The Division 2 to get massive overhaul soon with Project Resolve, story DLC delayed

Ubisoft will soon lay the foundations for future The Divison 2 content with Project Resolve, an update that will overhaul almost every part of the shooter.

The Division 2 to get massive overhaul soon with Project Resolve, story DLC delayed
Tom West

Tom West


Project Resolve is a huge update coming to The Division 2 with the launch of Year 5 Season 3 in January that will focus on "enhancing the game's health and stability" and prepare it for future content. The update will go through multiple testing phases on the Public Test Server over the next two months, starting this week.

Ubisoft says that Project Resolve will address "thousands of bugs to enhance PvP," and bring a swathe of changes to The Division 2's PvE content, including Global Events, Projects, game modes, weapon balancing, and more. On top of numerous quality-of-life fixes, Ubisoft will also add many new features to the game.

For new features, Project Resolve will include several improvements to the inventory system, such as a Tinkering menu, which will combine Optimizations and Calibrations into one location within the inventory, eliminating your need to head to your Base of Operations. A new option to send items straight to your Stash (you'll be notified if it's full) will be added alongside a feature that displays your Stash's item count when approaching it.

Looking at the quality-of-life improvements, a new health point (HP) cap will be added to players over level 2,000, while lower-level players will see an increase in the HP they gain. Players between levels one and 1,000 will earn 30 HP and one perk point per level, while levels 1,001 to 2,000 will just receive the 30 HP per level bonus. Players over level 2,000 won't earn any additional HP per level.

Other improvements include changes to the loot crate system, which will scale with the world difficulty, so you get higher quality gear — especially on the Challenging and Heroic difficulties. For Armor Kits, you'll still be able to hold the button to refill your armor, but a new quick tap function will allow you to instantly replenish 25% of it with a five-second cooldown. As an extra bonus for the inventory system, Skill Mods bonuses will only be shown once in the inventory, and their value will update when you pick up a better mod with the same bonuses.

The Division 2 Warlords of New York DLC

As for actual gameplay changes, Ubisoft wants to build on the success of its Golden Bullet event by introducing a number of changes to the Guardians, Polarity Switch, Hollywood, SHD Exposed, and Reanimated Global Events. Optimizations for the Countdown, Descent, and Summit game modes will aim to improve the game's stability and performance, and Summit players can expect the level 100 XP issue to be fixed, while Descent will have shorter runs so you meet the Nemesis sooner.

Project Resolve will also include a host of changes to standard weapons in an attempt to sway players to use them, while two- and three-piece Brand Set bonuses will be added to reward players for using full item sets. When upgrading your gear, new Expertise upgrade costs will be in proportion to the benefits you're receiving from the item, hopefully lowering the time you spend collecting resources.

The Division 2's huge Project Resolve update tests begin soon

Over in the world of PvP, changes to the way Status Effects work will focus on reducing their impact to make the experience more manageable. With the addition of diminishing returns, the effects will be lowered each time they're applied to you, eventually leading to full immunity. Revisions to the weapon and gear Talents in PvP should also help you survive a little longer. Revisions will be added to the following Talents:

Weapon Talents
  • Doctor Home
  • Actum Est PvP Only
  • Future Perfection
  • Swift
  • Thunder Strike and Perfect Thunder Strike
  • Big Game Hunter
  • Breathe Free
  • Perfect Preservation
  • Flatline and Perfect Flatline
Gear Talents
  • Glass Cannon and Perfect Glass Cannon
  • Intimidate and Perfect Intimidate
  • Makeshift Repairs
  • Process Refinery
  • Improved Materials
  • Obliterate:
  • Unbreakable and Perfect Unbreakable PvP Only

Looking at the PvP game modes themselves, balancing changes to Conflict will ensure all Agents joining the mode will have their Expertise and SHD Watch bonuses removed to keep things fair. You'll also only be able to switch your loadout once per spawn. Caches found in Conflict will offer far better rewards and with the potential addition of turrets to Spawn Areas, you shouldn't be spawn-camped as much.

Over in the Dark Zone, Ubisoft wants to introduce gameplay changes between invaded and uninvaded zones to make the Dark Zones more accessible for players. The following changes will be made to uninvaded Dark Zones to aid with that goal:

  • The activation time for "Going Rogue" has been increased to five seconds from 0.75 seconds.
  • The duration of the first Rogue rank has been extended from 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Players with the Rogue status will be unable to switch loadouts or individual gear pieces for the duration of the Rogue status.
The Division 2's huge Project Resolve update tests begin soon

According to The Division 2's roadmap, the first testing phase will become available on the Public Test Server between December 15 and December 18, followed by a second set of tests between January 19 and January 22. Project Resolve will then launch in full for all players with the start of Season 3: Vanguard on February 5.

The exciting new features and updates coming with Project Resolve do come with a caveat, however, as the next story expansion, and potentially more The Division 2 achievements, have been delayed into 2025. It will drop alongside a new Manhunt game mode and in-game Apparel event.
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