The Crew Motorfest is adding a massive new island to explore in Season 5

During Ubisoft Forward, the publisher revealed that The Crew Motorfest is adding a huge new free island with Year 2 Season 5 this November.

The Crew Motorfest is adding a massive new island to explore in Season 5
Sean Carey

Sean Carey


Could new The Crew Motorfest achievements finally be on the way with a new map expansion? Probably not, but you never know! Ubisoft has announced The Crew Motorfest is adding a new free island later this year with Year 2 Season 5.

The Crew Motorfest: Chase Squad also coming in Season 5

Ubisoft says the new island is a rendition of Maui, and it will "offer up more than 100 square kilometers to explore and race through, ranging from the streets of Kahului to Haleakalā National Park, with its bamboo groves, volcanic sands, and the waterfalls of its Ohe'o Gulch Sacred Pools." The Maui map expansion will be free to all players when Season 5 launches in November.

On top of this, Ubisoft says Maui will be among the settings for "The Chase Squad," in which you will join an " elite team of drivers who want to shake up conventional ideas about racing as they take down rival drivers." You will need to challenge players on the track and outmaneuver your rivals in high-speed nighttime pursuits across islands.

You can also expect "more of the Made in Japan playlist" with new races, events, and locations. More on Japan Volume 2 will be revealed in September, along with additional info on The Chase Squad in The Crew Showcase in September.

Maui will be available free to all The Crew Motorfest players when Season 5 launches.
Written by Sean Carey
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