Game Pass adds The Callisto Protocol and three more Xbox games soon

Today's two surprise additions weren't enough, as the Xbox team has even more to share about the new Xbox Game Pass games coming in June 2024.

Game Pass adds The Callisto Protocol and three more Xbox games soon
Heidi Nicholas

Heidi Nicholas


The Xbox team has shared more new Xbox Game Pass games coming in June 2024, with The Callisto Protocol, Still Wakes The Deep, and Isonzo coming to Xbox Game Pass this month and Depersonalization arriving for PC Game Pass, giving us plenty more updates to make to our list of all the upcoming Game Pass games.

New Xbox Game Pass Games for June 2024

Game Pass adds The Callisto Protocol and three more Xbox games soon

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June 12
June 13
June 18
Those Octopath Travelers were a surprise shadow drop earlier today, and we already had Still Wakes the Deep down for June 18, but there's plenty more to sink our teeth into here too. Next up is Depersonalization for PC Game Pass, a complex tabletop role-playing game with multiple endings and routes to follow. Depersonalization is already out in Early Access on Steam, but arrives for PC Game Pass on June 12. Following that is Isonzo, an FPS set during World War One and across the Italian Alps. We don’t have enough data yet for an Izonso estimated completion time as so far only 1% of gamers here on TrueAchievements have completed it.

Then comes The Callisto Protocol, a futuristic third-person survival horror game about Jacob Lee, who’s locked up in a high-security prison on Jupiter’s moon. That sounds bad enough already, but add to that the fact that the other inmates soon undergo horrific transformations, and things get exponentially worse. The Callisto Protocol has an estimated completion time for the base game of around 15 to 20 hours, with a The Callisto Protocol walkthrough to help out. Still Wakes the Deep, meanwhile, will arrive as a day-one Game Pass addition on June 18, so we can all find out together what terrors await us in this first-person narrative horror game set on an oil rig in the North Sea. With all that on the way, don't forget that Game Pass is also set to lose five games soon.

It’s interesting to see an Xbox Game Pass announcement today, as we’re only days away from the Xbox Games Showcase where we’re hoping to hear more about key upcoming Xbox exclusives.
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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