What games could leave Xbox Game Pass in January 2024?

To help you plan your gaming time, we've waded through our data to bring you a list of games that could leave Xbox Game Pass in January 2024.

What games could leave Xbox Game Pass in January 2024?
Sean Carey

Sean Carey


As we all know by now, games don't stick around in Xbox Game Pass forever. Usually, most will stay in Xbox Game Pass for periods of around 12, 18, 24, and sometimes 36 months or longer before they're given the boot.

To help you plan out your precious achievement-hunting time, we've delved into some data and come up with a list of games that could potentially leave Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass in January to try and give you a headstart before Microsoft's official announcement drops.

12 months

Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden release date Xbox Game Pass

The majority of games that come to Game Pass tend to leave after 12 months. The games listed below joined Game Pass in January 2023, and its possible that their time could be up come January 2024.
Considering Persona 5 Royal left Game Pass after 12 months, we imagine Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden will also leave Game Pass after the same amount of time. If you are thinking of going for the completion in Portable and Golden, you'll need to set aside around 100 hours for each game. For each stack of Stranded Deep, you will likely need between 60 and 80 hours for their completions, whereas for Monster Hunter Rise, be prepared to spend upwards of 300 hours to unlock the base 1,000G. For fighting fans, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R has a completion estimate of 20-25 hours.

Considering Inkulinati is in Game Preview and hasn't released in full, we don't imagine it will leave Game Pass anytime soon. It also doesn't have an achievement list, so you have nothing to worry about on that front.

18 months

My Friend Peppa Pig

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes games do leave Game Pass after 18 months — Disc Room is the latest example of this. Here are all the games still in the service that joined Game Pass in July 2022.
Now we are yet to see a Ubisoft game leave Xbox Game Pass after 18 months, so it's likely that these games could hang around for a while longer. That being said, Far Cry 6 was just announced for Xbox Game Pass, so it's possible that Far Cry 5 could be heading out the door.

Although it's probably unlikely, Yakuza 0, Kiwami, and Kiwami 2 all rejoined Xbox Game Pass back in July last year and could potentially leave the service in January. Yakuza 0 is a huge game that will eat up between 150 and 200 hours for the completion, whereas Kiwami and Kiwami 2 will require around 80 hours apiece.

We could also see two quick completions drop out of Game Pass: My Friend Peppa Pig and Escape Academy. For the 1,000G in My Friend Peppa Pig, you'll need to set aside around an hour, whereas for Escape Academy, a completion will take around two hours.

24 months

hitman freelancer release date

While nearly all of the games that joined Xbox Game Pass two years ago have now left, there are a couple still hanging on.
It would be a big blow if Game Pass were to lose both Hitman World of Assassination and Death's Door, as they are both excellent games. Hitman World of Assassination, which is essentially three Hitman games bundled into one, has a base completion estimate of around 30 hours. You will also need to factor in several hours more for each DLC pack. As for Death's Door, estimates suggest you'll likely need around 15 hours per stack.

36 months

free play days

Next up, we have the games that have been in Game Pass for a whopping 36 months. However, it's possible that their time in the service could be up come January.
The Yakuza remasters joined Game Pass back in January 2021, and we sadly could see them leave the service next month. If you're thinking about going for the completion in these games, estimates suggest you'll need 80-100 hours for Yakuza 4, 60-80 hours for Yakuza 4, and 150-200 hours for Yakuza 5. Also, potentially on the Game Pass chopping block is Injustice 2, which requires between 150 and 200 hours for a base list completion.

48 months


Finally, we come to the Game Pass faithful. These games have been in the service for a huge four years as of January 2024.
Frostpunk seems like it's frozen firmly in place in both the Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass libraries, but it's possible that we could see the ice thaw and the management sim leave Game Pass in January. For the console version, estimates suggest you'll need 150-200 hours for the base completion, whereas for the PC version, you'll only need around 25 hours.

Microsoft recently confirmed the next batch of games coming to Game Pass in December and which titles will soon leave the service. To see what else could potentially drop out of Game Pass this month, check out our 'What games could leave Xbox Game Pass in December?' article.
Written by Sean Carey
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