today, though not without faults of course.

Posted 3 months ago by Kevin Tavore, 27 comments

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3 Review

The Walking Dead was presumed dead, but fittingly it has risen from its own grave to deliver the best episode of the season so far, leaving us very hopeful for the memorable finale that Clementine deserves.

Posted 3 months ago by Mark Delaney, 17 comments

Absolver Review

Absolver simply doesn’t get close to living up to its inspiration on any level despite its gameplay innovations and that makes it very hard to recommend.

Posted 3 months ago by Kevin Tavore, 28 comments

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection Review

On the heels of Hitman 2 comes this two-part collection of past generation Hitman games, bringing more of the last decade of Agent 47's escapades to the Xbox One, although these older two should only be targeted by big fans.

Posted 3 months ago by Mark Delaney, 29 comments

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Review

This isn't the best JRPG you'll find on the market by any stretch, but it's certainly still good and those looking for a history lesson on how the genre used to be couldn't do better on Xbox One.

Posted 3 months ago by Kevin Tavore, 16 comments

Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 Review

Originally released for PS2 and PC, Asterix and Obelix XXL2 has now been remastered for Xbox One. With gaming references a plenty a big selling point here, how does the game fare nearly 13 years later?

Posted 4 months ago by Megan Walton, 14 comments

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics Review

You'll take your squad on missions fighting Nazis and a bunch of eldritch horrors in an effort to ultimately...yes, I said eldritch horrors. There’s always a catch, isn’t there?

Posted 4 months ago by Kevin Tavore, 15 comments